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  1. Following on from my A319 build it’s time to go up in size just a little... This is the new A321neo kit from Revell. Unlike the new A320neo Revell kit this one has an undercarriage and I’m hoping they release a version of that kit with an undercarriage but I’ll eventually build it even if it has to be on a stand. This kit comes in the Airbus ‘house’ / prototype livery which is fine but my set was damaged in transit and Revell never did send out a replacement. Having a look around I came across a nice set from Nazca Decals for the Azores Airlines livery. You can choos
  2. Time for the next project, and one with a bit of an overblown name. With that sort of name you'd expect some hugely overpowered convertible, maybe some sort of uprated Corvette. What you actually get with the Chevy SSR is a retro-styled convertible pick-up. This will be my first commercial vehicle (in the very loosest sense of the word) but don't expect me to do a weathered example - as with the rest of my display it will look qutie clean unless I make a real pig's ear of it. So, on with progress to date. I should say that so far it's just been spraying which I did over summer and
  3. Hi everyone, having seen that Revell have launched the new tooled E-type, I thought I would give this re boxing a go. It's been in my stash for 5 years or so, the instructions are dated 2011, but the moulding dates back to 1963! I was born in 1962 and my dad was in the car trade in those days and owned a few MK 10's. He had a red hard top E-Type in the 70's which I got to ride in. I still remember the aircraft style cockpit and switches and dials that looked amazing and the push back into the seat as he floored the accelerator pedal.
  4. I'm calling this done, after a long-ish pleasant build - with some problems entirely of my own making. The WIP is here ........ .......... and grateful thanks to everybody who looked in / liked / commented and contributed, particularly @Anthony in NZ @Spookytooth and @(ex)Sgtrafman who regularly commented and chivvied me along - especially as this was my first WIP. Special thanks to @(ex)Sgtrafman and @DaveJL for providing replacements for the decals I was clumsy enough to destroy. This was a build of the Revell 1/48 Phantom FGR.2 using Xtradecals for a 74 Squadron line je
  5. Dear fellow Britmodellers, may I present my 1/72 Revell SdKfz 7 in markings of 116th Panzer Division, Aachen, 1944. I built from the box, adding a few stowage items from Black Dog (T72078). Painted with Gunze/Mr.Hobby acrylics, weathered with graphite pen, artist oils and pastel chalks. Photographed by Wolfgang Rabel. The Revell model is a re-box of the MACO kit, originally released in 2011. It seems that Revell have bought several of the MACO moulds, such as the Flakpanzer IV 'Wirbelwind', and the SWS half-track, which also appear under the Re
  6. I've got myself two of this kit, because I'm interested in building Construction Number 650 at two very different moments in its life. This aircraft was part of the Junkers Spitsbergen Expedition of 1923, registered as D-260. It spent the next decade knocking around Germany, Russia, Estonia and north Norway under various registrations, before ending up as the property of Nord-Norges Aero in 1932, registered as LN-ABH. Passengers were flown on sightseeing trips by Norway's famous aviatrix, Gidsken Jakobsen, until June 1934, when it "lost its engine" near Balest
  7. Welcome to my next WiP, Revell's 1/72 F14D. There's lots of Tomcats appearing on BM at the moment (i wonder if this is anything to do with the soon-to-be-released Top Gun 2?) but I've not seen much of the Revell version, could this be a bad sign?!? This is my first F14 since the mid 90s and to be honest it's not the model i was hoping to build - I've ordered the new academy kit but given up hope of it arriving from Korea after nearly 4 months. This model on the other hand had next day delivery so I just went for it. First impressions are ok, panel lines are pretty chunky but there
  8. In a moment of modelling madness I've decided to embark on a project to build a 1/72 scale Royal Australian Navy S-2G Grumman Tracker from the Revell boxing of the old Hasegawa S-2A kit. I've built several of the Hasegawa kits around 20 years ago with RAN markings but I never took account of the required modifications and so this build aims to set things right so I can have a "proper" S-2G in my collection. I was unable to locate a Hawkeye S-2G resin conversion kit so I've decided to scratch build the lot. As my display space is quite limited, and because it looks neat, I'll also be building t
  9. Time for another WIP. I must admit I cannot put my finger on why I love this plane so much. Sadly my previous attempts at building this fugly flying machine was limited to the Academy offerings. Not bad (not great either) as kits, but the decals really let them down. Tried twice, failed twice. Hopefully 3rd time is the charm. Sexy contents pics: Box art, showing two Scorpions probably turning Palmdale into a war zone. Cough. Decals, printed in Italy so should be good. Please let them be good ...
  10. Hi Colleagues! Just would like to share with you photos of completed B-17G Miss Little Mischief model from Revell in 1/72 scale. It was built 1.5 year ago, but your opinion about result will be highly appreciated. Work-in-progress topic with step-by-step assembling and interior photos you will find here: http://www.greenmats.club/topic/87-b-17g-flying-fortress-172-revell-краткий-обзор-и-постройка/
  11. OK this one has been sitting on the shelf giving me evil looks every time I pass since it got abandoned during the Kit You Built As A Kid GB - original thread here. No idea what happened during the build process, it was kind of 95% done, but being tiny probably got forgotten. Time to dust it off and finish. Here's where it got left: The tank has been primed in black with some grey shading. I think I was planning to go over with some Dunkelgrau but in order to just get it done I simply gave it a once over with a blue oil filter/wash for panzer grey after the dec
  12. I'm starting this build thread as a tribute to my Uncle, P C Brown. I only recently found out some detailed information about his wartime RAF service. The key to inlock the records was his middle name. I found his record card in the National Archives after my late father told me his middle name was "CORIN". This build thread i've decided to start up as a WIP. It's the Revell 1:32 Hawker Typhoon V kit. The reason I chose this was that my uncle flew this type in March/April 1945 in Northern Germany. I'm intending to use the Hataka Paints set for RAF. Have tried these out
  13. Maverick's F-14A Tomcat (03865) 1:48 Revell The Tomcat was a much-loved and capable aircraft that had a unique look, and was brought fully into the mainstream media by the original "Top Gun" in the 1980s. It has its origins in the late 50s and a need in the 60s for a replacement to the (also much loved) Phantoms with something more agile and adaptable. After much faffing about (does all defence procurement do this?), a Grumman proposal was picked for development and to avoid any further flip-flopping by the then US Defence Secretary, building of a prototype was di
  14. Hello all! Up next is my all time fave aircraft - the F-15E. For this build, I`ll be doing a Lakenheath `mudhen` with nose art worn during operations against isis targets circa 2018. I will also build groundcrew, equipment & an R-11 fuel tanker to place around it.
  15. As part of my effort to clear my backlog of started kits I have dug out my Matchbox Spitfire. I started this literaly decades ago, but didn’t get far. I have looked at it occasionally, but no action. Then I bought some Xtradecal decals for it, SAC MkIX undercarriage legs, MasterCasters interior, Master gun barrels. Finally I found out about the Grey Matter correction set for the nose, which of course I immediately ordered on a wim. Having now spent about ten times what the original kit cost, guilt has led me to this, my first WIP. It will not be a tutorial, I am not that good, it will not be
  16. Hello All, I finally got this beastie over the finish line before the end of 2020. It's just that the pictures were languishing in my Camera until a day or so ago! This one fought me to the end. There are a number of faults. The boot-lid doesn't fit properly and the rubbing strips brightwork didn't come out as I had hoped, but I am reasonably happy with the outcome. I think though, that I should have polished the paintwork a bit more. If I do, I'll post some more pictures. Thanks for lookin
  17. Right. Here we go then. First WIP for Quack. I thought I'd have a go at a WIP thread, never having done one before. The kit is this one....the Revell / Hasegawa 1/48 Spey Phantom FGR2. I fell in love with these brutes growing up near Leuchars, and loved to watch and listen as they thundered out on training or QRA sorties. OK in fairness they were largely FG1s from 892 Sqh FAA, or 43 / 111 Squadrons when the airframes were gifted to the RAF, buy I can't find a 1/48 FG1 so this'll have to do for now. With any luck ZM will get around to issuing Spey Phantoms in 1/48 sca
  18. Hi, It's time to add another couple of build threads. This is the pretty neat Revell kit. There are two kits in the picture...I've read that the standard load-out for ALARM Tornado's had three missiles and there are only two of them in the kit. I have in the past tried to build the really nice Flightpath ALARM's with the delicate PE fins. I'll build my ALARM Tornado with the kit missiles. The fins are fatter, but they're all there and not bent. You may notice that the top box has a 5€ price tag...I bought that one at a swap meet in 2012.
  19. Hi All, I must be a sucker for punishment. Yet another model that I have decided to finish along with all the others. This one has for no reason that I can work out, been sitting on the back-shelf for an enormously long time. I had built the engine, transmission & exhaust and had sprayed all the body parts in their final colour, then I put it away and forgot about it. This is the Revell 'Premium' range of 1/24th kits. There weren't many models in this series, This, a BMW 850 a Mercedes 560 C, coupe and cabriolet. I has many more parts than your usual Revell kit, an
  20. I've been flying back and forward between Bristol and Amsterdam regularly in these little Embraer beauties over the last year and thus felt the need to model one. Jadlam's recent clearance sale of this kit was the catalyst required. They do remind me more of a sports car than an airliner, and indeed the pilots seem to fly them in a slightly more aggressive manner than the Airbuses. Plus, they are much more comfortable than Easyjet's A319s and A320s - and they feed & water you during the flight! Although I previously built a Revell E195 a few years b
  21. Hello there! So here we are again with a "trip report" and whats the story? in 2017 my former employer airberlin went bankrupt. Very soon it was clear that easyjet was about to aquire most of the operation out of my homebase Berlin (TXL), so that was the only company i wanted to work for in Berlin - and lucky me got a job with ezy in 2018. When i started flying again i met a lot of new people and one of the first contacts is now one of my best friends. So to cut a long story short, his first flight as a pilot on a commercial aircraft was on G-EZAM, which will be the plane built.
  22. How do All, I have finally got around to starting up this hobby again after what was a terrible year (for everyone) and I am enjoying it very much, first go with PE parts and I am happy with the results for my first try. Currently for my first build of this year, I have built up the Revell ME109 F2, but I am stuck at the paint scheme. I have brought some aftermarket decals - Print Scale PSL72254 and am looking to use the Gunther Lutzow scheme that they have provided. Can anyone help with the accuracy of these decal sheets, as all reference phot
  23. On display in the Revell stand at the Nurnberg Toy Fair 2020. Revell is to release a new tool 1/48th Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird kit in 2021 (or later as Revell is not famous for the respect of such deadlines). Source: http://www.greenmats.club/forums/topic/6758-revell-1-sr-71-засветился-в-нюрнберге/ Source: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2805402012855804&set=pb.100001580974587.-2207520000..&type=3&theater V.P.
  24. No manufacturer news, no my mum's cousin vinny, but a dream I had a night before - yesss! AFAIK there's no 1/72 scale ZSU-23-4 on the market yet except for the vintage resin kit by Armo. A bit odd - as the prototype (a production run 6000+ long) is the most successful AA SPG worldwide. There's even the 1/100 kit by Zvezda, while the 1/72 scale afficionados feel orphaned. Some 6-7 years ago a 1/72 new tool was announced by the Chinese Toxso, but nothing has appeared as yet. However all other Toxso-announced and unreleased moulds have been purchased by Revell, who releas
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