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  1. Finally, I closed the cockpit. https://i.ibb.co/2g0R1LD/IMG-20201017-184231.jpg[/img
  2. I start the build by the cockpit, which is pretty nicely detailed. Now the noose gear bay, step two.
  3. As soon as my A-10 is finished, I launch into another kit, an Eduard this time. The aircraft is a P-39. The kit, which is in four clusters, is well detailed, and allows many versions of the device to be made, too bad we do not have the appropriate decals for the other versions. The kit will be assembled out of the box and the decoration will probably be that of the box art. Maybe I'll touch the exhaust pipes and flaps, to see. Here are some pictures of the kit:
  4. A very small step forward which should be followed by a big one. I started the charges, and that's a big part of the kit if not at least half. We have plenty to do, missile bombs laser guided bombs pods tanks. I want to go up as much as possible while remaining a realistic minimum so I will find out whether, for example, asymmetrical configurations are possible or not, as on the F-105 for example.
  5. Hello everyone, Here is the rear wing (dunno how this is called in English) assembly. Everything went pretty fine too as with the wings. Once again are the gaps pannel lines or gaps to fill good question I have to sort it out.
  6. Good evening everyone. I started the build with the wings. They assemble well, without any concern, however, there are some joints that I have to figure out if they are pannel lines or joints to fill.
  7. Hello everyone, While my Avenger is almost finished, I will edit a much more modern subject, the A-10. The kit I chose is the Hobby Boss, there are several options for this 1/48 aircraft, the old Revell, the Tamiya, the Italeri and the latest one the Hobby Boss. The box is impressive in size, the number of parts is significant, but ultimately, there will be a lot of loads to assemble. The armaments clusters are doubled. I am thinking of mounting all the loads from the kit and presenting them next to the plane, the same for t
  8. Hello to all, I would like to mount a MiG 29 at 1/72 the SMT version, the GWH kit at 18 is still too expensive for me. I hesitate between the Zvezda and the Trumpeter, what are their differences, which one is the "best" knowing that I am looking for a simple kit to assemble, detailed with a lot of parts. Thanks for your help
  9. Hello to all, While the Mirage 2000 awaits its paintings, I attacked another kit, the TBF-1C Avenger from Hobby boss. It is a rather original subject which does not exist very little at 1/48 in the end apart from Accurate Miniatures. The kit is complete, beautiful, as much as the AM, I can not judge, I never had it in hand, I leave it to the experts. However, the kit has its shortcomings, such as many injection pads placed everywhere and especially in places that are difficult to access such as in the arming bay for example where this area is dotted with inj
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