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  1. I am afraid not I mixed few paints and did many tries on an old model untill I got the correct contrast between the 2 colours
  2. Superbe! The flaps are in down position as it should be , well done.
  3. Thank you for you kind comments, I got the same issue, no miracle, I sanded the canopy frame carefully but the the result is not perfect.
  4. Hello folks, This is the now old Hasegawa F-14, the fitting was terrible, putty was extensively used. The Iran Air Force still fly the tomcat but nowadays it looks more like a flying museum rather that a lethal weapon. Anytime Baby!
  5. Thank you very much for your kinds comments, The pilot was included in the kit but I had to rework the helmet and the o2 mask. Hello Dov, I am a little puzzled bit by your comment about the Matra Magic I missile (blue for training actually , it is a inert missile equiped with an IR seeker). The missile is not from the kit, is the shape wrong?
  6. Hello folks, This is the 1/48 Hasegawa F-8J converted into a Aéronavale F8-E(FN). The decals and the nose probe are after-market items whereas many details are from scratch. Hope you like it, cheers.
  7. Hello, The spine and tail are spare parts from the Kinetic Mirage 2000B/N/D kit. Best regards
  8. Thx for your comments, in fact it is a composite model For the cockpit I used some Eduard photo-etch whereas many parts are from scratch. The engine nozzle is from Aires. The Magic missiles are from the Revell Rafale kit. The GBUs, designation pod, specific chaff dispenser and vertical fin are from the Kinetic Mirage 2000B box. The Heller fuselage was completely twisted, I had to cut it in half to fix it.
  9. Thank you very much for your comments. Actually when I look at the pictures I have to admit the Mirage 2000 is a really beautiful aircraft (IMHO). I can't wait for the 1/32 Kittyhawk Mirage 2000C.
  10. Hi all, This is the Heller Mirage 2000N modified to get a D version. As usual with Heller, lot of work to get a decent model. Happy new year
  11. Thank you for your kind comments! I would recommend purchasing the fantastic 1/72 Tamiya F-16C
  12. Hello folks, This is the old 1/72 Hasegawa F-16C converted into a Portuguese F-16AM. The decals and seat are after-market items whereas many details are from scratch. Hope you like it, cheers.
  13. Hello, Thanks again for your comments. I am afraid I didn't do any WIP for this model. I started the kit in December 2017 then painted it few months ago, I didn't remember the paints I used for the light brown but it was a mixture of 3 or 4 Gunze paints (sand, red, a bit a yellow...). As far as I remember it was not easy to get the right colour. Regards
  14. Hello, Thank you for your kind comments. The red-orange device is an ACMI pod (Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation). I built it from a Sidewinder. Best Regards
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