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  1. This wing attaches correctly. It is aft of the straight wing attach location of the 162A model, so landing gear location and force balance are retained on the aircraft. The 1/48 dragon kit simply plugs foreward sweapt wings into the straight wing location and making it look not correct. I have a resin conversion for my 1/48 forward sweapt wing volkjager with wing in correct location. Hope they upscale the kit to 1/48 to save me all that work!
  2. Hi... I am after ANA616 SAND. I have read some guys adding a few drops of red to the modelmaster until it looks pink faded. I may do that. I use mr color now, so have a hasegawa p40k kit that calls out mr color c44 for the ANA616. I will have to compare that color too...
  3. I like the traditional light bulb appearance. That looks close to my memory of the real strawberry bitch. Its a few hundred miles south of me in dayton ohio. The model master i have is much lighter. Does any other company make ANA sand in a jar? I dont want to mix myself, i want my models to look the same as far as a color goes. Thanks
  4. Ok... project 1: i have some nice mike grant decals for the B-24d strawberry bitch, and i am looking to build an old monogram pro modeller 1/48 B24d kit. Project 2: hasegawa deaths wing p40K with the fat tail. This is overall topside sand. Project 3: legal eagle B25c with sand and olive drab topside. Hope this helps, and i hoped the responders can describe the fade to pink that the paint options have. The modelmaster appears a cold tan, but thats just appearance thru the glass jar. I have not wanted to break the seal on such priceless paint!
  5. Greetings friends... its almost time for me to restart my model building season, and I am getting the itch! I am eyeing several projects, all US aircraft using ANA Sand color. I wanted to ask you all if you have found prefereances of paint brands for Sand. I have some jars (unopened) of testors model master ANA sand. It looks light to me, but i have not tried it. What do you use for this interesting color, that has a pink cast to it? Thanks for your opinions!
  6. I have several hasegawa b26s. After all these years, to return to 1/48 they are behind where 1/72 was...
  7. I have been in this hobby for a long time. Started in about 1970, then focused on 1/72 for about 30years starting in 1985. I recently returned to 1/48 over past 4 years or so. I cannot believe there is no new B26 Marauder or B24 kits! I fondly built the monogram kits in the 1970s, but wow, thats all we still have??? Hoping modern tooling will find a B24 and B26!
  8. Plus the merlin models is the foreward sweapt wing. Dragon did that in 1/48... but they have the wing location wrong!
  9. I am very eager for this 1/48 new tooled Marauder!
  10. Hi Friends- a few months ago I read a post here of a company who announced they were working on a new tooled Marauder in 1/48. Now a buddy of mine wanted to know of this, and now I cant find the post. Rumormonger is my favorite part of britmodeller, i read it frequently, but now i cant find the post. It was under a 'company news' post for a company i dont remember, and the marauder was not in title, it was listed among other products they announced. Can you help me find this? Thanks!
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