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  1. Hi Werner... Great User ID... a true classic... Dirty Harry! Yes Dora's are my favorite...
  2. How did you know we eat on paper plates at my house? However my wife's cooking is deserving of paper plates (hope she doesn't read this)... ok, I will try and get a nicer background, but you are supposed to look at the model, not the paints! I have seen some cool backdrops the others use and it really adds to the illusion... Thanks for the tip...
  3. Thanks for all the complements! This is the 15th 1/48 scale model I have built since middle of December 2019... My skills are improving, and it is fun to try different things and suggestions... This one came out very nice and really inspired me to keep going. I got several new kits and am planning a new display case to put the 1/48 models in... After many years away, I have gotten into plastic models with gusto... The 1/48th are much more fun (for me) to build than the 1/72 I was struggling with.
  4. Very much an inspiration to me (and others I am sure) to see a model like this... I am picking out ideas from seeing what you did here Andy... Great work and great attention to detail... Great job!
  5. Really nice display and airplane... I love Schr├ĄgeMusik on airplanes and especially Japanese examples of it... Great weathering and great subject...
  6. I can't wait for this conversion! It will make a great Do335 kit even better! How much longer is the wait???
  7. Ja! There is only so much red belly any Dora model builder can take... I know they had a 4 to 1 kill ratio and that was impressive... But I take my Dora's all RLM76 on the bottom...
  8. Thanks for the help guys... I decided on a different Fw190D9 to build, but also in the early std scheme of later 1944... Here is a pic of the scheme... I may also build one in Kroll's Yellow 15 and if he thought it had a JG54 logo on it, it probably did... I am glad you posted this description of 'med grey and dark green' because that sounds like FW190D standard scheme of RLM75/83/76 like in this picture... Thanks for the help guys!
  9. Hi Roman! That is a Fantastic Blitz! I love it! Great work!
  10. Greetings Brits- Now that my modelling skills are improving... I decided to tackle the Eduard Fw-190D-9 in 1/48... This model has alot of detail and some reviews suggesting a tough build. Well, I did have some snags but everything went together fine for me, and even though this is designed as a kit with open gun hatch and wing root cannon hatches open, I followed the instructions and closed them up. It was tougher to do, but the next one I build will have these hatches open just to add variety in my display case. I built from the kit and the only thing I changed or added was t
  11. Thanks Guys! I build in a concrete bunker underground. It gets quite messy... I am a member of the brotherhood of messy workbenches! I try and clean after each build, but it does get quite full of mess at the conclusion of each build!
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