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  1. Lovely!!! Great to see old kits getting built!
  2. Hi Beazer... I hope they do the other versions. I would build all of them...
  3. Hi Mike... I have built the Tamiys Razorback and it is classic shake and bake... really nice and enjoyable build that one... but honestly, comparitively, it is really outclassed by how much better this P38 is. You will be shocked by how much better this is...
  4. Hi Gary... i built that old Monogram kit in the 1970s and did the kit version of the all black nightfighter with the second crewman in the bubble canopy... that was when i was about 12years old. I was generally avoiding p38s the next 44years! I did a 1/72 hasegawa in the late 1980s though and it was alot of hard work. I heard so much good talk about this new Tamiya kit and enjoyed building it so much I am planning a second, maybe an F this time. I am not getting kits for free, just letting you guys know this kit is a real winner and you all will love building it!
  5. Hi Guys- I have just finished what I believe is the best model airplane kit ever. The New Tool Tamiya P-38F/G Kit in 1/48. I still cannot wipe the smile off my face on how this went together. I am no stranger to the Tamiya 'shake and bake' but this one is on a level all its own. This engineering made a complex subject very easy to build and the location of all parts perfect. I am super impressed. This kit was built almost OOB except for Eduard 'Look' Instrument panel and Xtracal Decals for Snooks and Techmod decals for the red rimmed 1943 insignias. I had to use E
  6. Yes i considered the visibility issue, but then next to it is a huge white star and bar... but it would lessen the visibility. The red numbers on an olive drab photo are almost unreadable due to lack of contrast red to olive drab. You can see this too in usaaf planes with red rimmed insignias. However in THE CREEP photo, the numbers are far away and are just as bright and light against the olive drab as the yellow in the nose art and the yellow spiders on spinners. I think maybe it was repainted in yellow?
  7. Hi Guys, I am on my long awaited P61A Project 'The Creep' in 1/48. I had custom decals made with the black widow spiders for the spinners too! It is a favorite P61 scheme... I have the old microscale decal sheet from the 1980's in 1/72 which has the tail number in RED and 25594 for the creep. Observing the photos of the Creep, it is not a Gloss Black P-61A-10, it is earlier Olive Drab Scheme P-61A-5 or A-1, which would make tail number 25564 or lower. Photos of The Creep have the last two digits unreadable do to dirt. It kinda looks smeared and 94 like the old micro
  8. ok thanks Dana... I went back to the Creep photo, and at least this OD P-61 the tail number (Like Husslin Hussey) is clearly very light color, so must be yellow for at least for these two. Maybe they were repainted?
  9. Hope someone knows the answer to this. All decal sheets i have on p61s have red codes. But why would USAAF have red codes on a OD cammo plane when the standard is yellow?
  10. Yes, i see many profiles in yellow codes on the OD p61s, just like the USAAF painted on ALL OTHER OD cammo planes. I think red codes appeared on the factory painted all gloss black planes. I am looking at b/w photos of OD p61s and there is contrast between the numbers and the OD, and the numbers are almost as light as the insignia white, which could only be with yellow codes. The codes on black p61s appear darker than the codes on the OD p61s. I was looking at the classic B/w photo of the 3 p61s flying in formation. One OD with invastion stripes and others in black.
  11. Hi Guys... hope you can help me! I am starting a great wall 1/48 P-61A, and building a Cammo version with Olive Drab over Neutral Grey... I have many decal sheets and they all have the P61 tail numbers in RED, even for cammoflaged olive P61s. I have seen profile art for Olive P61s with YELLOW tail numbers. This is typical of USAAF olive cammo planes, that tail numbers are YELLOW. But what was correct tail number color on Olive P61s? Thanks for any help you can provide!
  12. This plane is not that big in 1/48 scale... wingspan is about 11.5inch and shorter than a normal airplane because its tail-less... 1/48 is a great scale for these luft46 airplanes!
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