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  1. Thanks dude! I picked that one up! My Zoukei Mura Ta152H comes with RED decal codes!
  2. Hey Werdna... which luftwaffe im focus had the Ta152 article? I ordered a few, but want to get the one you spoke of... thanks
  3. Hi again Werdna... just love this Ta152... what colors did you use? Is that a greener version of rlm81 and 82, or is that rlm83 and 82? Or standard 81 and 82? Thanks...
  4. Hey Fubar... from what I hear, you will poke yourself with those pushpins if you build that hobbycraft ar234... hasegawa is a nice kit
  5. I just ordered some Archer rivet decals... thanks for the tip! Cheers Andy!
  6. Hi Andy... those bag looking things (if I understand what you mean) are the parachutes for the RATO (rocket assisted takeoff) units that are installed at the front and strapped in... this parachute deploys automatically when the RATO units are jettisoned...
  7. Hi Werdna- I will try and find that. Unless we get a good underwing photo, it's impossible to tell them apart H-0 vs. H-1. The Aoshima 1/72 Ta152H kits have different kit parts based on H-0 vs. H-1, but in 1/48, every kit is an H-1. I am not good at scribing so I am looking for H-1 schemes! Thanks and it looks great with Red codes...
  8. Great tip! Thanks! I will see if I can find these... My problem was getting a uniform dot. I have steady hands and can get this on the target, the toothpic just would not transfer paint uniformly! Thanks for the idea, just what I needed help with!
  9. Looks great! I like the RED code... is that authentic? Do you know if this machine was and H-0 or H-1? This is a lovely scheme with red code! I am looking for more Ta152H-1 schemes. Thanks for help and great job on this model!
  10. Greetings Friends! Here is my latest build just finished, an excellent Hobby2000 kit which used Hasegawa Plastic, great decals, masks and color drawings. I did use a stew of decals including decal scheme from an old Eagle Strike Ar234 Sheet, and added Peddinghaus decal stencils and used kit Insignia decals. The adds to this kit were the excellent Eduard 'Look' Instrument panel and resin wheel kit. I also used a Hasegawa German Pilot from their WW2 Weapons and figures kit! This pilot assembled and fit wonderfully in the AR234! Minor trimming of bombsite and he looks great in the cockpit! The Paint is Gunsie Mr Color RLM 81/82/76. The Clear is Tamiya Semi Gloss. I had to paint the canopy rivets with a toothpick sharpened to a point. They look good to the bare eye, but zooming in with camera phone shows the painting challenge. I may still just overpaint the canopy frames black. Or someday get custom rivet decals made. What do you guys think of the canopy or other tips you can give? The decal rivets I had handy did not match the framing rivets in spacing so I tried toothpick! Let me know what you think...
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