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  1. Fantastic job... even rescribing that fuselage is really impressive! This is a classic!
  2. Hi Mike... yes shroudless and the resin instrument panel has silver instrument bezels on the back side so a peek in there looks good. I used to be a 1/72 guy... i have that sword N. I recently gave up 172 because of my eyes and age. These are the new mr color silvers. Thanks for noticing the high temp panel too!
  3. That would work for ETO, but this is a PTO p47, so would distract Japs!
  4. I agree... When comparing to other b/w photos of known RLM02, these prototypes look far lighter. They could even be RLM77. That is what I will paint mine. They look lighter than RLM76 to me.
  5. Thanks... i sent him a message on his website... i need the exhaust stacks too!
  6. Roman... that looks fantastic! Really great work and a really sharp scheme!
  7. I am really impressed with the art involved in these cartoon scheme planes... i used to just think these were strange and I didnt get it... But your model is really impressive and looks incredible seeing in on a model and not just boxart. It looks really involved and i cant tell whats painted and whats decal! You should post a picture of all your planes in this series... it could be very cool to see...
  8. I heard the Fw190 was all wrong, and they retooled that fw190 completely. I did not know the Bf109 was messed up... Can you guys confirm and I will need to compare these sprues because I have most if not all of these kits. ok, I see it on scale mates they changed tooling of the 109's from the 82111 onwards. I don't have any of the early 2014 bf109 kits that were flawed... whew!
  9. Well unreal! I simply googled M7 1/48 bomb and a place came up that sells a 3D printed M7 in 1/48! Called Shapeways. So I ordered a set of them! So unfortunately I will have to set this aside for a time until the Incendary bomb arrives in a few weeks, but I thought I would let you guys know that someone is selling these out there...
  10. Yea, i cant find these anywhere. Any ideas where I might find one?
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