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  1. The dropped flaps look great, Its the one thing that puts me off smaller scale Me262s but I think you have convinced me to try cutting them out, I also wouldnt worry too much about the slats, I think the ground crew were known to push them back to keep them safe from debris fouling them.
  2. definitely looks like it would have gone up against Godzilla
  3. awesome work. I picked up the kit recently for a song as I built it when Jurassic Park first came out and the nostalgia hit me, I will have to save a couple of pics as reference as I love what you did with the jaw and the eyes looks fantastic
  4. They will be out of my price range no doubt but good on them, if they cover the A-D, F and later G's and K-4 they will do very well as the Hasegawa one are getting long in the tooth and harder to find while the Trumpy ones have their own issues,
  5. I listen to all the model podcasts as well and theres nothing but praise/nostalgia for the Monogram 48th kits. I can happily overlooks raised panel lines and some basic details for a nicely shaped century series fighter.
  6. Revell would do well I think from a "classic" line of 1/48 monogram kits like airfix is doing, as well as rereleasing some of the great luftwaffe stuff from the 90s and early 2000s that you cant get anymore ( I really want the 48th Lippish P13) and I would snap up a couple of the 32nd Erla G-10s as I kinda thought that kit would hang around and didnt get one on release.
  7. The weekend boxing of the AS is already super affordable with 5 decal options, I'm not sure how Academy can do better, or is it just to open a road to the Asian market?
  8. Only Fujimi and Eduard have 1/48 AS 109G-6's in their catalog that I'm aware of.
  9. They did, Border models have said they are fixing it on facebook.
  10. looks really nice, there are some clear parts there I dont recognize as belonging to a 109 though and I cant tell what they are ment to represent, they kinds look like 20mm gondola parts.
  11. You have save me a hassle as well, I have the same Zvezda kit and Stars decals for the 19th as my great uncle drove Shermans with the unit until his discharge in Nov 44, I wasnt aware of differences in early and late M4A2a and would have made the same mistake. I guess I can make a later OD one using some of the decals and maybe find an Asuka kit to do it proper at a later date.
  12. New tool 251 half track is interesting but whos Jagdpanther will it be?
  13. ooo, Not much in the way of N's on the market right now, this could do ok.
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