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  1. Phas3e

    Fw190 d13 paint scheme

    Hi, I have to ask seeing Jerry is here.. Does the discovery of the photo of W.Nr.836016 make you rethink the base colours or the style of swastika used?
  2. Ahh ok, so sand them off the kit and add thin wire loops? maybe replace the actual handles if i feel the need.
  3. Hi All, I have a bit of a question about hand rails on the side of the Hetzer, is there any reason why some would or wouldnt have them? I've noticed on photos that some seem to have them and some dont. I like the idea of hanging wire across them for foliage to be mounted but see that the Academy kit doesnt have them represented, only small nodules. So googling for images I see that theres a fair mix of handles and non. Any reason for that? Cheers.
  4. still not wing hard points I assume? Gotta give them credit for the marking options though.
  5. Phas3e

    Airfix 2020

    Given the time and energy it takes to develop a 1/24 kit I'd be surprised if they drop another one this year and take the shine off the hellcat so soon. But in saying that a new tooled mkI spitfire would sell bucket loads. I'm wondering if more 1/72 bombers are on the way or even something in 1/48. Short odds on a new 1/72 Ju 88, Sunderland, Vulcan or Stirling My longshot is a 1/48 stirling.
  6. Phas3e

    Airfix 2020

    I say get in before Eduard do a 1/48 Typhoon.
  7. Similar schemes were found on 87Sqn Hurricanes that were repainted in day fighter colours before Dieppe.
  8. It would be a shame to have a single piece canopy hide that lovely cockpit.
  9. As long as there are no canopy issues, it will be a good rerelease.
  10. I would take grab of those luft 46 ones if the price was right
  11. I'm willing to bet both of those will be big sellers in 1:48
  12. Makes sense, that will make them the 5th company to rebox it while tamiya has their tooling just sitting there.
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