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  1. Come on Eduard lets see some early 190s I'd love an A-1 or reboxed A-2
  2. A word from the guy who was running the meeting which might burst any bubble
  3. My lack of any interest in the DH Hornet makes me think this would be a huge mistake but you never know. But there is a sea hornet being refurbished in Auckland so there is a chance they have access and want to do it.
  4. Very sorry for Judy and family, His loss is a great one to aviation history, Eagle Edition books hold pride of place on my shelf.
  5. that looks worth it for the decal sheet alone
  6. Could indeed be an early Eagle, theres plenty of photos of F15A noses with this black tip.
  7. I'll put my money on a skyhawk kit, no idea which variant but I'd like an accessible A-4K at some point in the future.
  8. The Fulcrums are my favourite Russian jets but I've never added one to the stash, if it has the digital camo decals this might be my reason to finally get one
  9. Just saw on Hannants new arrivals that art scale have 32nd scale masks for the P40M coming and the text says https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/200-M32023?result-token=gGMTQ I havnt seen any news about them reboxing the 32nd scale kits so not sure if its a misprint but I imagine that it would be a popular move
  10. Every kit they have produced has been very welcome, I havnt seen any novelties.
  11. Thanks, its a bit of both, heres a shot before the main colours went on
  12. Arma Hobbies 1:72 Yak-1b In the famous markings of Lydia Litvyak (The white rose of Stalingrad) 73 GIAP This is for the Interesting Modelling Cos, Arma April and taking exactly a week to finish (being off work with covid didnt hurt) it was just a great little build all round. This is the base kit so no etch or masks but you do get a canopy mask template on the instructions to cut around. Painted in Tamiya colours, eyeballed AMT-4, AMT-7 and Nato Black for the Night Black. Weathered in oils, enamels and a bit of pigment. Would recommend it and no doubt any of Armas stable as a perfect pallet cleanser after a long or tough build. Cheers.
  13. My first visit to the realm of 32nd scale. W.Nr.334186 possibly from Kg(J)6 found belly landed by US troops in March 1945, the photo is highly contrasted and colour assumptions could be made but the paint scheme is similar to other late build 334### aircraft. The build was good and any issues were my own, I couldnt get the cowlings to fit well but have seen others manage it. It's not an award winner but looks great in the cabinet. Quick boost Spinner for the hasegawa kit was used and is a must imo, as the kit spinner is strangely blunt shaped. The fit on the kits prop base is perfect but the blades needed shaving down to fit the correct key hole shapes in the QB spinner, Painted in a mix of SMS, Aqueous, AK real color, AK xtreme metals, Tamiya, Vallejo, and even some Citidel in there... Markings are painted using Montex masks and stencils are kit decals. Weathered with a mix of Enamels, oils and AK weathering pencils. The photos are the best I can manage though. Cheers
  14. Perfect, I had a hankering to do a Bulgarian G-2 for a few years now and I think the cameo 4 could handle the tail markings and unique walk way stencils in 32nd scale.
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