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  1. You have save me a hassle as well, I have the same Zvezda kit and Stars decals for the 19th as my great uncle drove Shermans with the unit until his discharge in Nov 44, I wasnt aware of differences in early and late M4A2a and would have made the same mistake. I guess I can make a later OD one using some of the decals and maybe find an Asuka kit to do it proper at a later date.
  2. New tool 251 half track is interesting but whos Jagdpanther will it be?
  3. ooo, Not much in the way of N's on the market right now, this could do ok.
  4. Hi all. Finished yesterday and got it into the booth. I'm no expert (this is my second armour build) but this is a lovely little kit, the only issues were some of the fit on the rear deck which seems to be a common looking around at builds. I replaced the kit skirts with brass sheet and used copper wire to create the loops on the sides as the kit only gives you little plastic nubs. Painted in Tamiya 50/50 XF60 and XF57 hairspray chipped over a base of Black primer and primer red in a preshaded style, Weathered with pretty much everyth
  5. I always took the close up of the colour demarcation to indicate the soft edge overlap of the colours and that Erla were the only ones to take it literally hence their saw tooth pattern.
  6. It has more accurate rivet detail on the upper wing than Trumpeter which lacks the circle of rivets where the wheel well is located. If they get the spinner shape right it looks like it will be a winner out of the box.
  7. I'm sure they will wet the appetites' with the older less detailed but decent scaled kits to hit the nostalgia buttons, maybe even with some retooling involved. But new tooled kits should get people excited, the chance of a 1:32 X-Wing or AT-ST has me a little pumped. I also grew up watching wacky racers so the chance I might get to build Dick Dasterdlys Mean Machine is awesome.
  8. This will be only the second time they have released the 109G-14/AS in a special dual pack, without ever giving us a profipack, so might pay to get in on that. I might have to save some pennies for a spit Vb boxing.
  9. I'm in no position to scan photos right now (I'm also not sure of the rules here about it) but you can find examples of both in Eagle Editions 2 vols on Jg300. I also think the captured Croatian 14/AS 'Black 4' has the basic mtt pattern, so I have to admit that while you can find them in 1945 I cant say when they were built, as it could have been late 44. Seeing your interests lie in a G-6/AS in mid 44 I would have no issue using the early wing pattern. Although no to open a can of worms but I'm curious as well...were G-6/AS delivered camouflaged or in an al
  10. I'm not aware of an official order but its difficult to pin down because you can find Regensburg G14/AS in 1945 with the basic pattern used since 1940 while you can also find Erla built G-6s with the later (no4 on your chart) in mid 1944 (note capture White 16 from Jg300)
  11. I'm not really into helos but I could be tempted by an early 'nam Cobra in a large scale.
  12. I'm just waiting for them to announce a 1:48 Martin B-26, its bound to happen sooner or later.
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