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  1. I hope the centre section is reinforced otherwise moving it after its built will be bravery test.
  2. It looks to me like the type of kit that a 262 lover is going to get a kick out of detailing. the hobbyboos gaffe is pretty common for them.
  3. Looking really nice, I have the HB D-13 nearing the top of my build pile so its good to see how it goes together
  4. Yeah they should be making 1:48 MkI Spitfires.
  5. Insane seeing this detailed a luft 46 kit in 1:32, I might have to get one
  6. 1/48 Bf109K-4 hasnt been done by Italeri before, fingers crossed for hasegawa plastic, but probably hobbycraft or maybe Fujimi.
  7. yup very curious to see how they plan to grab the attention of the mkI spit market
  8. Gorgeous weathering, id love to see a demo on how you did it.
  9. I wonder if David E. Brown might see this thread, I know he has at least some info on the ID of the two jets that Drew took down. (I dont know how to link him to this)
  10. yay for new kits based around their PzIV and a new III!
  11. I should have done the same in hindsight, i got the Tamiya one (admittedly cheap) on release with eduards etch for the pilot armour but probably wont get round to building it until after Eduard have theirs out. Ah well, I will wait for the MkVb release.
  12. If Eduard can let you build a pre war flat canopy, 2 bladed early, early ww2 up to a post BoB with pilot armour and prop boss options straight out of the box, they will have a massive winner on their hands.
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