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  1. Sorry Graham, my fault for the confusion, I intended to refer to the task of puttying the panel lines as a job, not the downsizing of the workforce. If it's on the maintenance task card and in the MM that the putty has to be maintained it can't be discarded at will, the job has to be signed off and if you're not doing it there has to be an official document or instruction to say so and refer to on the task card. I realise that there is a belief that crew chiefs can do as they like and third world operators of old aircraft don't maintain their charges as well as they ought but that is a massive assumption. So my question is, did North American issue an official directive/service bulletin post war that the puttying of wings could be discontinued? Dave
  2. Good point Graham, but jobs can't just be discarded in aviation, there's usually some official instruction to that effect, or am I applying modern standards to a problem? Is there anything in post war edition F-51 maintenance manuals about this? Dave
  3. Interesting film, Jugs are big b*****s aren't they? The pilot close ups show the oil spots on the fuselage even right back aft of the wing, the ground crew walking all over the wing including the access panels and the different rates at which the main legs retract. Now where can I get a Kinetic 1/24 Thunderbolt? Dave
  4. Oh this a can that smells strongly of worms! If you want to join the bun fight see https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/82849-mustang-wing-panel-linesfrom-the-preeminent-mustang-restorers-point-of-view/ My view, and experience in aviation is , if the maintenance manual says it should be there, 99% of the time it is. Dave
  5. Plus 1 for Patrick O'Brian, I'm just about to re embark on HMS Surprise (book 3 in the series), I must have been through the lot several times over the last 30 years. Best line - "Jack, you have debauched my sloth!" O'Brian is Jane Austen for blokes! Dave PS love the boats Crisp, got to get some for my Warspite now.
  6. Ohhhhhh, my era, love it, when cars were mechanical not electronic boxes on wheels. And Formula 1 cars could drift! Thanks Vince, best hour I've spent in a while, loved the clip of Walter Rohl "dancing" on the pedals of the Quattro, he must have been exhausted after a day of that. Having been out watching and marshalling on rallies during that time (okay maybe a bit earlier) I can't believe the spectators and why more weren't killed or injured. I do remember learning NOT to stand on the outside of a bend on a loose stage! Dave
  7. I thought they were minimal crewed with maximum automation? You know - two men (sorry persons) and a ships cat. If so the scran queue would be manageable..... Certainly fewer crew than a USN CV, that is a big queue.
  8. Not just me then? It looks like something designed by a committee and one that fell out with each other over the biscuits.
  9. Yep, common problem we all have from time to time, some really good tips here as well. Couple of phrases that seem to crop up all the time on this subject and they really irritate me - "the size of my stash is intimidating" - so sell some (heresy I know but oh so liberating) and don't buy anymore for a while, only keep the very rare or say three that you are going to build soon. He who dies with the biggest stash is NOT the winner. "I don't think I'll do the model justice" - is the kit bothered? I know you have paid good money for it but unless you start it that money is gone and not giving you anything back. Even if you make a right Horlicks of it you have still spent the money, you ain't ever going to get it all back. We don't think that about any other purchase we make, your nice shiny toys of any description are never used to their full potential but no one ever says they are not "doing them justice". Anyway go and enjoy yourself as will I by getting frustrated folding tiny bits of brass etch.... Dave
  10. Coors54

    RIP Clive James

    There was a clue to that in the first volume of his autobiography "Unreliable Memoirs", his descriptions of Constellations and Stratocruisers coming into Sydney over his neighbourhood were obviously written by someone with a love for aircraft. Blue skies Clive, I'm sure the angels are having a good laugh with you.
  11. I remember an Alan Hall (?) Airfix Magazine article converting the Sunderland into Beachcomer back in the very early Seventies, twas a lot of balsa and talcum powder! It made this spotty 13 year old attempt his first conversion, all I'll say is it didn't go well. Happy days. Dave PS, Just watched the video, it's true what they say, the past is different land and they do things differently there. But what wouldn't I give for a flight in that aircraft! Brilliant video.
  12. No wonder my neighbour had no problem in allowing the new pole to be put in!
  13. Hi John, Although I don't have a solution to your immediate problem I thought you might like to hear about my experience with a fibre installation. Like you I am out in the sticks, only a mile and half from Padstow that has had electricity, mains gas (!) and fibre broadband for ages, but on a little peninsular surrounded by water so difficult to get to and with only 20 odd houses. We moved in 5 years ago and had a broadband speed of around 350kbps through copper cable, like going back to the '90's and dial up access and not enough to run a business. We were told time and again we would never get fibre so we moved over to a wi-be (mobile internet) connection and finally we could stream a movie but this came at a price and with a data cap. Then earlier this year we were told funding had been found to run a fibre cable into the village and we would get fibre to the property (FTTP), the Rolls standard in connection, - blimey. Long story short we have gone from dial up speed to Ultrafast Fibre (more gigs than you can count ) and unlimited broadband, it works great although we have noticed that streamed TV "pauses" the picture in very windy weather, maybe the overhead cables move around too much? Even my daughter who lives in Hackney says we have a better signal than she has at home. Openreach's contract engineers have been great every time they have visited and really seemed to take an interest in sorting any problems we had, even rerouting the cable into the house after initial installation. So although you're not expecting a good signal when fibre arrives you might be very pleasantly surprised. Dave
  14. Nurse! Quick! Where's my medication? Seriously nice Bucc but it has to be the 1/72 kit surely? Dave (in shock)
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