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  1. The neatness of your work never fails to impress Ron. Excellent stuff, the fuel metering unit is a gem and I'll be interested to see your injector solution, it's always a weak area on the Tamiya engines and one that bugs me every time I build one. Dave
  2. He posts a lot on Hyperscale under the name ResinPrince, I get the impression he works on the resin part time, as a proud Texan, huntin' and suchlike can take up a lot of a mans time.
  3. Coors54

    Used PE frames

    I've used some straight lengths as reinforcing doublers on a 1/24 Seafire III conversion once, and to add chassis details to 1/12 cars.
  4. That's a busy and stressful time to be sure Nick, I'm glad you seem to be over "the hump" of all those problems (although I'm sure a new puppy and new house will continue to throw them up, literally in the case of the former!). I'm just about to do the retire thing myself so understand it's a time of a little uncertainty but for me it's also exciting. I look forward to more updates when you can. Dave
  5. Binnacle - stand alone pedestal with instruments on a ship/yacht/power boat. Sorry, my inner sailor came out there! I am very impressed with how clean your tiny assemblies are Ron, no matter how hard I try there is always some evidence of adhesive or overpaint on my models. Great Optivisor or NinjaVision? Dave
  6. Bin your Sky subscription, but that's coming from someone who's never had it, and I never feel there's something I've missed but I do enjoy Apple TV.... Mare of Eastown was on there so most things that Sky broadcast do show up somewhere else, just a bit later.
  7. I agree, the only jarring thing for me is the explosion effects, a tad crude but then this was the mid fifties. Back in 2002 I was tasked to do some research for a prospective film to be made by Channel 4 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the raid the following year and I was lucky enough to be able to review the Barnes Wallis files held at Imperial College, they even had receipts from him claiming meals and pipe tobacco I seem to remember. Fascinating stuff and yes, the hand held bomb sight was a thing, but apparently the spotlight idea didn't come from a stage show though - shame. The film did get made - in the US using a converted DC-4 I seem to remember, our plan was to use a Shackleton - much more interesting and we had one "out the back" but ultimately far too expensive. Dave
  8. Ahhhh, Hermes, the only courier company that in its email notification says it"will attempt to deliver" your parcel - attempt! Like they have a choice. We live a bit off the beaten track and Hermes are totally unreliable, one parcel took six weeks to be delivered, in fact it arrived the day after its replacement! I cannot advise on how to get in touch with them, they are obviously trying hard to be uncontactable as their service is so ruddy poor.
  9. One thing that every U.K. electricity consumer should do is send your supplier a meter reading on March 31st to make sure you don't pay for power you have consumed at the new rate that comes in on 1st April.
  10. Martin Lewis's Moneysavingexpert site is recommending that you DON'T sign up to any long term deals at the moment, stick with the cap price. https://clubs.moneysavingexpert.com/cheapenergyclub They seem to think any long term deals will be more expensive but everyone should do their own checks, don't assume your provider is going to do you any favours, long term customer, good payer or not. Dave
  11. My wife is a garden designer, there's no way I could show her this thread without inducing apoplexy!
  12. Nice work Ron, the gear shift cut out will make a big difference in the cockpit. Quick question without checking period pictures, is that electrical socket a later addition so the car doesn't have to carry a battery? A lot of historic racers try and reduce weight but I'm hoping I'm wrong and happy to be shot down! Davef Take me out and shoot me! Good spot, the socket is definitely there in 1975. Now where's my sack cloth?
  13. I succumbed and watched ep.2 on ITV Hub last night, still excellent. By which episode will Harry have unfrozen the gorgeous Jean's sang froid? I also had to chuckle at the armaments man getting signatures for a couple of Sterling sub machine guns in the back of the Austin Cambridge. No more spoilers!! Dave
  14. Got to admit I missed the BEA 727, must be getting old, my pendant mode wasn't working!
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