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  1. Hey @Goofyfoot did you get this information? If you did, would you care to share? I'm looking for just this and anything else pertinent to Hood pre WWII. Dave
  2. Ash, the idea of dry brushing is exactly that - dry, you may have to go over the area several times to build up the effect, it should catch the edges and highlights. I'm sure there are a hundred and one how to videos on UTube that will explain it better than that. What colour are you going over? If it's grey that might explain why you can't see your results too well! Dave
  3. Nice work Trevor, makes a change to see this in a colour other than McLaren Orange. I watched the McLaren documentary again last night, they were golden years weren't they? And the noise those things made! Dave
  4. Morning fellow petrolheads, I've finally got my glue bomb Batmobile apart and started hacking and cutting to create the front air dam. After @roymattblack's comments on the fit and level of detail I wasn't expecting much but it seems pretty good to my eye for a mid '70's kit (still not worth the silly eBay prices though) - And cutting the rear arches for the new louvre vents - The rear arches were actually a bit wider on the Gp5 cars but doing that would mean lots more mods to the chassis and drive train and I'm not up for th
  5. I've got a 1/350th Trumpeter kit earmarked for just that period and my initial (sketchy) research is much as the others have said, difficult and open to photographic interpretation. Given that the ships configuration at the time of sinking is still throwing up new things, a definitive config for 1938 is pretty much a pipe dream. There are a number of photographs on the Hood Association website of her time in the Med but their format is quite small so enlarging them is not an option, but they give a flavour for how she looked. Hood seems to have been chopped and changed so much during
  6. 1997? 23 years ago? Where has the time gone, seems like yesterday. That car and McRae were a sublime pairing. Beautiful rendition. Dave
  7. Forty shades of green, wasn't that a line from an old Val Doonican song? Raffertys Motorcar I think? Just showing my age..... Dave
  8. I despair at the standard of writing and reporting in that "paper", and don't get me started on the website and it's incredibly intrusive adverts..... Hurumph.. Very glad that the pilot is okay. Dave
  9. Top man @Chimpion ! I appreciate the sacrifice! The green on the bottle label is nearer the colour on the car in 1976, but as you say a tad darker than the Humbrol 2 or 364 Aqua. I'm leaning towards RAL6001 but If the worst comes to the worst I'll have to buy some of the beer myself! Thanks again. Dave
  10. All Airbus's have a Ditch Switch on the air conditioning panel, this closes off all valves controlling outflow of air (and hence ingress of water) which helps maintain the hull integrity. Obviously worked in this case as aircraft remained afloat for a long time after ditching. Amazing airmanship and Sully is definitely a man with the Right Stuff. Dave
  11. Good job, I'm with you it looks so much better than the blue. A couple of those pictures could be the real thing. Dave
  12. I agree Roy, now I've had a chance to look at some pictures, but it is too light. Dave
  13. Top man, above and beyond the call I reckon..... Dave
  14. Thanks Roy, but I think the recent colour is too light, any views on the colour in the second picture? Dave
  15. Morning all, I trust everyone is enjoying the Bank Holiday. I have just started the old Bandai/Otaki/Doyusha 1/12 BMW E9 3.5 CSL, I got a bit of a glue bomb off eBay a couple of months ago and I've stripped it down and given the shell a bath in Mr Muscle to get rid of the paint and decals, so I'm just about to start putting it back together. As part of my car collection I want to modify the model from the 1975 IMSA spec to 1976 European Group 5 spec, I saw the cars run at the inaugural Silverstone 6 Hour meeting and the Fitzpatrick/Walkinshaw car won it in an exciting finish fro
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