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  1. Knowing next to nothing about French Air Force aircraft of that era, are they actually bare metal finish or painted silver? Even the close ups show a remarkable uniformity of colour rather than the panel variations beloved by we modellers. Dave
  2. Peter, You and I must have similar build programmes, I'm going to be tackling this one next as well, so interested in your trail blazing. I'll just sit at the back and take notes..... PS @Orso is a bit of an expert on this car, his builds (albeit 1/20th) on F1.com are great for those little details. Dave
  3. I remember doing a run of promotional models for the airline when I worked for Pacmin, your model is better! It is red though isn't it? I always thought that after 2 hours in a cramped tube with everyone eating a Micky D's you would get off stinking of fried food, a lovely start to your holibobs. Dave
  4. Well I think Tamiya did most of the hard work with the design of this kit Excellent model anyway. Dave
  5. Interesting comment there @Jo NZ, I'm planning on building an H&M prepared car and wasn't aware that their chassis were not blue. Dave
  6. The paint, whatever the colour would protect the aircraft skin to some degree from any acids in the exhaust plume causing corrosion, Atlantique painted them black purely so the oil didn't show so much! It was always a fun job going out on the wing to refuel, that slope down to the trailing edge would just launch you out into space! It was even better at night..... Dave
  7. Having had 2 DC6-B's to work with back at the start of the century (!) I can state that having the black panels behind the engines was SOP to hide exhaust stains and the copious amounts of Philips oil that the R2800's shed. When we got G-SIXC repainted in the white and black Atlantic scheme I had the engine cowlings polished by a local engineering firm which I thought looked rather smart but the engineers hated having to keep them clean afterwards. Dave
  8. As I live in a village with no gas supply, we're all electric with storage heating, we fitted solar panels when we moved in 7 years ago and they've paid for themselves now but obviously during the long winter days we don't generate much so pull from the grid quite a bit. Using Economy 7 and not having dual fuel limits our choices of supplier but I've just switched from Bulb (who are putting their prices up in April) to PFP Energy, so any experiences with them would be appreciated, they seem to be in favour with the MSE website at the moment so fingers crossed. The switch seems painless so far.
  9. I think @Ex-FAAWAFU might be interested in this, he's currently building a large (ish) Ark Royal with full air wing at the time of the Bismark action and is an ex Sea King steerer himself. Good luck. Dave
  10. Interesting to see this progress Matt, it looks like the suspension and running gear is a bit more refined than the Trumpeter kit, shame they had to use screws for assembly though. Meng did at least give you a spare wheel! What colour did you use for the blue on the chassis and will it be Miles's #1 car? Dave
  11. @Peapod I'm surprised Indycals is a 10 week delivery, I've ordered from them in the past and even with USPS's best (non) efforts it's reached me in 2-3 weeks, at my glacial build speed it doesn't really affect me! Just checked their website and they do say 4 -10 weeks but they are giving you a worst case scenario, I would think they could be with you much sooner. How quickly do you build? If you just cannot wait (and Indycals will be much better quality) my kit is the Magnifier one with the #1 decals, and as I said I won't be using them so PM me and we'll sort something out
  12. Welcome Peapod, if you don't have any response to your request try Indycals https://www.indycals.net/decals/lemans/66gt40-1.html There are other companies that also have the Miles decals available such as BBK in Holland. I plan to build the #6 car of Andretti/Bianchi so Indycals will be getting an order from me when It gets nearer the top of the to do pile. Remember not to put the roll cage provided in the kit in, it wasn't fitted in 1966. Good luck with the build and do a WIP here. Dave
  13. Take it steady Crisp, Ark will wait, we need you in tip top form to continue the build. Dave
  14. Wasn't the exchange of brown paper bags containing quite a lot of cash something to do with it? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lockheed_bribery_scandals Dave
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