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  1. Not sure if you're still on this model Neil, but have you seen this link? Dave
  2. Definitely Ron, all that effort on the finish needs the final touches, the tiny details will catch the eye and make it even more convincing. Chapeau so far. Dave
  3. Excellent result John, a couple of those pictures just made me go mmmmmmm! That's in a good way, in case of confusion! Dave
  4. Morning all, as I indicated last update I've moved on to the cockpit area which in all honesty doesn't need huge changes, just some extra detailing and a bit of bling. The floorpan was sprayed semi gloss black then weathered with grey and brown washes to highlight the raised pressings, the cars looked well used in period photo's and not the pristine items you see today. Centre console with added relay panel and wiring. The drivers seat had some extra framing for the base and the lap belt slots cut and detailed, the
  5. I photo host on Village Photo as well and their security certificate expired a couple of days ago so all the links have gone down and getting onto the site is a chore through Edge, it makes you feel like you are going to break the Internet or give away all your passwords! Hopefully Village.photo will sort it quickly otherwise we're into another Photobucket fiasco. Dave
  6. They start looking for a job with Deliveroo? Dave
  7. I would use a coat of Future (or equivalent) instead of the Vallejo or AK gloss coats, I haven't used them but it sounds as though their make up is too similar to the paint and a bit fragile. Future is amazingly tough, self levelling and in my experience a bullet proof protective coat. Dave
  8. Coors54

    Sea weathering

    Hi Dust, first off you're asking in the wrong section, they're all wingy thingy enthusiasts here, you need the Maritime section, maybe ask the Mods to move it? I'm sure the fine naval enthusiasts there will answer you. Washes are usually made up of the colour, a little goes a long way, and the carrier, this is usually what will thin the paint, with Tamiya acrylics do you use their thinner or isopropanol? Mix in a container and apply, using water soluble paints is probably the best if your just starting out as they can be removed easily. There are loads of YouTube videos and lo
  9. Thanks to everyone that has commented, I really appreciate the nice things you have said. But don't be shy if you see any foobars! Onwards we go with the dashboard assembly which also forms the top of the firewall in the engine bay and on the Gp5 car is again different to the earlier IMSA car which the kit represents, see the photo in the section above for how the kit sort of looks and @Sabrejet's picture what the Gp5 car looks like, sort of compartments containing the fluid reservoirs, no fan and a different wiper linkage. As commented this restored car is also much cleaner and tidier th
  10. That's fighting talk! Chassis built by Abbey Panels in Coventry and nose designed by a Brit Roy Lunn. Mind you the rest is pretty much All American so you're probably right. @kpnuts, the roll cage wasn't fitted in 1966, only later. Dave
  11. I'm a bit further ahead with the build than the first pictures indicate and prompted by @Sabrejet's photo's here are some of the engine and it's mods. One other major area of difference between the IMSA and Group 5 cars is the engine orientation, the IMSA cars were inclined and the Group 5 cars were upright, the M49/2 engine? IMSA car, compare to the pictures above, it's also got the stock front hinged bonnet, Gp5 cars had lightweight pop off bonnets and boot lids. So this is the engine as supplied in the kit and built by the original owner. Looks a bit anaem
  12. Thanks Sabrejet, those pictures will help more than a bit with the engine bay although its layout is changed in details from the 76 car and his colour scheme is a bit out too but hey, what wouldn't I give to own that car! Got any more? Dave
  13. Thanks Trevor, thought it might pique your interest! It's going to the Quester/Krebs car from the Silverstone 6 Hours race, so Kermit green with M Sport stripes. Dave
  14. I asked for some advice on this last year so I thought I would put up a few WIP pictures. It's the old Bandai/Doyusha kit of the IMSA US spec racer and as they are so expensive when available on eBay I bought a built model which was complete but a bit of a glue bomb, not a problem as I intended to strip it and convert it. I managed to separate a lot of the parts as they were not put together very well (although there was copious adhesive it seemed to be superglue) so once everything was apart it was given a good dunking in oven cleaner to get rid of the paint and chrome. The main vi
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