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  1. Dean, she looks absolutely gorgeous. I do like the early 54 Sqn markings although they were a bit before my time ay Coltishall. I think you should do a T2 now to go along side her in your display cabinet Brilliant work as always mate. Regards Andy
  2. brooksy

    RAF Mustang III

    Hi folks, I am very grateful to everyone for thier time in responding to my query. I have decided to go with the original plan of the aluminium wheel well and the yellow zinc chromate rear spar, as per the Randy Luntz article, and backed up by the photo in the Hyperscale link, kindly given by ColFord. Like some of you have already mentioned, there are other inaccuracies in the kit, so maybe I shouldn't have got so hung up on this issue. I just didn't want to start off wrong if I can help it. Cheers for now and thanks again. Andy
  3. brooksy

    RAF Mustang III

    Well, I'm back from Tesco and have been thinking about what to do here. There seems to be so much out there in terms of written word and experience that I think the only way to be sure is to copy what's in a photograph, providing it relates to the correct aircraft and period in time. Can anyone scan one or two in for me please? So much for a trouble free quick build to restore my mojo Regards Andy
  4. brooksy

    RAF Mustang III

    Got to go to Tescos before they shut at 4pm. I'll be back in a jiffy, so don't go away!!! I need to get this sorted out once and for all with your help guys. Many thanks, Andy
  5. brooksy

    RAF Mustang III

    This is my interpretation from Randy Lutz's build article on Hyperscale. Can I get away with this do you think? Andy
  6. brooksy

    RAF Mustang III

    Oh no!! Now I'm really confused Andy
  7. brooksy

    RAF Mustang III

    Thanks for such a detailed explanation Andy. As usual, the subject of paints is a complicated one, but I shall leave what I have alone for now. The only discrepency I have is the spar that runs fore to aft between the wheel bays is interior green, which I didn't see mentioned in your article. I shall leave the inside face of the gear doors bare aluminium aswell. Many thanks for your help. Regards Andy
  8. brooksy

    RAF Mustang III

    Good afternoon folks, and happy new year to one and all! In an effort to get my mojo back, I have one of the beautiful Tamiya 1/48 RAF Mustag III kits to build, and I am getting all my info on this aircraft from the internet, as I don't have any reference material of my own. I am a bit confused about the main gear door colours though and wonder if anyone can help me. On some of the photos, the prominent reinforcing strip rivited to the inside of the main gear doors are bare metal, and shiny compared to the rest of the door, but on other models, it has been painted zinc chromate yellow like the rear spar. Does anyone know what it should be please? So far, I have painted the rear spar in the zinc chromate yellow, the spar in between the wheel wells interior green, and the rest of the bays are bare aluminium, as mentioned in Randy Lutz's article. Thanks very much Andy
  9. That's just gorgeous Spence. Your painting and finishing always looks so realistic Thankyou for posting matey. Regards Andy
  10. This is coming together really nicely David. I love the paint job on the reverse thrust buckets, especially when you consider how small they are. Regards Andy
  11. On the subject of huey's, does anyone know where to get the 1/48 Italeri kit number 849? Been looking for ages but can't seem to get hold of one. Andy p.s. Sorry for jumping in on your thread Paul. Just thought that people in the know would be looking here
  12. Oh Nuts!!! I was hoping you were all going to tell me that it has been secretly serviced at cranwell, and is set to join the airshow circuit next year Too good to be true I suppose. Thanks for the info and speedy reply guys Regards Andy
  13. Hi Folks, I returned today from a few days in Aberdeen, and I drove past RAF Cranwell on my way home. To my shock, I saw a black Jaguar taxying around the airfield under it's own steam. I couldn't stop as I had the usual BMW up my bottom, but can anyone shed any light on this for me? I would love to know more about it, whether it's airworthy, privately owned or just used for ground procedure training etc. Chuffed to see one again. I feel a day out to Cranwell is on the cards Cheers now Andy
  14. John, that is simply outstanding work, and looks every bit like the real aircraft. A beautiful model from a very talented and modest man! Regards Andy p.s. my entire stash is now for sale
  15. Ian, as usual I am really enjoying watching your build. You always pick subjects that appeal greatly to me. Lots of nice little ideas to remember for all Harrier builders. keep the updates coming matey Regards Andy
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