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  1. Spent the night spraying the air intakes with mr base white 1000. Once dry i mskes off the parts that stayed white and sprasyed the AK light gull grey. Now to let the paint dry and mabye tomorrow night assemble the air intakes annd trunks B511D7F3-A16E-4AB7-954B-2E6DA39A49F9 by b007scott, on Flickr Brian
  2. Interior fuseloge sidewalls finally painted . Spent that last few days gluing the airframe together. The fit is super great. Next to finish up the intakes and get those installed. Still plenty of exterior parts to get glued on. Stay tuned :) 58A99668-D67D-45B6-B83F-1BE9B9B43810 by b007scott, on Flickr 035484A6-675A-4D3A-8A1F-31BCFD772355 by b007scott, on Flickr 5AC86F0E-721B-4ABC-A0F4-240566FD0785 by b007scott, on Flickr 4B8CB3CD-B8D2-4B50-8DEE-A4E4439EEB61 by b007scott, on Flickr 4BF74BC7-2284-4CE6-B3A8-3632A6EA936A by b007scott, on Flickr 9F6B0169-CD60-427C-BDBA-8A6076F2E85D by b007scott, on Flickr A603F400-03D9-4470-9703-90CA179D5043 by b007scott, on Flickr CB2DDE99-9889-4AB9-AEDC-0042AE423FD9 by b007scott, on Flickr Brian
  3. Finally got the cockpit done. There was more to paintingh Tamiya Phantom Cockpit then the Tamiay Tomcat. For the ionterior grey i used my own Tamiya cockpit mix. Detail done with a mix of hand painting and dry brushing. I also used a oil wash for weathering. Next to paint the inside of the airframe C3471D85-1FAF-449B-B6F9-8FE086B84760 by b007scott, on Flickr B1A14EAD-9644-4B43-A6D6-F21C8F588C0F by b007scott, on Flickr 50C043C2-7A0A-437E-AAED-713463DCC04D by b007scott, on Flickr 83F1D281-2AF4-4327-9B50-09755B6975FE by b007scott, on Flickr 3DA16444-0CE2-4713-8D0B-46936C7F4A71 by b007scott, on Flickr 74734028-3FD1-48D4-9DF1-39D8ED8C96D9 by b007scott, on Flickr 7DA050A6-5EA0-4FB2-9896-DD0006965463 by b007scott, on Flickr 8A76963C-5F05-4C2B-97C5-E5A05AD67E36 by b007scott, on Flickr F6937A48-B1BA-4636-9C78-AC45A3E723A2 by b007scott, on Flickr Brian
  4. I will have some updates soon. I am busy plugging away on the new tooled Tamiya F-4B
  5. Some more progress on the Tamiya Phantom. Got the instrument panel complete. I had issues using the kit decals. was now happy with thr results. So i sttipped the panel and redit it. I used decals froma few other Phantom kits and the Waldron punch set. This time the IP looks much better. Intakes are also complete. Jst spray the inaktes with Mr. White 1000 and called it good . Compessor blades sprayed with 1500 black primer and alclad stainless steel . ACD6436A-5213-4162-9AC3-4C4BDB85060E by b007scott, on Flickr 341B1F23-4C75-47E2-B678-19F39568A3CC by b007scott, on Flickr 0EE782C0-A3FC-42A3-BA6E-6F5811E42228 by b007scott, on Flickr 4EB16AD0-AAA9-4F2D-B189-BECF519A2A2C by b007scott, on Flickr D565318E-565E-4720-A24D-5296470E9839 by b007scott, on Flickr 410302C8-4440-4FF7-A3E2-43C1C19E4E17 by b007scott, on Flickr Brian
  6. Spent a portion of the day working on the J-79 engines. I used a combination of MRP paints. Mr color and Tamiya paints on the bunder section . Parts first spray with 1500 black base primer . NATO green thinned down pretty thinned and light sprayed over black for some color variation in the burner section. Next to start working on the instrument panel 72B39650-99C5-45A5-AB98-0DF5375FFF6C by b007scott, on Flickr 48C66B55-88F1-408D-B4DB-34A15BC1B4B0 by b007scott, on Flickr 0F424F89-9CF5-4D70-81DA-1409050D234D by b007scott, on Flickr 9E9C8ADD-4026-4259-B792-9DA3F89C3EB3 by b007scott, on Flickr B4D41D73-6340-4D06-9CFD-6F23B469CEC8 by b007scott, on Flickr AF614871-0BF7-464B-ACF9-561738151A36 by b007scott, on Flickr 7082B5C6-2F3E-46C6-92FB-AC9CE01DB9B3 by b007scott, on Flickr 8DC3CD90-2E04-4EDE-9EC2-2205CB993275 by b007scott, on Flickr Brian
  7. Got this in the mail today and couldn't wait to start on it. As usual excellent fit and excellent detail . Going for a Marine based VMFA-314 scheme. I will be using the AOA decals . Time to srart getting some basic colors sprayed in the cockpit 2AA19863-E0C9-46CA-B100-B887EA05C8D2 by b007scott, on Flickr 5E687FCB-6B87-4131-86DF-B1A2706734C1 by b007scott, on Flickr 2CD2D095-F798-48B8-9F0A-572D4CCECB70 by b007scott, on Flickr 4A9117B9-E782-4BC1-91FB-6A82EE109BC5 by b007scott, on Flickr A501C5A6-874B-4DA4-90E3-C34379C57203 by b007scott, on Flickr 19C74627-5C42-48BC-9DEA-B1A2CD491112 by b007scott, on Flickr 75D8F8A6-1FBF-4009-8CD4-FBDA3B51E8C1 by b007scott, on Flickr E9FEA56E-01F6-405B-AC50-747CD52377DA by b007scott, on Flickr 7AC47B96-CC39-4983-AC26-A605971EB3C5 by b007scott, on Flickr EB833B59-2EE8-48AF-8572-984CF5FC44DE by b007scott, on Flickr 609A5D74-9B99-43D4-9A52-5D2D60D64650 by b007scott, on Flickr 8ADE9A4E-3177-410B-B489-393FA5400580 by b007scott, on Flickr 72AAF888-001B-47FF-B83A-656C0D4785A3 by b007scott, on Flickr Brian
  8. Spent the night spraying more mr surfacer . More parts painted with RAF interior green . For the cockpit parts that normally are black i decided to go with NATO black . For the seat i ised Tamiya Hull Red. Sitll more interion parts to prime . Enginer was sprayed with Tamiya NATO black. Next i Will do a gloss gloss black wash on the engine. Brian
  9. Finally started getting some primer on the parts. Decided to paint some of the metal areas first. So i sprayed the mr color black primer. Then sprayed the AK Real colors aluminum. Once dry i masked the metal areas off and sprayed the mr sufacer 1500 greay and then sprayed the tamiya RAF interior mix. Engine been primed with Mr surfacer 1500 black . Nex to sray it with NATO Black . Brian
  10. Spent the more gluing more parts. I am amazed by the detail and amoiunt of parts in ther enigine area . I am now pretty much ready to start spraying primer . Brian
  11. Some more progress on the spitfire tonght . 43 parts later and the wing is assembled . Took a few hours but 47 parts latet and the Rools Royce engine is built . The detail on the engine is very detailed. Also assemled the firewall and engine mount. Stilla few more things left and time for primer. Going to build this model with the engine displayed with panels left off Brian
  12. More parts cleaned up on the Spitfire tonight. Amazed at the amouunt og parts and detsil on the cockpit. Just a few things letft yp do then time for primer. I am curious if the 31st FG ever used the 30 gallon belly square tank that comes in the kit kit ? Also trying to find a the proper 1/32 USAF pilot for the kit in resin if anyone knows ? Brian
  13. My Local hobbytown was have a50% clearence on some kits . So i couldnt pass on picking up the 1/32 Tamiya Spitfire Mk VIII for $95 . So i decided to clear the bench and start on it . Going for for a Fargo Express 31st FG scheme . So here is hwhere i am at tonight Brian
  14. Well after few hours today here is where I am at with the Solovjev D-30F6 turbofan engines and intakes . I used a mix of Tamiya paints for the weathering in the burner sections I play around spraying and respraying forth to get the look like the real thing . I am pretty happy with the results . Next to primer and paint the wheel wells . Hope you all like Brian
  15. Several hours later and here is where I am at with the Solovyev D-30F6 turbofan engines and intakes . Primed parts with Mrfinishing surfacer 1500 black . Then instakea sprayed with Alclad steel . Center section and rear fan blades sprayed with MRP burnt metal . Forward compressor section sprayed with Alclad steel . Green areas are the MRP Russian tire hub green . Forward compressor section sprayed with Alclad stainless steel . Rear burner section now will get the weathering . Which will be done with Tamiya acrylics and nato green for some of the weathering of the green on hot section . This will take maybe a few days . Intakes will now be ready for assembly . Stay frosty Brian
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