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  1. While building the Meng Super Hornet decided to start on another big subject the big flying Soviet Brick . Pretty much my favorite Soviet Aircraft besides the Mig-25. This will be my second Foxhound build . This kit is just beautiful . Started off with getting the interior primed with MrFinishing Surafcer 1500 black. Then sprayed the MRP Rrussian Cockpit Turqoise color. The fit of intakes and wheel wells is excellent. Still have more wheel parts to clean up and get ready for primer. Got the twin Solovyev D-30F6 turbofan engines clean up and now ready for primer
  2. Spent the last few days getting the hot section nose and wheels wells painted. For the wheel wells i just sprayed the MrBase White 1000. Hot section was sprayed with MRP Burnt Iron. Now to let the paint dry for a few days then start spraying the gloss coat Brian
  3. Spent that last few days marbling the topp of the plane with Dark Ghost Grey. They i went back with severk different mixes of grey foe the weathering effet. Just a few things left then time to start spraying the gloss coat . Also got the landing gear , pylons and GBU's painted Brian
  4. Got the Super Hornet sprayed with MrFinishing Surfacer 1500 black. I mad my own tamiya light ghost grey mix and started spraying it mottling the color building it up slowy ovet the last few days. Today i finihshed the bottom. Time to start the same process on top with dark ghost grey next 174794250_894116074774523_8616625043768391726_n by b007scott, on Flickr 175118184_893892701463527_9152042323360544740_n by b007scott, on Flickr 176486152_896418271210970_8350531314560238720_n by b007scott, on Flickr 175079075_894116124774518_1100944122595234077
  5. The kit instrument panel and coaming with HUD finihsed and instakked. The Meng IP is allot better then the Hasegawa kit as far as raised detial. The rea deck behime the pilot come wo=ith some etch detail . The canopy and windshild fit is perfect . IThe kity provieds precut canopy mask. I could not get the maskto conform to the curve on the canopy . The kit mask was only used on the fron windshield. The fit of the surface comntrols are superb and much better alignment then Hasegawa kit. I got the canopy from sprayed with Tamiya cockpit black. Next to stat spraying primer 168712575
  6. Been plugging away on the new tooled Meng Super Hornet since this kit came out a few weeks ago. This kit is way bettter then the hasegawa as in fit and detail. This kit is set up for a fure release of a F and G varient. Lets get to the kit. First of tall the cockpirt sideconsoles are not bad. Tehy could use a lille bit more detsil but still better the the hasegawa offering. The kits does provide a throttle which is rare in new tooled kits these days. The The rear cockpit deck has some etch detailt which is super nice. The fit of the intake trunks is really nice. I sprayed them with MrBase Wh
  7. My secoond lockheed build fopr the year the 1/48 AFV U-2A . Really nice build. My only complaint is the rsaied are on the canopy and the instrument panel. Overall model painted with Tamiya NATO Black . I went for early CIA scheme that had just the number on the tail. I do have the Howdaw to paint still for it. I did a little chipping of paint with prisma color pencils and a light black pin wash on the gear an d gear bays. Ejony Brian
  8. Nice to see a project finished from beginning to finish . 1/48 Tamiya F-117 8th FTR squadron The Black Sheep . AftermArket items used was the Royal Resin wheel & Caracal decals . Painted with Mr color paint primer And Tamiya paints. Several different shades of black and Grey mixed was used . I am really happy with this ! Next to finish the 1/48 Meng F-35A 022A71E0-8688-4977-8093-EE863BE865BB by b007scott, on Flickr 637E4CEF-8AC6-4E85-B507-17BF481E423D by b007scott, on Flickr B669F122-188A-4896-AE62-FF1DC015CD14 by b007scott, on Flickr 84E74F7D-80F8-46D3-97DF-A9CDEB4CC
  9. Finally got the olive drab mask and the AK real colors aluminum sprayee. Next will be the red stripe on the tail and black stripes on the upper and ler main wing Brian
  10. Roger I will be looking forward to the progress pics . I to am working on a Beaufighter NF.
  11. Got some OD sprayed . 1st I sprayed the AK Olive stand then sprayed the AK faded dead in the middle of the panels for fading . Next to mask the OD areas off . Then spray more black primer before spraying the AK aluminum . Stay tuned for more from B-Smac Brian
  12. Making some great progress on Kidd Hofer’s P-51B . Last night got the clear parts masked glued on . Sprayed the Mr Color black base primer . Landing gear finished with Mig washes and flat coat. Next to spray the Olive Drab on top . Brian
  13. Spent the last few days repainting the Hercules engnine. In sequene i sprayed the mr color black primer, Tamiya NATO black, tamiya black gray mix and final i misted tamiya black for some highlights . Engine cowling primered and iner sprayed with RAF interior green. Next to mask the inside start painting the metal colors for the collector ring Brian
  14. Got the beaufighter airframe together. Fit is really nice. Just have a little filler work to do on the tail wings for some reason. I find that drillinga hole gear and using a plastic rod to relace the axle . That way i can paint tht struts and install the wheels last Brian
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