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  1. Roger I will be looking forward to the progress pics . I to am working on a Beaufighter NF.
  2. Got some OD sprayed . 1st I sprayed the AK Olive stand then sprayed the AK faded dead in the middle of the panels for fading . Next to mask the OD areas off . Then spray more black primer before spraying the AK aluminum . Stay tuned for more from B-Smac Brian
  3. Making some great progress on Kidd Hofer’s P-51B . Last night got the clear parts masked glued on . Sprayed the Mr Color black base primer . Landing gear finished with Mig washes and flat coat. Next to spray the Olive Drab on top . Brian
  4. Spent the last few days repainting the Hercules engnine. In sequene i sprayed the mr color black primer, Tamiya NATO black, tamiya black gray mix and final i misted tamiya black for some highlights . Engine cowling primered and iner sprayed with RAF interior green. Next to mask the inside start painting the metal colors for the collector ring Brian
  5. Got the beaufighter airframe together. Fit is really nice. Just have a little filler work to do on the tail wings for some reason. I find that drillinga hole gear and using a plastic rod to relace the axle . That way i can paint tht struts and install the wheels last Brian
  6. I have a had a tradition I started 3 years ago at the beginning of the New Year by buildings 1/48 Tamiya P-51B . This will be the 4th year now. Not sure of the markings yet . Decided to buy the Reskit P-51 wheels and they are really nice. Masking and paiting the white walls was really easy with the Shadow hobbys Thinnerline circle cutter. Cocpit painted with AK real and Mr color paints
  7. Sprent the day getting the Beaufighter interior finished . Painted with A real colors and Mr color paintes. Weather with rw umber oil wash and some dry brushing. Next to glue glue the fuseloge together Brian
  8. YES YES the awesome Lockheed 104. Your doing the model absolutley beautiful. Love the scheme you chose. Not to many models of the F-104J built in this scheme. Really cant wait to see it finihsed. By the your excellent for building my favoite Aircraft
  9. That lightning with crew is really looking great. Sweet job on the weathering !!
  10. Start messing with the landing and wing on the left side. Blose away by the aount of detail that Airfix provides. Fit of the strut is really nice. Next i will pray some primer and paint before i install the strut and close the wings Brian
  11. More parts painted on the Beau tonihgt, I used AK real color aluminum on the cylinder heads. The used the shaow hobbiw thinnerline circle cutter to cut mack to spray the Mr color medium sea grey for part of the engine crank cover . Brian
  12. Started messing with the Airfix Blenheim. Wonderful kit so far. LOTS of dry fitting befor glung . Excellent kit full of great detail Brian
  13. Small update on the Beaufighter . Got the instrument panel done. Sprayeed the engines and some interior parts with the mr color 1500 black primer. Also will be buildin the 1/48 Tamiya Tlly 10HP and Figures to go with the build. More progress pics to follow soon Brian
  14. That is really looking great . Loving that weathering . Really like that Willy Jeep. Keep up the great work !!
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