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  1. Thank You Smudge! The instrument panel comes form the PE fret which is included in the box
  2. Hello The fuselage is closed. Getting ale the parts together was a big pleasure because of the perfect fit. The painting process began with a layer of Mr. Finishing Surfacer 1500, after it dried, I've polished it with a worn sanding sponge. Preshading was done with a dark and white paint from Mr. Paint.
  3. Hello Last week I've manage to work with the cockipt. The base paint for the interior is AK Real Colors RC206 Russian Cockpit Turquoise with a drop of blue. After spraying glossy varnish I used Tamiya's black Panel Line Accent Color. When the wash has dried I've sprayed over XF-86 Flat clear from Tamiya and started to make some scratches and chipping with AK Interactice weathering pencils Gun Metal and Chipping Color. I've also used Vallejo Gun Metal paint for the dry brush technique. After this I've made the most heavily dirt in the corners with MIG Dark Brown Wash for Green Vehicles and black pigment. At the end I've made some highlights on the clean areas with white oilbrusher. That's all for today
  4. Can't wait fot it But You're right, They could have done the turret with AA guns on the roof.
  5. Lightningboy, Bertie thank You! I used black FS 17038 from Bilmodel Makers
  6. Gret job Notty! You've made an impressive model!
  7. Hello again I'm slowly starting with my new project. This time I took on my bench the MiG-21MF in 1/72 scale from Eduard with a few aftermarket sets. The particular plane that I will build serves now for a monument in Krzesiny AFB Poland: https://www.airplane-pictures.net/photo/959301/9111-poland-air-force-mikoyan-gurevich-mig-21mf/ At the beginning I've put together cockpit parts, ejection seat, and drilled out holes for the resin air brakes. I've also added PE parts for the engine nozzle. See You soon
  8. It looks like They really are i must look for some picture to be sure
  9. Hello The kit is finished, please visit the gallery;)
  10. Great work Roman! You've done a beautiful Jug!
  11. Hello everyone! I'm presenting my latest finished kit, the 1/72 scale Academy F-14D"Vandy 1" from Air Test and Evaluation Squadron Nine nicknamed "The Vampires". Academy did a brilliant work with this kit, It was a big pleasure to work with this one. I've added resin ejection seats and some small details in the cockpit from the Aires set. The wheels are from Reskit, probes from Master. Decals are from Myk Design, they are accurate but a bit to thick. Here are some pictures
  12. Hello, The construction is getting slowly to the end. This time I've made the exhaust nozzles and made some work with the canopy
  13. Thank You all! Robert, I used resin seats from Aires
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