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  1. Thank You all! I'm glad You like my work
  2. Welcome! I would like to present my latest model, the F6F-5 Hellcat from Fighter Bomber 12 Squadron, USS Randolph 1945. It's a very nice kit with a lot of details despite the tiny size of the kit I hope You like it!
  3. Thank You Everyone for a lot of motivation!! :D I'm trying to do the best i can despite having not a lot of time for modelling, slowly but forward :D
  4. Time to make some update I decided to start with the build of the nose gun bay, home of the 0.5cal browning machine guns I used Eduard photo etched set. Everything fits great! Ammo belts and boxes will be also made from Eduards set.
  5. Hello! Work is slowly going forward - I'm starting to build the bomb bay. As I've mentioned in the beggining I'm using Profimodeller's photo etched parts. The undercarriage struts are also painted. The base colour is AK Interactive Extreme Metal Aluminium. The pistons of the shock absorber is made from self adhesive aluminium foil. See You next time!
  6. Hello Dansk, thank You a lot for a good word! Recently I bought a lot of AK Interactive weathering pencils and so I'm using them wherever I can
  7. Hello everyone, it's time to add something new The rear gun station is almost finished (except the gunsight ) and tahat how it looks like: Next step was the cockpit. First I've airbrushed polished aluminium on the floor, the second step was a layer of heavy chipping effects. After this the base colour was added. After it was dry I've got it wet wit water and chipping could began. To protect my work before weathering I've put two layers of gloss varnish. Weathering has started with black and streaking grime oils, than aluminium and sepia wathercolour pencils were used to add some more scratches and dirt. After completing this part flat varnish was airbrushed. The last step that I've made was the accumulation of dirt and dust made from europe dust pigment. Here You can see the effect: As i have mentioned in the beginnig of this article, I used Yahu models instrument panel. This product fits great to this model and has fantastic details. To give some more reality I've used crystal glass fluid to make glass effect over instruments. That's all for today, see You next time
  8. Hello once again I have build this model about two years ago from the Eduard Profipack kit, The figure is a resin from Aerobonus. My regards!;)
  9. Indeed this kit is a "eye catcher" between mostly grey modern jets The red/orange colour is my own mix that I was sattisfied of after the third attempt Once again thank You all for good words!!
  10. Hello I would like show to You the first maritime kit i have made after a few years of building aircraft kits. I have chosen USS Mobile Bay, a Ticonderoga class guided missile cruiser because I love the mighty silhouette of these ships! The Fujimi kit is very accurate and includes some PE parts. I used Master 127mm gun barrels and scratch build the main mast. The water effect is made with help of AK Interactive water gel. I tried to show the ship in a tide turn, I hope that You will like it
  11. I'm very glad that You like my work Every kit teaches us something new. I've made a little mistake saying that i haven't used no aftermarket parts - on the nose of the plane is a Master pitot tube
  12. Hello The model was finished about a year ago, except the RBF tapes I haven't used no aftermarket parts. While biulding the kit i went through some difficulties with the fitting of the fuselage, however i look back at this kit with pleasure
  13. Everything clear! Sure You can! I'm also a big fan of the great Mitchell and other strafer aircraft! Here are some more photos of the interior, first cockpit with eduard photoetched parts on the floor: tail gun station: I've added some scratch work on the gun controls
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