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  1. That would be the old ITC kit that was repopped by Glencoe. The Revell S.S. United States is actually properly modeled on Big U, it's just that both kits a positively fossils.
  2. If you weren't looking closely you'd think this was the big revell kit, I'm impressed!
  3. Very clean! I'm loving your build.
  4. That sounds similar to what I experienced with the big Revell QM2, but it's not something we ship modelers aren't used to doing lol. Keep up the good work, you're doing great.
  5. Ok, it's good to know the kits are pretty much the same, I've got a whole slew of liners in 600 so I'd like the newest and last proper ocean liner. I'm excited for more updates, QM2 is probably the most beautiful ship in service currently.
  6. Is this the Heller kit? How well does the kit fit together? And your work is very clean I'm glad to see more ocean liners lately.
  7. Well last night I discovered something quite troubling, my forward fire control tower was no centered, so after a bit of pondering I decided to remove it and rebuild the wheel house completely as the bottom edge was all boogered.
  8. Thank you! Monkey Models has some truly wonderful items that turned this kit into something else, luckily I was able to get into contact with a 3d printing person who has, searchlights, assorted mooring stuff, ships boats, ect. Once I'm done with the masts, it's literally down to the details. I had meant to respond to what you had said about building your North Carolina in the scale you did, it sounds like something I would do lol, if I could get away with it in this scale I would try to make them elevate, I've considered putting magnets in the turrets and barbettes to allow my turrets
  9. Last night's work was in getting the 20mm splinter shields in place, all 14 shields and their associated supports. I'm looking for 3d printed ammo lockers because I'm not super interested in manufacturing about 80 individual boxes. 3d printed 40 and 20mm guns are in my waiting list for the next little bit.
  10. I've seen this build, I didn't realize it was yours, after I get North Carolina done, I'm going to start my second Airfix Scharnhorst, gotta have something for Hood to chase.
  11. That's a good looking boat! What are your plans for weathering
  12. That model looks fantastic, it seems to be around 1/200 scale just based on the beam, have you thought about rehabilitation for this model? Maybe not a full rebuild, but something sympathetic. I hope you can do the 600 scale Alaska, she's a handsome ship, and fairly large, even in 600.
  13. I didn't have a lot of patience today, my mind was on other larger 1/1 scale things, but I still sat and did a few small details. I installed the 40mm director tubs to the forward tubs, and got the forward 20mm splinter shields at the very bow and a set just forward of the aft bofors mounts.
  14. I had some time today to be able to sit down at the bench, I got the wind deflectors and tub for the Mk 57 40mm gun directors on the 04 level. In the first picture are the raw parts before bending and gluing the .25 mm outer sheeting to give the shape. For the wind deflectors I used the same .25 mm sheeting and had it cut to 3mm tall, I needed around 4mm tall in the front and drop down in the rear, so I added a 1mm tall strip to bring it up to height. Some fine tuning on the tops of the director tub will happen after the glue cures.
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