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  1. I'm sorry for your loss my friend, I hope you and yours are doing well, losing family is never easy. I'm glad you're still employed through all of this, it's a hectic time for sure. Take care.
  2. How did you calculate the weight you would need for a scale ship?
  3. So the black line you're referring to is called the Boot Topping, it does sit between the red anti-fouling paint, and camouflage from the water line up.
  4. Fantastic work! As to my remark about the rack I certainly banged my head a time or two the first few times I went to a aircraft carrier. Dang 03 level under the landing area.
  5. Fantastic work, I realize that the green on the deck plates may be a place holder, but every WW2 era American museum ship I've been aboard has red brown paint on the deck and up the bulkhead slightly
  6. I'd be pretty happy to see that as well. If we are lucky maybe even a few CIS capital ships, like Malevolence, or some of the droid frigates.
  7. I'll second you on that motion, I have the Mach 2 AJ-2 Savage and it is horrendous, but it's also one of two plastic kits of that aircraft, so what is one to do.
  8. Very true, I hope they do more than what is represented since their kits are just so dang good. With the Revell kits for the Gunship being expensive and rare, and the other kits that stayed in production getting long in the tooth. It will be quite nice to see new offerings.
  9. I'm curious, are there any specific designs from the Star Wars prequel that have NOT been committed to plastic before. Like the Consular or the Royal Naboo Starship
  10. This is true, VF-101 is what is known as a RAG or replacement air group. They trained the combat pilots and maintenance crews. I should know, I was with VFA101.
  11. That is just the problem with this model, I built it a few months back, and every seam on the kit required filling and sanding before I was happy with it.
  12. Your build is simply stunning, incredibly clean and I can't wait to see her finished!
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