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  1. The sad thing is that he is well aware of the issues many contributors and subscribers had with the owner. It feels a bit as a stab in the back of the whole modelling community he accepted the job anyway. Just my 2 cents.
  2. Thanks. Yes, the fit is very good. Still, it's gluing a large resin part to plastic with super glue, so mating the parts must be perfect. René
  3. Thanks. The quality is very good. Crisp details and excellent fit. René
  4. I have no photos of the wheelbays. These are just the kit parts. Cockpit and exhausts photos added in the original post. René
  5. Hi all. Here is my latest finished model, the mighty F-111E in 1/48 scale from Hobbyboss. Just by coincident, Reskit from Ukraine released a beautiful resin cockpit set, complete with pe parts, 3d printed instrument decals and plastic clear parts. From the same brand a pair of resin exhausts and a set of weighted wheels were used. A metal pitot tube from Master and a decals set from Caracal were also used for this build. The weapons and and fuel tanks in the kit are useless and I only used the AN/ALQ-131 pod. Laser guided bombs from a Hasegawa weapon set were used instead. As usual, I primed all parts with Alclad black pimer and painted the model with MrHobby acrylics. A wash was made from Abteilung 502 oilpaint and AK white spirit. This was a very enjoyable build, especially with the good detail and fit of the resin parts. Thanks for watching.
  6. To be fair, you don't really need a book on how to build this kit. Lol. It's actually the best fitting kit I've ever built. Just for your information. René
  7. Hi all. Here is my latest finished model; the impressive 1/48 B-26K (A-26A) Counter Invader from ICM. This is probably the most anticipated version of the A-26 invader family After the only options were the Monogram kit with resin conversion parts or the Must Have kit, which didn't look that impressive when I opened the box. In my opinion, ICM did a great job although there are a few areas that need some impoving. Luckily, Vector produces a corrected gun nose and a set of propellers, which I both ordered from NeOmega in the UK. The kit builds quite nice and there are no major issues with the fit of the parts. The soft plastic however makes assembly a bit fiddly from time to time. Apart from the nose and props, I also used a pre coloured pe set from Eduard to spice up the interior and resin reduction cases from Quickboost. The (incorrect) wheels are from Eduard and I liked them better than the kit wheels although the rims are the wrong type. The model was painted with MrHobby acrylics over a black primer base from Alclad. Weathering was done with Abteilung 502 oilpaints. Thanks fro watching, René
  8. All comments deleted.from his Facebook page. Typical.
  9. Here is a link to the Facebook page with entertaining reactions from the owner to potential subscribers. https://www.facebook.com/ScaleAviation/?ref=page_internal Enjoy.
  10. Thanks. I used photos of the real aircraft as a guide to determine where I had to make the demarcation lines between the different colours. This is far more accurate than the drawings in the instructions. René
  11. Thanks. I think I used my cutting plotter to make masks for these digits. René
  12. Thank you. If I remember correctly, I used Alclad Aquagloss, airbrushed from a larger distance. René
  13. From the top of my head: MrHobby H330 and H331. René
  14. Thank you. I'm not 100% certain about the colour I used, but I think it was a mix of aluminium, H8, and light grey. Probably H315. René ........
  15. Thanks. No mottling or preshading. All was done as described above. René
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