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  1. Hi all. My latest build is the Trumpeter MiG-23 in Polish airforce camouflage. Several aftermarket sets were used like a resin engine and seat, pe cockpit details and fod covers, brass pitot tube and decals by Techmod. The model was painted with Mr Hobby paints, from which I made my own mixes matching the colours as much as possible, over a black primer from Alclad. The base was made with AK products and the truck is an Ural starter truck from Kittyhawk. This one was also painted with Mr Hobby paints. Thank you for watching. René
  2. Thank you. Sounds like I made a few errors. Some of them can still be fixed l think. In my defence: I built it in 1 week. Not too much time to check if everything was 100% correct. René
  3. The fit is quite good. Only where the wing meets the fuselage, some attention is needed. René
  4. Hi all. Kinetic's AV-8A was released shortly after their Gr.1/3 kit, which is basically the same kit except for a few different parts to be used. The kit was built almost straight from the box. Some rivets were added, as were some details to the cockpit and seat. I used Mr Hobby paints over black primer from Alclad. Washes were made from Abteilung 502 oilpaints. Thank you for watching. René.
  5. Thank you. The tail fold option is included in the kit. René
  6. Thanks. Very sharp. Seems I completely forgot to install them. Probably have to make a pair of new ones. René
  7. Hi all. The Trumpeter 1/48 Wyvern kit is probably my new favorite kit I've built. The fit and details are excellent and the aircraft is just so cool to look at. Several aftermarket sets were used like a resin cockpit, wheelx, wingfold mechanism and control surfaces. To be fair, all these goodies aren't really neccesary but I just liked to add the extra details. Mr Hobby acrylics were airbrushed over Alclad black primer. Weathering was done by making a wash from Abteilung 502 oilpaint and white spirit. The chipping was brush painted with dark metal paint.
  8. Thank you. Sorry, I can't take photos of the model. I don't have the model at home at the moment. It is on display at a modelshop. René
  9. Thank you very much for your kind words. René
  10. Thank you. This is one of the photos I made last year. My model is a not a particular aircraft. I used the kit decals and used the photos as an inspiration only.
  11. Thank you all for your nice comments. René
  12. Thank you. That looks like the same yard I took my photos and was the inspiration for this build. René
  13. Dank je Orion. Those old Trackers are lying there in a sorry state but at least they haven't been cut up into little pieces yet. René
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