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  1. Be assured that any abusive comments will be removed and, if needed, the author of it too. René
  2. Check the AMK fans page on Facebook. Sio posted a message there a few hours ago. René
  3. Thank you Shalako. I know about the rivets on the kit wings and fuselage but I think it makes it look a bit more interesting than a plain surface. The paint on the Marineflieger Starfighters could be very worn or bleached. Probably due to the missions over sea. See this photo I found on the internet as an example:
  4. Hi all. I just finished the 1/48 Eduard offering of the Hasegawa 1/48 F-104G starfighter kit. This is the basic Hasegawa kit with some of Eduard's goodies included in the box. I added the CMK avionics bay set, resin underwing fuel tanks, and Eduard resin wheels. The model was painted with Mission Models paints and weathered with AK grey wash and some pastel powders. Thanks for watching. René
  5. Thanks Joachim. I noticed it after I took the photos but the wheels were still able to rotate. René
  6. Hi all. I just finished Tamiya's wonderful 1/48 P-47D. It took me less than a week to build from start to finish. Such an easy kit to build with fantastic fit and engineering. I wanted this plane to look very well used with chipped invasion stripes on wings and fuselage. I painted first it in Alclad polished aluminium and several other metal colors over black primer, masked the parts for painting, put a bit of water with a brush on the places the paint needed to be chipped and sprinkled salt on those spots. After painting the salt was wiped off and presto, chipped paint effect. The decals on the cowling went on very well with a bit of decal setting. Very fun kit to build. Thanks for watching. René.
  7. Thank you The windscreen as was in the box. Maybe due to the compressed view? René
  8. Hi all. My latest aircraft build is the Trumpeter 1/48 MiG-21UM trainer. I always liked the twoseater more than the single-seater. Trumpeter's kit looks very nice and builds without any major problems. If you want to put the canopies in open position you have to make some provisions yourself. I wanted a weathered, well used look on this model. Besides airbrushing faded colors, I used a wash and oil paints to give it a more beaten up appearance. The colors are Gunze Aqueous over an Alclad Black primer. Kit decals were used for this build. Thanks for watching. René.
  9. Great work Russ. You managed to get a good looking model out of this pig of a kit. The weathering and paint job is very convincing as well. René
  10. Thank you all for the nice ractions. To answer the question how I achieved this result, I try to explain in short my method. All products I used are from Alclad. The primer is the black primer with microfiller that I buffed smooth after drying. Base color is polished aluminium, folowed by a coat of Aquagloss. Then I masked off all the panels I wanted another shade of aluminium. I used several colors according to photos of the real plane. For some I used Aluminium, Dur-aluminium or white aluminium. For others I mixed a few colors to get another or more subtle difference in color. Next is another coat of Aquagloss folowed by painting any parts that need normal paints and decals. Again another coat of Aquaglos, followed by a wash all over the model. In this case I think I used Neutral Gray from AK Interactive. After wiping off a final mist coat of Aquagloss finishes it all. I hope this is clear enough. René
  11. Thanks Jeffrey. You are correct of course on the speed brakes. Never checked that on photos of the real plane. René
  12. Hi all. Recently I finished building an Academy 1/48 F-86 Sabre as it flew from Soesterberg Airbase in The Netherlands for a friend of mine. The kit is quite nice but probably not as detailed as the Hasegawa offering. As with all USAF Sabres, this plane flew in natural metal finish. The detailing in the cockpit is not bad but since a pilot would be placed on the seat, not much of the inside would be seen anyway. The kit goes together without any major problems and only a little filler was needed in places. The metal paints were airbrushed on a black primer, both from Alclad, finished off with a coat of Aquagloss from the same brand. Decals are a mix of Dutch Decals and from the kit. Thanks for watching.
  13. As usual a great build and very good photos. René
  14. Hi fellow model builders. I'd like to show you my latest build. This time it's the 1/48 Lightning from Airfix. I think it's a wonderfull kit to start with. I found the kit a bit lacking in the rivets department so I decided to give it the full treatment. On the real aircraft the rivets aren't very visible but I feel it just makes the model more interesting to look at. I found a few photos on the internet of the real plane with an open engine bay which I found really interesting. To my amazement CMK has a very nice recin engine in their range. Lucky me! It's simply a gem of a casting and closely resembles the real engine. Everything was primed with Alclad black primer. The engine was painted with several shades of Alclad and the colors on the plane are from Gunze. This is one of the older releases. This meant the decals are close to useless. I used an aftermarket set from Xtradecals and alle the white stripes were masked off and airbrushed. Weathering was done with AK washes and pastel powders. This kit was a real joy to build. Thank you for watching.
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