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  1. Thank you. This is one of the photos I made last year. My model is a not a particular aircraft. I used the kit decals and used the photos as an inspiration only.
  2. Thank you all for your nice comments. René
  3. Thank you. That looks like the same yard I took my photos and was the inspiration for this build. René
  4. Dank je Orion. Those old Trackers are lying there in a sorry state but at least they haven't been cut up into little pieces yet. René
  5. Thank you. I love the Starfighter too. As a matter of fact, I am building a Kinetic kit now. It will be a Dutch RF-104G
  6. Agree with all you said. I went to the Pima museum on monday morning. Went to the outside exhibition first. No one was there yet, so we could take onobstructed photographs of all aircraft. The bus tour to the Boneyard was nice too. I'd like to go back there again some day.
  7. Hi all. In March 2019, I visited the Boneyard at Davis Monthan. Right next to the airbase is a plot full of Grumman Trackers lying on their bellies with folded wings. The sight of these beauties was the inspiration for this model. The kit is from Kinetic in 1/48 scale. I used a Vector radial engine, an Eduard pe set for some of the exterior deatils and Wolfpack's wingfold set. All other changes to the kit are scratch built using plastic card, strips and rods as well as brass tubes and copper wire. AK's Real Color paints were used over a black primer from Alclad. Abteilung oilpaints, thinned with white spirit were used as a wash. The base was created using AK Terrains light earth and pastel powders to make color variations in the soil. Static grass ond tuffs were glued on the sand with white glue. The wooden pallets were also scratch built from wooden strips. Thank you for watching.
  8. Hi all. British Phantoms were always one of my favorite aircraft but never built a kit of one. Finally, I decided the time was right for it. The kit is Revell's rerelease of the Hasegawa FGR.2 kit. For this build I used an Aires resin cokpit and Xtradecal decals to build a 41sqn aircraft. I used AIM-9 Sidewinders from the Meng weapons set and a SUU-23 gunpod from Hasegawa. 41sqn was mainly a recon and ground attck squadron nut, from what I understand, this configuration was used from time to time. I used Gunze Aqueous paints over a black primer from Alclad. Weathering was done with a wash made from Abteilung oilpaints. Thank you for watching.
  9. I noticed that too. Not sure if it was a fit problem or a mistake of mine. René
  10. Thank you. This was my first kit with a vacuform canopy. I glued plastic strips inside the canopy to recreate the framing. When the glue dried (ca) I used the strips as a guide to cut the clear plastic. René
  11. Hi all. Today I'd like to show another recently finished model. This time it's the Azur 1/48 Latecoere 298 floatplane. The trolley is a resin kit made by Sinifer. The fit of the kit if quite good but the struts are a flimsy. I had to put brass pins on the ends of them to to make a solid construction.. I used Gunze Aqueous paints over Alclad black primer. Weathering was done with Abteilung oil paint and pastel powders. On the trolley I used real wooden strips instead of painting the molded planks. Thank you for watching.
  12. Hi all. I recently finished the long awaited F-14D by AMK. It is a lovely kit with loads of oprions. The model was built straight from the box, apart from a Master pitot tube. Alclad black primer and Gunze Aqueous paints were used to finish the model and Abteilung oil paint for weathering. The decals and weapons used are included in the kit. Thank you for watching.
  13. If you search for Su-25UTG, images, you will see the photo of the original aircraft. The Red star and Bort numbers are quite bright compared to the faded paint. René
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