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  1. Most, if not all magazines want to publish a full build instead of photos of a finished model only. René
  2. Hi all. 2021 was quite a productive year for me but l just found l forgot to share a number of them here on Britmodeller. The first l'd like to show is Airfix's 1/48 Hunter F4. I used a pre-coloured pe set from Eduard, resin seat and new decals from Xtradecal. To make the look a bit more interesting, I added rivets on wings and fuselage. The flaps in the kit lack any detail on th inside, so l scratchbuilt new ones from plastic sheet and rod. The model was painted with MrHobby paints over a base of black primer from Alclad. A wash was made from Abteilung 502 oilpaint and AK white spirit. Thank you for watching.
  3. I don't think it's available yet. I got it sent to me to it as a promotional build. There are not enough parts in there to build a complete Kfir. I think I saw an anouncement on Scalemates of a new Kfir version to be released. René
  4. Hi all. Kinetic's latest Mirage derivative is the two seat, South Africa built, Atlas Cheetah D. The kit is based on the Mirage kit from 2017. To create a Cheetah model, a load of sprues are packed in the box. I presume several were picked from not only the Mirage kit, but also the Kfir kit. On top of that, 2 new sprues are included for Cheetah specific parts. I built this one straight from the box, apart for the seatbelts which I made from 1mm wide tape. The build is pretty straight forward but because of the large amount of extra parts, and even 2 different C and D sprues, The build can be a bit confusing and you will end up with a huge amount of spare parts. 3 South African Air Force and 1 Ecuador version decals are included in the kit. The model was painted with MrHobby H305 and H307 over Alclad black primer. A wash was made from Abteilung oilpaint and AK white spirit. Thanks for watching, René
  5. I have the same experience with SAM magazine. Never had to ask for money and, like you said, it's already in my account before the magazines hit the stores. Fortunately, most if not all other magazines I contribute too, are in the same corner as SAM. René
  6. Sorry but l had to shut him down by blocking him from my facebook page. So, his replies won't be visible anymore. I'm probably doing him a favour here. René
  7. It is a real shame of what's become of a once great magazine. If the owner had been a bit more sympathetic to his contributors, we would still be supplying him with articles. Most of us even sent several articles for free during the Covid period. Not even a simple thank you. Too sad. René
  8. Some interesting reading here, including reactions from the person in question: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=380657747399340&id=100063653529060&comment_id=380668210731627&reply_comment_id=380760934055688&notif_id=1649765613047635&notif_t=feed_comment&ref=notif René
  9. Yes. It still has the Zvezda ad on the back cover. It is possible that they have a long term contract. Ronnie Smith
  10. And no mention of AFV and Air Modeller either.
  11. On a brighter note, it seems that SAM Publications (not to be confused with SAM Magazine!!) have risen like a Phoenix from the ashes. According to the charts in the link below, mind you on their own website, they are doing exceptionally well compared to other established magazines. https://www.sampublications.com/_webedit/uploaded-files/All Files/NEW SAM-Media Guide-2022.pdf?fbclid=IwAR0RYqiLDuMu7k46OKlBU6uMbEmwErvUJ6i2nTDPMbPXicsbZ74nmK2iETc René
  12. It does make sense to take this to a higher level. But since the amount of money they owe me is quite small and me not being a UK citizen makes any legal action too complicated, it's better to hurt them in more subtle ways. By simply exposing their ways of dealing with their contributors and all their other dubious actions, I think they will lose much more than those 400 Pounds they owe me. I won't be able to make it to Lingen next week unfortunately. René
  13. March (re) issue hasn't been released yet, let alone April's.
  14. Yep, the same story with dozens of contributors. Thankfully, most, if not all other magazines will pay and on time. So, don't let the actions of one fool stop you from sending your work to one of the magazines to get published.
  15. I think it's Steve Elliott who's still running the show there. Mark and Sophie are just his puppets
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