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  1. Thanks. I hope so too. I hope to see you at Telford first. René
  2. Thank you. I started with a black primer and the used multiple very diluted paint coats in slightly different shades of grey. This gives the variety in colours. I made a wash of oilpaint mixed with white spirit and brushed it all over the model, not only the panel lines. Then I wiped the excess wash off and presto, a dirty plane. René
  3. The quality is excellent but the research is not unfortunately.
  4. Hi all. My latest aircraft build is Kinetic's 1/48 Starfighter, more specific: the F-104s ASA-M from the Italian airforce. A few aftermarket parts were used like an Eduard seat and instrument panel and a Reskit exhaust. The kit itself is excellent, the decals not so. The few general decals on the sheet are too small and no stencils are present. So, I ordered a declaset from Armycast and stencils from Tauro. I used several photos from the internet to determine the color and eventually decided on MrHobby 325 as the final colour over a black base and several darker colours underneath. Weathering was done with Abteilung 502 oilpaint. Thank you for watching. René
  5. Hi all. Here is my latest finished model: Hobbyboss' beautiful 1/48 A-10A Thunderbolt. Several aftermarket sets were used: Eduard pe exterior, Master gun and pitot tube, Aires cockpit and Maverick missiles and Print Scale decals. I painted the model with MrHobby acrylics over Alclad black primer. Weathering was done with Abteilung 502 oilpaint. Thank you for watching. René van der Hart
  6. It is quite basic. Better wait for the new kit from Kittyhawk I think it is. René
  7. Thanks. I think it was painted Alclad black primer with a grey wash René
  8. It was used as a trainer for carrier launches and landings
  9. Hi all. I just added the last parts on Revell's 1/48 Tornado kit. Quite some aftermarket parts were used: Aires cockpit and exhausts, Eduard wheels, TIALD pod and a pe set, Master pitot tube and Reskit Paveway LGB. The kit is nicely detailed but the fit is not optimal. By not following the instructions in every step, I managed to create a bit more room for some parts to fit a bit better. Still, some filler was needed in some areas. As usual, I used Mr Hobby paints over Alclad black primer. Washes were made from Abteilung 502 oilpaints. Thank you for watching.
  10. Damn, you noticed. lol I found out too late what I did. René
  11. I had a few that did actually fit but they are far outnumbered by the ones that don't fit at all
  12. Hi all. I just completed the build of Kinetic's very nice Sea Harrier FA2 kit. I used a cockpit set from Aires, which is not so nice. To be able to wedge it into the fuselage, you need to remove a LOT of plastic and resin. In my opinion too much work for a bit of improvement. Just add a resin seat and maybe some pe parts and you're fine. I painted the model Mr Hobby H335, Medium Se Gray, over Alclad black primer. Weathering was done with Abteilung 502 oilpaints. Thank you for watching. René
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