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  1. Simply stunning. Nothing more to add.
  2. Thank you. Yes, it is a great kit. The engineering an detailing is amazing.
  3. Hi all. I recently finished AMK's fantastic MiG-31 kit. The detail and fit is incredible but I also used the Eduard pe set for extra details in the cockpit and inside the engines. The landing gear was detailed with 0,2mm brass rod to simulate hydraulic piping. As usual, I painted the model with Gunze Aqueous paints over a black primer from Alclad. Weathering was done with Abteilung oil paint and Tamiya panel liner. Thank you for watching. René.
  4. Oh yes. I started with the Monogram a while ago, rescribing, adding new rivets and semi scratch building the cockpit. But I think I will go for this set now. René
  5. Oh man. You have no idea how happy you would make many modelers around the world if you would start producing all those little gems of yours. again René
  6. Thank you for your nice comments Neil. Too bad the Paragon products are not manufactured anymore. I used the wingfold set for the Academy F-111 and the B-26K Counter Invader conversion set. Both are great sets and fit perfectly. There must be thousands of sets lying around gathering dust never to be put onto a kit. Such a shame. There are just too many collectors and too few model builders inmy opinion. René
  7. Hi all. My latest build is the Special Hobby 1/48 T-2E Buckeye. I choose the Greek Air Force camouflaged version. Especially the red and white striped rudder and tip tanks look very good in combination with the camouflage colors imo. Lots of rivets and panel lines were added. The model was painted with Gunze Aqueous paints over Alclad black primer. Thank you for watching. René
  8. Hi all. Today I'd like to show my recently finished Airfix Lynx. The kit is very nice with great details and fit. Only the windscreen needs some attention to make it fit properly. Eduard's photo-etch sets were used and some scratch built details. The model was painted with Gunze Aqeous paints over Alclad black primer. Thanks for watching.
  9. Thank you very much for your nice comments. I used H330 and H331. Adding a few drops of white to the grey paint and white and yellow to the green, I made several lighter shades to vary the paintjob slightly.
  10. Thank you. From what I remember, There were no issues to speak off. The fit is very good and the surface detail is much sharper than previous Kinetic kits. Also, the cockpit is very well detailed.
  11. Hi all. The 3rd build I'd like to show today Is Kinetic's fantastic Harrier twoseater. I added extra rivets and used Eduard's Big Ed photo-etch set for this build. Also'some scratch building was done to the cockpit and canopy. As usual, Gunze Aquous paints were used over Alclad black primer. Thank you for watching. If interested, you can visit my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/René-van-der-Hart-Scale-Models-250725525692334/
  12. Hi all. This is my second build I'd like to show you today. It's the 1/48 Accurate Miniatures Vindicator. The kit is quite well detailed for the scale but has a couple of snall sinkholes on the rear fuselage that are a bit tricky to fill without damaging the surface detail. The kit was built straight from the box and Alclad metal paints were used over a black primer from the same brand. The yellow and green parts were airbrushed with Gunze Aquous paints over a grey primer. The kit decals were used and setteled down pretty good, with the help of some setting solution. Thank you for watching. If you are interested, you can visit my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/René-van-der-Hart-Scale-Models-250725525692334/
  13. Hi all. It's been a while since I posted one of my builds on this forum. Today I'd like to show my 1/48 Italeri (ex Esci) S-3 Viking. This is a fantastic kit, probably one of the best Esci ever produced. Years ago I managed to buy a Paragon wingfold set. Unfortunately these are getting pretty hard to come by these days. The overall fit of the kit and resin wingfold parts is very good. Some exact cutting has to be done to get the resin parts in place correctly. A black primer from Alclad was used as a base for the paintjob. I used multiple mixes of Gunze Aqeous grey to make a basic weathered effect. I used photos of the real plane as refference to replicate the many shades and touch ups. All was done freehand airbrushing. The decals are a mix of kit decals and an aftermarket set from Super Scale. Several grey washes and pastel powders were used for some additional weathering. Thanks for watching. If interested, you can visit my scale modeling Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/René-van-der-Hart-Scale-Models-250725525692334/
  14. Thank you all for your nice comments. The gina is one of my favorite aircraft. Recently I bought the Italeri kit which has a very nice decal set included. The kit however is just as bad, if not worse, as the Heller/Occidental kit.
  15. Be assured that any abusive comments will be removed and, if needed, the author of it too. René
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