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  1. It is quite basic. Better wait for the new kit from Kittyhawk I think it is. René
  2. Thanks. I think it was painted Alclad black primer with a grey wash René
  3. It was used as a trainer for carrier launches and landings
  4. Hi all. I just added the last parts on Revell's 1/48 Tornado kit. Quite some aftermarket parts were used: Aires cockpit and exhausts, Eduard wheels, TIALD pod and a pe set, Master pitot tube and Reskit Paveway LGB. The kit is nicely detailed but the fit is not optimal. By not following the instructions in every step, I managed to create a bit more room for some parts to fit a bit better. Still, some filler was needed in some areas. As usual, I used Mr Hobby paints over Alclad black primer. Washes were made from Abteilung 502 oilpaints. Thank you for watching.
  5. Damn, you noticed. lol I found out too late what I did. René
  6. I had a few that did actually fit but they are far outnumbered by the ones that don't fit at all
  7. Hi all. I just completed the build of Kinetic's very nice Sea Harrier FA2 kit. I used a cockpit set from Aires, which is not so nice. To be able to wedge it into the fuselage, you need to remove a LOT of plastic and resin. In my opinion too much work for a bit of improvement. Just add a resin seat and maybe some pe parts and you're fine. I painted the model Mr Hobby H335, Medium Se Gray, over Alclad black primer. Weathering was done with Abteilung 502 oilpaints. Thank you for watching. René
  8. Thank you. It builds quite good. The weak points are the rear fuselage where the upper and lower halfs meet and the intakes. But if you don't follow the instructions when assembling the intakes, you can get a seamless assembly there. René
  9. Hi all. My latest finished aircraft is Kinetic's 1/48 F/A-18A Hornet in Agressor colours. On the internet I found foto's of the actual aircraft which had some miss-matched panels that were probably taken from another airframe. Also, the paint was pretty worn in several places. This was the version I just had to build of course. Aftermarket parts used are resin exhausts from reskit, an ejection seat from Aires and the ALQ-167 pod from the AMK weapons set. Kit decals were used and everything was painted with Mr Hobby acrylics over Alclad black primer. Thank
  10. Hi all. Several years ago I started building Eduard's 1/48 P-38 kit but never finished it. Recentely I decided to pick up this kit again. A cockpit set by Pavla and an engine from Quickboost were used for this build. Some cutting has to be done to accomodate the engine. I also made a support to make sure the engine wouldn't move after the fuselage was closed. The model was painted with Mr Hobby paints over Alclad black primer. The walkways and red and white stripes were masked and painted on. The kit decals were used and weathering was done with Abteilung 502 oilpain
  11. Hi all. My latest build is the Trumpeter MiG-23 in Polish airforce camouflage. Several aftermarket sets were used like a resin engine and seat, pe cockpit details and fod covers, brass pitot tube and decals by Techmod. The model was painted with Mr Hobby paints, from which I made my own mixes matching the colours as much as possible, over a black primer from Alclad. The base was made with AK products and the truck is an Ural starter truck from Kittyhawk. This one was also painted with Mr Hobby paints. Thank you for watching. René
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