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  1. thank you my friends!!
  2. hi,every one!! this is 1/12 Aoshima Honda dream 50 my first motorcycle model. I did some modification on this little bike.. not perfect, but I am happy with the result hope you like it here is the video build if you are interested
  3. HI, I used finisher's formula chrome,I felt that is quiet nice paint.. happy new year!!
  4. thank you!! I got tamiya 240ZG too..I felt that kit is just amazing!!somehow I may not choose the color on box art.... cheers and happy new year!!
  5. HI everyone! this is my 1/24 hasegawa fairlady 240Z. I add some detail and change the wheels..the body color is mix by myself.. a very nice kit to build hope you guys like it! and here is the video build if you are interested:
  6. thank you Chris!! thank you for your appreciation,that really give me motivation to carry on!!
  7. Thank you for watching!! I felt this kit is quite ok... I build this kit once ..at that time,I felt the biggest issue is the windshield ,after fixing that, the car looks much better than the original.. this time I try to paint it in something different,I am happy with this result...I think I will build it again sometime...after all, the cobra 427 might be my most liked american car!!
  8. Hi everyone!! this is my 1/24 fujimi shelby cobra 427.. I pass the engine and focus on visible area in this case. I also made some modification on this kit. takes a lot time...I am glad it came out well.. hope you guys like it!! and here is the video build if you are interested!!
  9. indeed,applying decal is the most challenge of this kit for me.. it takes time..once done,brought me a lot sense of accomplishment.
  10. Hi,thank you for watching my videos!! I try to reveal my modeling process through video as detailed as possible..that makes the video quite long...thanks for your patience I really hope my video could provide useful information,or at least,brought someone inspiration or motivation.. glad to hear that the video is useful..cheers!!
  11. I got 2 of this kit, after building black one,I thought that ivory white like the box art would be great too!!
  12. HI, it is just pleasure to building this kit,I really love TAMIYA kit..the most time I spend on this kit is painting... applying decal is a bit tricky..but take your time,it will be fine...have fun and carry on!!
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