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  1. Andy! What a build so far! I'm betting you're going to shoot this on a Green Screen and add some wicked battle scene to it when finished!
  2. Fantastic Build! Really like the figure you did to go with the kit.
  3. Okay let's see you work your Navy Bird magic on this one!
  4. Great news indeed Andy about Round 2! I hope they release some of the kits that go for stupid pricing on Ebay. Also Revell announced a "New Tool" Razorcrest in 1/72 scale for later this year!! So excited for that one!!!!
  5. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! Have to get this NEW Kit!!! Beautiful build of this iconic Cold Warrior! One question is, where does one find all that fabulous Ground Equipment Hardware??
  6. What an incredible spot on representation of the 104!
  7. Nice to see some really GREAT GUNDAM's built! I like your weathering technique!
  8. Nice build! Really like that you used the Paragon Conversion!
  9. What a stellar job you have done with the kit! Love the modifications!
  10. That looks really nice! Great Payload! Really like your camo work!
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