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  1. Hi NavyBird/Bill, I've been watching your build here and am really impressed with it. I have the KOSTER Conversion and the donor B-24 kit so I'm watching some of your ideas and trouble areas closely. I know my kit is in 48scale but your build does show a lot of similarities that it's going to help.
  2. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!
  3. Sounds great! Wish I had some of those items for my build.
  4. Nice Resto! What 3D Parts did you have made for this?
  5. Thanks for all the responses I received on this! Great set of folks here!
  6. Thanks greatly for your help! Any other suggestions for where I might find the appropriate-sized 14's? Sheet wise?
  7. Hi, I'm trying to cobble together a set of markings to make a Harrier from Number 1 Fighter Squadron, RAF Wittering, UK. I was told it had a tail fin flash with "14". Obviously I have no idea what this means but I have the Xtradecal Sheet X48212 with the Number 1 Fighter Squadron on it. Can someone help me with this, please? Thanks
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