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  1. Beautiful, just beautiful work Piero! Really an inspiration to watch your mastery at work here on this build.
  2. Love the comment about the right foot Sebastien! Priceless!
  3. Do you have any more pictures of this aircraft(s)? These are by far the best detail pictures I have ever seen of the Super SLUF anywhere! And thanks for posting them too!
  4. So sorry for your loss of your good friend Piero.
  5. As I said before, and I'll say it again this is one of your finest builds Bill! Would love to see at the show!
  6. WOWZER Piero! This is definitely turning into another Harrier Masterpiece, if not the Masterpiece!
  7. Superb Finish Bill! Another Classic to your endless masterpieces in my honest opinion!
  8. Looking good Tom. Definitely taking notes on this build to help with mine. Impressive work so far on the engines and I could not agree with you more on the lack of some of the more important detail that has been left out in the design of the vac. Keep up the great work!
  9. Beautiful work Piero! I'm sure this will take centre stage with your other Harrier builds! You certainly do the Trumpeter kits justice with all your corrections. I just have to sit down and have a crack at my own GR7 with your resin bits soon to get it on the shelf and enjoy it, until then I will enjoy your continuing build! Regards,
  10. Looking good Bill, will you have it on the tables for BUFFCon by chance? Would love to see it in person if it's finished!
  11. Do you have Danny Coremans Uncovering the B-52H Book? It has some really great reference photographs that will be generally good for the wheel wells and such. I know you're doing a earlier version but this book will give you a lot of detail information in color that most books won't. I know for both Tom and myself it's going to be the best for what we need. I hope this helps! Cheers, P.S. Great work so far!
  12. Sebastien, great idea on the SPAR! I too have the Sanger kit and am now following both you and Tom's builds on this. The question I have for you on your SPAR Box is, due you intend to build your BUFF flaps up or down? I agree with most of the observations on the kit so far that areas are not quite where they should be in position, especially for the G/H Model Nose. I am really scratching my head on trying to figure a way to correct it myself to make the later variant H. But I am going to continue following both of your builds with enthusiasm to see how you overcome your obstacles. Cheers, Michael
  13. Now you just need the Falcon, the Death Star Trench, Luke's X-Wing and your all set!
  14. Andy, great job per usual! Now having no idea where the model fits into the SciFi World at first I thought maybe it was Mothra's new Space Ride and was expecting from your awesome photoshop pic to see 'zilla shaking his small fist at him as he flew away in haste! I really love it! All the best for the holidays!
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