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  1. Camping the other day, I saw some F-18s fly over following a C-130.
  2. Does anyone know any 172 kits that are good? Doesn't need to be a certain scale.
  3. Thanks mate,..... yeah the Wellesley shouldn`t be too long,..... then I have a couple of Vampire`s planned and maybe a Hunter and a Jetstream?
  4. Wonderful weathering job. I'm looking forward to the next entry into the 45 Sqn theme.
  5. I recently picked up a book by Ken Burns that accompanied a series about the American Civil War and was inspired to make a diorama, any ideas?
  6. Interesting camouflage on the edge of the wing, what was the purpose of that?
  7. Anyone see the new Eduardo model?
  8. Happy Star Wars Day everyone! Anyone working on a good Star Wars model?
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