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  1. Like you Peter I treat the mishaps as lessons on how to do get it right. I'll get the small diamond tyre pattern to match eventually. But I'm looking at the large diamond pattern now. Having more success as this is matching the reference images quite well. The reference images I've found show that this 'crosses' pattern is different tyre all together. This tyre looks to have at least 40 blocks round it and the sidewall/shoulder pattern is very different. It's very similar to this Firestone SC 33 which has 40 blocks. But it looks to say 'UNION' on the side of the tyre in John's 1st photo. I believe the other small diamond pattern tyre came in two versions, a solid diamond and a cross diamond. In fact I'm finding more tyre patterns the more I search for Mustang photos. I've even found several photos of Mustangs sporting mis-matching tyres. I'd say either tyre pattern could be matched to those on "Lope's Hope 3rd". Especially as the photo is not the clearest and the tyres are caked in mud. Dave
  2. Peter your comments have got me doubting the accuracy of my diamond pattern. Plus John's post made me realise I'd missed the fact that the wheel you posted only had eight spokes. So I've gone back to the photos I found of the tread pattern and re-compared them with images of my 3D model. I also did a bit of maths to see if the 36 x 4 array of blocks made sense. Things didn't look quite right or add up. (Ooops!) Looking at my comparison photo above with a fresh pair of eyes. I noticed that in the tyre bottom right has ten blocks marked with red lines and they look to cover a quarter of the circumference. So there are 40 not 36 blocks round the circumference. Going back to my maths... things also looked better with a count of 40 blocks. The shape of the diamond block comes out almost square with a 40 x 4 array of blocks. So Peter if you used a 36 x 4 array earlier try flowing a 40 x 4 array around the tyre in Rhino and see if it helps the grooves and diamonds line up better. So back to the drawing board with Blender for me. Dave
  3. Peter I did something similar in Blender. But my block pattern is slightly different to yours. I sloped the edge to the half diamond. In Blender I do something similar to what your doing in Rhino. I curved the block pattern to the tyre profile, repeated it and then curve the resulting tread round the circumference of the tyre. Sounds so easy when I say it like that. If only it was!!! May be adding the extra slope to the sides will help get a better result in Rhino. I also noted that there were different wheel styles when searching for examples of the tyre. In this photo of P-51C-5-NT "Mazie R" on American Air Museum the wheel also has the rim round the holes, but not the smaller hole where the spring clips for the hub cap are located. Peter have you also noted the internal structure of the spokes. All these wheels look to be cast, so the moulds for them must have been quite complex. Could they injection mould aluminium back then? Dave
  4. dave665

    Big As MAZ - DONE

    You're an inspiration Rich. Thank you for sharing yet another epic build. The final result is a gloriously rusty beast of a machine. Dave
  5. Enjoying your build from the back. The level of detailing on the inside is a delight. The undercarriage ain't bad either. You certainly deserve to be happy with how adding those windows has turned out. Excellent stuff. Dave
  6. I hate to suggest this Peter but have you tried or taken a look at Blender as an alternative modelling tool? It would be possible to model the tire using it but it wouldn't be painless. I've been trying to get to grips with Blender for a while now myself and I needed a subject to learn with. So I've had a go at modelling the tire and cross tread pattern. It's helped me a lot as there is only so much you can get from YouTube videos without something to aim for. So this is what I've come up after a lot (and I mean a lot) of head scratching. Don't get too excited... it looks pretty but it's no where near perfect. I've no idea if it's 3D printable, I some how doubt it but your welcome to a copy of the .blend file. The tire is based on another reference I've found here on www.458bg.com that shows a version of the tire without the cross. It just has a plain square diamond pattern but it's also a clear image. For info the tread pattern is four blocks across with each alternate row offset by half a block and is repeated 36 times **. The edge half blocks have a grove in them to make the pattern on the side wall. Dave Edit :- (In case anyone fact checks this.) ** Having done more comparisons of this "small diamond/cross tread pattern" and a bit of maths I now believe the tread block is repeated 40 times round the circumference of the tyre.
  7. Looking at the original photo of "Lope's Hope 3rd" the tire looks to have a different tread pattern to the diamond pattern seen on other P-51 Mustangs. The tread pattern on Lope's hope looks to have a tighter smaller diamond shape. Looking for other period examples of this tread pattern I think I've found a few. Top left is Lope's Hope. Bottom right is the "standard" diamond pattern. Top right and bottom left show the "small" diamond pattern. To my eye Lope's Hope matches this "small" diamond pattern. There are more blocks to the tread on the "small" diamond compared to the "standard" diamond. I've added the red lines in attempt to show Lope's Hope matches this "small" diamond tread pattern. Looking closely at the "small" diamond pattern the diamond looks to be rotated 90 degrees to the "standard" diamond and has small nicks cut in the sides. These nicks give the diamond a cross like shape. So is this small diamond actually the "cross" tread pattern? Peter this hopefully helps you work out how to model the tire. Dave
  8. Peter a quick Google search came up with this photo of the 27" SC wheel. Is this Lope's Hope? I also found the following data on tires for the North American-P51-D. Main 27" SC Diam. 27.5" Sect. 9.75" Load 3300 psi 39 Rim Dia/Width 14"/9.75" Tail 12.5X4.5 Diam 12.35" Sect 4.6" Load 1800 psi 75 Rim Dia/Width 4.5"/3.63" But I can't find anything to verify the above. Dave Edit Looks like the 27" SC rim diameter is 14" not 14.9" as was quoted in the source I found. The source did quote the 27" SC rim as 14"/9.75 for other aircraft. John's post above has a photo showing the rim dia measures 14". So that confirms it for me.
  9. Peter do you have access to the photos from the restoration of "Lope's Hope 3rd"? There are three YouTube videos of them, the third shows the cockpit framework at around 13:06. Aircraft P-51C 1943 restoration. Part 1 Aircraft P-51C 1943 restoration. Part 2 Aircraft P-51C 1943 restoration. Part 3 (Last) The floorboards are pictured here in these restoration updates July/August Lope's Hope Update August/September Lope's Hope Update The Aug/Sept update shows pictures of the rear of the cockpit under construction. This photo looks to be the fitted rear floor panel p/n 102-53054 complete with hoses under the seat. No idea if any of this can be seen or is it under the cloth/canvas cover John described.
  10. Thanks for the comprehensive reply John. It looks like Peter will have a wealth of knowledge at his finger tips on this build. I see the restored C-10-NT has the dorsal fin kit fitted. Do we know if the original "Lope's Hope 3rd" also had it fitted. Some P-51Cs in China-Burma-India conflict did as shown in this photo on Wikipedia.
  11. Good to see that you are back at the bench Peter. Great subject... a P-51C-5-NT with an interesting back story. The restored P-51C-10-NT by Aircorps Aviation does looks gorgeous as Lope's Hope. But I'm curious are the differences between the P-51C-5-NT and the P-51C-10-NT minor? Having studied the 1/5 scale P-51D Mustang at Cosford I'm looking forward to this... no pressure
  12. You may find them in this P51 shapes thread on RCGroups. Not checked yet but the drawings look to have been printed in a magazine with his permission. But you could always contact Mr Neely (packardpursuit) and ask him direct. Dave
  13. Impressed with the finish you have achieved. Looks the business. The way you have used of the two colours of foil certainly enhances the panels on the finished model. Thanks for sharing.
  14. The #15 looks to have worked well on the masking. Enjoying the build Ced, even if they aren't both strictly OOB now.
  15. dave665

    1/48th Boeing B-52H Stratofortress

    Another photo of the B-52H engine pod from the side. May help workout the difference between the top and bottom profiles of the pod. Dave