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  1. Shapeways will cost you over £300 to get the parts needed! Randy Cooper does a set for about £170 but the toy needs major surgery to make them fit. scratch built is the only way to go on a budget.
  2. I’ve got a few sets available at £8 a sheet inc UK postage. The same as the ones Andy linked as well as a few other schemes.
  3. It was until Lego released this! https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.engadget.com/amp/2019/09/05/lego-star-wars-star-destroyer/
  4. The news from Bandai is that there will be 5 new kits announced in the next couple of weeks, initial suggestions are 4 vehicles and 1 1/12 figure. No idea what they will be but guessing they might be from Episode 9!
  5. I’m waiting for a kit to arrive so I can have a look at it. SMD LEDs might be an option 0402 LEDs are only 1mm x 0.5mm!!
  6. There is no time given between the 2 movies as Old Ben said himself!! 'Obi-Wan Kenobi. Obi-Wan... Now, that's a name I've not heard in a long time. A long time.'
  7. Hi, contact Jimi at JPG Productions through his Facebook page and he should be able to sort you out. I’m currently out of stock but have more coming. Thanks for the usage Andy, been on holiday hence the store being closed.
  8. Visiting the Birmingham office of the company I work for I ventured into the small kitchen area they use, in which there is a bit of wall art celebrating a few things from Brum! The celebratory art work includes pen nibs, apparently 50% of the world's pen nibs were manufactured here in the 1950's, Ozzy formed Black Sabbath in 1968 and in the 1940's at Castle Bromwich Spitfires were built. Now I'm no aviation expert but that just looks wrong on all counts!! You have to ask if the artist has ever seen a plane with a propeller on it never mind a Spitfire!!
  9. The Falcon was released as a limited edition about 9 months ago. As I understand it Revell were ‘given’ a total of 1000 for the first release. They have since acquired further stock and should be available, it’s on Revell’s site as available for €399.
  10. Revell have only brought 7 kits in so far, X-Wing (1/72), TIE Fighter (1/72), Snowspeeder (1/48), AT-ST (1/48), AT-AT (1/144), Slave 1 (1/144) and the large Falcon (1/72). They are not reboxed, just have a Revell sticker on them, see plenty at model shows and the LMS in Newark has a couple of each in.
  11. It looks again that Bandai are exploiting existing moulds rather than producing new ones. Due for October release - Return of the Jedi Clear Vehicle Set. X-wing, Y-wing, Falcon & Death Star.# Not exactly awe inspiring!
  12. Some great photos, we were there on the Sunday which was a bit wet! Finally stopped raining at 3pm. Still a brilliant event. Want to go to the Revival at some point.
  13. Major_Error, the problem is you end up spending valuable modelling time trawling the internet for things you might want to print! Thankfully once printing you can leave it alone and get on with other stuff
  14. I recently bought an Anycubic 3D Resin printer and have been playing around with it to see what it can do. So far had a few hits and misses while getting used to setting it up and learning how to orientate the files to get better results. While looking round for things to print to see just how good the prints were I came across a set of files on Thingiverse for a 1:20 McLaren M7A, as one of the files was the rear chassis and engine block including all the exhausts, wiring and fuel lines I thought I would have a go and see how it coped with it. I have to say I'm very impressed, though I have no idea how you would go about painting it!! Any how, here are some pics of the print, still needs a bit of clean up to remove the support points. For those interested, its printed in Anycubic Aqua Blue resin, layer thickness is 0.05mm and the print took about 5 hours. Cheers,
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