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  1. Question for you. has anyone tried using the car wrapping vinyl on a model car? just wondering if it is viable. Cheers, Warren
  2. If you're going to introduce yourself to a forum, that's the way to do it! Fabulous build and attention to detail, I bet they didn't look that good straight off the production line.
  3. No problem Si. I use an airbrush which really helps with the finish as you can control the paint flow better than a rattle can. Saying that I do use rattle can primer! My method is 3 coats of primer, sanding between coats with 2000 grit wet and dry. That is followed by 4 coats of Zero colour-match paint, available from Hiroboy (they have over 800 matched colours ) you need a good primer base as the Zero paint can be quite aggressive to bare plastic. Again a quick sanding between coats but not after the final coat. The Zero paint dri
  4. Hi Si, sorry not looked on the site for a while, thanks for the comments, more than happy to answer any questions you might have. The TC looks great by the way. Cheers, Warren
  5. Thanks all for the comments. I had a look for a GT as well and didn't come up with anything. The South Eastern Finecast is out of production if the Price List is anything to go by. No the chassis is installed as the instructions.
  6. Hi Space Ranger, the kit only comes right hand drive I'm afraid. Thanks all for the kind words
  7. As others have said one of the best looking cars Ferrari built and driven but one of the best drivers. That is an excellent build and gorgeous detailing.
  8. The earlier version of the MBG from Aoshima, very nice kerbside kit with plenty of detail. Painted with Zero Paints Signal Red. Body stripe and windshield done using Chrome metal foil. And with the late version. Thanks for looking Warren
  9. That's as good an option as any, although the 3mm LEDs will probably be too big for the 14" Eagle. One of the reasons there aren't any lighting kits for the eagle is that on the show it didn't have any.
  10. With the exception of 7 kits that Revell have brought in you can only get these kits from Japan. Production has been hit by Covid-19 as has distribution so some are becoming difficult to get hold of at a reasonable price. Buying from Japan is safe enough, though you may have to factor in any import duties if your parcel is valued above the threshold by the sender.
  11. There is a WIP thread on here that might help you decide. Cheers,
  12. Having just recently finished watching Tales from the Loop on Prime, that wouldn't look out of place in that show. Lovely build.
  13. These are on Fleabay but come from the US so is almost £12! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-1400-Acreation-aztec-decals-for-AMT-enterprise-E-model-kit-star-trek/184343740994?hash=item2aebbe4242:g:1wUAAOSwQWxbFqLR
  14. Lovely build, it's great to see cars from the era when aerodynamics were as simple as 'lets just bolt a huge wing on the back'!
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