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  1. Madmonk

    it's CHRISTMAS!!!!!

    Here's condition No. 2 Kallisti!!
  2. You also only get stickers, no waterslide decals in either of the new droid kits!!
  3. It might be worth trying to get a couple of cheap head casts to practice on. Mitches Military Models usually have seconds heads available at shows for a few quid. Might be worth contacting them if they are not at a show near you. https://mitchesmilitarymodels.co.uk/
  4. If it was of Klingon construction you could use the cloaking device, though that is a different franchise!!
  5. Some great scratch building going on there, keep up the good work.
  6. The Perfect Grade Falcon is about the same price (£350) as you would pay on eBay though from eBay you run the risk of attracting import duty which could add another £70 to the cost. Looks like Revell may have done a decent deal with Bandai, over in the US the Bandai kits from Bluefin don't appear to be any more expensive than buying from Japan. I like the way the description reads, as if Revell and Bandai have cooperated on the production of the kits!!
  7. When Bluefin started with Bandai SW in the USA they only did the vehicles but soon added the figures as well so hopefully Revell will be able to do the same.
  8. Madmonk

    Enterprise D refit!

    Very nice.
  9. Madmonk

    Ikea Coffee Table!

    The problem with getting one means going to IKEA and that will mean spending more than the £60 for the table!! Would make a great starting point for a Hoth or Yavin dio.
  10. So who will be the first to purchase one of these for that falcon diorama you know you always wanted in the lounge!! Not sure on the depth of the display area but the whole thing is 36cm high so guess its at least 20cm. Happy dioramaing, one and all.
  11. Madmonk

    1/350 K'Tinga

    Traitor!! Though I will be interested to see what it includes!
  12. The original R2 - R4 set is priced at 2592 Yen (£17.50ish) and the new single kits are 2160 yen (£14.50ish) So for a reduction of £3 you loose a full droid and get a few cups or extra arms! Not considerably less to me.
  13. Good news from Bandai if you like their Box Series of vehicles - 1/350 Episode V Millennium Falcon is being released in Jan 19. Hopefully this will mean bigger 1/144 version as well, fingers crossed!
  14. The web site seems to indicate that the R2 unit will have the drinks tray if Google translate is correct, but nothing with the R4 unit, though it is early days and the pages are lacking much info or pictures.
  15. Looks like Bandai are making the most of old moulds!! R2-Q5 due Jan 19 and R5-J2 in March so sold as separate kits this time rather than twin set! But not half the price of the original twin set!!