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  1. With the exception of 7 kits that Revell have brought in you can only get these kits from Japan. Production has been hit by Covid-19 as has distribution so some are becoming difficult to get hold of at a reasonable price. Buying from Japan is safe enough, though you may have to factor in any import duties if your parcel is valued above the threshold by the sender.
  2. There is a WIP thread on here that might help you decide. Cheers,
  3. Having just recently finished watching Tales from the Loop on Prime, that wouldn't look out of place in that show. Lovely build.
  4. These are on Fleabay but come from the US so is almost £12! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-1400-Acreation-aztec-decals-for-AMT-enterprise-E-model-kit-star-trek/184343740994?hash=item2aebbe4242:g:1wUAAOSwQWxbFqLR
  5. Lovely build, it's great to see cars from the era when aerodynamics were as simple as 'lets just bolt a huge wing on the back'!
  6. Unfortunately not Ben, though it does come with all the bits for the chrome version, including the not so convincing wire wheels! Thanks for all the comments guys. Wish someone did a 1/24 Spitfire 1500 so I could have a model of the one sat in the garage!
  7. Another car finished this year! This is the Aoshima 1/24 scale kit picked up from LMS near work. Nice kit, simple to build as it's kerbside, used Vallejo Model Air paints and Alclad Aquagloss with a bit of bare metal foil for the screen and side detail. Thanks for looking
  8. Thanks M. Yes, it had a couple of coats of Vallejo Model Air white, then a coat of Alclad AquaGloss then decals and then 3 coats of AquaGloss and a polish with AutoGlym resin polish.
  9. I saw this kit at a model show last year, think I got it from Tiger Models. It was a manufacturer I had not seen before, Hobby NuNu, liked the scheme so bought it. As a kit its very good, lacks some of the finesse that you get from the likes of Tamiya, no PE, no window masks but it is nicely moulded and the decals were a dream to work with, particularly using MG AMMO decal fix and decal set for the first time, all the yellow and grey are decals. Anyway on to the finished build, couple of glaring mistakes, I didn't account for the thickness of the side windows when adding the yellow and grey strip along the top of the doors and now they are hidden under the clear part, also forgot to add the rear view mirror, but then again it is a BMW! As is my want, I did add a couple of LEDs to the headlights just to give a bit of life to it. Comments always welcome. Cheers, Edit, anyone know why I get such a large blank section at the end of my posts or is it just my browser?
  10. File is here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4088803 Also mando on a Blurrg https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4347533
  11. The adhesion promoter is a must on the plastic. I used a hot glue gun when I started mine, I have the Randy Cooper resin upgrade set so a lot of cutting and carving to start with. If I remember correctly CA (superglue) works okay too.
  12. I have a 3D Resin Printer and the resolution will go down to .02mm layers (50/mm) the main issue with the home printers at the moment is build size, 155 x 65 x 115mm with my Photon. Clean up on them is minimal once the supports are removed and in most cases there is little prep after that. I tend to print at 0.5mm layers and in some cases you can just make out the layers depending on the angle of the surface but a layer of primer usually sorts it out. Some of the bits I've printed. Files can be found in numerous places, some are free others you pay for.
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