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  1. Bandai don't but Retrokit do a nice 1/72 resin snowspeeder. https://retrokitonline.net/product/rebel-speeder-red-markings
  2. there is an English translated set available here. http://www.mech9.com/2016/07/1144-millennium-falcon-force-awakens.html Cheers,
  3. Although bizarrely, the drinks tray doesn't come with a R2 kit it comes with the R4-I9 Droid kit so you will need to purchase a separate R2 kit to use it!!
  4. 1/6 scale Shadow Stormtrooper due out in December. https://bandai-hobby.net/sw/jp/products/shadow_stormtrooper.html
  5. Madmonk

    PG millennium falcon preview pics

    And I thought he was after a new thumb!!
  6. Madmonk

    PG millennium falcon preview pics

    The post on Revell's FB page also says that more kits will be coming in spring 2019, looks like they have done a deal similar to Blue Fin in US to distribute Bandai in Europe.
  7. Madmonk

    Lighting starship kits

    It all depends what you want to do with the lighting for basic static lighting then LEDs and fibre optics are your best bet, for any type of functionality then you need flashing LEDs, flickering LEDS or micro-processors like Arduino. As far as resistors go it is best to use one per LED and wire in parallel so if an LED does go down it doesn't take others with it. As a rule of thumb I use 47Ohm for 3V, 180Ohm for 4.5V, 470Ohm for 9V and 630Ohm for 12V. For 3V and 4.5V 1/8W resistors are fine, for 9V use 1/4W and for 12V use 1/2W. Wire wise use Kynar wire, nice and thin and comes in many colours so you can use black for negative and a colour to suit the LED for positive so you don't forget!! Arduino isn't that difficult to pick and allows you to sequence LEDs, change flash rates, fade them in and out, all sorts of fancy things! Cheers, Warren
  8. Madmonk

    1/18 X-Wing part works

    Price wise its on par with the Millennium Falcon they brought out a few years back., I'm half way through my subscription on that one so this ones a no go for me too. All I would say is if you do want one don't leaving too long, I have a number of issues on back order that weren't available when due which would be frustrating if you were building it as they came. That said they are sending some of the back issues through. As for after market goodies you could easily spend just as much again just at Shapeways on the Falcon!!
  9. Just to let you know that The Works has the McLaren MP4/4 Haynes Owners Manual at £6 if anyone is looking for some reference material. Cheers, Warren
  10. I doubt the helmet will fit over the head, on the Luke & Han figures you get the original stormtrooper helmet rather than a new one. The painted head and neck are additional sprues. The R4 kit has been talked about as you also get the R2 drinks tray from Jabba’s Barge! Bizarre combo.
  11. The new Darth Vader kit is up on the Bandai Star Wars site, set for a December release. https://bandai-hobby.net/sw/jp/products/darthvader_return_jedi.html#content05
  12. Found a link to their twitter feed! https://mobile.twitter.com/HobbySite/status/1032180588462059520
  13. Bandai have just announced a new Darth Vader kit with the same face process as the Luke and Han kits. Only on my Phone at the moment so will post picks later but does look nice!
  14. Madmonk

    Fantasy Lit recommend

    Might give that a try. I've just finished reading Electric Dreams, a compilation of short stories by Phil K Dick (of Bladerunner fame). These are the original stories used by Channel 4 for the Electric Dreams series. Each story is introduced by the director/producer of each episode. For Sci-Fi written in the 1950s it still has a lot of relevance today.
  15. The Bandai Box series Death Star is now available as is the Death Star/IDS double set