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  1. For those that missed the Feb 2016, yes 4 years ago, Dragon venture into SW kits this is what was posted on their FB page. 1/144 Falcon 1/35 AT-AT 1/35 AT-ST and yes the legs are extended, though not wrong for the ESB version Also 1/35 Snowspeeder with all sorts of issues. The falcon was expected to be priced at about $85 which made it about twice the price of Bandai's offering. As for other plastic kits, the licencing has a lot to do with it, very costly no doubt. Bandai produce for the Japanese market so large kits like a 1/350 scale N-B Frigate at 900mm long aren't on their radar as the size would be too big for a normal Japanese household. As they can't officially ship to Europe (except for the 7 kits Revell sell) why would they cater for it. 3D printing may be the way forward, this is an E-wing taken from Thingiverse and printed at 1/1144 scale. Cheers,
  2. Just gotta love this resin printer! Salacious Crumb from a free file off Thingiverse, print is about 10 cm tall and took 7 hours to print, still needs a little bit of cleaning up. Cheers,
  3. It makes you wonder if there is anything new in the offing! No new models from the new movie, just reworked existing kits of the X-wing and MF, even the figures are existing with new bits added. The only totally new one is merchandising bot D-0 and that's so small they had to box it with BB-8! Just a thought.
  4. Nice idea Pete, but as LEDs are my thing......
  5. As a bit of fun I thought I would put a bit of a dio together using one of Bandai's excellent ESB 1/350 scale kits and a few 3D printed TIE Fighters Started by making some asteroids using foil and Super Sculpty (pinched from my daughter's stash!) Then baked for 15 mins! Also worked on the Falcon and TIE Fighters. Now to paint up the asteroids. I've bought a 50mm deep box frame to mount it all, just need to decide if I want to put some fibre guides and LEDs in the background as a star scape! Cheers for now.
  6. Not to disappoint Mikey. He looks like an 'armless' type of droid! That aside it is just another example of both your fantastic work as a model builder and your imagination, outstanding as always! Out of interest are you also Zenmaster Maker on Thingiverse? Saw this and recognised the picture. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3680311 Cheers,
  7. Nice build. I have just bought a set of parts from Shapeway for this kit which includes cockpit, turret interiors, deployed ramp, landing gear and engine grill!
  8. Hey Mikey, the joy of 3D printing is that you can make it as big or small as you want. Yoda is about 25mm tall which makes him about a foot tall if 1:12 so probably about right. The Mondoshawan is about 50mm tall and I was surprised when the 'whiskers' on his nose printed out! Will have some of these at Bolton on Sunday if anyone is interested.
  9. Been messing around with the 3D resin printer and printed off a few figures to paint. Marvin (Movie Reboot), Baby Yoda (coz you have too!) and Mythosaur skull. Marvin stands about 60mm tall. The 10th Doctor (38mm), ready for paint Finally a Mondoshawan from the film Fifth Element. Cheers,
  10. Randy Cooper does a resin 1:96th scale Ghost if you have £400 to spare! (It's $395USD but by the time you add shipping and duty it will be nearer £400) http://randycoopermodelsdesign.squarespace.com/new-page scroll down the page to find it
  11. Bandai still list the standard B-Wing kit at 4500Yen, about £31. Revell will no doubt get them at a better price but then need to add shipping, import duty and taxes, profit for themselves, distributor and shop. The cheapest on eBay is about £50 but this would attract import duty if priced up correctly by the seller making it at least £65. The 1/48 Snowspeeder retails at £29.95 from Revel but is 2400Yem, about £19 in Japan. The increase in price over the Japanese price is consistent percentage wise and as with the current Revell/Bandai offerings the price will be lower than RRP.
  12. Bandai Already do a 1/72 scale version of this and the green version, check eBay or Amazon Off to see it tonight!
  13. I have SBS's 1/72 Comet kit and can only echo Julien's comments on the quality of the castings and kit in general.
  14. The second best place is eBay though you may need to order more than you need of each component. The best place would be on my webstore where I have a TIE Fighter lighting kit ready to go! Comes with 3 prewired LEDs for the engines and cockpit, battery holder/switch (for 2xCR2032) and a length of tube to run wires into base. Cheers, Warren
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