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  1. I have SBS's 1/72 Comet kit and can only echo Julien's comments on the quality of the castings and kit in general.
  2. The second best place is eBay though you may need to order more than you need of each component. The best place would be on my webstore where I have a TIE Fighter lighting kit ready to go! Comes with 3 prewired LEDs for the engines and cockpit, battery holder/switch (for 2xCR2032) and a length of tube to run wires into base. Cheers, Warren
  3. The Imperial Star Destroyer is 1600m long, this is the Republic version which is about 1100m long.
  4. It's advertise as being 1/1000 which makes the 'real thing' just over a kilometre long.
  5. The 42 inch Rebel Star Destroyer arrived at the weekend and finally got round to opening the box and having a look. Typical garage resin kit, it's no Bandai!! All the parts laid out on the dining room table. The engines were a bit of a mess when they arrived as well as some of the other parts. To be fair to Korbanth when I messaged them about it they did offer to replace any parts I wasn't happy with. However after a bath in some boiling water from the kettle they conformed into the shapes they should have been. There are no instructions so I have downloaded the ones from the Revell kit and Korbarth have sent 25+ photos of a build to help identify where all the parts go. Now to find some time to build and then a place to display!! Cheers, Warren
  6. Jeff Wayne re-imagined the album in 2012 with the post script 'New Generation'. Liam Neeson took on the Burton role and Gary Barlow did some of the singing.
  7. Not actually delivered by the postie yet but ordered from Korbarth Sabres and should be shipped in a week or so. 1:1000 scale resin kit of the Republic Star Destroyer, 70+ parts and 42 inch long when built!
  8. So can you get darker black on the black market!!
  9. Mike, this is the kit you are looking for!! Not sure about the exploded head but you do get a clear red light sabre fan!!
  10. Hi Colin, I’ve not put them on yet, if you’re interested PM me your email and I can send a PayPal invoice. Postage would be £3 for 1 kit and £4 for both. Cheers,
  11. Steve, Buzz stands about 13cm tall bc and Woody is about 16cm. Dont forget to factor postage and import duty from HLJ!
  12. Great build Julien and you even got the spring mechanism on the wings working. Now for the blatant sales pitch! I have more of these available £35 +P&P and the just as excellent Woody kit £30 +P&P
  13. There was a BBC post on Facebook on Sunday with the trailer, no official release date just says this autumn! A lot of comments asking when and the Beeb just replies 'we will let you know soon!'
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