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  1. The rocket boosted R2 is due in September but you will have to wait until November if you want R4-I9!
  2. Madmonk

    Smallspace 7

    Couldn't find a thread for the show this Sunday so thought I would throw it out there. http://www.hamex.co.uk/ At the usual place in Hanslope from 9.30am on Sunday 1st July This year celebrating 40 years of Blakes 7 and 50 years of 2001 Plenty of Sci-Fi displays, models and traders and for those that aren't vegan, vegetarian or pork intolerant the bacon butties are great!!
  3. Here's a few pictures. Booster set Does the Trolley Dolly set mean there is a 1/12 Jabba Barge on the way!!!
  4. Madmonk

    Missions - BBC4

    Has anyone else been watching the French Sci-Fi series being run on BBC4 on a Thursday night? It's currently on week 4 of 5 with 2 x 20 min episodes per week. If you don't mind the subtitles its a great series and the twist this week was very good. The spacecraft aren't the most imaginative but look plausible. Cheers, Warren
  5. Madmonk

    Northern Model Show - June 3rd

    Car packed, sarnies made, alarm set, see you all tomorrow!
  6. Madmonk

    SOLO Millennium Falcon?

    Hasbro have done a larger scale 'toy' with fancy lights, sound, rumbling and ejecting panels!
  7. Madmonk

    SOLO Millennium Falcon?

    Bandai are doing a 1/144 scale kit, due next month I think.
  8. The AT-AT stands at about 156mm at 1/144 scale, the B-Wing should be about 235mm high at 1/72 based on 16.9m. There is a stand rather than the base but the LED unit is not listed as part of the kit, it comes with Display Stand, Laser Effect Parts (the silly clear rods!) and 2 types of canopy (clear and unglazed). As for VAT it depends what the seller declares on the customs slip, I've had it both ways. (cue for Mike to come in with a crude comment!! )
  9. Bandai now have the B-Wing officially on their site for an August release. The Death Star kit is also on there and is being sold as a single kit and a double kit with the baby ISD. http://bandai-hobby.net/sw/jp/
  10. JPG Productions do a resin 1/48 TIE Bomber if you have £185 to spare.
  11. Cosmos Models do this set which is just under A4 size, I've got a few sets in the post at the moment which will be going on the store when they arrive.
  12. When I get round to building it I will.
  13. Hi Thud, With Postage from SA it came in at £325, which I didn't think too bad for that amount of resin. It also didn't get hit with a customs charge which was a bonus.
  14. The perils of trawling Facebook!!! Saw something on one FB site so clicked the link to Dynamic Digital Creations page last Wednesday and a week later this non-descript box arrived from South Africa! Would have been here yesterday but DPD don't hang about if your not stood behind the front door!!! Fracking useless! (That's a clue by the way!) Anyway, box opened and contents surveyed, lots of resin, quite a lot in fact, after a few minutes of messing and a couple of elastic bands I managed to get an idea how big it was going to be! 1/17 scale Viper MkII, looks like a 3D printed master then nicely cast resin parts, few tags and bubbles to sort out but no more than you would expect on a limited run garage kit. They are also in the throws of bringing a MkVII to market in the next couple of months. I can hear my wallet screaming already!
  15. Madmonk

    May the 4th be with you, always

    Its that time of year again Rebel scum!!