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  1. Definitely knocked this one out of the galaxy Andy! Beautiful completion!
  2. What a beautiful looking BEAR! My favourite of the Russian Bombers.
  3. Incredible build diary Andy! Really enjoying this one!
  4. Truly an inspirational build Navy Bird! Really enjoyed watching it come together. Happy New Year!
  5. Very impressive! Nice touch with the inflight stand!
  6. Hi NavyBird/Bill, I've been watching your build here and am really impressed with it. I have the KOSTER Conversion and the donor B-24 kit so I'm watching some of your ideas and trouble areas closely. I know my kit is in 48scale but your build does show a lot of similarities that it's going to help.
  7. Sounds great! Wish I had some of those items for my build.
  8. Nice Resto! What 3D Parts did you have made for this?
  9. Thanks for all the responses I received on this! Great set of folks here!
  10. Thanks greatly for your help! Any other suggestions for where I might find the appropriate-sized 14's? Sheet wise?
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