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  1. ¿2020? https://www.scalemates.com/es/kits/special-hobby-sh72389-ia-58a-pucara--1124343
  2. Awesome work and step by step, congratulations, amazing, thanks for sharing it
  3. https://youtu.be/5B8_01H0ze4 Better quality
  4. I finish it, as extras it has the Jumo motor in resin from Quickbosst, masks and wheels from Eduard, canopy from Rob Taurus since Revell's had a small bubble and EagleCals decals. Primed with Mr. Finishing Surfacer 1500, painted with Gunze, subsequent treatment with oil and watercolor pencils, final varnish with Ultra Matte from AK. Regards.
  5. Hi everybody, this is my first Kinetic model completed, Alpha Jet E with Caracal decals and modified Pavla Models Martin Baker Mk.4 ejection seats. I hope you like it. Thanks for watching Regards
  6. Awesome work, the plane is fantastic and the water looks amazing.
  7. Wow!....I have no words.... absolutely impressive .... fantastic work and model
  8. Hello everyone, old model of LS representing one of the P-3M (M -> Modernized) that has the Spanish Air Force (Ejercito del Aire) and that deploys along with other armed forces in the Indian Ocean in the Operation Atalanta against piracy. Primed with Mr.Surfacer 1200 and painted with Mr. Color acrylics, details with Vallejo acrylics and some weathering with oils, enamels and watercolor pencils, some homemade decals, final varnish with Marabú satin lacquer. I hope you like it.
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