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  1. Well, that opened up a can of worms for sure. Thanks all for the input, very interesting stuff.
  2. Very very nice job. I am considering building an RAAF legacy Hornet and it looks like Kinetic make a great kit. But is the best starting point an "A" or a "C"? They started life as an "A" obviously but with the upgrades have they morphed into a "C"? Is there much difference? cheers for now
  3. Hi all, I thought I had a handle on British aircraft as far as the abbreviations used for various roles. But there are some that I don't yet understand. The F-4 in RAF guise was called an FGR, fighter, ground attack and recon. But in the Navy it was an FG, no recon. Did the Navy not conduct a recon role and also what recon gear did the FGR have that the FG did not? Then I noticed a Sea Harrier F(A)2. My understanding was that the Navy Harrier was an FRS, fighter, recon and maritime strike but then the FA2 came along which I guess is for
  4. I think it looks fantastic and the photography is outstanding. I too find canopies a challenge and I am interested in your comments regarding gluing the canopy on after painting?
  5. thanks all for the kind words. F-4b and FGR2 currently underway. Getting a lot of practice on phantoms. no nose weight needed.
  6. Very nice build and what a weapons load the old "A" could carry.
  7. Wrapped up the latest build today. Im reasonably happy with the result although its not a very interesting camo scheme. They kept them in pretty good shape in Europe so rather limited weathering opportunities. I wanted to use decals already in the spares box so the numbers are actually from an F-4G and the crew names are Navy pilots......on loan maybe......
  8. I used to fly with a lot of ex RAAF Mirage and F-111 pilots. F-111 story, positioning a jet from Amberley to Darwin and forgot he was carrying his external stores pod full of personal kit. Went a little too fast and exceeded the max speed for the external stores pod and was greeted in Darwin by ground crew with “you didnt bring a suitcase today sir?” Mirage, basically go as fast down low as you could get it to go. Was bringing his wife a sewing machine in the external stores pod on the belly purchased in Butterworth and returned to Darwin and pulled way too many g’s in
  9. Seems like a reasonable place to jump in, my subject has been covered a little thus far on this thread. I use acrylics in my modern aircraft modeling, Tamiya and Model Master sprayed through a Paasche H or VL. I have never used undercoats before and have rarely had trouble with paint pulling up after masking. I use Tamiya masking tape pressed onto my work mat about 5 times to reduce the level of tack and always wash the model with soap and water before painting. BUT, today after removing tape from the rear end of an F-4 it pulled up about an inc
  10. thanks v much. safe.......so far
  11. Great pics. I used to fly with some ex RAN skyhawk drivers and their stories of flying off the Melbourne at night were insane. Brave lads.
  12. very nice work. My FGR2 just arrived from the UK after a 3 week wait. still waiting on the eduard goodies though. This hobby is starting to require some forward planning!
  13. Whats the best way of dipping in clear? I cut the part from the sprue and then used a clip to hold it while I dipped it in fluid however I know I will come across canopies and windscreens where this will be a little tricky. Maybe dipping while still on the sprue?
  14. yep, the johnson product I purchased is the correct fluid and I must say I am impressed with the test results. Very clear result, scratches no longer visible, no blobs or lumps. Tomorrow I will test out masking and painting. Shin, indeed I have also started a test polish also although I am yet to get it fully free of haze. More work needed. cheers
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