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  1. I feel your pain, I recently completed the same kit. but your results are stunning, what a fantastic build and the mottled grey finish is very effective. Big thumbs up.
  2. Fantastic effort, great looking Tomcat. Also great to see the famous Mike Vizcarra's name on the canopy rail. His brother was a Tomcat pilot and his father was a Thud driver.
  3. Very very well done. You have raised the bar. Congrats.
  4. Thumbs up, v nice work. Great mottled grey paint.
  5. I noticed that too however I think the real example was very similar, the black was a gloss finish applied over an old scuffed up squadron plane and some photos show the black to be very clean and shiny.
  6. Nailed the dirty light gull grey scheme, fantastic and not easy to do either.
  7. Well this kit just won’t let me move on! Several messages have been sent to me pointing out the incorrect placement of the RAF fin flash. I followed the instructions by placing the blue to the front however it turns out the instructions are wrong for the special white paint scheme but correct for the traditional grey/green scheme. I followed the guidance for the white scheme. Lesson learned, research from actual photographs especially when building a KH kit!
  8. thanks for the info, I didnt realise BM had pics, now I do. thanks.
  9. Thanks for the feedback folks, very encouraging. To add to my opening comments, its a frustrating kit but totally do-able. My frustration is that now I have discovered panel washes and its difficult to complete a nice panel wash without scribed panel lines and this kit lost most of the panel lines in the putty/sand/putty/sand/give up/putty/sand....routine. My rescribing skills are poor so it left the kit without much surface detail.
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