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  1. Thanks guys, I figured this to be the case but found the sprue, being the only test case, a little too thin to prove my point. thnks for the feedback, always room for learning, cheers
  2. Hi all, I have just started building the fantastic Tamiya F-16CJ in 1/48. An amazing kit. My previous build required the removal of a thin mould line from the canopy which I acheived for the first time. But the F-16 has a smoke color canopy and I am worried that removing the mould line may remove the smoke color and reveal clear plastic beneath? Is the color on the surface only or is the canopy moulded from colored plastic? Regards all
  3. Great build, great pics also. Congrats
  4. Hi all, My latest build. Out of the box except for the decals and home made pitot and AOA covers.
  5. Thanks Ray. Indeed, I mixed some Tamiya XF with the AK and had no problems at all. cheers
  6. Hi all, Today I used AK lacquer paints for the first time and although very happy with the results I quickly realized I have no black or white lacquer to add to the base color for post shading. My understanding is that acrylic cannot be mixed with lacquer? My local store has very little in stock and no lacquer paints at all so I decided to order some lacquer from amazon. Now the confusion starts. Many paints including AK are referred to as Acrylic Lacquer. Some are listed on Amazon as lacquer but later in the description are also referred to as acrylic. Mr Color is listed as solvent based acrylic AND lacquer in the same listing on amazon. Confused. What should I use to darken or lighten my AK lacquer paints? regards DB
  7. Thanks very much for the help folks, very helpful indeed. I didnt realise how many changes the RAAF has made. the plan is to make a reasonably late use jet from early 2000's so I guess I will start practicing on some thin card for the IFF blades! Now I have no exscuses.......
  8. Hi all, I am working on a Hasegawa FA18C and will be completing it as an RAAF A model. But the decals I was planning to use represent the jet later in its life when it had 5 thin blades installed on the nose in front of the windscreen. I am unsure how to model these but I am guessing very thin plastic card cut to size. My questions are: 1. when did these blades appear on RAAF hornets 2. what are they 3. are they available in 1/48 after market. Regards DB
  9. This is the reference photo I used but now you mention it, Im not sure its the same style as the one that came with the kit?
  10. Cheers mate. Yes I have worked with several Mirage pilots over the years, some great stories.
  11. Thanks mate. Melbourne lad I am guessing…. They did but im not sure how often.
  12. Fantastic work. Looks like you like Tomcats as much as I do…..
  13. Thanks folks. Finishing this kit really was an after thought and it literally sat in the bin for a day or two. Required a huge amount of work inserting shims in the wing/fuselage joint on both sides and shims along the spine too. Not a good kit.
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