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  1. Well this kit just won’t let me move on! Several messages have been sent to me pointing out the incorrect placement of the RAF fin flash. I followed the instructions by placing the blue to the front however it turns out the instructions are wrong for the special white paint scheme but correct for the traditional grey/green scheme. I followed the guidance for the white scheme. Lesson learned, research from actual photographs especially when building a KH kit!
  2. thanks for the info, I didnt realise BM had pics, now I do. thanks.
  3. Thanks for the feedback folks, very encouraging. To add to my opening comments, its a frustrating kit but totally do-able. My frustration is that now I have discovered panel washes and its difficult to complete a nice panel wash without scribed panel lines and this kit lost most of the panel lines in the putty/sand/putty/sand/give up/putty/sand....routine. My rescribing skills are poor so it left the kit without much surface detail.
  4. Thanks for the kind words. Yes I had heard that the decals can be lousy and sure enough....Interestingly I have built the KH Super Etendard and have another SE on the shelf and I noticed the decals between the two kits are very different, colors are totally different and one has a shiny finish to them and the other is matt.
  5. Ah ok, I guess they are roll spoilers? I couldnt find a single pic of the spoilers in raised position and didnt have a clue what detail to add inside the spoiler panels. Thanks for the info, cheers. I didnt know there were different pylons? I just installed them as provided.
  6. Finally finally finally completed the KH Jaguar. What a poor kit. To summarize: Decals are terrible and mostly fell apart. I used Microscale Liquid Decal Film but still had problems hence the cut down fin flash for example. Unfortunately I couldn't find any after market decals on the web that could deliver within months and no decals for this squadron so had no choice to persist. Instructions are average at best, have errors and some steps missing. I was confused and installed the landing gear legs incorrectly and had to order 2 replacement sprues. Fit is not very good particularly around the cockpit to fuselage joint and intakes. I gave up on this build several times and it sat on the shelf of shame staring at me for a while but I kept coming back to it simply because I wanted a Jaguar in the collection. But I ran out of energy on this one and you can see some areas where I just couldn't be bothered spending the time. Landing gear is very basic. Speedbrake interior is vacant however I couldn't find a single reference photo with which to work with. All in all, I am surprised because this year I also completed the Kitty Hawk Super Etendard and it is a fine kit. My therapy now will be to break out a perfectly fitting Tamiya F-14A and cruise through along for a while. I need a beer!
  7. Very nice. hose old F-8's sure were dirty. congrats
  8. Yes I have tried this on some test bits of parts that are not needed for my particular variant and I am finding I go from no result to melted result and have not yet figured out where the line is. The parts are very thin, especially the flaps.
  9. To be honest, I dont know although I suspect it has. I cant recall buying it but I think it has been following me around through various moves for about 15 years and in such a case then yes, it would have spent 4 years in our very hot garage in Socal. Bummer. Managed to track down another Has kit with newer markings for under 50 bucks.
  10. I suspect there are hundreds of minor differences however depending on your skill level, many of these can be remedied and most of them wont be noticed. The refuel probe for example could be sanded out from the side and rescribed on the spine and the slots could possibly be removed from the stabs. The only heavy lifting that I can see would be the addition of the right side console in the rear cockpit and I suspect slightly different bang seats?
  11. Hi all, I have just started to prep my next project, a Hasegawa 1/48 F-14A and was unsure where this topic should go. So far I am impressed, it appears to be a great kit. BUT, the flaps, slats and wings are all bent, my guess is the kit has been sitting over time. I have read several threads on BM discussing ways to straighten bent plastic and I have tried twice now to run the parts in hot water, almost boiling while taped to a flat jig, followed by a run under cold water. No success, still bent. My guess is there is a fine line between success and failure in this process and my next attempt will be boiling water straight from the kettle. So I guess I have three questions to ask: 1. How long should I run it under boiling water or should it sit in the boiling water for ages? 2. After running it under cold water does it need to stay in the jig for a while or is the process complete once dry? 3. If I were to buy the same kit again for the wings/slats/flaps, can I expect it also to have bent parts? Any guidance would be much appreciated, cheers Paul
  12. Great looking build. Are the bogeys parallel to the ground when it sits on its feet? also, are the kit wheels too small or large? cheers and thanks.
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