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  1. thanks all for the positive comments. cheers
  2. Avgas, upper camo is mr color 309 and 312/39 mixed 50/50. wonderful paints but not easy to get.
  3. Finally completed the AMK Kfir. Its a good kit and generally attracts high praise however I found it to be troublesome in two ways. The leading edge of the wing that meets the fuselage is very poor fit and must be carefuly bent up to sit properly. And the windscreen was too narrow and fits poorly as a result. Enjoy
  4. Avgas, cheers, makes perfect sense. Time for me to try it myself.
  5. Avgas, You mentioned that you weathered with oils and pastels but I am wondering how you weathered the panel lines, particularly the light green areas of the camo pattern. This is something that I am new at and have tried a fine airbrush along the panel lines but not happy with the reults. Any insight into how you got such fine lines along the edges would be awesome. cheers and again, very inspirational.
  6. well, it looks like I may have posted too soon regarding the nose gear door. I realize that some of the references photos I used as a guide were of models and obviously built incorrectly. I notice the AMK instructions are incorrect as to the installation of the nose gear doors and It would be easy to think there is one NLG door. Then I realized that the only actual shot of a Kfir with a single door is actually on display and not in service and probably not re-assembled correctly by the display staff. https://www.airliners.net/photo/Ecuador-Air-
  7. indeed a fantastic build. perfect amount of weathering and amazing photography. But I have a question about the nose gear door, the forward one that closes from fore to aft. I notice some Kfir’s have a 2 piece door like the one presented here but in some pics I notice it appears to be a single door. Can anyone give some guidance on this? cheers and thanks
  8. agreed. I think i will do a little filler on each side.
  9. indeed, emailed the 144th last week and still waiting for a reply. And the phone rings off the hook.
  10. hi all, It looks like Fresno, CA is hosting a military exercise next week with all sorts of fast jets arriving to participate. A friend and I would love to drive down, about 4 hours in the car, to get some shots but I habe never been there and dont know much about the airport. Does anyone know if photography is practical from outside the fence? Aircraft arriving and departing appear to fly close to various streets around the airport according to google maps but its hard to determine what obstacles may be blocking the view and if there are fences to stop peop
  11. i use a can of air from the camera shop. they come with a thin pipe that can direct a very precise jet of air. with care i manage to clean them up rather well but it must be noted, i only build jets that dont have hf wires anywhere. and i dont aim it at canopies hinged open either, i gently hit those with a cotton bud.
  12. hi all, the covid production line is in full swing and the next plane to leave the cave is the nice AMK 1/48 Kfir. I am reasonably happy with the kit except for two niggles. The front of the wing at the root did not fit well and needed serious upward bending to get a reasonable fit. But now I find the windscreen is too narrow by about 1mm at the rear edge where it meets the canopy. I have already dipped it in future but would it be possible to gently “flatten” the canopy to widen it at the base? perhaps with some gentle heat? cheers in advance
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