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  1. This is the reference photo I used but now you mention it, Im not sure its the same style as the one that came with the kit?
  2. Cheers mate. Yes I have worked with several Mirage pilots over the years, some great stories.
  3. Thanks mate. Melbourne lad I am guessing…. They did but im not sure how often.
  4. Fantastic work. Looks like you like Tomcats as much as I do…..
  5. Thanks folks. Finishing this kit really was an after thought and it literally sat in the bin for a day or two. Required a huge amount of work inserting shims in the wing/fuselage joint on both sides and shims along the spine too. Not a good kit.
  6. Great looking build of a great looking plane. As flown by Kiwi legend “Easty”.
  7. Thanks for the feedback folks. I should mention that the markings were finished following advice from Mog, the pilot who flew this plane in the Falklands conflict. For info, i inserted a thick brass rod inside the fuselage just above the forward nozzles that was wide enough to push the fuselage sides apart about 1mm, just enough to permit the wing to sit almost correctly.
  8. Very nice builds. A low viz F-14 is not easy to weather but you have nailed it! Nice
  9. Hi there An out of the box Mirage IIIO with after market decals.
  10. Hi there, Here is the latest from the bench. Out of the box except for the Eduard cockpit. An average kit, poor fit between fuselage and wings and awful instructions. Great decals. Aircraft ZA177 flown by David "Mog" Morgan in 1982.
  11. Something that occured to me while admiring this build: The SHAR (Harrier also but not sure?) is one of the few fighters that has the crew ladder on the right side. Anyone know the reason? cheers
  12. Very nicely done. I am 2/3 of the way through this very kit and can appreciate the.......difficulty with some of the fit. You have done a great job around the wing/fuse mating area on the back behind the canopy. I think I will exscuse myself and race down to the model bench to take another swing at my build...... Big thumbs up.
  13. Hi all, I am looking to get a better result from small hobby drills and was wondering what to purchase. I have always used a Dremel (200) with some hobby drill bits purchased individually from the local hobby store. I have been busy recentlly watching build videos on Youtube and Plasmo has some very interesting techniques. I have not seen the drill he uses however the drill bits all have a standard, thick base and only the actual drill part differs in size. I assume the advantage to this is you dont need to replace the collet each time you change drill bits. But I am impressed with how true the drill bit runs at speed. Very precise and centered. My drills tend to widen toward the tip as a result of not being centered properly? It makes it very difficult to do precise drilling. Is there a way I can improve my drill work? I suspect the Dremel is problematic in that the collet only grabs the bit at one single point along the shaft and permits it to move laterally making it impossible to do fine holes. Any thoughts would be much appreciated, cheers for now Paul
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