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  1. I love those shots. They need a double take to be sure they're not the real thing.
  2. All good now. The TR-1 looks awesome and the Herc looks ridiculous! I once did a bit on one I'd bought started on eBay. It hadn't been started at all well and unfortunately I had to downsize my abode at the time and regrettably it found its way into a skip. I've also got a TR-1 up in the loft that I started trying to re-scribe. I doth my cap to your work rate, enthusiasm and determination.
  3. They look really good, which makes it more the shame that the only Attack Squadron Herc parts Brengun haven't reproduced are the E/H engines. There's still a lot of the pre J version kits floating around and they regularly change hands on eBay. Maybe the problem is nobody is actually building them. I have to confess, mine still lives boxed in the loft until I own a home with east and west wings and an annex.
  4. @bar side, Not sure if it’s just me but, I can’t see any of your photos. I’d love to see the Hercules stuff.
  5. In respect of those examples, would a company from the Asia Pacific region where I presume the majority of their customers come from really give two hoots about a G-91 or a Jag? If those are the kits you're keen to see I think Italeri and Airfx are the companies that need persuading. I understand your frustration as I'd much rather see most of the kits you listed. But if I ran my own kit company even I'd be chuffing out Tomcats and Spitfires too.
  6. Not sure it's good to quote yourself but, I think that I hit the nail on the head with this. I'd just bought the Kinetic kit for £20 inc p&p on ebay. So still a tenner left to put towards the Caracal decals I'm interested in which is good for a BAF aircraft, but this Italeri kit is a much cheaper alternative to either finding a Wingman boxing or the Kinetic plus Wingman decals if you want a Luftwaffe Alpha Jet. Out of interest, raised panel lines aside, just how poor is the ESCI kit?
  7. I wondered if it might be the Kinetic kit given Italeri have re-boxed 8 of their kits in the past, although it was pointed out to me in no uncertain terms that this was a long time in the past - 2009 to 2012. And on that basis it will be the ESCI kit with a brilliant decal sheet. So a (great) decal sheet that costs £29.99 and comes with some plastic that nobody wants. Anyway, not too long to find out as it will be released according to Wonderland Models on the 15th September or WheelsSpin Models and Hobbies on October 10th.
  8. Great photos Shaun. I went to the show on Saturday and whilst it was enjoyable, it wasn't great for photography. I was on the promenade and it was a bit far back, and by half past two the light had swung round and meant a lot of silhouettes. Because of that I made a very last minute decision to dash over to Blackpool airport on Sunday afternoon, arriving as the Tunnan was taxing out. Sadly didn't do a lot of research or have time to have a scout round. You seemed to get yourself in a much better spot that I did. The Viggen really is a just wonderful aircraft.
  9. Great photos and some angles I haven't seen elsewhere. Did they change ends today or did you find a vantage point at the opposite end to the WAVE?
  10. Terrific photos Andy. Not sure I'll be able to get over but, I'd also be interested to know your vantage point and how busy it was? Did you need to be hovering around the WAVE at 3am to get a spot?
  11. Beautiful work and lots of top info for others to use too. The colours look perfect and thanks for listing them. A nice touch.
  12. Nice choice. But those Italian hi-vis camo jets were beautiful looking things, so hang on to those decals!
  13. Brilliant, thanks VV. I will certainly follow Giorgio's advice as following Hasegawa's colours for the the Tornado F.3 appears to have not worked out brilliantly. But their colours are definitely a good starting point. I guess I need to test spray and if necessary refine them before spraying the whole aircraft in future. In regard of decals, I tried FlightDecs just once more in case they'd replied and it had gone unnoticed into the junk folder and I have had a reply. So I'm pleased to say that FlightDecs are still alive and kicking. And hopefully I will in due course receive the last set of Mission Mark Italian Tornado decals that they have. Not turned out too bad in the end hey?! Just need to decide whether to keep the Heller kit and build it as test bed for painting or whether to try and sell it on and recoup a few quid.
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