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  1. I expect you've already seen these, but just in case, here's a mid eighties Zulu alert scramble from Bitburg on YouTube. Sadly they don't have QRA at Lakenheath. It'd be cool to see them launch if they did. Still loving your builds and still in awe of your productivity. You and @bar side side just get on and do all the things that I just buy and think about.
  2. Thanks @Stéphane, that's a great link and I'll see if I can join the group. That looks a great book @Des, and I have bought a German language book on the CH-53 before, so not put off by not being able to read it. I have found some good documentaries on YouTube (again in French) and they have provided a lot of good close up views of the aircraft. @ReccePhreak, that is so often the dilemma with builds isn't it? I often think that once you start with aftermarket beyond decals, you kind of need to go a bit all or nothing and all can be very pricey. That's a very impressive
  3. I started this in the recent Helicopter group-build but in keeping with GB tradition I didn’t complete it in the time frame. After not touching it for nearly two months I’m going to see if I can get going again. Here’s what has happened so far: Basically, I’ve scratched the ribbing at the rear, cut out the crew access door, scratched a new rear wall of the cockpit, scratched a pilot and co-pilot seats, replaced the cargo floor with a thinner non-wavy one and a few other small bits and bobs. And since the last GB post I did get a bit of paint on the interior. The n
  4. Unfortunately I did not get this anywhere near to completion. I guess I broke my own brief if OOB and bit off way more than I could chew. Despite the great encouragement from everyone who commented and liked, the difficulties of scratch building compounded by an upturn in business at work, some DIY projects in the house, two weekends away and a lot of focus on preparing for a new family addition in December, it was not meant to be. I haven’t given up though and I will get it done eventually and I think I’ll start a WIP up in the aircraft modelling section. Thanks again
  5. I’m very sorry to say that I have yet again failed miserably to complete a group build - but for the period I was actively involved I would like to say how much I enjoyed it. A great atmosphere amongst the participants and a lot of brilliant subjects and excellent finished models. Well done to everyone.
  6. Hi @Tony Whittingham, So my concerns about the decals are confirmed then. That's a pity, but I'd already decided I'd need aftermarket decals and ordered the UpNorth set. Rescribing is my most feared modelling task, so I don't know yet if I can be as brave as you.
  7. Thanks @Des. I'll start researching a bit more now and see if I can track down some of the titles you've mentioned. The kit arrived today and although it is the IVP boxing, it has all the A parts still (which is actually just the free-fall bomb - the P parts are just a blanking plate for the bomb recess, a pylon and the ASMP) but only 1995 P decals. However, I do have the UpNorth deca;s coming and they include A and P markings. So I'm now leaning towards an A model circa 1987 carrying an inert AN-22
  8. Cheers Werner, I couldn't seem to find their site. 99% sure that's the boxing I've ordered - it's due to arrive tomorrow. I bought it after visiting the Yorkshire Air Museum on Friday and seeing their gorgeous Mirage IV. I'm leaning towards the UpNorth decals and their rescribe set now and by some weird coincidence, I've just had an email from Hannants telling me the resin exhausts on my watchlist are back in stock. The other great addition would be the Neomega cockpit, but I think I'll skip them and shut the lids on it.
  9. The Syhart decals do look good Werner, but I'm not a massive fan of special schemes and they're also mid-nineties retirement schemes. The UpNorth decals and the describe set are separate items. Combined they cost more than the kit and I really was hoping for a cheap simple build. But who am I kidding? I'll probably end up buying some extras. The SMDS ones look pretty good and like the UpNorth set, they cover the whole life of the type. The trickiest thing is this period I restrict myself to, the late eighties, was the transitional period of the IVA to IVP. And photographic referenc
  10. Could anyone shed some light on the decal options for this kit? I am hoping to finish it in a late 80's scheme. It looks like my options are either the UpNorth set which think is perhaps best and the Model Art set which I can't find a high enough res image of the instructions to see what years the schemes are for. The advantage of the Model Art set is that it's available from Hannants and I can combine it with an order for another set of decals I want. The UpNorth set is available with a hefty £5.40 shipping charge. You might think it's not worth worrying about, but I really wanted to build so
  11. Ah, of course. I'd just assumed that was black and I also thought it was almost always issued as a decal/transfer due to the near impossible task of painting it precisely (I expect that there are aftermarket mask sets available but kit manufacturers tend not to assume that the builder can or will buy them).
  12. If I can ask a question, where is the FS36118 used? I think that FS35237 is the colour on the top and FS36375 for the bottom, but I can't really seem to see a third tone of grey. Then they were so filthy I guess it's just hard to see. I looked earlier on the IPMS Canada site and they have a table and against FS36118 it doesn't mention the CF-18. However, AK Interactive's CAF CF-18 Hornet paint set does include it along with the other two colours. Aircraft and paints - eternally confusing for me!
  13. Worth checking, but I think that you need to remove those rectangular 'lumps' from the top of each wing. No idea which Phantoms featured those but I'm reasonably sure the F-4G doesn't. Yep, just checked and they need removing as they were only on some Navy versions. They are something to do with strengthened landing gear struts for deck landings. The funny thing is, I found a thread on here about them in which I have posted saying that I had removed them from my kit and that it was the only thing I had done before sticking the kit back in the loft. I vaguely recall doing tha
  14. That’s coming on very nicely. Could that missile be a AGM-88 HARM? They’re 4.1 meters long, so over 8cm in this scale?
  15. @Ian, any chance you could model a B-1B, Phantom, AV-8B and Su-30 in RAF markings?
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