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  1. My interest is very specific. For starters, I can only build in one scale. I just happened to go for 1/48 and for reasons I can't explain, that is that. Subject wise, I am totally fixed on NATO aircraft that you might have seen at a European airshow between 1986 and 1989 (although decal limitations can force me fractionally outside that window). I think the influence for this is slightly odd too. I started attending and taking snaps at airshows from around 1990ish, however, that period which I experienced and was truly glorious for air shows is not what I choose to model. I think my influence is actually all the books that I had around that time, most of which had been published in the preceding few years. I still have those books and regularly look through them and I think that has really reinforced that period of late cold war NATO air force interest.
  2. Does anyone know much about this show. Not a lot of info on line beyond time and place and I was wondering in particular if many traders attend. I do like to do my tools and paint shopping without the p&p whenever possible. Most shows tend to post a list of exhibitors and traders as far as I've noticed.
  3. Excellent Ray, thanks. I have pretty much everything in your photos so I should not have any problems following your advice.
  4. Hi. Thanks for the super fast reply. I'll give what you said a go and I have a better sense of how thick or thin these should be now.
  5. I learnt of the existence of Mr Color Replenishing Agent and was thinking to buy a bottle as I have two jar of Mr Surfacer (500 & 1000) that haven't been much used. So in theory it would be cheaper to buy the replenisher than two new jars of Surfacer. However, I am struggling to imagine how I get the mix back to its original viscosity as I can't remember what it is supposed to be like. And this I imagine would render it very difficult to mix for airbrushing. Any ideas how I might be able to do this successfully? The second part of this query is; how do you guys avoid the crusty build up on jars of paint and especially Mr Surfacer? This seems a major issue as it must be nearly impossible to avoid contamination once some of these bits fall into the liquid. I assume replenishing agent will be of no help here. And it's too think to strain, surely?
  6. It's happening! After spending a little while going through the kit instructions, what I'd assembled so far, what was left of the sprues and the invaluable build article I was given by @raguk six year back, I've taken to it with the sanding sponges and glue. First up was to locate and open up the small hole I'd missed for fitting a tiny probe. I managed this with the aid of a bright light and drill. The funny thing is though, having done it, I belatedly looked at some reference photos and I'm struggling to actually see this probe on a Belgian F-16. Oh well, not exactly difficult to fill in again. Next was the realisation whilst looking at the ref photos that the small lump on the intake that I'd removed as per the instructions, actually appears to be there. On further investigation, on Belgian F-16s of the time, this sensor was not fitted (as they were using the Raport III system instead), but there was a blanking plate fitted. So a lump was there. So with some plasticard, it was put back. Needs a tad more fettling but it's good enough I think. Seamlessly removed: Less seamlessly reinstated: Other than that, I cleaned up a couple of joints around the wings and tail and I made a start on removing the molding seam from the canopy. I shall crack on with that later and maybe then start on preparing for a coat of primer. Exciting!
  7. Painted markings really do look amazing. Nice work.
  8. Take 3! My first assault on this kit was back in 2014 and and got as far as affixing cockpit, wings and the intake, which already gave it quite a well progressed appearance. However, it was then confined to a shoe box for three years whilst I was not able to do any modelling. The second attempt came in 2017 when I was able (just) to get it into an F-16 group build. That time I glued the tail on which I then noticed was slightly twisted. It again found itself back in its shoe box, until a few days ago. After pondering over this or a Mirage IIIE and Harrier GR.3, I eventually decided to try and get this one finished. Third time lucky?! So this is where I was at in 2017 Possibly the only thing of any particular interest at this point is that I'd used the Loral RAPPORT III fairings from an Italeri kit as these were fitted to this aircraft at the time. It's these lumps under the positioning lights. The intake had been painted white and has some masking tape on that has been there for 6 years. Could be interesting when I come to remove it. The intake has also become detached, but that's no problem. And finally, here's the twisted tail that is actually now glued to the fuselage. I opened up the tiny intake on its base. I'll try and get a photo of the twist later. Hopefully, I can do a bit this evening. I just need to get my head around where I'm up to first though.
  9. Cheers fellas. I was struggling to believe it myself and as far as I could tell, it worked although I guess it is quite hard to tell if it is not working as well as it used to. After all, you can apply decals reasonably successfully using tap water. I also think the fact that it is only mentioned on one of three different brands bottles might also be telling.
  10. Not sure about FOD covers etc. To be honest, although it lacks in terms of realism, I prefer what I call the 'airshow look'. Most of my experience of these aircraft has been looking at them either performing their displays or in the static park. I quite like it as closed canopies and no intake covers is both familiar and easier. I guess some chocks would be good and not too difficult though. Decision made regarding what is next too. Thanks to you guys (@exdraken & @bar side ), I've decided that the Airfix Harrier is a no go, so I'll hang on to the aftermarket goodies and wait patiently for a Monogram AV-8A or instead buy the Kinetic GR.3, whichever appears first. I've also decided that the Italeri Mirage IIIE would be wasted straight OOB and have ordered a resin exhaust and cockpit. I figured that as I already have the kit, the extra cost is slightly less than buying the Kinetic kit and even that has aftermarket resin exhaust, cockpit and wheels available, which says to me that the kit isn't all that OOB itself. So next is to crack on with the F-16. And I will post up an RFI of the Tornado if I can get some half decent photos at the weekend. Thanks all for your support and input.
  11. That's the very edition of the Mirage kit I have. I've chosen the scheme for 619 4-BJ EC 2/4 La Fayette based at Luxeuil in 1987. I did ponder the resin upgrades, but I'm really just wanting to build a kit OOB and fairly quickly in order to keep the momentum going and to practice the skills that went wrong on the F.3, such as airbrushing, weathering, varnishing etc. The F-16 is supposed to be the Belgian 350 squadron special from 1987. And that has a very daunting paint job!! (Here's a link to a photo of FA-18 on Flickr) The Harrier, I might just go for it. As the kit is so bad, I guess it makes no odds at all if I have any painting or varnishing disasters. And just for fun, here's a very crudely superimposed picture of my finished Tornado F.3 of the RAF Coningsby based Tornado Operational Evaluation Unit, circa 1988 onto a photo of a HAS at what is now Newquay airport (formerly RAF St Mawgan).
  12. I'll be coming over for the show and looking forward to it. Just a thought on the show being a bit smaller than recent years, as far as traders are concerned; could that in any way owe to it being so close to the Bolton show? Seems we have two big shows in the North West of England catchment area and they're only a couple of weeks apart.
  13. Cheers Ivan. I should do the F-16 as I actually started it about 6 years ago but didn't get far and stuck it in a shoe box under a bed. It made a brief re-appearance for a group build 3 years ago, but it quickly returned to it's shoe box. It has a slight twist in it's tail that I think is a result of being poorly stored. Regarding the Airfix Harrier GR.3; that is a conundrum. I'd read plenty about it not being a good kit for many reasons and I really saw how undersized the cockpit is when I saw some alongside Kinetic Sea Harriers on the Harrer SIG table at Bolton. Looks to have been squashed in a vice. So the Monogram idea sounds good, but with Kinetic apparently due to release a GR.3 soon(ish) I think I'd be better off waiting for that as the Monogram AV-8As don't seem too common and as far as I can make out, aren't exactly given away either. The one thing pushing me to just bite the bullet and build it is that I have resin intakes, a resin seat, brass pitot and an etch sheet for it. So maybe I just go for the Italeri Mirage IIIE (but that doesn't exactly get spoken well of either!)
  14. Ok, calling this finished at last. Not exactly what I hoped for, but not too bad considering how little modelling I do and therefore the lack of practice - that's my excuse anyway! An evening of painting and fixing antenna and pitot types bits, and reattaching the undercarriage bits I knocked off whilst trying to glue the other parts on. And here we are. Now on to either a BAF F-16A (Hasegawa), French Mirage IIIE (Italeri) or a Harrier GR.3 (Airfix).
  15. I tend to agree about the stenciling as I thought the same when decaling my F3. Anyway, nice build and it looks the business to me. Now it's finished, it would be good to see it alongside the Airfix kit for comparison.
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