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  1. Fantastic. Any idea typically how far behind UK sellers are with their stock?
  2. Not quite to my taste as I am another that doesn't really find the current trend for a snazzy corporate looking Union Jack design that appealing. If it was down to me I'd go retro with the old camo scheme and commemorative lettering along the sides or on the rear lump. At the end of the day though, I guess in these times it is surprising they were allowed to do anything, and perhaps the Great Britain™ Ltd approach is most likely to get approval.
  3. Seven years old, but still so true. It’s currently kits on eBay that are regularly being sold (or usually not sold) with starting prices that are absolutely laughable. Anyway, I’m here to ask about WoF. I know it’s a good publication, but I read a comment somewhere that left me wondering if the content only covers aircraft up to a certain point. What I mean is the Phantom edition for example; does it only cover the aircraft up to the 70’s? I’m quite focused on the later 80’s and wondered if that period would not be reached in the book? Same applies for the Buccaneer edition.
  4. That’s incredible work Andy. And it shows there’s more to Japans SDFs than just Phantoms!
  5. Cheers gents. That’s good enough for me.
  6. I’m trying to figure out when USAF F-15s switched from the yellow hexagonal No Step markings to black. I assumed it was when the stars and bars went from full colour to black outlines, but I just can’t find any photos from that mid/late 80’s period that show the upper surfaces in a high enough resolution. Looking at 57th FIS aircraft, I also get the impression that the transition from hi-vis to lo-vis markings was not that clean with some lo-vis stars and bars but hi-vis TAC badges in aircraft. If anyone knows the answer or knows of a good reference for Eagles of the era then I’d b
  7. I flogged my Italeri Blackbird a couple of weeks back and got 70 quid for it. Assuming the Revell kit has at least some improvements on the Italeri one and that it will definitely have usable decals, I'd say the price appears a fair market value.
  8. Crikey! I’m no expert on watches, but that looks line a few bobs worth. And you have a couple of hundred?! Do you keep them in a safe?
  9. I’m failing to understand why it’s not still called simply ‘Eagle’ because that’s what it is. Surely it should be an F-15F or G whatever Eagle?
  10. I did consider that, but even just the prospect of a protracted claim is off putting for the sake of 3 or 4 quid. But maybe I’ll give it a whirl.
  11. They have a decal set I want, but are actually a few quid cheaper than elsewhere. However, their reputation means I’ll happily spend a few quid extra for the peace of mind that they’ll actually get delivered. It’s a fascinating business model they have. So many complaints about no delivery and no communication, yet they also appear to do a lot of business. Imagine how good they’d be if they cut the bad practices.
  12. @Mr T, all the beer has ultimately gone down the drain, but via my belly! I think maybe half a dozen I’ve not drunk as someone has brought me a top back from a far flung place. My biggest challenge has been developing a technique for removing the caps without damaging them. I’ve perplexed a few bar staff over the years asking for a bottle of something and requesting to open the bottle myself and then faffing around with a piece of card and a bottle opener.
  13. Thanks @Pete F. They have come from a company called Safe Albums. The display cases are here https://www.safealbums.co.uk/other-collecting-systems/for-crown-corks-beer-mats-and-champagne-caps/wooden-showcase-corks-caps-1961.html And the carry cases are here https://www.safealbums.co.uk/other-collecting-systems/for-crown-corks-beer-mats-and-champagne-caps/champagne-case.html I have four of the display cases and two of the carry cases. They seem to have crept up in price a bit over the years.
  14. A bit of a loaded question as I just felt like showing off my collection of beer bottle caps, but other than collecting tons of plastic kits to keep in our lofts or on top of cupboards, what else do we collect (or hoard)? So here’s my aforementioned collection of beer bottle caps. I think I started collecting these around 10 years ago now and there are 593 of them and I have drunk the contents of the bottles of all but maybe half a dozen of them. They’ve largely come from supermarkets and specialist off-licenses with the rest coming from my travels and a few gifts from other people
  15. @Circloy, thanks for your post. That sounds like it explains it all pretty comprehensively. I think as usual, I think of things from a very 'me' point of view. Paragon and CE did produce stuff that fits into my narrow area of interest, and I almost assume that because Paragon Jaguar parts or F-111 parts go for crazy money on eBay that there must actually be a real demand for it. But perhaps not in volume. Paragon did great stuff for the Italeri Tornados in 48th, but with HobbyBoss and more so Revell releasing better kits of the subject, there probably isn't the demand now. The Jag parts would
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