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  1. Thanks @72modeler, they’re great references and they do look to endorse that it’s inside the plexiglass. Despite that, the more I’ve thought about it, I figure I’ll need to paint the outside as it is quite difficult to tell on the real thing, but on the 48th scale canopy it’ll probably look a little odd painted inside. The kit canopy is 0.78mm thick which would make the real canopy glass very nearly 4cm thick. And I doubt that very much. Something else I did notice is that we go to the effort of polishing and varnishing the canopy on our models, yet the photos of the Dragonlady you linked luck scratched to heck.
  2. Does anyone know if the glass of the canopy is on the outside and the ultra violet canopy shield on the inside or vice versa? Italeri have it molded with the slight ridge on the inside of the part. I am just about to mask it up, but suddenly realised I didn't know which side to mask and paint. Struggling to see clearly in any photos I've seen. In some it looks on the outside, others on the inside. I thing I do think is that the kit canopy is probably hugely over scale in thickness and thus it might look weird painting the inside even if that is how it really is.
  3. If you get chance to take a look and take some rough measurements of any ETPS markings in your 72nd sets I would appreciate it.
  4. From what I can make out from images of the sheet online, it does have the ETPS crest, but this other mystery crest or whatever it is is not on there. Incidentally, even Hannants don't list that decal sheet any more., never mind have stock.
  5. That’s not good to read. I recently bought a Sword T5. What is wrong and what needs improving? I paid £35 for it. I see the Neomega set is £32 plus postage and the Airfix kit usually goes for 60 odd these days. So I guess that gives me 60 quid to improve the Sword kit and break even.
  6. I got this explanation from Defense News: Although I could have sword I’d heard it was something to do with the prop wash and a risk of sending paras colliding as they jumped from opposite sides. Maybe that was just rumour. I too am surprised there’s no place for the Herc still. Especially in more special forces roles. But I expect it’s more about cost than function.
  7. Thanks Steve. That’s wonderful knowledge and I appreciate you sharing it. Boscombe was a fascinating place in its day.
  8. Before the T5 XS422 the ETPS had a T4 XL629. That had the red on the spine continue up the forward edge of the tail. https://www.thunder-and-lightnings.co.uk/lightning/survivor.php?id=171 @BritJet, when I read your post I thought of course. However, I am still struggling to find any images of these markings online and I did find this about the A&AEE http://www.rafht.co.uk/index.php/2016/06/24/aeroplane-armament-experimental-establishment-aaee/. So it still seems a bit of a mystery. Looks like three different elements to me, the middle one being the union flag. @Miko, that's a great story about that T5 at Akrotiri.
  9. Thanks speedy. If you have any photos of your model I’d like to see them too. Were you there just 86/87? My uncle was there but I’m not sure exactly when. It must have been pre 88 for my cousin to have got his Lightning ride, but I can only be certain of 1990 as that’s when we were his guests at the Battle of Britain 50th air show. Back to those markings forward of the round. Looks like they may remain a mystery. Maybe I could contact the current owners and ask them.
  10. Apologies @Lord Riot if this is not appropriate, but if you don’t want them, I’d be very interested in coming to some arrangement with @darthspud for the Italian half of the decal sheet from the Heller IDS that he is offering.
  11. That’s great thanks. Excellent to see another photo of a rarely photographed aircraft and interesting to know it got out from Boscombe sometimes. It also confirms that all the markings seen on it at the Boscombe photo event in 1988 soon after being retired were there as far back as early 85. So no dodging those markings it seems.
  12. That sounds an incredible experience and that closing speed? Hard for me to imagine. I've only occasionally caught glimpse of another aircraft heading kind of opposite from the window of a holiday flight and even at that much slower speed and with huge separation, it looks pretty fast.
  13. Thanks for the replies all. It would be amazing to see a Lightning in the air again, but it has to be a long shot for anyone anywhere. @72modeler, it's always wonderful to listen to the tales of the people who had these amazing careers and flew these machines. My cousin has also flown in XS422 when he was taken for an air experience flight. He told me they went straight up, out over the Bristol channel, hit mach 1 and came home again. Lucky sod! @Sabrejet, any photo reference you might be able to lay your hands on would be appreciated. Wish I'd seen them in flight, but by the time I was old enough to go to and remember airshows etc, they were gone and so was Binbrook. Regarding the extra markings it carried, it is these that can be seen in this shot that is heavy crop of photo taken by Timothy P Smith. This was taken since it has been in the States, and I understand that the ETPS crest and Sooty are faithful reproductions. I guess I could get them custom made, but the ones forward of the roundel are a bit of a mystery to me.
  14. I picked up the Sword 1/48 T5 kit and was planning a late LTF camo scheme, but I then stumbled across the BBC series Test Pilot on YouTube (Lightning excerpt here). So now I really fancy trying to build it as XS422, but I suspect that as if often the way that there will be some issues that make it somewhere between difficult and impossible. Other than the not so sharp TV footage, I have found around 7 or 8 photos of her from the mid eighties. Between it all, I think my barriers are the fancy pitot with the crossy thing and some of the rather unique markings. She appeared to have an ETPS crest on both sides and then on the port side a tiny union jack with possibly a crown above it and a small circle with a maybe three bladed thing within it below. Also on the port side there was a small Sooty (the yellow hand puppet bear) painted. So the non existence of some decals will be the most obvious problem and the pitot looks tricky. Is there anything else that I don't know about that makes a decent replica of XS422 difficult?
  15. That’s fantastic work on the recess in the cockpit. I’m working through my shelf of doom and I have two Hasegawa F-16s on it. One is too far gone, but the other could still get that treatment. I think I’ll have a go at copying your work.
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