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  1. Filler

    RAF Tornado Farewell Tour

    My understanding is that the three part tour is on the 19th, 20th and 21st as you said, and that is planned to be a three ship. There is also a 9 ship planned for the 28th that will flypast at RAF Marham and RAF Cranwell (weather permitting and all that). That's what I've learned from Fighter Control and UKAR anyway.
  2. Filler

    How about a "What makes you happy" thread?

    This website makes me happy. It seems to be the one sanctuary on the internet from argumentative and generally offensive content. I know there is the very occasional heated debate over accuracy of kits, but it is otherwise free of the smart-bottom know-it-all kind of posters that frequent other subject forums and and social media in general. I hope it always stays that way.
  3. Filler

    Stash storage

    I did wonder whether loft was a good place to set up for painting (airbrushing), but apart from the hot/cold temperatures, I don't have any way of sticking the extractor pipe outside. It would certainly make life easier for me to use the box room for the rest of the modelling processes without upsetting my lovely wife.
  4. Filler

    Stash storage

    I've just moved home before Christmas and finally have an actual house to live in. I've been excited about this for a long time for many reasons, but one of those was that I could after a long long time get my stash back from my parents home and keep it in mine. So I now have my own loft and this is where I planned to keep my stash. Just last week my mate and I put a loft hatch in (c/w ladder) and added insulation roughly up to around the 270mm mark and boarded the central area on legs. I'm very pleased with what we did, however, the roof is slates on battens and with no felt or membrane at all (1910 build). It's pretty drafty up there and also bloody cold now I've put up all the insulation material. Additionally, it's a bit grotty with cobwebs(?) hanging from the tiles/battens etc. So I was considering getting the hoover up there and then putting some of that black gardening anti weed membrane material against the roof beams to try and reduce the amount of dust and muck that would drop onto whatever I store up there (just over the boarded area). But I've read that you shouldn't put anything against the beams as it can cause condensation and rot the roof. So after all my efforts, I'm feeling a bit deflated as I am concerned that if I put my stash up there it might .a) get very dusty and dirty .b) get very cold and damp in the winter and .c) get very hot and warped in the summer. (Just for climate context, I live near Manchester). As many people on Britmodeller at least refer to their stashes being in the loft, can I ask what conditions your lofts are in for this and have you ever had problems of dirty soggy boxes, warped fuselages etc? (Once I've got this sorted, I will turn my attention to annexing the box room to do some actual modelling)
  5. Filler

    Building a HAS

    Loving your work as usual. I finished this kit at the end of last year and whilst it was a very challenging experience for me, it is actually a nice kit. And you're proving that it really does have scope to elevate it with some great extra detail. I'm even feeling inspired to try again and try and replicate some of the improvements you've made. Does remind me that I need to repair mine though. The missus decided to pick it up and 'fly' it round to amuse her nephew in a Skype call. It's now missing its speed breaks - and they were a swine to glue on in the first place!
  6. Blimey, AFV have actually posted photos that clearly endorse opinions that they've got the canopy shape noticeably wrong whilst dismissing the claims. Pig headed? Guess it's way too late anyway as it's on the shelves now. I'd quite like to see their defence of the other half a dozen areas that can be seen to be incorrect at a casual glance.
  7. Not sure there would be much of the kit left. It would practically be a resin kit by the time you'd finished. It'd be a very expensive decal sheet from AFV in a large box. I should mention that it's not a subject that interests me enough to add to my collection, so I don't have a decision to make. I'm more interested by the fact that a company who have shown previously that they can produce more than adequately accurate kits and with the technology and references available today can have produced something with so many shape errors. It's not like there's just one feature that is noticeably misshaped, but about six. I generally subscribe to the philosophy that Jeff has described above, but sometimes when you know there are many issues it's hard to ignore them.
  8. I'm certainly not a rivet counter and can live with some inaccuracies, but in this case I think I'll wait for the Hasegawa egg plane U-2 for a more faithful rendition. Joking aside, I thought AFV were supposed to be really good (in the context of aircraft at least). Wasn't their F-5 series heralded for accuracy and detail?
  9. Filler

    Sepecat Jaguar GR.1A

    Damn, that's another error to add to the list on my build.
  10. Filler

    Sepecat Jaguar GR.1A

    That's a great suggestion. You should comfortably be able to get enough weight in there. You just might need some small sized bits to fit through. Some PVA and some of this liquid steel should do the trick. Good luck with your build. Looks like nose weight aside that you're doing a fine job so far. I just finished mine last night and whilst I made a bit of a hash of it, it was in no way anything to do with the kit - just my ham-fistedness. One thing I will point out that I forgot to do (I don't think it was mentioned in the Airfix version of the instructions - not that I followed them very well) is to remove the moulded lump under the nose as I believe that is a feature of French Jags. But you've plenty of time to get around to that.
  11. Filler

    MiG-29SMT 1/48 GWH

    I've heard that this kit is one of the best out there, but even if that is true you've displayed some stunning skills there to lift it even higher. I really don't know how you guys do it.
  12. Filler

    Revell Phantom FGR2 1/48

    That's fair and quite true. I guess almost all of us have at least a few kits in 'stashes' that we bought and maybe months or years later haven't even got close to assembling. I think to a degree it's a kind of vicious circle in that maybe there's a panic as if we don't buy them now, we won't be able to get one later. And thus new kits sell out very quickly and get stuffed in lofts and then only very occasionally appear on an auction site and the demand then leads to a hefty price. I do occasionally wonder though; if modellers didn't buy dozens of kits that hand on heart they know they'll never build, would we see even a fraction of the kits and even producers that we have? I suppose they'd all go out of business if they only sold what gets built.
  13. Filler

    Revell Phantom FGR2 1/48

    I'm sure it's probably a coincidence, but I've noticed 5 or 6 Hasegawa or Revell FGR.2 kits appear on eBay in the last week or so (about four on there right now). It's almost as if people have noticed that they're about to appear for around £25 a piece and without 25 year old decals in the box and have thought that now is a great time to try and sell theirs for around 50 quid before everyone else notices. And then they'll buy about half a dozen new ones and stick them in the attic and wait until they're worth over £50 a pop again. If you were skeptical you'd think that at times this hobby is more about investing and trading than actually gluing things together.
  14. Filler

    PRU Spitfire found in Norway.

    Right down near the bottom of the article it says I think the Spitfire story is one of four stories in the one hour programme. And knowing how these programmes are produced, it'll be split into three or four pieces jumbled up with the other three archeological stories featured.
  15. Filler

    1/48 Airfix Jaguar GR.1

    Thanks Neil, I'll definitely give that a try. I did read up on it quite a bit, but there's so many different opinions, brush or spray, thin or neat. I do wonder whether I should have micro-polished the paint job before I applied the Klear coat. It looked alright, but I suppose you can't ever have too smooth a paint finish.