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  1. It might not be the finest resin cockpit ever made, but your work on it has managed to put it up there with the best.
  2. Glad the gun port arrived safe and sound. I'll keep following your build and hopefully it'll help push me to finally finish my two. They won't be up to your standard though. You're doing great work whereas I got into a life or death struggle with an Aires exhaust and it won.
  3. Just checked what I have spare in my two long-standing WIPs and I can help you with that. If you pm me your address I can pop it in the post.
  4. Beautifully executed paint work. Did you use masks, sausages or freehand?
  5. Blimey, that's a hefty list of issues with the wings alone. Can I ask was all the detail information about how to correct them provided by the Harrier SIG?
  6. Again, that is really excellent work. I'm quite surprised to see that the F-4F could be flown from the back seat. Although I'd never actually given it any thought, I assumed that the back seat was all about the WSO/RIO/Navigator.
  7. Filler

    Warped wing

    I spent last night trying to sort out a droopy wing on a TR-1. It's the 48th scale Italeri kit, so a lot of long thin wing. Pretty sure it was straight at first. I've been building it for years and made a bit more effort to get on with it late this summer. I suspect it may have got caught in the hot sun we had a few weeks back and drooped. Last night I attacked it with a hair dryer and tried to clamp two bars along it whilst still warm and them plunged it into a cold bath. I had a quick look this morning and I'm not sure it's helped much. Does anyone have any suggestions or is it just a sad fact that it can't be undone?
  8. I believe that scheme was known as Norm 72 and the colour refs were RAL 7012 Basalt grey and RAL 6014 yellow olive for the splinter camo and RAL 9006 silver grey for the undersides. Those FS colours are probably close equivalents. If you haven't got the paints already, one option is the Hataka line of paints as they do these colours (separately or in a Modern Luftwaffe set) in acrylic, lacquer and I think a brushable form too.
  9. Those seats are awesome. Is that tin foil you've used for the belts? The painting is sublime!
  10. It does look a fairly simple thing to scratch, but I am a bit surprised that Airfix didn't include it as an option. Quite a lot of the options on Xtradecals sheets state 'Modellers Note: This option had the later Canadian Heater/Exhaust arrangement fitted' and it is on all the options I'd choose due to my era of interest.
  11. I too have this kit and some aftermarket for it and also feel prompted by the prospect of Modelsvit kit. One thing I was looking into was colours for painting. It seems that French air force colours are notoriously difficult to get matches for. I tend to use either Gunze or Hataka paints and so far the best advice appears to be to use the same green and grey as on the RAF wraparound scheme and tweak according to references. Have you decided what paint you're going to use?
  12. I love the Hasegawa F-16 kits ad this looks like it's going to be very good build. Is that the Aires PW exhaust? I had an absolute nightmare fitting it when I used one. I ended up having to use half of a kit part due to fit issues and I lost some detail on the resin parts because I had to sand so much to get a fit. Interested to see if it was just me making a complete mess of it or whether they aren't a great fit.
  13. Hear! hear! Since this blooming pandemic and the first lockdown, it's sounded like I live next to the Nürburgring. If I ran the country there'd be a legal sound threshold for vehicles on public highways that would be part of the MOT. And on another grump, why is it whenever any model is announced or mentioned, particularly in the rumours thread can people just not resist stating that they wish something else often completely different would be released? "A new Sherman tank kit is being released next month by manufacturer A in 1/35". "Great, but I wish they should release a 1/72 kit of a Spitfire".
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