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  1. I never flew in one and it’s certainly not glamorous, but it is certainly a type that was present at any airshow I ever attended through the 80’s and 90’s, so it still appeals to me. My only concern is someone saying that all decal options are privately owned preserved aircraft. Fly did that with their JP T5. Hopefully some aftermarket decals will appear, but it’s a shame that straight away you’re adding a tenner to the cost.
  2. I’d say that does make them fairly new in military service terms.
  3. That’s a superb build. As we share the same interests in subject and time frame, I have paid attention to your builds and I have to say, you’re on a definite constant upward curve in skills. Cockpit detailing and weathering keep getting better with each build. We see a lot of finished builds posted in here that look flawless and museum display quality, but we rarely see the journey to those standards. You must and should feel very pleased with your work. So what’s next?
  4. I’ve been a bit out of touch with what’s going on this year in the military aviation scene, but I thought the plan was for Mildenhall to close despite a stay of execution, and everything was off to Germany except the 135’s that we’re heading to Fairford to be joined by our 135’s due partly to Waddingtons newly resurfaced and flattened but too short runway. Makes you wonder how much they spend on relocation plans that get binned. I’d seen some very detailed budgeting documents on Fairford getting new overruns, landing instruments and accommodation. One thing does seem cl
  5. Thanks again @Giorgio N and also @JeffreyK for taking time to reply and research options. I am leaning towards the option of the Hasegawa kit with some of the Daco parts to build an S model. Having the kit already means I need only buy the necessary Daco parts and of the three marking options in the kit, I rather like the 23º Gruppo 5º Stormo. It looks really good, there were two aircraft in these markings at IAT 85 (which is only fractionally before my target date of 87) and Model Alliance do a set with these same markings and that is useful in case the Hasegawa decals prove probl
  6. Thanks so much @Giorgio N for such a clear explanation about 3° Stormo and it’s various Gruppo. It's both a shame and incredibly frustrating when any manufacturer makes these weird and easily avoidable mistakes. I think I have found the illustration of a quite possibly non existent aircraft that they appear to have used. So many better looking squadron markings available of aircraft that were often photographed - the "Buscaglia" signature tails for starters! The mind boggles at their decision making. It further frustrates me that Italian aircraft often aren’t well trea
  7. Sorry, after typing all that, it took me about another ten minutes to find out that the Ammo markings are for 18 Gruppo of 3 Stormo (3rd reconnaissance group) and that probably puts it circa 1977. Oh well. Anyone know if Sky Models still exist to possibly re-issue the F-104 sheet?
  8. I wonder if anyone could shed any light on the Italian Air Force markings provided in the Ammo F-104G kit? The reason for my query is that I really want to build a camouflaged Italian Starfighter (48th scale), ideally circa 1987 - with the lo-vis smaller grey(?) codes, but still the larger roundels. Unfortunately this is proving difficult, no, actually impossible as the Sky Models decals were the only option and they are unobtainable. So accepting a slightly earlier large white coded aircraft, there is the Ammo kit with these markings: Fin emblem (3º Stormo), no ta
  9. Still awaiting the new arrival, so still have some time to carry on with the Eagle. Wings attached. One wing fitted very nicely, the other not quite so good, but I suspect that owes something to my joining of the wing upper and lowers. Hasegawa have the join running through the middle of some large panels, so quite a job to remove all trace of the join. Needs a bit of a polish and then I'll get some primer on and see how it looks. That's a lot of surface area. Last night I got the FAST Packs on. They're a reasonable fit and running some Mr Surfacer alo
  10. Thanks Craig. Yes, it was a huge shock for her and she was very shaken. It was weird that she'd messaged to say all was well at the midwifes and by the time I had read it and called her she answered the phone to say we'd been burgled. My brother came around and took her to the hospital to be checked over whilst I waited for the police. She's bounced back pretty well though and oddly it's me who it seems to have hit harder. I think it's the frustration of feeling like you haven't protected your home and family. It's certainly made me a bit paranoid and sent me security mad. I expect that my foc
  11. Excellent to see another 57th FIS aircraft in the GB. Genuinely looking forward to following your build.
  12. I've managed to get back on this a little in the last few days after progress came to a sudden halt two weeks ago. My wife who was then 38 and bit weeks pregnant had just returned from a midwife appointment and sat down in the living room with a cup of tea when she heard an almighty crash. Thinking that the glass display case housing my beer glass collection had collapsed she went into the dining room to see and was confronted by two masked men coming in through the french doors. She screamed and they fled and she was left very shaken, but thankfully she and the baby are fine. So a
  13. Too right! One spot of super glue hit the carpet and two or three hit my old hoodie I was wearing, the rest of the bottle ended up on the bin lid and was ok until I piled tissue on it and it started furiously hissing and smoking. Thankfully the Eagle wasn’t the victim of the GTE (Glue to Everywhere) interceptions.
  14. First attempt with some superfine Milliput. I think it was the right choice, but it was still very tricky to work with such microscopic amounts. More inclined to stick to the tools despite working wet. Once dry I’ll give a very gentle sand and if necessary apply a smear of Mr Surfacer. Quite happy so far. Trunks not glued yet as still need painting.
  15. I've got a little bit done on this over the last couple of days. The kit cockpit has been assembled and painted. A bit rough, but as I like to have the lids closed on my models it's good enough. Next up was the intakes. I was quite surprised to find that Hasegawa had produced full length intakes given the age of the kit and whilst that is a good thing, they require a lot of work to get them looking decent. I was looking to see if there was any tips on tackling them and found @Jon Bryon's builds in his fantastic blog. Jon provides good advice, but also mentions 'months' spent
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