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  1. That’s true, and having spent the last 15 minutes in the RFI section, there are plenty of modellers on here who do build to such a high standard. I do think that many that do complain strongly about the manufacturers more subtle mistakes are going to be forever disappointed, because if no producer has got one totally right yet, perhaps they never will. And it is a shame that some of them seem to piddle on others chips by making such a song and dance about slight issues that it’s hard not to be affected by them, even if we’re lucky enough to afford to waste money on an expensive 99% accurate kit and then mess it up with a wonky serial number decal.
  2. Reading through the two 1/48 F-4G threads in the Rumourmonger section I saw that there is a problem with the shape of the canopy in the new ZM kit. And apparently only Tamiya with their F-4B kit have ever got it correct. And there is the usual debate about the failure of the manufacturers to ever get any kit 100% accurate. But after reading some of the discussion again (and the equivalent ARC thread) I thought to myself, what percentage of modellers actually have the ability to take a 100% accurate kit from a manufacturer and not stuff it up to some degree in any part of assembly process and/or painting/weathering/decaling. For all the complaints about subtle failures to capture some aspects of the real thing, there surely aren’t many amongst us that can remove every seam line 100% perfectly and get the demarcation between wheel and tyre perfect etc etc. I know I can’t, by a long way! And yet despite by 100% record in messing up builds somewhere along the line, I can still get deterred from some kits by reading about inaccuracies in shapes that I’d never have seen until I read about them. But I sure as heck can see the modelling errors I’ve made. Oh to be one of the few modellers that are so talented that the only issues with their builds are down to the manufacturers.
  3. I’ve just read in the Meng F-4G thread that the ZM kit is wrong because of the canopy. How bad is it?
  4. Thanks for the link and a good thing it is. Obviously no offence meant and my apologies if it was offensive.
  5. What the heck is it? Looks like a dogs lipstick.
  6. Terrific photo, thanks for sharing. Everything, including the BUFFs looked far better in the days of camouflage.
  7. I guess the horse has already bolted, so what will be will be. I’ve not really had much option other than the loft as whilst 60ish kits is not a massive stash by some standards, it’s too many to fit anywhere downstairs. Plus to have them anywhere in plain sight of the missus would be asking for trouble. She’d melt them with her glare.
  8. I think I may have raised this question in a previous spell of hot weather, but with it getting very very hot for several days for the second this summer, I am again pondering what the contents of my loft residing stash is like now. I don’t even dare go up and look for fear of having a stash of warped fuselages.
  9. This is a brilliant choice and those decals look amazing! Just looked at the website and it says shipping is on orders from 80 euros and up. That'd mean I'd you'd need to buy three sets. Did you have to spend over 80 euros to get yours?
  10. Great choice Craig and a great start, especially with the cockpit painting. Very precise work! It's the same box and decals I have and even the same scheme I would choose. The big difference is that you will actually build yours!! It does look a relatively straightforward kit and a quick-ish build, compared to say a Hasegawa or Kinetic Hornet. Is that how you're finding it? One other question I have; I assume that this boxing has the correct nose cone in it for the Alconbury F-5s, does it not?
  11. Thanks for answering. Now to head up into the rather warm loft to find out if the boxing I have has the correct nose. Fingers crossed. I’ll do my best to join in, but I’ll be melting for the next six days at the air tattoo and I really should clear the Eagle, Hornet and Falcon builds that are loitering on the bench first.
  12. This is another of the many GBs I hoped to join and even bought an AFV Club F-5E kit and a set of Two Bobs Alconbury Gomers decals. As ever, I am struggling for any bench time and will struggle to actually join this, but just in case I do I have a question. In some of the threads already posted, I’ve read about two nose types for the Tiger II and that they are both in some boxings and only one in others. The question is, which nose did the Alconbury F-5s have?
  13. To answer my own question, Jadlam have it for pre-order at £39.95.
  14. Great to see the Wessex get a re-release. I wonder what the RRP will be as they've been changing hands for in excess of sixty pounds on eBay in recent times.
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