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  1. Thanks for your responses chaps. Using the Airfix tanks on the T.17 sounds like a decent solution. My PR.9 would be UK based, so could do without them.
  2. I have an Airfix PR.9 and a Classic Airframes T.17 kit in my stash. Whilst contemplating building one of them I have learnt that both kits have wildly incorrect tip tanks. And as far as I can ascertain, the seemingly unobtainable Belcher Bits resin tanks were the only solution. Any suggestions as to how this issue can be fixed either by an unknown source of aftermarket or a scratch build approach?
  3. I was looking at this Special Hobby boxing as I have seen one at a reasonable price. However, looking at your box with the extra updated sprue and the vague memory of there being some issues with the early releases (canards?), perhaps that's not the best. I just want one that will build as an example from the mid/late 80's, hopefully out of the box.
  4. Exceptional work. And great patience too I imagine. This really makes me want to do a Viggen now!
  5. Pretty confusing, this picture on Air Britain https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/view/1321619 states it was taken in September 1986, three months after the June 86 photo linked above. Yet if that is true, it went from Euro 1 to wraparound SEA before back to Euro 1. Seems a bit unlikely. Still can’t find a 1987 photo.
  6. I recently picked up the Meng F-4G kit and intend to finish it (me? finish a kit? who am I kidding?) in the kits Euro 1 scheme option. That aircraft is 69-7268 of the 81stTFS, 52ndTFW based at Spangdahlem. The Meng kit states the year being 1987. Interestingly, the Zoukei-Moura F-4G kit also includes those very same markings (it states July 1987) and the OOP Speed Hunter Graphics decal set includes the very same markings (they also say July 1987). The thing is, for what appears to be a popular choice as a marking option, I cannot find a single photo of it dated 1987. I have found it in 1986 and 1988 (both looking slightly different) and plenty after it went grey. I guess it's possible that it's only popular because ZM and Meng were 'inspired' by SHG's highly detailed 2015 sheet. I don't suppose anyone happens to know where there may be some photographic evidence of this aircraft in these markings? It's not even that I'm querying its existence or the accuracy of the decals, although the SHGs sheet mentions that it had no walkway markings or a data block on the left intake (which it looks like ZM have included). I'd just like to see some photos of it as reference and out of interest. To see the and compare it's lack of walkway markings would be nice too. June 1986 by Erik Frikke on AirHistory.net January 1988 by Peter Foster on Flickr and also by Peter Foster on Flickr The Zoukei Mura kit: https://www.zoukeimura.co.jp/en/products/sws48_14_f4g-wildweasel.html The Meng kit: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235121876-mcdonnell-douglas-f-4g-phantom-ii-wild-weasel-ls-015-148/ Speed Hunter Graphics: https://youtu.be/j-r00xO6LqE?si=l-wMyV7T8A65mv2X&t=82
  7. Thanks for the info chaps. Sadly I haven’t been able to find the documentary online anywhere, but now knowing of the highly thought of book, I’ll add that to my Christmas list for Santa. It is a little odd how little attention the war gets compared to so many other conflicts. Feels very overlooked to me.
  8. Just sat looking at The Korean War: A Proxy Cold War on Amazon Prime. It’s certainly not the best war documentary I’ve ever seen. WWII has plenty, both in respect of the whole conflict and specific actions. The Vietnam war has quite a few and one or two very good ones. The Falkland’s war has been quite well served by well made documentaries too. I guess it adds to the Forgotten War labelling of the Korean War. Or does anyone know of a well made, well narrated documentary I’ve missed?
  9. Do you honestly think that I think the police should be called and a case taken to court over a sign? I know it’s not always easy to pick up true meaning in typed content but blimey. And it also seems that it is not only me alone that would appreciate this tiny amount of effort at signage. We might not be talking about art galleries and museums, but I am talking about somewhere I paid £23 to get in, £6 to park, around £25 and two hours driving to attend. So I’m having and sharing my opinion. And it’s an opinion that is right. End of. And if I go next year and loads of models are displayed without any token signage, I’ll probably post again that I think people ought to pop a small note next to the models stating simply scale, brand and subject. And maybe next year I’ll say (not seriously) that if they don’t they should either be shot or have their feet tickled. Also not sure why you’d get banned. Surely you wouldn’t get personal and abuse over someone asking for a slip of paper next to a model?
  10. Really? Unrealistic for someone to put a small slip of paper next to a model they are displaying for the public? I wonder if museums, galleries and the like think if you want to know which period or civilisation it came from or who painted it, you should just ask someone if "you're that interested". Yeah signs, totally unnecessary and a terrible inconvenience to produce. Actually, scratch all that. You're right, it was selfish and unreasonable to expect any labels, and I accept that now. No need for any further debate as I concede. My apologies.
  11. Hi @IanF and @bentwaters81tfw. No, I wasn't being deadly serious as nobody died. But having said that, I do think it's actually quite helpful and not exactly difficult to plonk a piece of paper next to a model just saying, for example, 1:48 Hasegawa F-4B Phantom. Perhaps if you just happen to be considering buying and building an F-4B Phantom and you happen to be at an exhibition, then it can be an opportunity to see and compare finished examples of Hasegawa's, Tamiya's, Academy's etc versions. I wouldn't expect people to list aftermarket, paint references, brand of glue used etc. And if it is a kit bash, then '1:48 Phantom kit bash' would suffice and you can then ask if you want to know more. I've only once displayed a kit at a model show and I did it and it really wasn't any trouble. And to be fair, I think the majority of exhibitors do manage it.
  12. Finally I was able to make SMW after years of always managing to be otherwise engaged on the weekend. I was only able to make Sunday which did give me some reservations. I have to say that the venue was excellent, the organisation was excellent and it was certainly huge. No issues buying my ticket with just hours to spare, or getting in and out on the day. The standard of modelling on display was amazing and very inspirational and many people were very happy to discuss their work. I was very impressed by the God Hand stall and their stunning array of tools. Good to see that they are now available in the UK through a distributor. I really hope I am free to be able to go again next year! Not wanting to be negative, but I do have a few small personal observations that are not exactly positive. Perhaps a slightly reduced entry fee for Sunday could be justified as it did occur to me that you were getting two hours less (4pm v 6pm Sat), there was quite a bit of empty space on some of the kit stalls, and that by 2pm there seemed to be quite a few people packing away their displays. Maybe this is just a result of my expectations/imagination, but I did rather expect more traders there than there was. Maybe an extra couple of second hand kit sellers and maybe some more tool sellers, particularly people specialising in say airbrushes. But maybe this is partly down to Covid recovery and even Brexit trade changes? This seems to be common to all shows I've been to, but the kit seller stalls are always so tight that even on the quieter Sunday it can get very awkward being trapped in a confined space with little hope of getting out soon. I guess that is just a result of maximising stock in the limited space available. Must say though that everyone seemed to be very patient and polite in these rather snug browsing situations. This is important, and another that is probably not unique to SMW, but it should be AGAINST THE LAW to display any kit without an adjacent label/sign stating the scale, a description of what has been modelled and most importantly, the kit used! Whilst the scale is usually apparent, and I guess at the least the nationality of the type modelled is fairly clear, it's not always very clear whether I'm looking at a Tamiya, Hasegawa, Academy, Italeri etc Phantom. But maybe that just tells me that the skills on display prove you can make any kit look as good as the best kit, or that everyone displayed the best kit? To ensure I do end positively, I did enjoy my day out and I will try to be there (on Saturday) next year and a big thank you to absolutely everyone involved in putting on the show.
  13. I’m blown away by the perfection of that paint job. Wonderful stuff.
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