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  1. Excellent work. As a 48th scale'r I wasn't aware that Sword did these in 72nd as well. It took me a while to realise that they aren't 1:48. Super stuff!!
  2. Filler

    RIP Niki Lauda

    RIP Niki. I don't have any memories of him actually racing as was a tad before my time but, he does have a very small part in my life as my first ever flight was on a Lauda Air Canadair CRJ.100ER in November 1994. I flew Manchester to Vienna to watch Chelsea play FK Austria Memphis at the Ernst Happel stadium. I recall spending most of the flight perched on a seat arm chatting with fellow fans who had gathered at the rear of the small jet to smoke.
  3. Looking at your photos on my monitor it looks like the upper grey is fine but, the underside LAG looks almost white. Either way the contrast looks rather stark. Having said that, this photo makes yours look pretty accurate. Colours - a damned PITA! Maybe it just needs some weathering to blend things in a bit.
  4. Excellent work mate and nice to see a couple of jets pictured together as we don't often see that. Just thinking how the Canberra doesn't half make the Tornado look pretty small. Looking forward to your Phantom next.
  5. That's a shame she wasn't preserved. I took a very quick look and I see she even spent time in the states working with NASA. I've got a couple of Canberra kits and following the recent builds on here and even having been in the cockpit of the T4 in Newquay last week I think that I should make one of them my next effort. I even have an uncle who served in the RAF and he was on Canberras for a while, based out in Singapore at RAF Tengah I seem to recall. Sorry for the thread drift.
  6. @canberra kid That's interesting. Did she not have a very long life? I ask because I flicked though my 1981 copy of Ian Allens Military Serials and she wasn't listed at all. So I pressume she'd been scrapped or lost by then.
  7. Well I have found the EZ line thread and it looks ok to me, but whilst it's hard to tell for sure, maybe John's thread is finer still looking at that terrific model above. I'll get some of this to you in the post tomorrow and you can decide for yourself if it's good for your model. @bar side, sadly my Herc didnt work out due to a combination of various build problems and unfortunate timing and regrettably got binned. It was ruddy huge though!!
  8. You've certainly got this 80's camo business down to a fine art now! Looking brilliant and really like the cameras. One suggestion for the antenna cable is E-Z Line (here's a link to a site selling it but currently has no stock). I've read a few reviews or forum articles and some think it's a bit thick, but I'd imagine it's good enough for 1:48 scale. Most people do seem to say stretched sprue is best but I'm with you in that it's a messy PITA. I'm pretty sure I had a roll of E-Z line fine black from when I had a crazy idea of building a 48th scale Hercules years ago. If I still have it (which I should do) and you fancy giving it a go I can cut you a length and post it.
  9. Just checked back in and I'm well impressed with your progress and especially the standard of your modelling. That cockpit work is about as good as it gets. Very inspiring stuff.
  10. This is wonderful. And this was my favourite of the Canadian tiger striped Hornets. They had a similar aircraft the following year but with a slightly refined version of the markings and with the new stylised Canada on the fuselage. You’ve picked the better one and done an amazing job painting the stripes. Thanks for sharing your work.
  11. @bar side, I've not opened it up yet, but the nose cone is two halves? That's a bit daft. FOD covers sounds a good idea as they are pretty large intakes and I guess the lack of depth will be quite apparent. I doubt my missus will ever buy a kit again nor sanction one. I guess it'll be back to craftily sneaking them in and up into the loft after delivery to work. Getting married certainly has put the brakes on my kit buying, which given how little building I do is in truth a good thing. I must finish my Tornado and Jet Provost and then really must build this Phantom to prove a point if nothing else. In the meantime, I'll just enjoy watching your progress.
  12. The standard of builds posted on here never fails to amaze me. This is another build of the highest standard. The paintwork on the pilots is unbelievable!
  13. Very nice work on the cockpit. Plenty of photos of your build please as I've picked up one of these kits today. Down in Cornwall for the week and just stopped off at Trago Mills and they had one of these for £21.49, a bargain I reckon. The only hitch was having the wife with me when buying 'another one'. She asked me when I'm going to build it and if I'd built the one she bought me for Christmas (knowing full well I haven't!)
  14. Fantastic model and a great subject. I know we all have our own standards and expectations but, I can only dream of building a model that good even with the best and easiest kit known to man. You've ceratInly overcome all of the kits issues and that paint job and weathering is absolutely top drawer!!
  15. I see, so they're massively undersized. I hope beyond the wheels and those tanks that the rest of the kit is good. I'll be keeping an interested eye on your progress. Good luck.
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