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  1. @haneto Would You, please, tell us something more about those figures! They are lifelike!!!
  2. INSANE, INSANE, INSANE.... Do not know what else to say!?!?!?!?!?!
  3. Thank You Rey!!! I was not aware that MMP provides these reviews from their publications. It helps a lot! Dingeraviation sit is just great!!! What is not clear to me is if there is a difference between the panels on the wings of Skua and Roc?
  4. I continued work on the Special Hobby 1/48 Blackburn Roc Mk.i and realized that the wing paneling was completely incorrect? I would greatly appreciate it if someone could send me accurate and detailed technical drawings of the Blackburn Roc Mk.I! I know that Mushroom Model Publication printed the Skua/Roc publication and that they provided quality blueprints there even with riveting schemes... If anyone owns it and is willing to take pictures of the plans for me I would greatly appreciate it. Also any other accurate, relevant plans are fine with me...
  5. @GiampieroSilvestri Oh, sorry Giampiero, my mistake, forgive me for my rashness.
  6. I do understand (almost) to kill old Tauro's MC.202 but to kill and Special Hobby Ro.57 (especially since I can't find one) !? ...But, anyway, very interesting WI subject and well executed!
  7. Outstanding! I LOVE everything... The subject, the built, photos...Beautiful! Sand is just falling from my screen...
  8. Thank you all, indeed, for these wonderful words! I tried to represent the machine, which is relatively new, but due to frequent use, there was no time for perfect and regular maintenance, and hence a few more leaks and dirt marks, in addition to the semi-glossy varnish.
  9. After about ten years since I started working on this model, I would like to present you this model in the RFI! I wouldn't say much about the model, it is already well known to everyone. A very good model of Revell, but the appearance of the new Eduard's 110 overshadowed it. As far as I remember, the fit is decent, but not great. The details are really beautiful, especially the cockpit. RevelL decals are standard excellent, but I must say that they are still a bit thicker. Gunze's chemistry failed to neutralize transparent film. From the some extra touches, here ad there the panels are overlapped and the exhaust pipes are hollowed in. Painting with Model Master enamel authentic colors (the first time for me) and I'm really pleasantly surprised by how easy they are to spray (for classic enamels)! And their colors are just to my taste! The weathering was done using a stencil for the effect of marbling (more precisely, granite ;D), wooden watercolor crayons, pigments, tamiya washes, silver pencil and small chipping done with a fine brush. Stencils for the marble effect are very practical, but it is still desirable to adjust them with your own hands, so to speak (which I did not do), because you often feel an unnaturally sharp border. My problems were caused by the Montex mask, which left horrible amounts of glue, so in the end the cabin frame was painted 3 times, and finally with a brush. I would like to thanks our colleagues from MAKETARSKI KUTAK (http://www.maketarskikutak.com/index.php) for their crucial help regarding this problem. Only after taking pictures I did notice that I forgot to paint the radiators... I took pictures in two sets because I still struggle with photography. On a white background, the images turned out to be too dark, but perhaps still closer to the real model, while with a dark gray background, the images are clearly visible, but the RLM75 and 76 are too bright and the weathering is overemphasized. In the end, despite a certain number of mistakes, I must say that I am satisfied with this fast and experimental (for me) work! All criticisms, suggestions and praises are more than welcome! And the pictures at the end: The details: And a few WIP pictures with unfortunately ruined finished paint job. I over-aggressively polished the model and ruined the finished paint job which I did not adequately correct...
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