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  1. Work of ART, indeed !!! Would You tell us little bit more about the process of painting, especially about the weathering?
  2. Just BEAUTIFUL !!! You did really outstanding job on this sexy beast!
  3. ...and more pics! And that is way more than enough!
  4. Finally, let me show something too! The theme is (to me personally the most beautiful WW2 aircraft) the MiG-3 with UBK gun pods that was shot down in the fall of 1941, although there is no information on this aircraft. I based the model on the data provided by the famous Masimo Tessitori on his page ( https://massimotessitori.altervista.org/sovietwarplanes/pages/mig3/shotdown5/shotdown5.html ) and I won't go into a much more detailed story about the apparatus itself. The model itself is already well known and is the original 1/48 ICM cast. I finished it around 2015 (started 4/5 years earlier), but just now I found it appropriate to take a picture of it: (and to dusted it). As I have listened to all sorts of things over the years, I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised! Despite the strange break down of wings, I had no major problems fitting! The level of detail is at an adequate level and with a little effort it is possible to raise model to a higher category. But to be true, not so new Trumpeter's MiG-3 is better for the class, but IMHO ICM is holding water pretty decent! The paint job is free handed airbrushing and the top greens are Humbrol 151 (or the new 226, I'm not sure but in any case FS34151), and Humbrol 91. The lower mix is Humbrol 65 + 47 in 1/1. Yellow 5 is brush painted. Weathering is a combination of dry pastels, oils, watercolor pencils (silver, green and gray). I had terrible problems with the airbrush because it functioned as a single action gun due to the faulty nozzle. Pardon me for such long story and for the bad photos (and the amount of them)! Hopefully next time it will be much! From https://massimotessitori.altervista.org/sovietwarplanes/pages/mig3/shotdown5/shotdown5.html
  5. You did great job on it, especially presented like that! But, but... SUBJECT IS JUST FANTASTIC, everything about it!!!
  6. Vasily Borisovich Emelianenko is playing balalaika! When it comes to aviation books, for me the aviation book is Red Star Against The Swastika by Vasily Borisovich Emelianenko, he put his soul in that book! @Corsaircorp You done great shturmovik, and vectors accessories are really essential for accurates Il-2!
  7. I am hoping that it is not to late... Look at the MaketarPlus 1-2/2014 Serbian online scale magazine! Main topic of the issue is IK-3 (there is English text about it), and at 32.page you can find color profiles with FS charts! MaketarPlus is free downloading Serbian magazine and you could download all issues at their website Maketar Plus site under Svi brojevi/All Issues ! I am following this topic with great attentions!!!
  8. OMG. it is lifelike!!! Work of art, period! And, it is not just about model, photography is on same level! OMG! You gave us homework to do...!!!
  9. OMG!!! It can not be better then this, PERIOD! And photography is outstanding, especially considering size of the beast!
  10. This is one mean looking bird ! You did it just right !!!
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