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  1. Beautiful! In VVKJ (RYAF) markings and in NMF/Silver just stands out! Great job Patrik!
  2. Sorry, but just can not resist ! One photo with grandchildrens...
  3. Thank You Pete! White stripe is just temporary, used during the war games (I think during 80s`). Thank You 28Z! Yugoslavian Air Force operated almost all types of MiG-21`s (F-13, PFM, R, M, MF, BIS, U, US, UM). Yugoslav MF`s were mostly in the NMF but I’m not sure if there were any overal grays (but I have to admit that I am not an expert on this topic at all, so it is very possible that I am wrong in terms of painting MF). Thank You for your kind words. Lift Here decals are vary good decals and they react well on Mr.Mark setter and softener. I think that i did little bit of cutting around bulge and retouching paint. I don't think so because they arrived in SFRY in 1977 (BUT, but You might to be right, i am not expert by any means when it cams to particular subject!!!) . It seems to me that this is a war game from the 80's, but I really can't say which one.
  4. I present to you the Academy MiG-21bis (MF in Academy`s own words) in 1/48, which I finished about 7 years ago, for the purpose of recovering after the Academy's MiG-29 in 1/48 (absolute agony of kit). I have nothing new to say about the model itself... Very good model, with a great fit and decent level of details, but declassified by Eduard's 21s. The color is HU127 and the decals from Lift here. I mixed the colors of the wheels but the green turned out to be much darker in the pictures than in nature. Fast paint job with weathering done only by the preshading technique. The plane itself is the one before the overhaul, which took part in some maneuvers in Yugoslavia (Šumadija, beginning 80 ... for example, sorry if I made a mistake) and my colleague AGO2 (from Maketarskikutak forum) gave me immense help because I had absolutely no idea about the plane itself. I presented it as if they had (and probably did) shooting tasks and therefore are 2 UB-16 launchers.
  5. Beautiful model and subject! I really do enjoy in your model and it serves me like inspiration for mine Suez Corsairs!
  6. OUTSTANDING! No other words needed. And I must say that the topic (Thessaloniki front) is especially dear to me!
  7. Work of ART, indeed !!! Would You tell us little bit more about the process of painting, especially about the weathering?
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