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  1. boom.boom

    - PIASECKI VERTOL H 21 - 1/48

    You did great job on it, especially presented like that! But, but... SUBJECT IS JUST FANTASTIC, everything about it!!!
  2. boom.boom

    Il-2 Sturmovik, 7th Guard Regiment !

    Vasily Borisovich Emelianenko is playing balalaika! When it comes to aviation books, for me the aviation book is Red Star Against The Swastika by Vasily Borisovich Emelianenko, he put his soul in that book! @Corsaircorp You done great shturmovik, and vectors accessories are really essential for accurates Il-2!
  3. boom.boom

    Rogozarski IK-3, Azur 1/72

    I am hoping that it is not to late... Look at the MaketarPlus 1-2/2014 Serbian online scale magazine! Main topic of the issue is IK-3 (there is English text about it), and at 32.page you can find color profiles with FS charts! MaketarPlus is free downloading Serbian magazine and you could download all issues at their website Maketar Plus site under Svi brojevi/All Issues ! I am following this topic with great attentions!!!
  4. boom.boom

    Revell`s new Rafale C 1:48

    OMG. it is lifelike!!! Work of art, period! And, it is not just about model, photography is on same level! OMG! You gave us homework to do...!!!
  5. boom.boom

    Tu-22KD 1:72

    OMG!!! It can not be better then this, PERIOD! And photography is outstanding, especially considering size of the beast!
  6. This is one mean looking bird ! You did it just right !!!
  7. Really like it! Unforgiving NMF is great, and that especially goes for burnt metal!
  8. boom.boom

    Scratchbuilt Phillips Multiplane 1908

    WT@#&% !? Btw, great little model!
  9. boom.boom

    Eduard 1/48 Spitfire XVI

    Gorgeous model !!!
  10. Great story behind model! This kit is even older then SAR operation which is subject of your model!!!
  11. Just work of art Igor, it can not be done better then this! And I really like subject! Milenco Pavlovich (Mиленко Павловић) indeed was true hero! His first heroic act of that day, before fighting against the overwhelming force, was that he was not supposed to fly! In cockpit was his young colleague with order to fly, but when Milenco saw him, he literally puled him out with words "Mother@#$%&!? childish, you won`t be dying, I will!", and he jumped in instead of him! And he flow, he fought, he died...like a true hero!
  12. boom.boom

    M1025 in Afghanistan

    Great looking hmmwv!!! I tried googling with ``m1025 afghanistan``, but only what i found was scale models! Every photo was/is some upgraded variant! And, based on your model and search results, answer is NO i supposed!? Can`t be done just OB with academy M1025...
  13. boom.boom

    M1025 in Afghanistan

    Hi to all I need advice about diorama which i am planning. The plan is to put few Evolution Miniatures U.S.special forces in action (Afghanistan ~2003) 1/35, next to Academy's M1025? And i am concerning about M1025? Was it used in Afghanistan and if it was, do i need to make some modifications or i can go straight OB!? Thanks to all!
  14. Lifelike!!! Your Indochina/Vietnam collection is magnificent! Pure joy!