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  1. I'd say they are more like the Millwall FC supporters of yesteryear.... Our problem is increasingly red kites, beautiful, but we had 3 circling the garden recently and everything went quiet, even the pigeons and the cats. We have a lot of birds, our two have realised there isn't enough meat on a small bird, so they predate mice, voles and other small rodents: when available, baby rabbits. To give our two their due, they eat what they catch. Here they are... They look tranquil and harmless. Don't be fooled.
  2. Well, the Mig Eater "Mouth" would not conform to the shape of the F14, do Debbie it is! First look here... working with the original F14 stencils and warnings and the RAF markings is a bit of a challenge, the 20+ year old Tamiya transfers are a bit fragile and need nicely warm water to release, but with a bit of Microset they seem to conform well enough. I suspect I'll have to seal them down as soon as they have set so they don't then lift. The RAF Roundel is a bit of licence: RAF Jaguars had one under the cockpit, Tonkas didn't. The wea
  3. This is the actual Revell 1/32 transfer sheet, somewhat different from the PSL version. But you are right, I think I'll print a copy and see if it fits, the yellow box could go over the IR seeker under the F14s nose. if not then it will be ZD790 as the sheet I have is a bit more amenable... The transfer sheet is a bit grubby, if the muck won't come off then another reason why Debbie wins.. !
  4. Progress and Decisions... The transfer time... RAF faded roundels in place, now I have to chose the rest. The logic behind this model is that the MRCA was a failure and the RAF had to get something in a hurry: the F14D could be brought forward to replace Phantoms and Buccaneers. So I'm using Tornado identities, and assuming the Tomcat FGR 1 was developed form the F14D, able to use laser guided bombs, anti radar missiles and sidewinders as needed. I have 2 possible Desert Storm options... 1. ZD 790, nose art Debbie and Snoopy Airways, 15
  5. I didn't feel the thread drift was so bad, but in the end it is up to the Mods. Id there any chance it can be returned? Failing that I could start a new thread describing the WIP on my kit, and link it back. Cheers,
  6. Si, I have the Revell 1/32 Hawk T1, it is moulded in bright red plastic as it is intended to be a Red Arrows machine. I am going to paint it in RAF WWII Dark Earth and Dark Green, with Silver undersides, as applied to 19 Squadron Spitfires in 1938 at Duxford. Hawk XX 184 was sre finished in these colours in 2008 to mark 70 years since the Spitfire was taken into service. Xtradecal issued a set of markings in 1/32 scale! This model is also in the waiting room for attention....! I've sent you a private message with my e-mail, I'd really appreciate copies of your Hunter ph
  7. Si, the Hunter will have a silver bottom, simply because I like the "look"! I have a number of options, but probably XE 552, a FGA 9 based with 54 Squadron at West Raynham in the 1960s, delivered in December 1965 and written off in 1981, a good life! I'm also fortunate that down at BDAC we have the ETPS Hunter, XF 375, so I can have a really good nose round. They are one of the most elegant machines of the period and prove the old adige "if it looks good it will fly well"... a bit like the Spitfire.
  8. Well I now have it.... First inspection shows that other than some fine flash on one spru it is cleanly moulded, not bad for tools made in 1970! It will clean up easily. As well as improving the cockpit as mentioned previously all that needs to be done is to detail the wheel wells, not a very big job. I plan to close up the gun bay doors and engine panels, to make them worth displaying a lot of work would be needed, so this will be "ready for flight"! Not sure when this will be done, when the Harrier FGR 3 and my "What If" Grumman Tomca
  9. Pat, and everyone... progress is slow, the November shutdown and the reality that working in the hangar is freezing in the winter means the team hasn't made as much progress as they would have liked. At this stage there is much fiddly fitting of panels and related cabes, pipes, etc. These two photos show where we are as of mid December. First the pilots station: I've sat in the seat.. there isn't much foom. Next, looking aft and to port from the same point Much still needs to be done, including
  10. Well.... As previously posted, in December 2019 I stopped modelling to take of my rather ill wife. A year on and all is back to normal and I'm making progress with the F14. She is up on here wheels, I'm working on the jet exhausts and then it will be transfer time. Today's photo... With nose art and markings from a 1/32 Tonka sheet plus dusty weathering it will make a rather different "What If" More as this evolves...
  11. Light Admiralty Gray is Humbrol 196, whilst Dark Admiralty Gray is 5. I don't have any of either, but extra dark sea grey, with a touch of black should be close. The U/C legs are, I'm told by the restorers, Aircraft Grey (Humbrol 166.) I painted them using the old Airfic G14, as instructed by Airfix... a bit light, I think.
  12. Selwyn, thanks... Dark Admiralty Grey? Not too late to correct it! As to the Sidewinder.... I know...they just look good..... A pair of cluster bombs I think, with a pair of tanks inboard.
  13. As the Harrier gets closer to completion I had a good look at the GR3 cockpit at BDAC as I wanted to be certain that the visible part of the cockpit was reasonably correct before I applied the transfers. I also measured up the pitot probe as I have to make one. This is the pitot: I discovered one significant error in the kit cockpit area: the auxiliary air inlets. I'd opened all the external ones above the horizontal years ago, but I'd forgotten the two at the back of the cockpit. This is what they look like. in real life:
  14. It is wrapped up and I can't get to it until Christmas Day!! Peter
  15. My 1/24th Spitfire is being gifted to me.... I'll get it a week today! I've already got the key aftermarket parts to improve the cockpit: 1 Seat and frame 2.Seat belts 3.Control Column and throttle box 4. Instrument panel. I'll build it using one of the two transfer options in the box, 610 Squadron, DW K. with pre ware colours. The engine will remain invisible: I toyed with motorizing it, but decided against it. Compared with the Hellcat I've just finished it looks really simple...and may be the better for it! I'll
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