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  1. I've just pre-ordered the new 1/48 Airfix Venom F3. It would be an interesting comparison!
  2. I thought it might be useful to share the dimensions of the seat on the 1/1 Scale Lancaster we are building. My assumption is that RAF "Fighter type" seats share common, or very similar, dimensions, because the parachute/dinghy pack were a set size. Seat Pan 18.5" wide and 16" front to back and 6" deep. In 1/24 scale: 20mm wide, 16.9mm front to back and 2.5mm deep Seat Back is 20" high over the back in 1/24 scale 21.2mm Seat to back angle is 115 degrees I feel the kit seat is way too large, but I'll check! Peter
  3. I think you made the right decision, Charlie. I ordered the Greymatter seat kit when I got the kit. This is a photo of the Airfix seat, and the Greymatter one. Surprised to see that the Greymatter one is much smaller, but that it both looks like a Spitfire seat and the Airfix pilot still fits. The Airfix seat is a later model, the holes in the front didn't appear until late 1940 when the seat was changed from moulded bakelite to metal. Also, if using that seat the holes are far too small, there should be more "hole" than metal. The Greymatter s
  4. Went into have a look at the Lancaster. Progress, but a couple of backward steps. The hot air pipe, which runs along the floor on the RHS, is done, I'll try to get a photo, but it is very distinctive and I don't recall seeing it on any model build. It is alloy, with holes on the side next to the pilot and navigators station. It is a uniform height, but tapers in plan view. One other thought: the frames and skin of the cockpit area are less than 2", which is 1.4mm: I suspect that the kit is thicker, so assuming the outer width is correct the cockpit has to be narrower than i
  5. Don, I'm really a 1/32 scale modeler, I had the HK Lancaster but moved it on because of the errors and the size. But this thread has motivated me to get the HK Models nose and replicate the 1/1 scale model that we are building at BDAC. The big one has another year or so to run, so I'm not in any hurry. Peter
  6. Don, I read somewhere that only the pilot had a "fighter" seat parachute, later on the rear gunner got one so he could bail out without having to find his parachute pack inside the fuselage. All the other crew had to first find their pack and clip it on before exiting. BUT it could well be that some pilots preferred to clip on schute and a soft cushion!
  7. Thanks... nice oily yellow! The stains could also be because German fuel and oil quality differed very much from RAF, so when filled with RAF standard fuel and lubricants the oil seals may not have coped.
  8. Here we go. 1. the seat plinth is 2" deep. 2. the seat base is 14.5" front to back and 18.5" wide 3. the back is 20" tall. 4. The rear pivot bar is 23" left to right and the centre of the pivot bar is 4.5" from the plinth. 5. With the seat in the high position the back base of the seat is 10" from the floor, so the top of the seat is 30" from the plinth. 6. The seat pan is 6" deep to take either a parachute of upholstered cushion. Now some photos........ 1. The seat: Note the seat back is well padded, the edges of the sea
  9. I'm going to take some further measurements on Monday, but I think that 3D printed one is too small. More info soon.
  10. Interesting... Yes, I'll measure up the seat. There is something wrong with either the model seat or model pilot.... When I sit in the seat the seat back comes up to my shoulders, so the seat belts go over my shoulder blade. I'm 5' 8: tall...and 11.5 stone. The seat is designed to take either a cushion or a seat type parachute, so the seat pan upper edges are level with the underside of a leg and the arm rests are nicely where your elbow rests. The RHS arm rest swings up to facilitate entry. On that ram rest is a cable that controls the seat belt lock, it can be free to
  11. Brilliant modelling and a great video... thanks!
  12. I have just re-discovered my 1/32 scale FROG BF 109E..... I plan to build this as RAF DG200, originally Serial 4101 / Black 12’ of 21 year old Leutnant Wolfgang Teumer from 2/JG51, repaired and extensively tested in RAF markings, the only question is the under surface colour. Some say Trainer Yellow, others Sky Blue. Does anyone know for certain?
  13. I'll try to drop in on Wednesday....
  14. We know what happened to the Matchbox moulds, but what happened to the Frog ones? I made the Whittle Jet and the Sea Fury from that set... Happy days..
  15. This might be the Spitfire XIV from Frog... I've had it a long time and recently had to replace some transfers that had failed the test of time. Did any other maker offer a 1/72 scale Spitfire XIV?
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