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  1. I wonder if they were re-used at all? One reference I found says that "the rockets were jettisoned after takeoff" http://branches.britishlegion.org.uk/branches/byfield-district-branch-in-rural-sw-northants-uk/stories/hms-ocean-in-the-korean-war I have a suspicion that the pack was dropped in the sea, can anyone confirm with video evidence? If they were single use then they wouldn't have shown any wear markings.
  2. Paul, thirty odd years ago I started to build the Revell 1/32 Hurricane. I wanted to build the A/C flown by "Paul", a fighter pilot in France. At the time I had a censored copy of his book, "Fighter Pilot". I now know it was Paul Ritchie and have the post war, uncensored version. Like you I fitted a 2 blade Watts prop, not knowing that these props were rarely, if ever, fitted to metal winged A/C. I'm close to finishing this model, (it is a long, long story), with after market U/C, prop, canopy, etc, but I know it isn't correct. I've found photos, references and support from this place. What do I do? Scrap it, or finish it? I'm finishing it, if only because I've spent since the early 1970s working on it... Enjoy your journey!
  3. Steve, if Aslan was the size of a labrador I'd be very, very frightened. He kills, as all big cats do, by a throat hold, choking the prey to death. At the moment he is sleeping on his chair in the greenhouse....!
  4. Aslan brought in a very live rabbit this morning, we removed it from him and put it out in the woods. At 12:15 he arrived with a very dead rabbit and is now enjoying his lunch on the upstairs landing!! How a 5.3kg Siamese gets himself and a 400gm baby rabbit through the cat flap beats me! This is the lean, mean, killing machine!
  5. Following your painting trials and tribulations I can only admire your tenacity. The final result is simply stunning, WELL DONE! (I bought the kit and bottled out, selling it later.......un made!)
  6. It is a hard life being a spoilt house cat. Our two are only 7 or 8, but they follow much the same regime.
  7. May I join in? Excellent work, the cockpit looks "real", rather than just a black hole. I have one in my stash, it came with the short shot fin and a couple of other issues. To their credit Airfix replaced the parts. I have a couple or 3 models on the go and I've promised myself not to start another kit until I've finished the one on the go, but this on is close to the top of the list!
  8. Mine arrived, it looks about right. I'll be finishing it as G-ANNG, until last year at Old Sarum, where I flew in it. I'm in the front! Sadly, with the prohibition of GA from Old Sarum by the owner the A/C has departed. Unfortunate, as I wanted to properly match the colours! Year built: 1942 Construction Number (C/N): 85504 So she is 10 years older than me!! I have a full video of the flight, provided by Go Fly, the people who sell flights in the NNG. So lots of detail.
  9. Trevor, I've never seen a BA 747 land at Bournemouth before. Possibly "overspill parking" from LHR/Gatwick? BA has cancelled all Gatwick flights.
  10. For much of March there has been nothing flying out of Southampton, other than a few flights to the Channel Islands. Fly Be, it was nice knowing you. Bournemouth is no better, BA's C-CIVP, a Boeing 747-436 has just landed from LHR. Is this a parking position or last flight?
  11. Over at the Boscombe Down Aviation Collection Ron's engineering team is building a Lancaster Special forward fuselage. The Lancaster that dropped the first Grand Slam on the New Forest took off from RAF Boscombe Down. So far the cockpit floor is done, the next stage are the curved formers. They have all the parts pre assembled and ready to install. instruments, electronics, seats, etc. Most importantly they have a full set of works drawings. It started as a project by an enthusiast, who wisely realised that at his rate of work he would never see it finished. So he passed it to the Collection with the agreement we can keep it for 10 years. Unfortunately the Collection is closed to visitors for the duration, I'll see if I can get photos from time to time.
  12. This is a photo from the past, taken over Salisbury Plain back in the past, but it is too good not to post. This was part of the Tristar trials and was done by two pilots from Boscombe Down for a bet, I'm told. The Buc passed the Tristar about 1 ton of fuel, and then raced round the back to get it back! Again, the story is that the Tristar could have drained the Buc dry in about 10 mins....
  13. That really is horrible, but I can share your pain! I had a similar experience with my 1/32 scale Revell Typhoon. A partial re-paint and a decision never, ever to apply a water/acrylic varnish over oil based paint. I've actually returned to all oil based paints from Humbrol and others. I've also come to the conclusion that mixing acrylic based paints from different makers is playing with fire, you never really know what will happen.
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