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  1. That reminds me, must go and cut the grass. 14:00 on Sunday.....
  2. It is an old story...but it irritates me every year. Broadband/phone with BT, Mobiles with Vodafone. Surprise, surprise, BT has, at the end of year 1, put up the price to £60.00 a month... Vodafone has offered us £26.00 a month, because we already have their mobiles. I'm sure BT would do the same, if we move our mobiles, BUT there is no, zero, EE coverage in our house of garden. So it looks as if we will move broadband to Vodafone. Anyone got experience of their broadband? I really get irritated at this annual game.
  3. Had to take one of ours to the vet on Friday. Listless, third eyelid partly over each eye. A year ago he was very sick, almost lost him and we wanted to be certain it wasn't a recurrence of pancreatitis. All the blood tests suggest he is OK, but still not back to 100%, although much improved. So back to the vet on Wednesday. They really get to you don't they?
  4. I used to suffer from a malevolent gremlin, that seemed to do nothing but mess up my work/life balance and make me angry. Since I retired it seems that some other poor person at my former place of work has inherited the little bundle of evil. I now am happy, relaxed and have all the life I can use, but don't have the income needed to fully enjoy it. Hence wasting time posting in this place. A small price to pay!!
  5. The pollen has struck today: 6 weeks of runny nose, itchy eyes and feeling like poo. I hate the early summer, usually ends when Wimbledon ends.
  6. A pet peeve: using fear as a sales pitch... today two cold calls... TPS? No one seems to take it seriously! One: the call from India telling me that my computer is "unprotected". I played the guy along for a while until I got bored, mainly because he was quite good. It is easy to see how people get suckered in to the pitch if they don't really understand how their computer works. He wasn't fazed by the fact I have a Mac, and had me checking the OS Firewall. It is off, because I use the firewall built into the anti virus, but didn't want to spoil his flow. Once he realised I could be a "live one" he wanted to transfer me to the "specialist". At that point I rang off. Two: Someone trying to convince me that my PV panels could be generating "too much voltage" and so be damaging my inverter and other equipment. The answer? An additional voltage regulator between the PV panels and the inverter that they can sell me to protect me from the cost of replacing the inverter.
  7. Shoot the person responsible for continuity!
  8. It is all about entertainment, nothing is real anymore, other than tings I can see, smell and touch. I don't mind being entertained, but not when it is disguised as a documentary. The "fake news" issues in the media have come about because the media is no longer able to differentiate between news, commentary, observation and opinion. Now they are blurring the difference between documentary and drama. I watch less and less TV, because I find it pointless.
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