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  1. The skinning has started... a LOT of rivets to follow! The sheets overlap from front to rear, showing a distinct panel line. The photo was taken on 9/9/21, as of a day later they have started on the other side. At the same time most of the structures that have to go back into the A/C are being painted, so very much "on target" for completion by the year end.
  2. The 1:1 is now back where it was before the fit out! All the internals are out on racks pending the skinning of the frame, then paining, after which everything goes back in. We are aiming for the end of the year. Then we will start on the bomb aimers position and the nose. So not much more to report for now.
  3. If the WNW Lancaster reappears I'll have to think long and hard. About 5 minutes should do it. Why? From the build on Facebook the cockpit looks like the real thing, unlike the HKM one. More news on the 1:1 tomorrow.
  4. Ian, The Panel is 22.5" wide and 20" tall. It abuts the top stringer to which the canopy is fixed and the frame at the back of the Canopy. Your photo looks about right! Below the panel the cable ducting sits flush with the front face pf the panel. This ducting is 3.0" deep and on your photo it is indicated by a moulded panel line so it needs thickening a bit. There should be a fuselage frame at the front of the panel. A lot of debate here about the correct inside colour, interior green or black, so far not 100% resolved. Peter
  5. I'll measure the panel tomorrow!
  6. Over on Nigel's Modelling Bench on youtube he reviews the new HKM 1/48th Lancaster and questions the accuracy of the canopy height, especially when compared with the Tamiya one from 40+ years ago. So I thought I'd go and measure up out 1/1 scale one. Height of the side windows 22" Floor to centre of the cockpit roof 74" Top centre of 1st rib aft of the cockpit opening to centre of cockpit roof 12"
  7. I talked to the people at BDAC who do the restoration work about paint matching. They buy paint from a local industrial paint maker against the BS Specifications, BUT the pigments used are very different from the ones used in the 1940s, so the way the modern paints age will be very different. Red paint is a real problem, the modern pigments are far more sensitive to UV than the pigments used in the past. They have had to re-paint the upper surfaces of the ETPS Hunter after just 12 years as it has faded very badly.
  8. The next job is to take everything out so it can be skinned and painted, before putting everything back again!! There won't be many more photos.
  9. Ian, the transmitters were certainly there but I was told that the instruments had to be up front as input from the Nav and WOP was part of the spoofing/jamming game. One article I read said that it took 30,000 hours to modify the Lance, which seems almost unbelievable. Given 101s loss rate it does seem that the cost of the ABC programme may have been rather high for what was achieved.
  10. The bench seat, or three stools: the BDAC Lancaster export informs me that this was used on aircraft carrying "Airborne Cigar" and the other airborne jamming and countermeasure equipment when there were 1 or sometimes 2 additional WOPs on the flight. 101 squadron was the pioneer unit. Airborne cigar aircraft could not carry H2S as there was insufficient power for both. The unit reduced bomb load by 2000 lbs and required additional aerials mounted on the upper wing.
  11. Mine arrived today. I'm quite impressed, but like Chris and Phil's kits the wheel lug on one of the flight position legs is missing. Very pleased to see the little levers on the canopy are in place, they should be black on the outside and yellow on the inside, but they and the "D" handles on the inside are missing. My only question is which finish to choose. I am tempted by the Army version as Middle Wallop is only a few miles away. But NOT in cammo finish, rather as WD 325 is finished as part of the AIC Historic Flight. Lots of photos here... https://haaf.uk/chipmunk/#jp-carousel-500
  12. Then they are good representations of our original! The front screens are good and clear, but the sides are somewhat distorted and wavy.... I'll grab a photo from the inside through the side....
  13. No sooner asked than done! The desks are all 30" wide , the R/Os is 21" from bulkhead to the back and the Navigators is 47" from bulkhead to behind the pilots station. Both have a 3" deep space under the desk, the top surface hinges up, like a school desk. You can see the hinge line in the photo above and the R/Os in this new picture, showing the main radio in place.
  14. Still waiting for mine from Airfix.... They took money on 21 July, the order status is shown as "Pending"!! I have just got my "Kits World" cockpit panels and seat belts, plus "seat cushions". It will be interesting to see if Airfix has got the parachute style sets right. No cushions on RAF marked aircraft.
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