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  1. 1/72 scale uses less paint, too. I'm just about to open the 4th can of Humbrol 250 in order to finish off the undersurface! I'm building the weapons load, and have concluded that photo etch brass and resin are, together, the work of the Devil!! Never again! Here we have the 2 ALARM Missiles And waiting in the wings are the 2 bombs... 2 sheets of PE per bomb!! I'm not enjoying this stage, but mounted on the F14 FGR 1 as I call it, they will look good.
  2. Valid point! I was going to add some lighter and darker patches around wear points, also scorch marks where hot gasses are dumped and around the afterburners.
  3. Hi, In a moment of madness I decided to paint my Tamiya 1/32 scale F14 in Desert Pink. A "what if the MRCA had been a failure" scheme, assuming that the RAF would have replaced the MRCA with the F14. I described the work here: I've almost completed the painting, 3 x 14 ml of Humbrol 250 later I find I need another can!! The paint, when sprayed, covers badly and the original grey shows through. Irritatingly, Humbrol have discontinued this paint. Given the way the original desert pink faded and was patched up with Leyland decorating emulsion "Blush" there is no way the aircraft should be a uniform colour. Also, looking at examples of USN F14s they mark and stain badly round vents, ducts, etc. But I'd like to get it a bit more uniform.... Does anyone have a spare can in their stash they'd like to move on, or can anyone suggest an alternative. Xtracolour X32 would seem the logical paint, or their acrylic X1032.
  4. 18 Months later.... I got distracted by retiring, building the 1/24th Airfix F6F and some other stuff.... Progress, The aircraft is desert pink overall, sort of. Humbrol 250 doesn't cover at all well, there is stil grey showing through and I've run out: see my separate post asking for advice. It will not be 18 months to the next post....!!
  5. Thanks @dogsbody, @Selwyn, @Troy Smith and everyone for helping me clarify what the colours should be: I've decided on Hu 75 for the bodies and Hu 155 for the weareheads, and also the bombs, if I fit them. I'll use the same colours for the Airfix Typhoon, which awaits me once the F6F is finished and I've tidied up a few loose ends (i.e. unfinished kits) Peter
  6. As part of my F6F Hellcat build I've been researching the colours to be applied to the 3" Rockets with 60lb HE Warheads...and I'm confused! One source I found states the rocket body is light brunswick green, approximately US Light Green, Humbrol 117. A second states they should be a dark bronze green, close to Humbrol 75. The warheads are stated to be "Olive Green" Humbrol 155, whilst another says BS 285, which is NATO Green, the best match seems to be Humbrol 242, dunkle grun. Obviously colours changed with supplier and paint source, but does anyone have a view on the best match? Any suggestions much appreciated!
  7. It wouldn't be any bigger than a 1/32 scale Lancaster.... In real life 30m wing span, = 620mm in 1/48th.
  8. Big and beautiful, but I wish they had done it as a 1/48th scale kit..... Yes, I know it would have been a bit big, but, well so it should be.
  9. Fortunately, as mentioned, the 5 hangars are Grade 2 listed buildings: even better 3 of them are not owned by the person who owns the airfield. BDAC has a long lease on 2 of them, the third is under offer to a local engineering company. The 2 he owns have been left to rot. The owner is reputed to live in the Caribbean and operates through agents and others. This planning application is dead and buried, but of course he can try again. Another gem is that when the MOD sold the land a Covenant was attached, giving the MOD up to 150 aircraft movements a year. The owner attempted to have the covenant removed, and failed. So he cannot destroy the airfield. BDAC will continue, we will miss the visitors who come to watch the aircraft and the sky divers, but the collection will endure.
  10. This is a photo of Just Jane's Starboard outer engine. A lot of plumbing! Note that the exhaust ejectors are alternately angled and there is an internal splitter, with a corresponding weld on the outside. I have no idea what the silver pipes under the exhaust stubs are for. The radiator matrix in black, the body silver. The rod hanging down from the ends of the cross shaft are the radiator flap adjustment actuators. Hope this helps...
  11. I went to see Just Jane at East Kirby yesterday. I'll post some close up photos later. Being able to stand close and look at the engines was fascinating: the radiator blocks were obviously new and aluminium, just as on my car. The weld lines on the exhausts are also very obvious, it seems that there is a divider inside each fishtail. Good luck both of you, I'll watch with admiration. Peter
  12. Nothing today and in the future. I live under the flight path for Old Sarum, for 20 years I've enjoyed the various light aircraft flying over the garden, especially the 2 Tiger Moths. Now we have silence because Old Sarum Airfield closes at 16:00 today: it has been in continuous use since 1915. With its closure nearly 20 jobs have gone at Go Fly, Go Jump and the Skies Cafe. Why? The owner wants to develop the land, planning has been refused at every level, so as he can't get what he wants it seems he won't let those who opposed him have what they want. The airfield has 5 "Belfast Truss" General aircraft sheds built by German POWs in 1916. They are grade 2 listed buildings. Three are owned by a property company and are let, they are in good to excellent condition. Two are owned by the airfield operator and are derelict.
  13. I'm debating having a roofer put an extractor vent through the roof, like a bathroom extraction vent, and using a simple fan. You are right about the wind, with the window open it would only work well when the wind is from the S and S/W.
  14. This is my new "dirty" corner, for painting and airbrushing. At the other end, to the right, is a clean bench for doing anything that doesn't involve paint. I'm left handed, so the brush to the left works well. The window points NW, so really good light. When spraying/airbrushing I use the face mask in the picture, but I'm thinking of some sort of extraction ventilation to go out of the window. Has anyone here made up an extraction system? I'm thinking of using a cooker hood fan, and making a wooden plate to go between the window and the frame. All comments, as ever, most welcome!
  15. Another photo I found shows 4 attachment points on the U/S of the wing, this ties up with drawings of the firefly installation. It makes me wonder if the Hellcat installation was a minimally adapted Firefly one. Anyway, a bit of scratch-building seems to be needed to make the rail carrier/blast plate. I can't thank everyone enough for the wealth of information available: it looks as if I'll have a FAA F6F with the correct rocket installation! Airfix should have deleted the rocket installation for the FAA Model, I feel. Peter
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