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  1. That really is horrible, but I can share your pain! I had a similar experience with my 1/32 scale Revell Typhoon. A partial re-paint and a decision never, ever to apply a water/acrylic varnish over oil based paint. I've actually returned to all oil based paints from Humbrol and others. I've also come to the conclusion that mixing acrylic based paints from different makers is playing with fire, you never really know what will happen.
  2. Mike, this is the RH outer engine of Just Jane taken in November. Hope it helps... The exhaust stubs are a bit of a dogs breakfast and the radiator vent linkage is hanging loose, but it gives you an idea.
  3. The delicacy of the mouldings is impressive, it makes some of the big names efforts in larger scales look clumsy! I've found a photo of 3 in formation over Old Sarum, clearly in silver dope and aluminium. The question is "what colour are the rotor blades?" My guess is that they were canvas covered wood, so silver seems to make sense. Does anyone know for sure?
  4. Pete, I think you are right. Camouflage only arrived in 1939, and then for first line A/C. They also all seem to have a roundel on the upper fuselage and no tail stripes. So, silver dope it is, with a pink/red dope bleed through linen on the inside! Quite why the kit instructions suggests white overall for the one that was used on a carrier for a while beats me!
  5. I got one for Christmas... delicately moulded, 1/35 is close enough to 1/32 not t o bother me. Serials K4230 to K4239 and K4296 & K4775 were delivered between 1934 to 1935 and equipped the Army School of Co-operation at Old Sarum near Salisbury. Old Sarum is my local airfield and hosts the Boscombe Down Aviation Collection which also features Old Sarum airfield. I want to finish the A/C as it would have been at Old Sarum in early 1935. The big question is the finish...silver overall, or early upper surface camouflage. Does anyone know? I'm searching for photos.....
  6. They are effective replacements.... is so many ways!
  7. These recent posts are a distillation of our experiences with our two siamese "former Toms". Cat Flap: chip operated, no no strange cats, but how on earth they get through with a dead baby rabbit beats me. At least the prey is all eaten: I say all eaten, but there is invariably a bit of spleen/bile duct/pancreas left, which in the morning when trodden on adds a certain "something" to the morning. Bed: we gave up and purchased a super king bed, effectively 2m x 2m. Just about enough room for two humans and two cats. but often SWMBO and I find ourselves occupying a narrow strip on each side, whilst the cats luxuriate in the middle. In the spring dawn is always an issue, they awake at first light and wish to go out. The cat flap will let them out, but no, they want to inspect the morning before going out. So one of us ends up getting up to let them out: aboiut half an hour later they return, demand attention before falling into a deep sleep. We don't get back to sleep. Then of course, reluctant to disturb their Lordships, we don't get the bed made until late afternoon... Food: to keep us on our toes every 3 or 4 months they refuse the food they have been happily eating for 3 or 4 months. We used to get a selection and see what they liked, now we just rotate: they don't seem to have worked that one out...yet! BUT all in all we wouldn't be without them, we have had siamese cats since the early 80s.
  8. Whatever humans do to try and win one over the cats is bound to fail. Cats are manipulative, selfish and single minded, yet soft friendly and affectionate. A bit like a wife....
  9. It is even better with 2 cats... competing for the warmest body in the bed....!!
  10. I guess that is because they are all owned by Qinetiq. I note that they all have the G-ETP? registrations, Empire Test Pilots..I wonder which has G-ETPS?
  11. The EPTS BAE 146 RJ70 QQ102 in its new bold colours, Flying from Boscombe Down, was circling over our village at about 500ft yesterday at about 4pm. The angle of bank was rather more than most RJ passengers would experience. Surprisingly quiet engines. Didn't get a photo.... but this is from the internet.....
  12. 224 Peter

    BAE Hawk XX154

    The Red Arrows Hawks could almost be classified as museum material.....! What will replace them? I can't see the MOD funding a new fleet of Hawk T2s. I'd like to have seen a new unit of Tornados painted red..there are quite a few examples with plenty of fatigue life being scrapped. Now they would have made an interesting display... Back to reality...BDAC is negotiating to take into the collection two development aircraft with a particularly strong link to Boscombe Down. No details yet....but watch the BDAC website and social media pages next year.
  13. Yes, she will be marked up as a Tonka, based on the idea that the Tonkas never happened, TSR2 was axed, so we went from Buccaneers and Phantoms to F14 FGRs...
  14. 1/72 scale uses less paint, too. I'm just about to open the 4th can of Humbrol 250 in order to finish off the undersurface! I'm building the weapons load, and have concluded that photo etch brass and resin are, together, the work of the Devil!! Never again! Here we have the 2 ALARM Missiles And waiting in the wings are the 2 bombs... 2 sheets of PE per bomb!! I'm not enjoying this stage, but mounted on the F14 FGR 1 as I call it, they will look good.
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