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  1. Excellent... Hard to believe that there is a Lancaster deep inside every Shak... I'd not realised that the wingspan is so much greater.
  2. Most museums are run by professional museum specialists. BDAC is run by and staffed by, retired members of the RAF, Army Air Corps and people from industry obsessed with aircraft and the history of aircraft in South Wiltshire. We trust our visitors to respect our exhibits and the staff. So far that trust has not been misplaced, perhaps because we are not a mainstream visitor attraction. The last thing the members want, speaking for myself, is a bunch of "professional museum administrators" telling us how to run our collection.
  3. Charlie, Yes, I'll get my pal to scan and 3D print the bits needed!! Aim to re-visit in March/April. We will have the Tornado F1 T, ex BD that arrived at the end of last year, the EE P1 and Avro 707 from Manchester and the Beagle Basset from Boscombe Down. Also arrived since you last came down are the JP5, ex BD and possibly the Hawk, ex BD. The JP5 is a bit say, it was flying in private ownership when someone managed to fill to take off at North Weald. The AIB report will be interesting as it was above takeoff speed...when it ran off the end of the runway. The Lancaster B1 Special is making great progress and the final fit out starts next month.
  4. The announcement of the new 124th Spitfire IX and the CAD images on the airfix website caused me to re-read this thread, it was as captivating today as it was those years ago. I was delayed in starting the Mk 1 and now I'm glad as I plan to build the Mk IX in parallel with the Mk 1, using much of the Mk IX detail as a reference for the Mk I. I think it will be fun!
  5. I have the Mk 1 in 1/24th and the Mk 9 on order. When it arrives I'll do a parallel build. This is a nice 1:1 scale Mk 9 Kit.... Now built and sitting on a pole alongside Castle Road, Salisbury... Moulded from fiber reinforced plastic and with a steel structure, so I think it can be called a plastic kit?
  6. Excellent... both modelling and photography!
  7. This is my favourite Buccaneer photo... improbable? Yes. But it happened during trials of the refueling system of the Tristar at Boscombe Down. The photo is probably Copyright MOD, but was given to me by an ex project manager. The buddy refueling pods on the Buc weren't really designed for that use and immediately after the photo the Buc pilot had to go bac to get his fuel back, so the story goes!
  8. I think a good challenge is to build both, and see which one is the best and/or which one drives me to drink!!
  9. Possibly worth comment that the most precisely engineered and moulded kits came from a "business" that ceased trading, Wingnut Wings. I suspect that the business never made any real money for the owner. Airfix has to satisfy its owners, maintain a position in the market place and keep the buyers coming forward. As far as the new 2022 range is concerned: I've ordered the 1/24 Spitfire because, well, I had to. I'll build it alongside the vintage 1/24th Mk 1 from my stash. I've ordered the 1/48th Buccaneer because I bottled out of building the old one in my stash, far, far to many horror stories. But I might do a parallel build... I've ordered the Anson because it is clear Airfix will never make on as a 1/24th, which I'd requested. I've had a love affair with the Anson for years. No logical reason. As to accuracy.. I'm involved with a Museum that restores relatively modern aircraft. Even from the 1960s there are no really accurate drawings. So Airfix uses LIDAR and other scanning technology and builds from there. But an aircraft, built in 1974 and withdrawn from service 2019 is not exactly as built. Many, many parts have been changed, so the Hawk we have, XX154, has had so many refurbishments and replacement parts it just like "Triggers Broom". Only the cockpit area is as it left Dunsfold, all those years ago. We should not obsess with theoretical accuracy, but focus on "does it look right". The Airfix Vampire is based, in part, on data from one in a museum in Finland. It may, or may not, be representative of an equivalent RAF one. Photo inspection is key, if that is important to you. Just the ramblings of someone who has been building Airfix kits since they were 2/-., sold in a poly bag by Woolworths and contained only a few parts. If I recall correctly the 1/72 scale Spitfire had solid wings with "representative" wheel wells. Enjoy your modelling, nothing else really matters.
  10. I wrote multiple times requesting a 1/24th TSR 2. I'll just have to put up with the Spitfire... I also asked for a 1/24th F35...
  11. I've already pre ordered three! For me, the str is the 1/48 Anson, I remember making 2 of 3 copies of the old 1/72 scale kit and was captivated by it. The Spitfire IX is incredibly welcome, I should have finished the re-issued vintage Mark 1 when it arrives. Last, but by no means least, the Buccaneer. In my stash I have the old 1/48 kit, a real terror to build I understand so I never faced up to the challenge! That will be an interesting comparison build. For next year I'd love a 1/24 EE Lightning.... Overall, well done Airfix!
  12. Brilliant.. ordered, and the bottle holders!! £40.00 well spent!
  13. Looking good... Related Question... where did you get the adjustable support device, I tend to make them as needed from foam board, but your's looks far superior!!
  14. This is a reasonably recent photo of a restored F3 from the RCAF. Strange colours.... But it makes the point that most of the panels are virtually invisible.
  15. Some really good photos and drawings of the cockpit in Canadian Vampires to be fond here.. http://aviation.watergeek.eu/vampire.html The airfix seat really isn't good enough.....
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