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  1. Nice job. I have the Arma Hobby Yak 1 in my pile, you may well have moved it up the queue a good few places
  2. Very interesting thread. I do have a bit of a soft spot for 'dawn of flight' type subjects, so you now have my attention!
  3. This is one amazing piece of work. Following, even though you've nearly finished!
  4. Just as well you did, or I might have completely missed this excellent thread. I am following this now, all I need to do is go find the thread for the vehicle
  5. Hard work it may have been, but the result does you great credit. I know what you mean, though, having had similar struggles with other kits.
  6. Thanks, @Homer and @Muchmirth , and belatedly to @Jasper dog for your kind comments, they are much appreciated.
  7. Fantastic work, with some superb photos to show it off, too.
  8. Apologies for resurrecting this old thread of mine. Not to garner additional 'likes' or comments as such, but rather to share some information I found today. For a bit of background, the 3RTR Regimental Diary I quoted from towards the end of the WIP thread for this model, mentioned that at the close of 1st September 1942, there were 5 Other Ranks and 1 officer listed as wounded. I knew that my father was one of the ORs; however, I was always curious to know who the other 4 might have been. Until today! A chance find on Findmypast.co.uk revealed the casualty records for that area on the day my father was wounded - 4 of whom also belonged to 3RTR. They were: 7906678 BAKER, G 3857910 DAWSON, J 7907310 DUNN, W N 7890067 WILMOTT, J It's a long shot I know, but if anyone knows anything about any of these people, I'd be very keen to hear from you. I found the documents here: https://search.findmypast.co.uk/search-world-records/british-army-casualty-lists-1939-1945 in case anyone would wish to do a search of their own.
  9. I knew this was going to be a stunner the moment I first saw your start on it... and I was right. A fantastic result, and a thoroughly enjoyable WIP thread to go with it. Well done sir.
  10. Nice job on an ancient kit. I did mine in a plain colour as I couldn't work out how to do the lozenge pattern, so kudos to you for your result
  11. Great work, especially given the scale I don't do ships often, but the story of HMS Campbeltown and the raid on St Nazaire Docks (Operation Chariot) is for me, among the most insane of the whole of WW2. I'd recommend anyone to go on You Tube and look for the video on the 'Timeline' channel, as told by Jeremy Clarkson - well worth an hour of anyone's time.
  12. Hard to believe this is 1:72, it's that good.
  13. Welcome Mr Freester! It's a well-trodden path that you have described, one which I too have followed. My first efforts were similarly unpainted, the only embellishments were my own fingerprints at strategic points around the model courtesy of an overgenerous application of glue from that awful squeezy metal tube. At least I had proof of ownership Enjoy your project with your lad, and share some work in progress pics with us
  14. Nice job, you've done more modelling here than I have in the last 2 months, and I don't even have work to occupy me!
  15. Wonderful work, as ever. Nice switch with the Model T also, do I sense an idea for a small(ish) diorama starting to formulate?
  16. Great work Bill - personally, I believe this would be a worthy winner in any show.
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