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  1. Hi all, apologies if the initial title confused anyone - no, this is not a perverse rehash of that hideous girl-band song from the 90s. This is a new one on me in a number of ways; firstly, I've never started another project whilst still having one on the boil as it were. Secondly, to my knowledge this is my first go at an Italeri offering, although I have several such kits in my pile right now. It also represents my first go at something where major surgery will be required in order to get it to the required shape! Interestingly, the venture also appears to be a first for this forum - a fairly comprehensive search has not returned any WIP for this particular aircraft; unless anyone knows different, in which case please can you point me in its direction! It may be some days before I am even able to make a start, so I will use some of that time to look into what exactly I will need to do. First though, I would like to acknowledge the generosity of Mr @Bungled in forwarding to me the kit that will now form the basis for this project. It's currently missing any kind of front windscreen clear part, which according to Messrs Italeri will cost me the princely sum of 5-6 Euro to replace - assuming they are even able to locate replacements At the present time I am thinking of modelling the aircraft as used by Canadian Airways Ltd (registration CF-ARM) - sourcing suitable decals for that could prove problematic! Another challenge will be obtaining an appropriate propeller(s) - reference pics show that what at first sight was a 4-blade prop, was in fact two 2-blade props at right-angles to each other on the one shaft! The problem is, the prop blades are longer than the existing 2-blade props in the kit. So there it is, that's the plan - let the laughter commence...
  2. That looks excellent!
  3. Yes, apparently it could be fitted with floats or skis, which made it pretty much the perfect mode of transport for Canada!
  4. [From Wikipedia] "In its original configuration, designated the Ju 52/1m, the Ju 52 was a single-engined aircraft, powered by either a BMW IV or Junkers liquid-cooled V-12 engine. However, the single-engined model was underpowered, and after seven prototypes had been completed, all subsequent Ju 52s were built with three radial engines as the Ju 52/3m (drei motoren—'three engines')." Apparently the aircraft acquired by Canadian Airways Ltd was the 6th of the 7 built in this single-engine configuration.
  5. I've had worse things said about me!
  6. Hi all, herewith my latest assault on the mountain of boxes now surrounding me - and in this choice, more 'firsts' are encountered: my first RS Models kit, and if I am not mistaken my first Italian fighter subject! The intention is to accept all the flaws in the moulding (as I wouldn't know them anyway). That said, I have sourced some rather fancy after-market PE courtesy of Brengun and the Big H (again), so hopefully it will enhance the look of the thing. No progress to report as yet, just setting a stake in the ground as it were. OK, one photo to kick off with - the box-art: Oh, and the decals/colour callouts: The markings look really sharp, which is good; however, I am somewhat underwhelmed by the all-over green colour. I was kind of hoping to have a crack at a mottled desert-type camo or similar, but to date I've found no reference photos to suggest they ever flew over North Africa. If anyone on here well versed in such matters could provide some other alternatives, I'd be interested to see them! Tally Ho, Yellow!
  7. Thanks Giorgio Thanks Stuart - I guess I was (and still am!) more angry with myself than the kit, but in my calmer moments I would accept that it's all part of the joy of the hobby More progress today. Having previously sprayed the spinner half black, half white as per the instructions, I tried a dry-fit of the prop assembly: I then fitted the ailerons and the rudder with minor deflections, and carefully pushed some crumpled up masking tape into the wheel wells in preparation for spray priming. I also fashioned a pair of 'bootees' to cover the undercarriage legs: With that, I was then able to prime with Tamiya rattle-can primer: As expected, this has shown up a few areas where my initial attempts at filling came up short - so I will need to revisit those. But, it's coming along! Thanks for watching
  8. clive_t

    Junkers 52 Medical

    I shall follow this as I have a 'Ju' in the pipeline just awaiting some bench space! Looking forward to seeing how you get on
  9. Looking great. No doubt about it, though, she is a beast in this scale!
  10. In light of the revelations above, thanks to Stuart and Giorgio, I have made another minor step forward: The moveable canopy section is temporarily held in place with a few drops of PVA - should be relatively straightforward to remove and re-locate when the time comes. As you can also see I've fitted the rear wings - next stop, a bit of spray primer to better ascertain the extent of the damage on the front wings. Thanks all for stopping by, and of course for your suggestions - much appreciated as ever.
  11. Ah, I see! That did not occur to me even for one second, so thanks for the heads up!
  12. Do you mean the inside of the canopy?
  13. Thanks Stuart, not sure how this will turn out now but I am going to persevere with it
  14. You're right both, if nothing else I can practice my airbrushing on it I've turned my attention to the remaining control surfaces - as with the others I wanted them deflected away from the normal position, and I have seen pics of these aircraft with their rear flaps down whilst parked, so I've gone with that look: I also successfully parted the opening portion of the canopy from the front windscreen, then masked both parts with small lumps of Tamiya masking tape: At this point I was able to fit the front part to the fuselage - and in doing so, noticed that somewhere along the line I'd lost the gunsight reflector . Another one was made up from some scrap acetate sheet. the windscreen should at least offer some protection against further accidents: For priming/painting I will have the canopy temporarily closed: So, not what one would call a rescue job (still looks a mess) but at least some small wins this afternoon. Thanks for looking
  15. Further progress late last night, followed by howls of anguish this morning. A painful lesson about not rushing things, and checking your dry-fits fully before committing to gluing: I think it's a combination of my stupidity, my impatience and the wheel well PE sets causing the wing halves to not close fully. I thought I had clamped it, but evidently not properly - due at least in part to the undercarriage legs being in the way, something I've not had to contend with before. Not only that, but what I thought was a perfect fit between the fuselage, the wing lower half and the wing upper halves proved not to be the case. The left upper wing half is now slightly - but noticeably - out of alignment! At this point the build was teetering on the brink of the bin, and it may yet happen, but this morning I have attempted something of a half-hearted rescue by the liberal application of some PPP to plug the gaping holes: I am currently in two minds as to whether I continue with this or not. I'll set it aside and see how I feel about it later.
  16. That's looking great I saw a video clip on YouTube recently where the guy was explaining the importance of having a moisture trap on the air line. I wonder if moisture in your air supply is causing this 'droplet' issue you're having? He suggested it was more of an issue in places of high humidity, but I thought it worth mentioning here just in case.
  17. Thank you Giorgio, much appreciated Anil, not me mate sorry. Today I have mostly been grandchild wrangling apart from a brief sliver of 'me' time which was enough to stick the fuselage to the lower wing part. Hope you managed to bag a bargain
  18. Nice one. How does the new airbrush feel compared to the previous one you were using?
  19. Well I never knew that! Always something new to learn on here, thanks Troy!
  20. Looking good Only a minor point, and it's your model so your choice, but my understanding is that the ailerons (the outer control surfaces on the wings) deflect in opposite directions. The flaps (for reducing speed whilst maintaining lift) both go in the same direction. No criticism intended, you understand
  21. Thanks Giorgio, although I am having issues with some of the PE parts! Having looked at the decal sheet for this, I am probably going to finish this as 362/5, for no other reason that it has the red 'Sagittario' motif on the tail, as opposed to 362/2 which has the motif in white. Lacking any real knowledge of either of these aircraft, it seemed as good a reason as any Thanks Chris, nice to see this as there don't seem to be many online references to Re.2005 cockpit interiors. not that mine looks anything like this, of course! Looking forward to seeing how yours turns out Dennis Thanks again Giorgio, I think I now have mine slightly further to the right than it should be, but seeing as I have the fuselage zipped up I will not be tempting fate by trying to relocate it! Anyway, some faltering progress since my last update. The ventral radiator bath ( as I now know it to be ) was fixed to the underside of the wing section: I was about to try and fit the wheel well PE to the lower wing half, when I noticed one of the microscopically small pieces had gone missing. I don't know which is worse: witnessing a piece of brass so small that excising it from its sprue would constitute splitting the atom, fly off into the stratosphere; or to notice said collection of brass molecules were no longer in situ, with nary a hint of when or where the calamity occurred! In any event, I decided out of sheer bloody-mindedness to make a replacement, and the carpet monster and the bench beast can both go hang, so there! Here was my replacement in place, fashioned from an offcut of very thin styrene: As mentioned earlier, before fitting the wheel wells, I had to get the undercarriage in place. Wheels down, as is my habit: Then at last, I was able to fit the brass wheel wells, and unite the fuselage to the lower wing assembly - hoping all the while that my dry-fitting of the wing upper halves as not been incorrectly done: That's where I am right now, waiting for all this to dry. Thanks for watching!