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  1. Looks brilliant! What brand of primer did you use? (I messed up one of my current models, due to grainy primer...)
  2. Bright and shiny! Since I took up scale modelling again after a hibernation of about 30 years, I'm reading new tips and tricks on websites like this. One tip I learned from a Dutch Facebook group was spraying a model in high gloss finish, before applying decals to avoid the silvering effect. And so I did, two layers of 'Vallejo Gloss Acrylic Varnish' seem to do the trick: Up next: decals! Cheers, Rob
  3. Ha, same here! I fear I have to take a deep breath before starting building it (in a couple of years...), but it's good to see how you are going. I'll pull up a chair and follow your progress. Cordialement, Rob
  4. Wonderful! I'll try and see if I can find this ESCI box in the future, for now I'm too busy finishing this project before the modelling season ends. Time's running... Mazzels, Rob
  5. Thanks for the advice @alt-92, It's surely worth considering! Ah, great! I knew there were early plans to paint them in these colors, but I never found any picture of it, thanks! Very tempting... Cheerio, Rob
  6. Black Nose Day Another milestone I was really looking forward to, was applying black paint to the noses. That worked out pretty well, it is starting to look more and more like it. 'Cut and shave please': Cheers, Rob
  7. Hi @TheyJammedKenny!, Until now I mostly used AMMO Mig and Vallejo spray paints, which definitely need to be thinned. With MRP this was not the case, I did not thin it at all and that worked pretty good. On the other hand I found it more difficult to clean my gear afterwards, the paint is more sticky. Furthermore I really felt the need to open a window during my spraying sessions, which was not the case with the other brands. About the pressure used: I have a rather basic set, with only three options available: rare, medium and well-done. So, I can't tell you anything about bar or PSIs... Cheers, Rob
  8. Both models now in their camouflage livery. Progress is slow, but steady, ahem. For the Italery kit I used MRP, that was er... educative. Cheers, Rob
  9. A milestone I was really looking forward to when I started this project was the moment that I would apply the green/grey livery to the Revell kit. Well, it took me multiple spraying sessions but here it is: The tail was still in plasters when I took the photo, but I was too excited to wait with posting it here! Boy oh boy, if only this had been the standard KLu F-16 c/s... More pics next time. Cheers, Rob
  10. Oh boy, when I read this line I thought you had posted your reference pics first, and that the model photos would follow... Absolutely stunning! Cheers, Rob
  11. Nice! I have the very same kit lying waiting to be build, so I pulled up a chair. Good luck, Rob
  12. Hi @dr_gn, what a wondeful build! I pulled up a chair, keen to witness your progressions. I myself have a 1:72 Heller Viggen lying waiting to be build, and I really would like to add the resin RAT, too. I couldn't find the bag in your opening picture, would you mind letting me know the hyperlink through which I might find this part? Cheers, Rob
  13. Hello again! For the Italeri kit I ordered a pilot... ...who turned out to be a little shorter than the average Dutch guy: So, I gave him a putty cushion to sit on: Belly business... Now that I decided to build the Italeri kit like J-219 with ventral tank, I had to close the gap I had made myself. Pressing 'Ctrl+Z' didn't work, so putty to the rescue: Was: Is: More putty: I shut down the blue light on top of the fuselage. Was: Is: Primer time! My favorite stage in the process, covering all corrections, putty, scratches and paint problems under a nice equally light grey blanket: Alas I realized too late I still had to add the 'nose knobs' on the Italeri kit... When adding the port side knob, it fell off my finger and I spent about 15 minutes with my nose on the desk, carefully breathing, before I found it again... @alt-92: The noses look quite familiar to me, so I think they are alright. However, the Revell kit had a kind of side tube to the pitot, no idea where that came from! I chopped it off, but when one looks closely the scars can still be seen... To maintain the 'zeitgeist' I don't bother to buy a fine detailed metal tube on the aftermarket, it wouldn't match the rest of the kit's looks. Cheers, Rob
  14. Right on my bookshelf as well! Ahem, what is a FSD nose? Cheers, Rob
  15. Intake issues. Both kits have a challenging way of adding the intake section, but I managed somehow. I am glad this part of the NF-16 modification was abandoned! It reads 'Also, in accordance with the current political structure, the 'en face' appearance of the NF-16 will be adjusted. The expression of imperialist complacency will be replaced by an expression of progressive restraint. Performance is therefore not affected.' The wall thickness of the Italeri entry is thinner than its Revell counterpart, and adding the metal look rim felt like putting on lipstick! What I do like about the Revell kit, is that one can see the motor sitting in its place. The Italeri kit bluntly stops, no sign of a motor whatsoever. Status report picture: Cheers, Rob
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