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  1. This model looks great! As a coincidence, I recently finished '221' as a 1/72 kit from PM models, check my post in this topic, posted May 13. I have this very 1/48 model lying waiting to be built next, but I doubt if it will end up like yours - this one looks superb! Cheers, Rob
  2. Hi all, Thanks to the covid-19 measures and a surprise Christmas present from my wife I took up scale modelling again after over 25 years of absence! However, my skills were not that good anymore and things in the scale modelling business appeared to have developed considerably, and after two false starts on 1:72 RAF Phantoms (@iainpeden: I still have the tanks!) I tried to boost my self-confidence on this simple 1:72 Fokker D.XXI. The kit is very simple and doesn't fit nicely on most parts (check canopy), and an eyesore is the colour blue in the roundel and on the fin, w
  3. Thank you! I haven't searched for these exact paints yet, but I should be able to find the right ones, now. Now, I noticed that Revell forgot to point out the colours of the nose cone and the humps on top of the fuselage (encircled): Do you happen to know these paint numbers, too? Best regards, Rob
  4. Hi there, Recently I bought the Revell 1:48 Swiss Hornet kit, and according to the instructions I should mix two paints for both upper and lower outer surfaces (Revell 371+374 in two different blends). I'm not keen on mixing paints, so anyone for the official FS or RAL numbers? Cheers, Rob
  5. Thank you guys! After reading my message again, I realize I've twisted the truth a bit, I'm sorry. The point is that I currently have two Phantom kits in progress: one Matchbox oldie and a newer Airfix one. For both sentimental and practical reasons (no Radar Warning Receiver) I want the Matchbox one to look like the grey XV430/C of 19 Sqn, which I photographed in 1982 in the RAF Wildenrath approach. For the painting instructions I turned to the Airfix model kit, because the Matchbox kit is from 1975 I believe, when the grey schemes hadn't been applied yet. Hence the question about the gr
  6. Haha, but no, not on a short notice. I have two RAF Phantoms, a RAF Buccaneer, a Viggen plus this Mirage III lying waiting first.
  7. Good day to all, After reading a new album of my favourite comic series 'Tanguy et Laverdure' last year... ... I let it slip that I once wanted to build a model kit of a Mirage III. I hadn't built a scale model for over 25 years, but I thought a modest 1:72 kit wouldn't hurt and I do like the bare metal Mirage IIIs. However, my wife remembered my rash statement and next Christmas she gave me this enormous 1:32 Revell kit! So, now I was more or less obliged to take up my modelling skills again but I did, and I really enjoy it. Befo
  8. Dear all, I am about to build the Airfix 1:72 Phantom FGR.2 scale model, but after studying the color schemes I am a bit puzzled. For the No.1435 Flight version (1991), it reads Barley Grey BS 381C.626 (equals Humbrol 167 apparently) is needed for fuselage and wing upper sides. However, according to color schemes by Model Decal and AirDOC, this should be Barley Grey BS 4800.118.21. Now, I want my model to represent XV430/C of 19 squadron (1982), so is the 'Falklands grey' actually different from the 'RAFG grey'? And if so, can anyone give me correct paint code for BS 4800.118.
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