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  1. I’m not a big fan of pre-shading ( mostly because I’m rubbish at it ) I tend to go for post shading, on my PR 1G I used pastels and ran some very pale water colour into the panel lines. If I still have the pictures I’ll post some if you’re interested but you won’t hurt my feelings by saying no. John
  2. Nice work on the internals with just one comment. I'm not convinced that the panel on the port side just ahead of the slot for the frame ( a cover for some control wires/cables ) was painted black on early Spitfires, I've seen it on later marks like XVIs and restored aircraft but on earlier marks I think it was grey/green. Keep up the good work. John.
  3. Good progress, looking forward to the cockpit. John. PS: In my case it’s retirement that’s the bane of the modeller’s life, I spend a lot less time at the bench now than I did when I worked.
  4. Coming along nicely WP. I have a very small number of Colourcoats paints including Eau-de-Nil and have been impressed by them. They used to be available from a shop in France but unfortunately not any longer, and being enamel it would cost an arm and a leg to get them sent here from the UK. Looking forward to more. John
  5. The fit does indeed look very good, even the wing gun inserts, well on the upper surfaces anyway but you can’t have everything. The gun inserts seem to cause problems on most Mustang kits, the last one I completed was from Meng and they were terrible! Nearly ready for paint, you are a quick worker, well by my standards anyway. John.
  6. Correction to my last, it was an overtrees set which was why the box was more shallow than the other editions. John.
  7. Very nice ( actually that’s a bit of an understatement ). I like Flory washes because you can do subtle with them, it’s too easy to overdo the weathering sometimes. John.
  8. All of the above comments from me. My first Eduard P-51D was a Weekend edition and unfortunately because the Weekend boxes are quite shallow and other bits I had ordered had been stuffed into the same box, the ends of the undercarriage bay rear wall were damaged, one end bent and the other broken off! Looking forward to more. John
  9. OK caught up now, two ex fast jet pilots contributing to you thread, aren’t you a lucky boy. Those of us of a certain age grew up watching Lightning displays and I was extremely lucky as an Air Cadet in 1961 when our summer camp was held at RAF Coltishall where 74 Squadron had recently converted to Lightnings and were the designated RAF display team for that year. On a couple of afternoons we sat on the apron and watched the team practising for the Farnborough Air Show that September with a seven ship formation. Good start on the kit by the way. John PS: in the ‘60s, ‘70s and possibly 80s when display aircraft were allowed to fly over the crowd it was quite common for fast jets to arrive from behind, and I frequently checked my 6 when something noisy was due.
  10. A little late to the party as usual, I’ve only read your magnificent intro so far, but I’ll go back and read the rest properly later. John.
  11. I agree entirely. The port rounded just looks weathered to me rather than damaged. John.
  12. Great job on the markings Rob, nearly there now. John.
  13. It’s difficult to believe that a company which has produced some beautiful aeroplanes also designed the Tunnan! It’s always held a strange fascination for me so I’ll follow along if I may. John
  14. Just when you think you’e winning something else comes along to bite you on the bum! Isn’t always the way. I’m sure you’ll be able to sort it out. John
  15. Beautiful work and a lovely collection CC. How many left in your WIP stash now? John
  16. 60053 would be my choice also for what it’s worth. There were some really wonderful ‘101 schemes if you include the fighters. John
  17. Good to see you back young man, I was thinking about you only yesterday when I saw you mentioned in one of the Telford posts. Looking forward to your unique style again. John PS: I passed up the chance of a (fnaar) a couple of days ago because I didn’t think you were around to see it!
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