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  1. Nice ‘pit, the harness looks particularly good. Whose did you use? John.
  2. Excellent finish, I always have trouble with the inner wing areas but yours look just right to me. John
  3. Also known as the ‘ boat’ aerial ( no idea why ). Ditto on the gull wing area. John
  4. I usually have several kits going at any one time but that’s because I have the attention span of a dead rabbit these days and swap around frequently. I also find that when getting stuck because of a fit/detail problem it helps to leave something for a couple of weeks (months?) and return later, often to find that it wasn’t as bad as it seemed. The downside of this approach is that I have lots of incomplete models and few finished. John
  5. Joining this a little late in the game. It looks like it’s not the easiest of kits but you’re doing a good job. John
  6. The PE parts look good, but some of them would prove too small for me to handle even using tweezers. I believe that the Mig3 used a variety of Sutton harness with holes in the straps which the ones provided in your PE don’t appear to have. John.
  7. A Michelin map of Madeira from Amazon. I actually ordered a precision tweezer set, so there’s presumably someone going on holiday to Madeira with my tweezers!
  8. Not my scale any more, but as I’m following the several other Mk XIV/FR 18 builds it would be churlish not to. John PS: Good luck with the gull wings. might I suggest backing the flat plates with thickish Plasticard ( fixed with tube glue )then attack them with a half round file to create the troughs.
  9. In the Ealing comedies ( yeh I know, most of you will claim to be too young to remember them)
  10. Me too, I think there seems to be an epidemic here. John.
  11. Count me in too please, always liked the SEAC schemes. I have the same Xtradecal sheet too. John PS: I also like the ‘ desert ‘ schemes used in the Middle East, looks like I need at least one more FR 18.
  12. with papiér maché extremities
  13. Blimey! You must be as old as me.
  14. Good work on the undercarriage, I would recommend a Molotow liquid chrome marker pen for the ‘ fescalised ‘ portions. What a great word, never heard it before but will now try to slip it into conversation whenever I can now. John
  15. I have seen at least one photo of an unpainted Mig 3 instrument panel, which would add to you naked look too. I think it was one of my books, I’ll have a look tomorrow to see if I can find it. John
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