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  1. A great loss to comedy. Like many others, he and the original ISIHAC crew ( sadly now mostly gone ) were a significant part of my younger days. RIP Barry and keep’em laughing wherever you are.
  2. I'ma sucker for a Lightning build, so I'm in. I have a two seater conversion for one of mine, can't remember if it's a -4 or -5. John
  3. A couple of pictures from our Winter Wonderland this morning when it was -04C These do not do full justice the the actual scenes, they were taken on my Iphone as the battery was flat in my 'proper' camera, so I didn't get to choose the settings. The forecast for tomorrow is the same so I'll try to get something better. I remarked earlier that I preferred cold to wet weather, but I have to admit that the novelty of filling two 50 litre water buckets for the horses from a couple of 10 litre containers is beginning to wear off. I forgot to unplug and drain the hose a couple of nights ago and it's still frozen solid! Stay warm everyone. John
  4. My LHS in Limoges closed a couple of years ago and now the nearest ‘ proper ‘ model shop is in Bordeaux about 230km away! Like the seats. John
  5. The cockpit detail looks really good, especially when well painted. John
  6. The Magic Roundabout, boing!
  7. D’you mean french jersey? ( a bit like a Guernsey )
  8. Sorry to hear of you primer woes, but looking good now. I’ve used Stynylrez primer a few times but only in black and haven’t had any problems. Perhaps the colour makes a difference to the final outcome, but I don’t see why it should. Is the Mr Color primer very smelly? I’m looking for a replacement for my Halfords grey primer which I can’t get any more from the UK. I’ve ruled out Tamiya primer as SWMBO objects to the odour. John
  9. permitting, things will get
  10. Me too, but I think it may be a bit too big for me in 1/32. John
  11. is not like Guinness. ( The sad face was for the Covid, not the drivel. Hope you feel better soon. )
  12. This is turning into a typical Giorgio masterpiece. Quelle surprise! John
  13. Carol King 'Tapestry' in our car at the moment, over 50 years old! We don't drive much at the moment so the same CD tends to stay in for a while, last month it was The Carpenters.
  14. to the bright side ( all together now )
  15. half pike with twist
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