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  1. She's looking pretty special Dave and as you say the weathering really does bring her to life. Sorry to inundate you with all the 'likes' at once but I've been having trouble replying for the last couple of weeks. You have inspired me to start looking at mine again and I'll be ordering the BAM bits soon, I have the original 'M' release so will need all the help I can get. Cheers. John
  2. Shouldn’t there be a kitchen sink in there somewhere? Looking forward to this. John
  3. Looks good to me. Whenever I have tried to do ‘subtle’ I’ve just ended up losing the pre-shading, so now I just stick to post-shading and washes. John
  4. I’ve having trouble posting lately but pleased to say this one worked first time, so glad to hear from you again. I hope the mojo re-surfaces soon, when you find it tell me where it went because mine has disappeared too. John
  5. Whatever it is, the technology hasn't reached Haute Vienne yet. Very amusing thread. John
  6. And horses of course. As I was watching the horses this morning, two deer came out of the copse alongside the field, looked around then trotted off across the next field. The hunters were about but not very close, so they were probably just playing safe. After that I went shooting, but not at animals. John
  7. PC gone mad! I read today that BA cabin crews have been told not to address passengers as " Ladies and Gentlemen " in their safety briefings. The lunatics really are running the asylum. John PS: For Sale 15litres 95 octane petrol. Collect only.
  8. Good progress Iain, the cockpit looks great. I’m tempted by one of these but at my current build rate it would be about 10 years before I got around to starting it! John
  9. We do our blood tests locally ( Bellac John, probably too far for you ). Just turn up reasonably early, wait in the queue, usually 3 or 4 people, and when the deed’s done we get a code to access the results on the net that day and our doc gets a hard copy. Simples. John
  10. This morning while finishing tidying the stables I looked out across the field ( same one ) to where Frenchie was grazing and saw what I thought was a small deer on the far side of the fence watching him. I didn't think I would get close enough to take a photo so grabbed the binoculars from the tack-room instead and there was the biggest fox I'd ever seen, about the size of our largest Golden Retriever. It continued to watch for a few minutes then wandered off to see what it could find in the field, this was about 1015 so a little late to be out hunting. John
  11. Good work on the IP. Enjoy your time on the river. John
  12. Nice work on the elevators, I hope you've positioned the control column appropriately. John
  13. You're a brave man doing all that to the canopy Terry, not something I would have attempted. More power to your elbow. ( See what I did there, power elbow polish, oh never mind ) John
  14. Looking good, impatient to see the paint now. John
  15. Not here thankfully, the only time there's any queu at our local one is Friday evening when the prices go down for 24 hrs, and then usually only 4 or 5 cars. I don't know about drive towards 'herd immunity', but it looks like 'herd mentality' is gaining ground in the UK.
  16. Planning on converting mine to a FAW1 ( fond memories of Fred's Five ) but I'll watch your anyway, if I may. John PS: I once worked with a guy who spent a lot of time in a Sea Vixen ' coal hole ', he didn't talk about it much.
  17. "Don't fix it, replace it" seems to have become the standard mantra, it probably started with cars.
  18. So sorry to hear about your mum Pat, I’m sure we are all thinking of you at this difficult time. Keep your chin up. John
  19. Just in case I've been painting too rosy a picture of life in rural France, there are some (but not many) downsides, one of which we are experiencing at the moment. Many of the farmers in this area grow maize to use as a winter feed, and we have three fields close by totalling about 25-30 hectares which are currently being harvested. This involves a large yellow machine which chops up the crop and throws it out into a trailer being driven alongside by a large tractor and is a very NOISY operation which leaves the small road running through the hamlet very messy due to the constant procession of tractors and trailers between the fields and farm. This operation will probably take 2-3 days but mustn't grumble. Stay safe everyone and conserve your fuel. Sorry mustn't laugh either. John
  20. I think that all our problems ( mine’s creeping arthritis ) are just an indication of the age of the average BMer. John
  21. Hi Giorgio This is the best I can find at the moment, taken from my well worn Squadron P-51D Walk Around. You can see some of the holes in some photos, and in others where the electrical and hydraulic lines pass through some of the ribs. Perhaps @antonio argudo will come up with some better pics, he likes Mustangs and seems to have lots of photos of them. I was going to suggest looking at one of the 1/32 Revell builds but they don’t have the holes either, bet you wish you hadn’t started the improvements now. Hope this helps John PS: In case you’re wondering about the colours, I think the photos were from a post WW2/Korean War aircraft when everything had been overpainted, probably several times.
  22. Some of the 'ribs' in the wheel wells had holes in them, I'll try to find a photo. John
  23. Good start on the wheel well improvements, I'd call the transverse pieces ribs. Don't forget the holes. John
  24. I’m watching also, I keep telling myself to get a SH Seafire. Good start with the U/C leg. John
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