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  1. Try ICM or Ultracast, both do pilot figures. John
  2. An F-4C centreline tank 1/32 kindly donated by @Scout712, thanks Michael. I was given a Tamiya 1/32 Phantom many years ago and have been collecting bits and pieces for it ever since. All I need now are the correct seats and I can get started. Don’t hold your breath!
  3. Beginning to look like a SuE now. The thing that stops me buying more Kitty Hawk kits is the bad fit ( last one was the Jaguar, which was terrible ) but the plus side is they always include lots of stores. John
  4. Have you thought of asking Tamiya to sell you the cockpit sprue from their 1/32 Mosquito, I did that with a 1/32 Revell Spitfire. Perhaps you’d think that was cheating or too easy., I’m happy for any help I can get these days. Stay safe. John
  5. Thanks @Sabrejet that’s disappointing. I have used the Red Roo conversion set before. Perhaps some enterprising organisation nearer to home will come up with something. Sorry for the hijack @franky boy. John
  6. I’m in, I like an F-86. In your sprue shot there are pieces which looks suspiciously like wing slats but the wing is ‘ hard ‘ with a fence. Is it possible to build a slatted wing version from this kit? John Edit: just seen the multi page thread here on the kit so I’ll go back and read it properly.
  7. I think subtlety is the name of the game with weathering ( with a few exceptions ) and that looks about right to me. John
  8. Just adding mine to the above comments on the door and latch, very realistic. John
  9. A little late to the party as usual. Great work on the cockpit, the original did need a little help, and you’ve certainly done that. John PS: Will you be representing any of the aerial support structure between frames 12 and 13 as the extra wide fuselage will probably make it more visible.
  10. I think that by the time you get the frames, seat and all the other bits you salvaged from the Aires set in place it will be more than adequate.
  11. Looks like an attractive scheme. Most Greek aircraft I’ve seen have been pretty dirty, perhaps this one would have been kept clean because of the anniversary markings. John
  12. It was just my feeble attempt at satire.
  13. Does the UK still qualify for the EUROvision Song Contest?
  14. Looks a bit ‘ Lindberg-ish ‘ to me, especially the silver plastic. John
  15. OH DEAR, or words to that effect! So thats Alclad primer off my shopping list, I've never had much success with their metallic paints either. I'll just stick to Halfords rattle-can acrylic primer. Keep on keeping on. John
  16. Oh good, I thought they’d forgotten about it. John
  17. I used to think that Meteo France were pretty accurate, but not any more. We had the same forecast for Friday and on the way home from collecting our shopping late morning we had heavy rain and hail! John
  18. Haha, each to his own. Thinking about it, you would need to hold it as above when operating the brake lever but for normal flying I was told to hold it across the top, during my extensive Spitfire flying time ( about 10-12 minutes) John
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