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  1. I wouldn’t worry too much about the weathering either, it’s a very subjective thing. Start something new and come back to it after a while if necessary, or just leave it as a clean aircraft. John
  2. Oh bummer, and it was going so well. I was looking at the gauzy compound a couple of days ago with a view to getting some, perhaps I’ll stick with Klear for now. Hope you don’t have to wait too long for the replacement. Keep smiling. John
  3. It might be your first build here but it’s plain to see that you’re not a beginner. Great job so far. John
  4. Splendid! Great save on the canopy. John
  5. A man with a mini-digger arrived this morning to clear the remaining brambles and tree stumps from our new garden extension, and prepare for the laying of a new patio in a couple of weeks. During the course of clearing the land we have discovered a well, the remains of a dry stone wall, and various pieces of ironmongery both domestic and agricultural. Stay safe everyone. John
  6. A pair of Paveway IV LGBs and a Terma pod for a forthcoming Harrier project, sourced from France and Germany respectively as the UK/EU trading situation becomes increasingly ludicrous.
  7. This was going to be my original post but a word got deleted. So you’re not going to make the bracing wires in tiny aerofoil section then? John
  8. So you’re not going to make the bracing wires in tiny section then? There was a Rapide on the UK airshow circuit many years ago which whistled when it flew because the bracing wires were not quite lined up with the airflow. Good work with the holes. John
  9. Me too. ( funny, I always seem to be one step behind Chris ). Is this going to be another silk purse from a sow’s ear we ask ourselves? Good Luck. John PS: Pity about the seats, they look splendid. You’ll just have to build one in 1/48 as well.
  10. Success! I re-primed the port wing this morning and re-painted everything this afternoon and it looks good so far. It's been a long time since I've sprayed Xtracrylix, I tend to use it for brush painting, and I didn't read the instructions. I'll post some pictures when I have something to show. Stay safe everyone . John
  11. Fantastic job, very convincing weathering. John PS watching your build has inspired me to dig out my old Hasegawa F-104C and finish it properly. First job will be to remove the Alclad and start again.
  12. You've done a great job on the cowling. The whole nose area looks better than the Trumpeter version which just looks wrong to me. John
  13. Thanks for the sympathy guys. My initial thought was that the Lifecolour paints had reacted with the Xtracrylix, but it was on both wings and tailplanes so why only one wing? It will have to remain a mystery because I won’t be trying that particular experiment again soon. John'
  14. Both my Anglias ( 100E and 105E ) were like that I had a very large spanner for the purpose. We had a winch on the ATC gliding school where I was a Staff Cadet which did it, we used the emergency axe to wallop it. John
  15. The best laid plans etc. I used Xtracrylix for the dark blue/grey colour and my first mistake was to thin it by 30% having forgotten that Xtracrylix recommends 15-20% so it ran off like water. I adjusted the mix and started again and initially all went well. I tried the tailplanes first and got to the stage where the pre-shading was still just a little too prominent and gave it one more thin coat and the marbling disappeared leaving just a hint of the black on the panel lines, so I settled for that. OK I thought, I’ll try the wings, where I managed to cover everything completely. At th
  16. My first car was an Anglia, the 100E variety with three forward gears and wipers driven by a vacuum pump which used to die when you tried to accelerate up hill! John
  17. And again. The Flory sand looks good, I haven’t tried mine yet but I have a plan. John
  18. I’ve just found this also, having just finished watching your excellent Harrier build. I’ll go back tI the beginning again and read it properly. John
  19. I hope those codes came in batches and not individuals. John
  20. The upper/lower demarcation is indeed splendid. The mention of the forward nozzle colour has triggered a memory, I remember them being the fuselage colour at some time but can’t remember when. The colour of the rear nozzles and heat shields looks spot on to me though. John
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