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  1. Hi Stix, thank you very much for the painting advice, i have ordered humbrol brushes which should arrive on on Tuesday. I have just asked my sister for a small plate which she has given me to use for painting. I have got a few cheap brushes which to be honest are not good i don't think. I have 2 flat brushes which lumps of paint gather then get transferred to the model, Do i paint in one direction or is it best to brush back and forth? I think that trying it your way will be better.
  2. Hi im building a 1 72 panzer 4 G, I'm at the painting stage and even though i brush painted it thinly, the paintwork looks patchy. I never know how much water to add to my revel aqua paint, so i thought, would a wet palette help? This is what i do now to thin my paint, i dip my brush into the paint pot and take some paint from my brush to a palette and then add one squirt of water to the paint. If i had a wet palette that blob of paint would be thinned straight away. That's how i look at it, i don't know, what do you think? Thanks Ash
  3. Hi thanks for the suggestions. I'm also searching for books on tanks of ww2, i've got a book called Tank Hunter which looks at ww1 tanks, can you suggest a book that looks at ww2 tanks please and is accurate. Thanks. Ash
  4. Thanks, I've added him. Ash
  5. Hi my name's Ash and im trying to learn about World War one, especially ww1 tanks. Are there any good Documentaries online about ww1 tanks, especially british tanks.
  6. alecras234

    tank weathering

    Hi i'm Ash and i'm disabled and i use a wheelchair. I have limited movement and can only use my left hand. I haven't been scale modelling for long. I had 2 boxes of armourfast kits, they are ww2 tanks which can be easily built and i found them easy to build. I have painted one which is the Panzer 4 G, but this is what i want to know. For weathering, how do i know how much weathering to do on the Panzer 4 G? Do i look at images of the tank that i want to weather and copy the image or what do modellers do to know how much weathering to do? I have painted my Panzer in light grey with black tracks, i have dry brushed a little silver on the tracks. I have dark dirt clay wash for weathering.
  7. what varnish should i use?
  8. Can i use humbrol clear gloss varnish for clear parts. I want my windows to be clear.
  9. Hi thanks for your help. I brush paint with acrylics, so what you're saying is to paint the back of the headlight, should i paint the back area a watery grey or should i leave the center of the headlight unpainted?
  10. Do i paint whole of the back of the clear part? This guy is doing the same model as me but i can't tell where he's painting on the front and rear lights. e starts painting the parts at 14:48
  11. Hi my name's Ash and i live in north wales. I'm building a 1 35 airfix mini cooper s, i've nearly finished the build but im a the stage now where im to add the clear parts. The head lights and rear lights are next, I'm a little apprehensive because i don't want to ruin my build at this stage. Do i paint the headlights, if so where on the headlights or do i put paint on the model where the headlight/brake lights go?
  12. alecras234

    painting 109

    Thanks for the info guys. I have painted the tops of the wings in light olive but the panel lines are faint. Do i need to worry about them being faint? i'm going to give them a wash later to bring out the panel lines, but right now the look faint. Ash
  13. alecras234

    painting 109

    I've got 45 Light olive, 39 Dark green and 49 light blue, are they they three paints that i need?
  14. alecras234

    painting 109

    im doing the Franz Von Werra model. Are the paint numbers ok to use? this isnt mine.
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