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  1. Hi i'm thinking of giving up on m y model making because they don't go right for me. I can get paint on ok now but i don't know how to weather. I have used a clay wash on my panzer iv buti didn't like the look and with my hands found it difficult to remove with a tissue as i brushed it on all over the model. I saw my mate's models and he uses black primer and then the black shows through the paint here and there, so i thought that looks nice but i don't know how to get that effect with a paintbrush. He uses an airbrush, i use a paintbrush, i don't want to use an airbrush. I'm sure there are lots of techniques with a paintbrush, i just wish i knew them. Ash
  2. No, i'll check out his channel, thanks. Ash
  3. Hi guys thanks for all your replies with advice. I was watching this guy on you tube, he's a wargamer and he builds tanks, he uses acrylic paint like i do, he was showing how he paints his 1 72 scale tanks. He primes them in black then dry brushes brown all over until the model is covered in brown but the dark shadows and panel lines show through because of the black primer underneath, he does this dry brushing until the whole model is covered in a camo scheme. I thought it would be good to preserve the shadow areas on my builds but would his technique work on larger 1 35 scale? I was also thinking maybe weathering powders are the way to go. Am i right in thinking that to create highlights i dab on a light weathering powder and then i could dab on rust powder here and there? i'd rather use washes though.
  4. Hi what's the best method of weathering a tank in acrylics, hand brush painted? I'm still having difficulty. I've tried painting the tank green, adding yellow here and there for highlights then applying a dark clay wash and i've even tried adding water on top of the base later so that when i drop yellow it'll spread and blend in, nope didn't look right. Do i have to weather, is it essential? Can't i just use a dark clay wash to bring out panel lines and leave the wash here and there? By the way, I do watch you tube videos on weathering tanks but they are all airbrushed which is no help to me as i hand brush paint. Ash
  5. Hi guys im sorry to ask this again but i want to get it straight in my head. I use acrylic paint and a brush, not an airbrush. After painting my Panzer tank, should i give it a very light filter and then add a dark clay wash then wipe the wash off followed by chipping? Do i use the weathering powders for the wheels and tracks? Thanks. Ash
  6. Hi can you explain more please? So you're saying let the dark wash do most of the weathering, is that right? After the base coat which is green, brown or something do i then put varnish on then the dark wash, then after the dark wash what do i do? Thank you Ash
  7. Hi my name's Ash, im 43 and i'm disabled and use a wheelchair. I enjoy building scale models but recently i've found that i'm better at building AFV'S. I have a Panzer IV to build in 1:35 scale which i'll get around to soon. I use acrylic paint and use a paint brush not an airbrush. The thing that's worrying me is the weathering, i've been practicing on an old SU 100 tank where i apply two thin washes of green, then this is where im having problems, applying highlights, i just brush yellow here and there, it doesn't look right, then after varnish i applied a dark dirt wash then when it was dry wiped some wash off, and applied chipping. How else other than dabbing yellow here and there can i highlight areas? Do i have to highlight or can i go straight on with the wash? Thanks. Ash
  8. alecras234


    WHAT?? I'm new to this, i haven't had decals break before, what do you suggest i do? The decals that broke said, 2N+EN. Ash
  9. alecras234


    yes, it's a 1 72 scale kit by Hobbyboss of the Messerschmitt BF110 E1 class.
  10. alecras234


    Ruined my decals that go on one side of the fuselage, it reads 2N + EN. It's the 2N that broke. How do i get the same decals again please? Do they have to be the same? The model is E class but I was looking at these decals, will they do? https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/HUN72152?result-token=tv4G1&fbclid=IwAR1XQyPrbkKJ1jG0rZHB6-LaZBBFcKXudWLNzh48eQkT-3z-H_9972lhSxY Ash
  11. alecras234


    i use a paintbrush and acrylic paint, do i tthin the Alclad 2 aqua gloss with water? can i use any gloss varnish that's ok with a clay wash on top?
  12. alecras234


    I thought of using Alclad 2aqua gloss varnish before applying decals and then using windor and newton matt to seal the deals and to take shine off the model. Do i decant the Alclad into a pot and apply little amounts? Can i wash my brush in soapy water after using the alclad 2 aqua gloss ? Ash
  13. alecras234


    ok thanks, i don't have humbrol gloss anymore as i was told it's horrible stuff and modellers have problems with it. In the past when i've used humbrol gloss it left white marks here and there which i couldn't get rid of. Anyway should i use the windsor and newton matt varnish instead of Alclad 2 aqua gloss varnish?
  14. alecras234


    Hi yes sorry, so i left the humbrol gloss varnish 30 minutes then i applied the dark dirt clay wash. I have a bottle of Windsor and Newton matt varnish, shall i use that instead of applying Alclad 2 aqua gloss? I'm a little apprehensive to using the Alclad as it's meant to be used with an airbrush and not a paintbrush, which i didn't realise. I was lead to believe that for using clay wash i can only use certain varnishes.
  15. alecras234


    Hi happy new year to you all. I'd like some advice please. I paint models using a paintbrush and i use acrylic paints. Last year I built and painted a 1 48 scale bf109, i used humbrol klear gloss varnish before applying decals and then i brushed on more humbrol klear gloss varnish to apply a dark dirt clay wash. After five, ten minutes i couldn't get the clay wash off, it had stuck to the humbrol varnish. I've built and painted a 1 72 scale bf110, i was told that i can brush paint Alclad 2 aqua gloss varnish as the clay wash won't stick to the Alclad varnish. How should i use the Alclad 2aqua varnish, do i shake the bottle first then dip my flat brush in the bottle? I've never used this Alclad varnish so what's the process with a paint brush please? Ash
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