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  1. Nice to see these old posts pop up again! Pat, Indeed it does, what you see is in the kit, (apart from the rigging of course). Thanks for the renewed interest & comments, Cheers John
  2. Based on the fact that sooner or later the wife is going to find out about my order,
  3. Nice collection Mike, some interesting looking aircraft in there. The Sea Vixen & Javelin especially. Jeff, I had similar thought, and used a bit of tubing pushed in and trimmed off. I took a photo but forgot to include it in my initial post. This was after they were trimmed flush, but before I reamed them out a bit more. It probably would have been better to fit the tubing in before cementing the wings togther. Now I'm not saying that Chris keeps starting too many kits, and then another, and another.... But I nipped around to his house the other day, and the computer tower was holding this lot; We could have a game of 'spot the kit'. I'll start with an Airfix Trident in there, 2nd from left. Cheers John
  4. This looks like a beauty of a kit Mike, I had a look at Chris's kit the other day and was really struck with how the engraved detail was so beautifully done. And from what you say it has 10/10 fit as well. These big Russian juts have a look about them, as if they were carved out of slabs of granite. Looking forward to watching this one progress. Cheers John
  5. Well spotted and corrected! Those can be heart sinking moments. Good to hear about Boris standing by to assist with the rigging. FAA licensed arachnids are getting harder to find these days. Cheers John
  6. I'm almost speechless, that is totally brilliant with such fime detailing. Cheers John
  7. Wow, hard to believe that is 1/48, it is absoloutely outstanding. Cheers John
  8. Lovely Spad Russ, not so often you get to see an A-1E in the light grey scheme, rather than the SEA one. Superb finish, and I love the revetment 'base'. Cheers John
  9. Modelling to sort the men from the boys! This is going to be very impressive, having seen the lovely quality of your other builds, Cheers John
  10. Looking very,very nice Ian, I admire your patience! I reckon you going to need to train up a friendly spider to assist with all that rigging though. I'd call him Igor. Igor the 8 legged riggers mate Cheers John
  11. Thanks chaps, Jeff, I ordered this from Ray at 26 Decals; It's a laser set, but very nice. I also got the 'Viscount Detail set', having seen how good it was on Neil's British Midland Viscount Funny thing is, I don't think any of his kits came with wings. He's got an impressive collection of built up fuselages though. I'll take some Red Bull over next time I see him. Cheers John
  12. Vickers Viscount 800 S&M Models I've got a few of these kits in the stash and decided to have a go at building one. It has been criticised for being 'clunky' with heavy trailing edges and too blunt a nose among other things, so some improvements are in order. It actaully fits together quite well, and so for I've concluded that it isn't as a bad a little kit as has sometimes been made out. Starting point was Skippies valauable post on this site, for which I acknowledge his useful contribution and all round knowldge of airliners of this period. First thing to do was sand down the wing halves of their inner surfaces to get finer trailing edges. It took about 20 minutes per part and was very easy to do, likewise the trailing edge of the rudder and fin on the fuselage halves. The tailpalnes are single mouldings per side, and have to be scraped with a blade and sanded.Basic and standard modelling skilss really. Next up was the nose, which is too blunt. It would be awkward to just slap Milliput on and expect it to stay, so I razor sawed a cross cut into it, and glued in some strips of plasticard to give the milliput something to grab on to. Left for 24 hours, I then very approximately shaped the strips. I'm afraid I only have very poor photos, but you can see what I mean. It was then packed with Milliput and sanded to a better shape, using the reference photos linked in Skippies post. Unmodified kit on top, modified on lower. The cockpit 'bulge' is also too square and was rehaped to a more rounded profile by sanding. Props were also scraped thinner and reshaped . And now in primer. I'll stop posting now because photobucket is running at a snails pace and getting very frustrarting Thanks for looking John
  13. We are not worthy! I take my hat off to you Mr Krow, that is outstanding craftsmanship. I love the woodwork, the ammo drums chained in, and especially the oxygen bottles. Breathtaking work, of the very highest standard. just in case it isn't clear, I absolutely love this and can't wait to see more! Cheers John
  14. That is a real beauty, absolutely gorgeous. I maust get one of these, Cheers John
  15. Your first of many WnW kits I hope. An outstanding result there! I belive that in real life the curtains were painted on, as an example of German humour. It works! Cheers John