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  1. You Know You're Getting Old When ......

    For years now, first thing in the morning I always have a pee at 07:00. The problem is now that I don't get up until 07:30.
  2. Like others have said Martin, that is lovely and shows no sign of a struggle. Makes me glad that I have the Zvezda one in the stash, reading about the fight yours put up! Cheers John
  3. Very nice builds, and you can't go wrong with a Tristar. It is great idea to do delivery & retirement schemes. It's given me some ideas! Cheers John
  4. Airfix (old) Phantom

    I remember saving up for that one! It still looks good, not bad for what must be a 40+ year old kit. Cheers John
  5. Beautifully made model, and interesting write up! Thanks for posting, I've really enjoyed this one. Cheers John
  6. Lovely! What a beautiful aircraft the Draken was. Cheers John
  7. That kit It might have it's problems, but it looks pretty good to me! Beautiful paint job on it too. Cheers John
  8. Dave, they are the kit props, (I couldn't find any replacements!) but heavily modified. I trimmed each blade left & right by nipping just a sliver off, to make them narrower in chord. I then scraped each one from hub to tip with a new scalpel blade, doing both sides to thin them. Very slow and boring, so I only did one prop unit at a time over 4 separate evenings. John
  9. Wow, great finish. Not in my area of interest but very impressive nonetheless Cheers John
  10. Fouga Magister CM 170

    I like that! A splash of colour never hurt anyone. Cheers John
  11. Matchbox Spitfire 1/72.

    That takes me back! Lovely little Spitfire Steve and great to see these oldies being presented here, Cheers John
  12. Mike, that is brilliant! what a superb paint job. Hard to believe it is 1:72nd. Cheers John
  13. Thanks for the feedback guys, much appreciated as always. Mike, it is, but with hindsight I would have done it 10mm forward, as the wing root was awfully close to the join when it came to cleaning it up. Well spotted! It is a Humber Super Snipe borrowed off my son's N gauge railway layout. Adds a little interest to my cardboard hard standing base courtesy of a Shreddies box & felt tip pen! Ian, I think it is part of the radio fit, seen on the early Viscounts (Edit - BZN20 beat me to it!). I struggled to find evidence of the aerial fit of these early Viscounts but the bits I have done are correct as fat as I can tell. The preserved ones (Duxford & ex-Cosford exhibits) have the later fits they were retired in, even though they are both painted in this scheme. This is a fabulous site for All things Viscount. I'm looking forward to seeing your 2 AA Viscounts, if one is in Midland, what are you doing the other in? (Aaagh photographs - just noticed one of the nose wheels is sitting a tad higher than the other. I'll cut it off & reset it!) Cheers John
  14. Beautiful, and easily passed off as photos of the real thing! Cheers John
  15. Vickers Viscount 701. Early BEA Scheme. Converted from 1:144 S&M Models Viscount 800. The Viscount served BEA very well from 18 April 1953 when series 701 G-AMNY operated the worlds first regular turboprop service, until the last service flown on 28 March 1982 by 806 series aircraft G-APIM. Incidentally, G-APIM is preserved at the Brooklands museum.Such a significant aircraft deserves to be modelled, and when I found this decal sheet at classic-airlines.com, the project was on! As I had a few of the S&M 1:144 Viscounts in the stash, I decided to try modifying one from an 800 series machine to a 700 series. The major difference was to shorten the forward fuselage by 8mm and try to reduce the bulging of the engine cowlings. I'm not after a competition winner here, just a bit of enjoyment from enhancing a basic kit. Cutting out & rejoining the fuselage went remarkably well, and the join vanished under a coat of primer. I also did quite a bit of reshaping of the kits nose area as it is far too blunt as it comes 'out f the box'. I reshaped it side to side & top & bottom with Milliput and sanding until I got it to look like it does in photographs. The noseleg was also shortened a touch, and an air intake fashioned from a section of sprue, and glued on the underside near the trailing edge of the wing. Paint on the fuselage & cowlings is Alclad highly polished aluminium, as these aircraft had almost a mirror like polish to them. I did the wings in a duller aluminimium from Vallejo 'Metal Colour' Aluminium to provide some contrast. The white is Halfords appliance white. The decal sheet does not have any white printed on it, so the white top demarcation with the silver fuselage sides had to be vary carefully masked to give a white pinstripe under the Peony cheatline. Likewise the badges on the nose needed an underlay cut from white decal sheet. The underlay was applied first, then the 'BEA Sir Ernest Shackleton' decal on top. Because I had reshaped the nose, the peony trim was a little fiddly to apply, but I did it in sections to leave white stripes in in, and it wasn't too difficult. The 26 Decals detail sheet was used for the panellines & wing details. It adds hugely to this model and is almost essential. I'm reasonably happy how it turned out, I'm trying to use up the 3 S&M kits I got at a bargain price and this seemed like a good way to use one up. With the BCAL 800 that's 2 down and 1 more to go, with a British Midland waiting its turn on the workbench now! Thanks for looking, John