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  1. Thats a blast from the past. They were good little kits and some very original subjects among them, it's really good to see one again, especially when built so nicely. Cheers john
  2. That is a gorgeous little model! I'll have to look out for one. Cheers John
  3. Epic build Tom, your skills are shining through! It'll almost be a shame to put paint on it and cover up all that work. I bet part of the challenge now is not to break it or knock things off your workbench while weilding it! Cheers John
  4. Keith, I don't expect I'll bring it along to Telford, but you never know! If the club has a table I'll see if anyone can bring it home for me on Sunday. It's included in the kit, on the end of the engine bearers for the fully cowled version, but not shown on the 'open' framework section. I think you are meant to cut it off the one and attach it to the other. It's the bit circled in red, and is only on this engine. Progress this weekend has been mainly on working out where all the rigging will go, involving lots of drilling of little holes, so not too easy to photograph. More struttery has been done and the upper wing centre section prepared. Cenret section & struts. Lozenge decal went on a treat. It is 1 peice decal pre shaped to fit. Upside down, but dry fitted together; Wings primed with halfords grey primer, and the sprayed with Tamiya XF-17 Sea Blue, and coted with Johnsons Kleer. This gives a good base for the lozenge decals to bite onto. The big 'tabs' wer masked to keep them bare plastic free of paint. The fit is that precise that a few layers of paint will interfere. I reinforce the aileron joins with a bit of fine wire (the red stuff you can just see). 0.3mm drill, holes in both wing & aileron, wire pushed in for a tight fit. It really helps. Cor blimey it's looking complicated! But in reality is very easy to do. The struts are moulded in few parts and Wingnuts fit is sublime, outstanding, and amazing. The finished looking 'X' peices of rigging from engine Gondola to fuselage, and Gondola to bottom wing are stretched sprue. I didn't think I could use fishing line ad get it pulled tight. The 4 lines hanging free and loose are attached to the Gondolas and pass through the middleof the big 'N' struts. Later they will be puleled tight through the upper wing centre section A closer view of some of the stretched sprue rigging; I've actually got the undercarriage legs on now, and dry fitted the upper wing centre section to test it. The fit is spot on. It is really incredible, the engineering of this kit is just sublime. Utter perfection. Unfortunately the light has gone for photography now and my spotlights have blown a bulb so I'll have to do pics another day when there is reasonable daylight. [Edit] Ok, here's a crummy picure taken with flash but at least it shows some of the progress. Wheels, props, & upper centre section dry fitted.[/Edit] I've just noticed that the photos don't half show up bits if dust & plastic swarf from the workbench! It blows away easilly enough but all todays scraping & drilling has made lots of it. Thanks for looking, John
  5. I'd agree with Julian, don't give up on the woodgrain decals, I've also used Uschi van der Rosten ones to cover whole fuselage exteriors on a couple of WNW Albatros here They work really well over a pale coloured finish. I have this Albatros B.II is the stash yet to be tried, but they look like they should give a goodn finish. Cheers John
  6. Blimey Neil, that is just perfect, absolutely perfect. Cheers john
  7. Oh gawd, my wallet just screamed. I need some of these and Hannants seems the way to go.
  8. Wow, this will be fun to watch. Those little Lego guys look like useful assistants! Cheers John
  9. It shows that those vintage Airfix kits can still be worth building! Cheers John
  10. Lovely build, I bet it is big in that scale too ! Cheers John
  11. Some masterful work there Ian, I love all the detail that you are cramming in. My only worry would be the amount of time required to attend therapy sessions after tackling this beast Cheers John
  12. Looks very tempting Paul, some useful info there if I ever take the plunge and get one of these! Cheers John
  13. Cor! that is looking lovely Neil. Your weathering is fantastic. Cheers John
  14. Really wonderful work here, a pleasure to see it all progressing! Cheers John
  15. Which part ian? The main bits there are the timing gear for the cams, the magnetos, small flywheel, and induction system for the carbs. None of that is associated with the interupter gear, which would normally be at the gun end of things, with either a cable or hydraulic drive pick up the engine. Looking at the photos of the real thing in the Wingnuts instructions shows that everything on the model is accurately reproduced. Julian, the lozenge decals took about 24 hours to settle fully. They have been no trouble at all. On with build, I sprayed the gondolas XF-17 Sea blue then masked them off to spray the framewoks in ciadel Catachan green. Then on to the rudder, to give a hint of the underlying framework and also break up the plain white appearance. The famework was depiceted in thin strips of Tamiya tape, then lightly oversprayed with Tamiya 'Smoke' Removing the tape, I then blended it back with some spyed white to give just a hint of the underlying framework. It is very subtle and hopefully shows up in the photo. Back to the engines, the gondolas & frames now dry fit nicely, it is time to remove them and wiggle in those engines and close up the frames where they join around them. Engines installed without too much trouble, exhausts given a hinto of 'blueing' on the rearmost sections, and the Wolff props finished. Engines showing oill tanks (both tanks face towards the fuselage). Outside faces of engines. The one on the right has a generator installed just gehind the gondola. Now all glued in! (apart from the props) This is a milestone in the build, all the hard work is done and probably about 75% of the time needed to complete the model. There is all the wings, strutting & rigging to go, but it consists of relatively few parts (but an awful lot of lozenge decal!). I am massively enjoying this project, everything fits like a dream and is so rewarding to work on. Wingnut Wings really do produce the best kits on the market IMHO. Thanks for looking, John