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  1. Superb work as usual Neil, the back story is very sobering. The lad was only 20 when he lost his life. Makes you think. And there were plenty more like him. Cheers John
  2. Airfix B737-200C Finnair Cargo

    Those engine extensions make them look so much better, good idea with the tubing. Looks like they'll sand/blend in nicely.
  3. Revell USN C-40A Clipper Conversion

    I like these civil aircraft in military service, this one is a beauty. I'm tempted to do one of these now, along with the Thai one that Zebra is doing. That's the trouble with seeing other peoples projects under way, you get inspired to do one yourself! (starts muttering to self "....don't buy any more kits...don'y buy any more decals.....build what you have in the stash....use up the decals you already have....don't buy more kits..." and repeat! [Edit] That'd look great alongside a Poseidon. Corrrr!! [/Edit]
  4. My favourite Phantom colour scheme! Seeing this one,. I'm definitely going to get a few myself, welll done. Cheers John
  5. Excellent! first one I've seen. Cheers John
  6. That is a nice looking biplane, one I was not familiar with. I love the over-painted roundels, they are perfectly done. Cheers John
  7. Thanks, I might give them a try though I have never ordered from them before. I'm a bit susceptible to the bulk order thing though, it always seems sensible to spread the cost over a few sheets, and I end up overspending!
  8. West Jet B.737-800

    Those engines look pretty good, nice fan detail and a seamless intake.
  9. Got a couple of hours to work on the engines today. Dave (Halcyonjet) sent me a very valuable picture of the thrust reverser/pylon arrangement, which was incredibly useful. Thanks Dave! They were fairly rough &ready when I slapped Milliput on them last night, ready for final shaping today. After initial clean up. I had added plasticard fillets on top of the Airfix rear pylons. The upper bit stands slightly proud of the wing upper surface... ...so I cut notches in the wings where the pylons protrude through. The wings are now fixed on and needed the usual run of filler along the join. It looks about right, well I thinks so anyway! It is quite different from the rear and of the revised nacelle arrangement that was soon applied to the later 100 series & all 200 series. I tapered the rear edges a little more after taking these pics. The upper face, slightly proud of the surrounding wing. Poppped them off again and gave them a shot of Halfords grey primer, which revealed a few blemishes to put right with Milliput. I'll do a touch more refining to them tomorrow, but they are mostly done now. Of course none of this engine work would have been necessary if I'd opted for the full blue tail Lufthansa scheme, the kit engines would have been fine with shortened fuselage. But I didn't realise until the decals arrived!
  10. Exceptional build, a real pleasure to look at. Cheers John
  11. Give it a go Paul, it's not that difficult once you've tried. Model railway shops are a great place for 1/144 'N' gauge figures & vehicles.
  12. Committed the engines to the razor saw now! I cut the 727 section off at a slight angle to get it to 'run' with the underside curvature of the 727 nacelle. I'm having to do this by eye and judged that the rear of the locating tab on the 737 pod was the place to make the cut to remove the rear part. The fit of the 2 sections is not bad, a little milliput will help blend it ll together. I've been scouring the net for photos of the back end of these engines & the pylon shape. This photo shows very well what I'll need to do. I've already started to reshape both with plasticard & filler, it's fairly crude at the moment, but some serious sanding & scraping is due to be done this weekend.
  13. It is a most improbable looking flying machine! I love these off beat subjects though, and it looks like a pretty good kit. You've certainly done it justice. Cheers John
  14. Certainly Dave, but we won't be able to see them as the cabin windows are opaque! Fuselage is zipped up, filled, and sanded down. The windows were filled with white Milliput and also smoothed off. I'm pretty pleased with the 'cut & shut' joins as they needed hardly any filler. I don't think I've ever got them so neat. (Ok the other side isn't quite as neat, that's why I'm showing this one!) Oh alright, here's the other side, still probably better than any I've managed to do before. The shim running forward to the cockpit glazing & around the nose to widen the Airfix parts, in order to blend the Daco part without any overhang at the sides. Underside showing the open u/c bays. The white is Milliput filler. Hans & J├╝rgen can be seen through the cockpit windows. I painted the inside of the clear part with a medium grey, just so that it blends in better when painted on the outside. Now, the engines. I've decided that the best way to tackle them will be to use the kit ones, as the shape is ok and they have the pylons on them. But just like on the real thing, I will use some 727 hot sections. My good mate Mr Chris 'Stringbag' came up with some Airfix 727 engines he doesn't need (There is a lovely Airfix 727 on his workbench, with Authentic Airliners replacement engines. Come on Chris, get it finished!) This is the plan; They will be noticeably shorter when done, which is correct for the early engines. And this is an overall view of where we are now at. I had to cut some of the wing locating tabs away to clear the main undercarriage bay that I put in. The wings & tail have been rescribed & the raised panel lines sanded off. If you are building one of these, I suggest removing the location pips on the outer flap tracks. They make them sit too far back. Just place them so they cover the holes, and snug up to the trailing edge on the top. On to the engines next.
  15. I really like this one, and would love to have a Thai airforce example in my collection. Where/how did you obtain the decals?