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  1. With regards to suggestions about an F-35, although I personally would love to see one I suspect that Italeri's recent unveiling of a test article of a 1:72 F-35b might have scuppered that possibility. What do I think it could be? I'm still betting on a Vulcan (the hint about something "BIG" and the presumed mass appeal of it). What am I hoping for? Also a Vulcan... And yes I have heard of confirmation bias...
  2. Right, well here I am again! A lot has happened in the last few months; I've taken my first ever flight (7 flights in the space of 2 weeks!), conquered my fear of flying and heights, and been somewhat busy with other commitments. As such, I haven't had much opportunity to build and when I have I often haven't been taking progress photos. Nevertheless the F-35b is now finally finished: The (now) past, the present and the future. (The Tornado and Eurofighter pictured in the background are from a previous build) The present. (Again, the Typhoon is a 41sqn aircraft from a previous build- it should look good next to the 41sqn Tornado that will be next on the bench!) It's been a busy few months, and with Uni starting back up imminently I can't guarantee that it will be any less busy! However I shall endeavour to post more build photos for the next kit: the Revell 1:72 Tornado, with 41sqn decals, the brass pitot tube, and a resin FLIR fairing. Best wishes, Sam
  3. I probably should- either that or an RAF Juno! I posted it on Twitter and it would appear as though they've seen it Sam
  4. Midlands Air Ambulance - G-OMAA EC-135 Revell 1:72 Afternoon all! This one has been on the bench for quite a while- although I finished it some months ago, a brief encounter with gravity sent it on a short downward flight (ending in multiple pieces). However, here it is! For this build I used the Revell 1:72 EC-135 kit, along with an abundance of plasticard and Blu-Tack to make up the details. The majority of the details and decals were provided courtesy of the fabulous Whirlybird models "EC-135 T-2 Bond" Midland Air Ambulance kit. I seem to encounter the real-life MAA helicopters frequently; whether it be coming in to land at the QE hospital in Birmingham, taking off and landing from RAF Cosford, or indeed taking part in the static display at the Cosford airshow: So, without further ado and to celebrate National Air Ambulance Week/Emergency Services Day, here's my rendition of G-OMAA: Thanks for having a look, and I'll see you on the next one! Best wishes, Sam
  5. Crikey, it's been just over a year since I last visited this build. Time for a resurrection? A lot has changed over the past year; I've taken my first flight (and conquered my fear of both flying and heights- slightly ironic for someone who loves aviation so much, perhaps?) (Thanks BA ) But you didn't come here to hear me rabbit on, you came here for the Tornado! (It's sobering to think that since my last update, the grand old Tornado has since been retired by the RAF...) A closeup of some of the detailing that's gone into the bay referenced in the previous update A very rough-and-ready mock-up of the bay that will hold the wing sweep actuators and electronics That's it for now, but rest assured that the project has been revived! Best wishes, Sam
  6. Thank you I defer to your expertise with this. My reasoning for throwing everything (bombs and camera) on was purely, I'll be quite honest, for aesthetic reasons- I've got a few Tornados, Harriers and Eurofighters on my shelf with little in the way of weaponry on them, so I thought it was time to add some munitions to the mix! Best wishes, Sam
  7. Ah rats.... I was hoping that someone wasn't going to bring this up.... In a nutshell, yes. Yes, they do supply the air vents as decals... however..... the eagle-eyed amongst you might have noticed that they've been applied the wrong way (the ones on the top should be on the underside, and vice versa, according to the instructions). I can't remember whether this was simply "operator error" or an issue with the decal placement guide, but it's definitely something to watch out for with this kit. Best wishes, Sam
  8. Airfix Phantom FGR.2 1:72 Hi everyone! Some of you might remember my Airfix Phantom FG.1 build from over a year ago. Well, since I enjoyed that one so much, it was a no-brainer to build an RAF jet when Airfix unveiled their FGR.2 kit. As always with newer Airfix kits, it's generally a really enjoyable build; great quality (and numerous!) decals, great mould quality and a novel construction! However the kit is not without its flaws: the nose should really be moulded as a single part (as seen with Revell's 1:72 Tornado, for example) to avoid seam lines, the canopy mid-section should really have a spare part with the periscope "orifice" already pre-cut (I kept making a pig's breakfast of it, as the periscope would mean that the canopy wouldn't sit flush in-line with the cockpit walls. Those instrument panel decals that are included should ideally be made less "basic" or a moulded instrument panel should be provided (again, see the Revell Tornado kit for how it could be done). I had a set of decals (Xtradecal "The history of RAF 19 Squadron") with a particular blue-tailed scheme for an FGR2 which really appealed to me. For this build I used my trusty supply of Vallejo Model Air paints, along with a brown weathering wash from Flory Models (my first attempt at using a brown wash instead of my normal black wash. I just couldn't resist taking a few snaps alongside the Phantom FG.1 As always, thank you ever so much for dropping by and having a look! Best wishes, Sam
  9. Hi everyone! It's been great to read about your memories of the mighty Vulcan- I saw her at the Throckmorton airshow (her debut for that final season) and my gosh what a display, and what a noise! I can still remember my chest rattling as she rocketed skywards for her final pass. Funnily enough I do have an Airfix Vulcan waiting in the wings (or rather, underneath my bed!) that's awaiting its turn on the bench... Thanks I'll be building them one by one, primarily so that I can really consolidate my time and research and really have a good go at each aircraft, instead of jumping between them. I'll start with the F-35, then move onto the Tornado, and finally the Lancaster (I'm looking to get some Eduard bits and pieces for the cockpit!) Co-incidentally, the F-35 has been in the news this morning, with the first few jets having returned back to RAF Marham after their deployment to Cyprus. Time to start the build! I started off with an initial base coat of black for the cockpit and instrument panel, followed by a matt varnish to seal it all in. The rather novel construction of the intake/life-fan assembly. A quick dry fit of this assembly in the fuselage has shown that it fits in rather snugly indeed! For this model I intend to have it as seen when taking off from carriers; the nozzle at approximately 45 degrees, the tail surfaces deflected down, flaps and slats down, lift-fan door open, etc. I'm still debating whether to have the canopy open or closed.... The 3 sections (made of 2 halves each) allow for a nozzle that can swivel all the way from 0.... ... to 90 degrees. I will play around with it some more to see whether 45 degrees is the optimal angle to go for, and then I shall glue it in place and add some detail to it. So where do we go from here? I'll be fitting the lift-fan into the fuselage and closing it all up, and then I shall commence the one thing that I've yet to perfect with an F-35 kit; the painting. I will try to take a leaf out of @SaminCam's book, with his remarkable build of the same kit: And so, that's all from me for now. Have a good evening everyone! Best wishes, Sam
  10. 617 "Dambusters" Squadron - A Tribute Morning all! I hope that you are all well and keeping cool in the stiflingly hot weather that we've been having recently! To cut a long story short, last year was my first time at RIAT (and wow, if you haven't been before then I absolutely recommend it), As part of the RAF100 celebrations a flypast was arranged to pay tribute to the legendary 617 "Dambusters" Squadron with a trio of aircraft that they have flown throughout the squadron's life: the BBMF's Lancaster, a Tornado GR4 (courtesy of 41 Sqn), and a brand-new F-35b Lightning II (courtesy of the recently reformed 617 Sqn). This year has been special for 2 of these aircraft, as I'm sure you are all aware. The F-35b fleet is starting to be built up and achieved Initial Operating Capability (IOC) in January, and has recently been reported to have conducted their first operational missions over Iraq and Syria earlier this month. And as one aircraft enters the stage, another took its final bow. After almost 40 years in service and having stood guard during the Cold War, and after action in the Gulf War and over the Middle East, in recent years, it was withdrawn from RAF service in March. I saw the Tornado in flight for the first time in 2017 when I made my first trip to RAF Coningsby. After a morning of Typhoon takeoffs (including a practice QRA scramble) and lunchtime recoveries, we decided to walk to the opposite end and visit the BBMF hangar. And it was then, as we rounded the corner, that she appeared: A thing of beauty, for sure. Since then I've seen only a few more Tornadoes: one at a flypast at the 2018 Cosford airshow, another as part of the RIAT 617 Sqn flypast shown previously, and a trio of Tonkas at the National Memorial Arboretum as part of the farewell flypasts that took place in February. Enough of my rambling, time to have a peek at what I'll be building. So there we have it: 1x Airfix Lancaster 1:72 1x Hasegawa F35b 1:72 (with RAF decals from the Xtradecal sheet shown above) 1x Revell Tornado 1:72 (with extra bits: Xtradecal sheet for 41Sqn, Freightdog GR4 FLIR pod, and Master pitot and AoA probes. Right, that's all for now- more to come soon! Best wishes, Sam
  11. Fair point... 50th anniversary of Apollo 13 then
  12. Might as well join the party- it's that time of year I suppose! What I realistically expect: -A Spitfire of some description -A variant of the Buccaneer (probably in RAF or SAAF guise) (I'll be looking forward to this!) -A variant of the Sea King (plenty of options open, maybe even a USN Sea King for the Apollo 50th anniversary?) -1:72 Tucano (as the type is being withdrawn this year (I think?)) What I would quite like: -1:72 Vulcan -1:72 Tornado GR4 (the Revell GR1 kit is still top notch, but requires aftermarket/scratchbuilding/new decals to bring it up to a GR4) -1:72 Eurofighter (very unlikely) (the Revell kit, while a good kit, has some issues. With the construction technique that Airfix have used with the Phantom in particular, I'd be interested to see what they do with a Typhoon) What probably won't be announced: -F-35B (I would buy it in a heartbeat, but I suspect it's a bit too new for AIrfix and I'm not convinced they'd be able to get a LIDAR anywhere near one)
  13. That's a beautiful diorama- very convincing! I've always known of the Ohka's function and use, but seeing it without a nosecone- seeing the bare warhead.... that's incredibly sobering.... (it just speaks to how powerful your diorama is) Best wishes, Sam
  14. Hi, I've been watching this thread for a while and all I can say is WOW! The attention to detail is incredible, and that instrument panel looks sublime. I hope that this is of some interest, and I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before, but as of 2 weeks ago the Historic Helicopters group were able to get their Wessex HU.5 airborne: -It'd be great to see a Wessex return to the airshow circuit! Best wishes, Sam
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