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  1. You're all too kind, thank you so much! I really appreciate that, thank you When I've got some spare time (now that I've got a new 1:72 Eurofighter kit) I will have a go at a build where I throw as much reference material as possible at it. With this build I ended up cutting a few corners, and there are a few more details that I would like to include for the next one. All the best, Sam
  2. I don't know if I can be of much help with the BA grey, and I know brush paints were requested, but for the AA grey I had a go with an initial base coat of Tamiya Mica Silver rattle can paint. Over that is a mist of Tamiya Pearl White (again from a rattle can). All the best, Sam
  3. Thank you all so very much, I really appreciate it! Well funnily enough I do have decals for that Hawk (and it would be a perfect opportunity to build one with pylons too)! Thanks for the suggestion! Best wishes, Sam
  4. 2011 Display Hawk 1:72 Hi everyone! I'll admit, this build has taken a little while. Having commenced at the start of September, I had hoped to have time to complete it when I got some downtime in-between University work... oh how wrong I was! This Hawk is modeled on the 2011 display Hawk, flown by Flt Lt Juliette Fleming, that I was supposed to have seen displaying at the Cosford airshow that year. Unfortunately, the heavens opened and I believe we left the site early, with most of the displays curtailed and the fields rapidly changing from a solid to
  5. Hi! Well I've had a go at fixing the tail: There are still a few gaps that need filling, and the shape of the fillet needs smoothing a little bit more- but I've got plenty of black primer and filler on hand! The process involved gluing the fuselage halves together, then sanding a notch rearwards from the upper fuselage panel line that is in line with where the rudder pivots. Once that was nice and flat, I replaced the thickness with a thin section of plasticard, sanded that smooth and added the fillet (also made with plasticar
  6. Morning all! Well, that's the cockpit almost done: A spot of dry-fitting: The completely scratchbuilt nose electronics bay: And a few rivets: Note the holes opened up for the steps, these will need cleaning up too. I'm still not 100% happy with the coaming, so I will do some cleaning-up of that soon. But for now I'm satisfied enough to close the cockpit up and make a
  7. Morning all, Work has commenced on the cockpit, huzzah! I've tried to spruce up the cockpit with a mix of plasticard, Eduard photo-etch parts, lengths of thin wire, a drill bit and strips of vinyl/PVC from a pair of gloves. First off I took the cockpit floor part and used it as a guide to scribe into the sidewalls where the part would sit. From that I could add in the ribbing with plasticard and start to build up some of the structure. You might notice that the nose electronics bay has been built-up and the hatch opened in the
  8. Good evening! They're all finally here: You might notice a rogue clear sprue on the top right... I bought the Red Arrows kit from Hannants but to my surprise the front windscreen was missing from the sprue. Full credit to the fine folks of Hannants for very rapidly sending across a new clear sprue, their customer service has been tremendous! ^The aforementioned Xtradecal set for a 4 Sqn T2 Hawk. I'm torn as to whether to do the centenary tail or a "normal" 4 Sqn aircraft- but that's a bridge to cross in the future. Back t
  9. Hi everyone! After the gargantuan 777 I built last time, I quite liked the idea of doing something a little bit smaller, and far more straightforward. I've previously delved into the world of the BAE Systems Hawk, in the form of a 1:72 Airfix T1 and 2 Revell 1:72 T1's. But that was a few years ago, and I can barely remember building them! This time I will be working on 2 Revell 1:72 Hawk T1's, and an Airfix 1:72 Hawk T2. For this first T1, I'd like to do it as the 2011 display Hawk, flown by Flt Lt Jules Fleming. I can just about remember g
  10. Gosh, thank you all ever so much for your very kind comments! Haha, I might have to take up your suggestion, hopefully, in the not-too-distant future! Flight in a Spitfire, "research trip/modelling inspiration", tomato, tomahto I've got an AA A320, a BA 747 and a CM Airlines Embraer EMB 110 on the list so far. It was very very tempting, I have to say. I almost did build the jetway but I ran out of plasticard to do it, sadly. Ah strewth, consider that a lesson well and truly learnt for next time. (And I would definitely be up for doing another 777, pr
  11. Part 5: Touchdown Well, here we are. After a great deal of work, but also a lot of fun, she's finally completed. Here's the link to the RFI I don't think a great deal more needs to be said at this point. The base is only temporary, but I'm relatively happy with how that's turned out. So, that leaves me to thank everyone for their kind comments and for following along with this build. I've had a great time working on it and I hope that you've enjoyed the ride too! All the best, Sam ...until next time.
  12. Good evening everyone! I hope you're all keeping well? After almost 5 weeks of work (and more money than I should probably admit to) I've finally completed my rendition of an American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER in 1:144 scale: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I could write a lot about this build (and I have on the Work in Progress thread), but I shall try and keep it relatively short and sweet. Just over a year ago I took my first flight, in an attempt to get over my fear of both flyin
  13. Part 4: Final approach ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 06:16hrs Zulu 19.08.19 Over Ireland After a rather nice breakfast, we crossed the Irish coastline. Or at least I think we did... the blanket of velvety clouds stretched right across the horizon. You almost felt that you could hold out your hand and scoop it up. But turbulence was minimal as we danced between pillars of cloud- we were almost home. --------------------------------------------
  14. Part 3: A Brand New Day! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 01:32hrs Zulu 19.08.19 Somewhere over the North Atlantic Almost 3 hours into our flight, the sun was being rapidly extinguished from the sky as we raced across the Atlantic. Despite the flight proceeding smoothly and this being my 7th flight, I just couldn't sleep while in the air. Maybe it was anxiety, maybe it was because I felt rested after our overnight stay in Texas- who knows! -----
  15. Part 2: A Beautiful Day For Flying! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 22:45hrs Zulu (16:45 local 18.08.19) Dallas/Forth Worth International Airport, Dallas-Forth Worth, Texas, USA Having moved seats to get closer to my group of friends on the flight (we were able to get a whole row each!) we pushed back from the gate and started the engines up. The weather was absolutely magnificent and made a real change from the torrential downpour that we had to battle through th
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