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  1. Thank you again for the kind comments Ha, well... it sounds like I've chosen the right career then! Although I can see the 1:72 build taking a few months, I'll certainly try my best- fully scratchbuilt interior, anyone??? All the best, Sam
  2. That's very kind of you, thank you for that! With exams coming up, I should probably put things on the back-burner slightly. But in terms of what's next, It's a toss-up between a 1:72 Eurofighter, 1:144 BA 747-400 (part-way through anyway, and a rather special build for me), 1:144 BA A380, a few 1:32 kits (Tornado/Typhoon), or even a certain pointy-nosed supersonic BA airliner.... in 1:72! Bw, Sam
  3. "Three, Two, One. Now!" -1:144 British Airways Concorde Hi everyone! As a bit of a distraction over Easter, in amongst studying, I thought I would have a go at a Revell 1:144 Concorde. My first encounter with the Revell tooling was a number of years ago, and whilst it built up quite nicely, there were plenty of areas where I felt I could do better. So this time around I brought along some extra "goodies" to help, namely the combined PE/resin set from Metallic Details, and the BraZ resin windscreen. The PE fret was relatively straightfo
  4. Well, she's done! ^Here's a little sneak peek until I make the RFI post Many thanks for following along on this little journey- I had hoped to make more frequent posts, but alas studying had to take priority. I've don a full writeup of my thoughts on the RFI, but suffice to say that I'm very happy with how this turned out! RFI; Thanks again for dropping by! Best wishes, Sam
  5. Hi everyone! After a rather busy week, I had a little bit of time to do some work on Concorde over the weekend. To keep it short and sweet: I did a few more sanding/priming passes, followed by a can of Halfords white primer, another bout of fine sanding, and a Halfords gloss white coat. The gear bays were masked and sprayed with a custom mix borrowed from a Gulf War Tornado build, and then the decals were started on: ^You might notice the absence of one of the intake ramps- don't worry, it's safe and sound, and can be easily re-attached!
  6. How time flies... Uni work has necessitated a slight pause in proceedings, but here we are- almost a month later! In that time I've joined up the major sub-assemblies (wings, fuselage) and assembled the engine nacelles. Turning first of all to the fuselage/wings: as hinted at previously this kit isn't exactly a walk in the park. The join between the two fuselage halves persistently stuck around between multiple bouts of filling/sanding/priming, but I think it's been finally vanquished. The wing-fuselage joins were also rather
  7. Oh this is fantastic! I've been after one for a few months now, and the Concorde kits (both Revell and Airfix) on *a popular internet auction site * have been selling for stupid amounts of money.
  8. Right, here we go! Let's start with the pointy bit first shall we? (I've decreased the brightness of all of these photos to try and bring out the panel lines) ^I have yet to add any filler to the mid-line seam between the 2 nose halves Ok, so that's all well and good. Now let's have a look at the engine/intake packs: Seems alright... Oh... Well... Oh dear... Thankfully only one of the engine packs appears to be significantly affected. While I had mused
  9. "Three, Two, One. Now!" 1:144 Revell Concorde (British Airways) Hi everyone! After a pretty hectic start to 2021, I've now got a little bit of time to spend on modelling. My attention has been drawn to the majestic swan of the skies, Concorde, for the past few months. Unfortunately the 1:72 kits have been just outside of what I'd be prepared to pay for the kit (and I gather that the kit requires a lot of work too)- so why not get a smaller Concorde and use the money saved to get some extra PE/resin? I had toyed with the idea of modelli
  10. Very much looking forward to this one. Might I also say how much I enjoy your builds; I think it must be a mix of your superb modelling skills and that ever so distinctive blue photo backdrop! If it's of any use, I asked a few years ago for cockpit references for a 1:48 VAAC harrier (which I have still yet to start, after 4 years... ) and got some very helpful replies: LINK to the thread , and a link to another photo. I'll be very interested to see how you come up with a solution for the under-fuselage pods/fairings. All the best, Sam
  11. You're all too kind, thank you so much! I really appreciate that, thank you When I've got some spare time (now that I've got a new 1:72 Eurofighter kit) I will have a go at a build where I throw as much reference material as possible at it. With this build I ended up cutting a few corners, and there are a few more details that I would like to include for the next one. All the best, Sam
  12. I don't know if I can be of much help with the BA grey, and I know brush paints were requested, but for the AA grey I had a go with an initial base coat of Tamiya Mica Silver rattle can paint. Over that is a mist of Tamiya Pearl White (again from a rattle can). All the best, Sam
  13. Thank you all so very much, I really appreciate it! Well funnily enough I do have decals for that Hawk (and it would be a perfect opportunity to build one with pylons too)! Thanks for the suggestion! Best wishes, Sam
  14. 2011 Display Hawk 1:72 Hi everyone! I'll admit, this build has taken a little while. Having commenced at the start of September, I had hoped to have time to complete it when I got some downtime in-between University work... oh how wrong I was! This Hawk is modeled on the 2011 display Hawk, flown by Flt Lt Juliette Fleming, that I was supposed to have seen displaying at the Cosford airshow that year. Unfortunately, the heavens opened and I believe we left the site early, with most of the displays curtailed and the fields rapidly changing from a solid to
  15. Hi! Well I've had a go at fixing the tail: There are still a few gaps that need filling, and the shape of the fillet needs smoothing a little bit more- but I've got plenty of black primer and filler on hand! The process involved gluing the fuselage halves together, then sanding a notch rearwards from the upper fuselage panel line that is in line with where the rudder pivots. Once that was nice and flat, I replaced the thickness with a thin section of plasticard, sanded that smooth and added the fillet (also made with plasticar
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