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  1. Crikey! It's been over a year since I last worked on this build- sat on the "shelf of doom" for many a month, it was high time that I finished it. In the meantime, something happened which I could never have imagined in my wildest dreams (I couldn't resist it, sorry)- a tour was announced for her new album, Reputation. Having wanted to go to a concert of hers since 2012, I was finally able to realise what had become somewhat of a life goal: (I could go on about how special that night was, but I shall refrain) Back to the build: The key factors that resulted in me putting the build down were two-fold. Firstly, the decals for Taylor herself were a pain to cut out and once applied (despite being on white backing) they were relatively transparent and showed very clearly the red/white demarcation lines beneath. Secondly, due to the transparency issues, the decals for the Air Asia logo were a complete no-no. How the imagery was rectified: I decided to cut out the imagery printed on a sheet of A4 paper, but instead of using the cut-out piece I used the "scrap" A4 as a template and stencil for spraying a base coat of black onto the model. After a coat of white and a spray with a gloss varnish, it was time for the decals! They came off their backing paper well enough, however they did NOT stick to the model at all and required a spray with gloss varnish soon after. They also wrinkled, but I can't discount the fact that it might be due to them sitting on a shelf for the best part of a year. How the tail and under-fuselage logo were rectified: Following suit with a similar course of action, I cut out the lettering printed on an A4 sheet over the top of a layer of masking tape (the theory being that the knife would cut out the tape in the shape of the lettering). Close enough, I thought. After the standard black, then white and finally gloss coats, I removed the tape. To my horror the layers of black/white paint that made up the lettering had started to peel (I'm relatively certain that it's the type of masking tape I used)! Out came the brushes and despite white being a notoriously horrendous colour to spray, let alone hand-paint, it turned out semi-decent. Out of the woods, on the home straight and after a bit of touching-up, the gear wheels/doors, rather delicate aerials, etc, were added. And finally...... after a marathon 483 days since this build started, it has reached its endgame. I'll post an RFI soon when the light is good enough for photography, along with an RFI for this one: Conclusion My, my, my, what a build. Fraught with joy, pain, anguish and frustration, I'm fairly pleased with the end result. It's been a learning process in making my own decals, modelling a civilian aircraft and complex masking but it's been worth it. So, thanks for sticking with me and until next time....... Best wishes, Sam Edit: Turns out it's the 22nd today (had to.....)
  2. cathasatail

    BAC TSR-2 XR219 - Airfix 1/48

    Without a shadow of a doubt, this has to be the finest TSR-2 model that I have ever had the pleasure of setting eyes upon. Simply amazing! Best wishes, Sam
  3. cathasatail

    Raspberry Ripple Tornado 1:32 -ZA326

    Hi everyone, It's been a shockingly long time since I last updated. Fear not- progress is gradually being resumed after completing an essay (I can't foresee any other major commitments for a few weeks now)! I've been scratchbuilding some of the side bays underneath the cockpit: (The internals are at a slight angle as they're not pushed in fully- it's quite a tight fit, so I won't close it up until it's fully detailed and painted) Best wishes, Sam
  4. cathasatail

    Raspberry Ripple Tornado 1:32 -ZA326

    These seats are taking rather a long time to complete! (I'd estimate that they're about 60-70% complete) -Comparing the original and the 60-70% completed seat Best wishes, Sam
  5. As promised, for any readers who want to continue following the build: Best wishes, Sam
  6. Good evening everyone, I thought it might be worth shifting my attempt at the RAF Centenary Groupbuild to the WIP area, seeing as I never had chance of meeting the deadline! (The build can be found by clicking here) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, To bring everyone up to speed: -I plan to build a representation of the Panavia Tornado ZA326 in its iconic raspberry ripple colours. I'll be using the 1:32 Tornado GR1 kit from Revell and an abundance of plasticard, to model her with a plethora of panels open (nose, side electronics bays, ground equipment connection points, the spine, and maybe even an open engine bay!) Here are a few select images which visually describe the process so far: (Note that the paintwork on bits and bobs has been tidied up since these images were taken) What's the plan of action going forward, then? -Nose electronics bay -Nose hinge and detailing -Cockpit wiring -Fuselage panels and internal gubbins -Fuselage rescribing (+rivets, should they be required) -Engine bay (there might be a bit of a surprise in that regard, stay tuned!) -Wings -Other (landing gear, etc) It will be a slow (I've got a summer placement in a research lab at my university) but hopefully steady project. As for references that I'll be using: The good General's own Tornado build The Tornado SIG The ZA326 group's Flickr Stay tuned for more! Best wishes, Sam
  7. cathasatail

    The Royal Air Force Centenary GB Chat

    Yeah, I've got no chance of completing mine (ZA326 in 1:32) to a satisfactory level of detail within the time period. It's been great though and the build shall continue in the WIP part of the forum Best wishes, Sam
  8. cathasatail

    Oh look, a Tempest

    Oooohhh! Exciting times ahead if this comes to fruition, to my eyes it appears to be a cross-breed between the F-22 and the BAE Replica. I could be wrong, but I seem to recall talk of Sweden potentially getting involved.
  9. It's become apparent over the last week that I'm not going to be able to finish this build, without rushing, on time. I shall probably be shifting this over to a thread on the WIP section of the forum (which I will link to, if anyone wants to follow along). Sorry for not being able to finish this one within the timescale and I think if I'm doing a GB build in the future, then I shall choose a somewhat more straightforward kit! Best wishes, Sam
  10. Hi all, Another quick update: Work so far on the nose electronics/avionics bay and nose internals I've added some more wiring and details to the cockpit And I've added a bit of sidewall detail too You can see (just about, in this grainy image-apologies) that I've added a blue frame around the black box, and I've added some detailing to the very top edge of the sides of the cockpit (Plenty more wires still to add!) And a brief test fit, with the nose electronics structure in place -Plenty still to do! Best wishes, Sam
  11. Hi all! Hope you've had a great week and managed not to get too sunburnt in this weather So, on the Friday and Saturday I had a short trip down to London: quite possibly the best two days of my life (seeing Taylor Swift in concert has been a life goal of mine for a few years now)! Anyway, you're all here for the build- so without further ado: (I'll be adding a frame where the blue is) -Initial work on the radome and the "maxi-skirt" As for the cockpit, I have a few more dials/buttons to paint on and a tad of weathering to do before I can call the panels themselves done. There are plenty of wires to add in before I can call the cockpit done, but it's coming along. Immediate plan of action: -Finish cockpit tub -Scratchbuild the nose avionics compartment (located immediately behind the radome and maxi-skirt arrangement) -Add details to the sidewalls of the cockpit tub and close up the nose section There's a lot to get done, and 21 days to do it in. I think it can just about be done. Thanks for following on with this build Best wishes, Sam
  12. cathasatail

    Hello from the Midlands

    Hi! Welcome! It's great to see a fellow West Mids resident on here Best wishes, Sam
  13. Hi everyone, The observant amongst you might have noticed a lack of updates over the past week. I have recently managed to get a summer placement attached to the Cardiovascular research lab at my university. This is a double-edged sword: naturally it's an opportunity to develop my lab skills far more rapidly than would otherwise be the case (and I'm having a great time as well), on the other hand it means that I'm only left weekends and evenings to work on the Tornado. I'll be away this week, but expect updates to resume soon! Thank you for your patience. Best wishes, Sam
  14. Well, to keep to my promise, here's the state of play after some work last night: (There's a small bit of coaming that goes over the top left "box" next to the radar scope(?) ). (Only test fits- they're not glued in yet!) -Naturally there are bits and pieces to touch up (an example being the warning indicator panel at the bottom right of the rear cockpit panel) and these will be done in-between work on the cockpit "tub" itself. Also of note is the throttle quadrant and wing-sweep lever that I've scratchbuilt for the rear cockpit- lying under a base coat of grey. Best wishes, Sam
  15. Another small update for today (I'll use a knife blade to finely trim the edges of each instrument to be in alignment with each other) Hopefully I'll have this panel finished and painted by tomorrow! In the meantime I've given some more thought to the panels that will be open, and as a result I have decided to open a section or two of the "spine" of the aircraft as well- having seen some of the fantastic reference images here, courtesy of the Panavia Tornado SIG. Kind regards, Sam