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  1. A5M1 over China

    Despite your problems, that has come up a treat, the first period shot is very realistic
  2. Heller 72nd Sherman M4

    Blimey, not looking forward to doing that work on the tracks
  3. 1/72 M4 Sherman

    Small update Got the stickers on, not sure what the deal is with the green star on green tank on the hull sides, I guess it's supposed represent a painted out white star had a bit of trouble getting a decent dull cote on it, and found I had run out of my favourite Testors Dullcote, so need to get some more, now to tackle those pesky tracks DSCN1219 by qfa_tsv, on Flickr
  4. B737-800 Air Niugini

    OK, the fuselage has been glossed up, and the wings would have been except for the pain in the butt fairing in of that little piece with the winglets, that has the logo lights on it, which is really beginning to try my patience. Sprayed some white on the winglets and it came out blue, Seems what I thought was good clean up after spraying some blue just wasn't up to scratch and spent the next hour getting blue out of the airbrush and off me, for such a little job it sure went a long way anyhow the fuselage, wings should be on tomorrow DSCN1218 by qfa_tsv, on Flickr
  5. OK, just a small update to show that I'm not slackening off The yellow belly painted, will need some black stripes tomorrow DSCN1217 by qfa_tsv, on Flickr I masked up as the proper thing rather than just painting yellow and masking off later, as I know yellow is a hard colour to get good opacity since they took the lead out, this is Model Master Insignia Yellow, according to IPMS Stockholm, the same as Trainer Yellow, and I'm sure to get ridges, so hopefully this can cut them down to something reasonable.
  6. I can well understand that considering the price this stuff sells for, being ripped off is not something I like very much I just got the EE MD95 yesterday, and have only had a cursory look at it, but I'm hoping it is OK, as Jodie Peeler did a DC9 comparison over on airliner Café and gave it the nod, so should be basically good Here's hoping
  7. Maybe the new Airfix one will come out first
  8. Good grief Charlie Brown, that is a very serious discrepancy, it is one of the new breed of EE kits that I haven't got, mainly because I have about a half dozen Doyusha ones, I will leave that alone especially at the current EE pricing ranges. Jeff interested if the wings are also underscale a similar amount?
  9. Crickey I didn't realise it was nearly a year ago that Tan asked for those dimensions Hope I live long enough to see this one come out
  10. Just catching up with this one, some serious work going on, great work on the Daco Cockpit, looks great, and you are certainly going full bore on those Engines, this should be well worth saving for future reference
  11. Camair-Co 737-700 - Revell conversion

    The comment about the Classic winglets made me go look at the Daco kit Now Aviation Partners quote the NG's as 8'2"and the Classics as 7' I remember that Jennings had a drawing somewhere, but can't find it at the moment, , and there was discussion about the Daco ones being classic ones etc I also remember when Daco released the kit, I was surprised they were included as I had no idea at the time they were being retrofitted to Classics So snipping one of the Daco ones off the sprue, and comparing it to the one I have on the Zvezda wing, I was simply stunned, the Daco is on the right Sacre Bleu DSCN1211 by qfa_tsv, on Flickr again with the totally unscientific comparison with the PP Scale Models 1/72nd ruler which show it at 5' in 1/72, so 10' in 1/144 DSCN1213 by qfa_tsv, on Flickr Now I did try to get them at the same angle, and allowing for parallax error and all that bovine excrement, these are significantly taller. I think any of the original 3 that you showed are really OK, just need to fettle the Revell one into some shape, otherwise pretty good
  12. Elon Musk For President Of The World!

    Maybe so, but, it was also the coolest by any measure
  13. Camair-Co 737-700 - Revell conversion

    Jeff, the NG winglets are quoted as being 8'2", very unscientifically using my PP Scale Models ruler, and the 1/72 scale on it, the Zvezda ones come out as 4'1"in 1/72, close enough for me, not saying that Kurt's are wrong as they are all very close together and not really much to bother about on any of them. I have never measured the Daco ones, but always thought they looked quite good, and unless you are a total 737 airliner nut like us most wouldn't know, it's a bit like the Bf109 guys and their cowling issues. The one thing that I like about the Zvezda kit is how it gives the kink at wing /Winglet joint, which most kits don't get right, I have never had an AA one so can't comment on that, but I doubt Kurt would have missed that, Zvezda does make the logo light fairing a but undernourished though. Wingtip Stbd by qfa_tsv, on Flickr
  14. Zvezda Boeing 737-800 Monarch Airlines

    I am also building this one, and will also pinch the idea for drilling out behind the intakes, I sort of looked at them and though I needed to do something, but then forgot all about it, great idea
  15. Daco Boeing 737-300 (Another one)

    Oooh, will be watching this one