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  1. I either use Humbrol Chocolate Hu98 enamel or Pollyscale RAAF Earth Brown acrylic which I don't think is made anymore, I don't use Tamiya for that sort of painting of RAAF aircraft.
  2. I was test fitting the wings and they are a pain to line up. The lack of locating pins and no definite spot to join then means a fair bit of careful alignment and taping prior to adding glue. The trimming of parts due to mould shift barely registers these days as I have made too many short run kits and main stream manufacturers kits that need it.
  3. I don't think I am allowed to comment anymore as I am a 'modeller from the Southern Hemisphere'.
  4. I have two kits with varying amounts of flash of which neither are as bad as the kit on the video. I have found this with previous Airfix kits that have varying levels of flash, sink marks and being short shot when comparing multiples of the same kit. The problems can generally be easily overcome but a modern new release kit should not have these issues. Perfect detail is not expected due to the price but the plastic being correct and not suffering these problems is.
  5. I did the same and now think that one corner of the insert is slightly warped thus causing a bit of misalignment overall. While I can fix the gap you show (it was also on my kit) I don't think that it should be there given the ability of other manufacturers to get panels like that to fit.
  6. No, I have a problem with whinging over nothing. Airfix has been rightfully slammed for various problems including short shot parts and missing panels on the Meteor, short shot parts and sink marks on the Blenheim and trenches for panel lines on various kits, this is not like that. The whining is about panel lines of similar dimensions to many other manufacturers yet the people complaining neglect poor detail and what I believe is incorrect detail in the cockpit.
  7. I compared the kit to Airfix Spit F22/24 and Sea Fury, Eduard Hellcat and various others in my stash and there is nothing wrong with what is represented on this kit. I can always post phitos of that as well as comparison images of the Acadamy Spit 14 or maybe the Hobbycraft Sea Fury to show real crappy panel lines. I am also at a loss how you can comment on the panel lines if you don't have it, have you actually seen the production kit close up?
  8. Having finally received my kits I am intrigued with all the carry on about the panel lines and am wondering exactly which manufacturer and kit it's being compared against? While it is not perfect (if it was you would not see panel lines) it is not too bad at all with the finesse of the panel lines and detail represented, it might not be accurate (is it?) but it looks good to me when compared to several other manufacturers kits in my stash. A better question though, exactly which mark of Spitfire does the cockpit represent? I have looked at images of actual Spit Mk 14's and the kit is missing the prominant canopy winder (?) on the right hand wall that stretches most of the length of that wall.
  9. Thanks. I thought the cowl would fit while dry fitting it but once the gkue was applied it didn't quite work out. A lot of the oversize riveting is annoying and reverting to the 'old' Airfix as well as being non existant or vastly overscale.
  10. The Airfix kit is by far the easiest build out of the three. The only criticism is the poor fit of the cowl as it is too small for the nose ring and fuselage. My build log is at the link below which highlights the various areas I had to address. http://forum.aussiemodeller.com.au/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=14272
  11. Here are a few images of my recently completed 1/48 Sea Fury. I will be adding more images after I place them on my site. The wings are not attached as I should be moving at the end of the year due to work and want to be able to easily move it. A bit of a comparison between the Airfix, Trumpeter and Hobbycraft kits.
  12. I am finally calling this one completed! I will be adding more images to my site then will add the completed images to here. The wings are not attached at this point as I should be moving later this year due to work so I want to be able to disassemble it for the move.
  13. I believe it is just the decals that have changed.
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