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  1. I have started a 1/48 Eduard Hellcat Mk II for a Speed build on a Facebook group and am using the Eduard Dual Combo Hellcat Mk I and Mk II kit. It all went together so far very quickly as I have not spent huge amounts of time detailing and weathering the interior as very little can be seen once it is closed up. The Combo set provides PE for the cockpit and a few other areas and even there I have not used it all as I can barely see the handles etc, never mind glue them on.
  2. It is getting closer to being finished (finally), just the final weathering and adding of small bits eg wheels and exhausts.
  3. The main markings are now on the 1/48 Special Hobby Spitfire Mk Vc but I am unsure if any of the stencil markings should be put on as well. Did the Vc that were repainted in Australia have the stencil markings put back on again?
  4. I started this kit earlier this year and have finally managed to get some paint on plastic. I have used Pollyscale RAAF Sky Blue for the undersides, Aeromaster RAAF Red Brown and Humbrol Hu149 for the foliage green. I need to touch up the undersides where the tape pulled a little of the blue off as well as paint the white tail and wing leading edges.
  5. The Betty is finally finished, now I just have to work out a photo booth to take decent images of it.
  6. Red Roo decals are now on with the kit stencil markings to get done in the next day or so.
  7. I am not too happy with the paint consistency but it just takes a bit more work to get the effect I want. My theory is the green paint was on first then they painted the red/brown over the top so I have replicated this. The red/brown being over the top of the green means that it would not weather to the same extent as the green ie not as much through to the silver at this stage. I have not replicated the paint pealing off as I had originally wanted but to me it looks ok for a well worn aircraft that has managed to survive the Australian and US aircraft in the New Guinea / Rabaul area. I r
  8. The sticky tape didn't work out how I was wanting it to go but I changed tactics and used my scalpel blade, wet and dry and a little bit of silver paint to get the effect in the photos. I totally messed up the other cowl so it gets redone tomorrow. I think I failed the sticky tape way as I ended up using Enamel paint and I think I put it on a touch too thick.
  9. I found this half finished kit the other day while looking for some kits to do in the DK Decals set for Spitfires in Australia I recently reviewed on AMI. It is going to be a Spitfire Mk XVIe of 451 SQN RAAF using the Red Roo Decals 'Away Team Pt 3' set representing Spitfire Mk XVIe, NI*V, Matlaske, UK, March 1945. Scheme - Conventional Day Fighter. It's the Hasegawa kit with a Loon Conversions fuselage. The Loon fuselage is not the greatest in that the panel lines are a bit dodgy but it looks good enough for the job. It is the right length and has the right details in the right spot so it wor
  10. I purchased the 1/48 Betty to compliment my RAAF and RAF bombers a few years ago and thanks to being in a job that gets me to move every few years I have not wanted to build a big kit like this. I am now in the same spot for the next few years and (hopefully) not that far from retiring so I decided to finally make it, the 1/48 Lancasters, Lincolns, C-47, Wellington and 1/32 Swordfish and Avenger will hopefully be getting started in the not to distant future as well. As I am not overly concerned about the interior due to very little being visible when closed up I decided to not get
  11. I made a RAAF PR16 out of the Tamiya kit but it needed a fair bit of work done on it to get it to the stage I was happy. I used the CMK conversion for the PR16 and some other bits and pieces, the bulged canopy was the problem child to install but now there are other AM canopies that you can use. PS. Yes, I did it with flaps down. http://www.aussiemodeller.com.au/pages/Reviews/Conversions/Harvey_PR16 conversion.html
  12. I am doing this kit as well during lock down. The one thing that fixed the bad fit for the cockpit tub is just cutting the sides in two at the rear so the rear bulkhead fits in. I have test fitted it and this appears to solve the issue without the need to cut the section for the front bulkhead.
  13. I either use Humbrol Chocolate Hu98 enamel or Pollyscale RAAF Earth Brown acrylic which I don't think is made anymore, I don't use Tamiya for that sort of painting of RAAF aircraft.
  14. I was test fitting the wings and they are a pain to line up. The lack of locating pins and no definite spot to join then means a fair bit of careful alignment and taping prior to adding glue. The trimming of parts due to mould shift barely registers these days as I have made too many short run kits and main stream manufacturers kits that need it.
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