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  1. The Blenheim is now finished.
  2. Thanks. I thought the cowl would fit while dry fitting it but once the gkue was applied it didn't quite work out. A lot of the oversize riveting is annoying and reverting to the 'old' Airfix as well as being non existant or vastly overscale.
  3. The Airfix kit is by far the easiest build out of the three. The only criticism is the poor fit of the cowl as it is too small for the nose ring and fuselage. My build log is at the link below which highlights the various areas I had to address. http://forum.aussiemodeller.com.au/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=14272
  4. Here are a few images of my recently completed 1/48 Sea Fury. I will be adding more images after I place them on my site. The wings are not attached as I should be moving at the end of the year due to work and want to be able to easily move it. A bit of a comparison between the Airfix, Trumpeter and Hobbycraft kits.
  5. I am finally calling this one completed! I will be adding more images to my site then will add the completed images to here. The wings are not attached at this point as I should be moving later this year due to work so I want to be able to disassemble it for the move.
  6. I believe it is just the decals that have changed.
  7. I finally received the Eduard canopy masks and applied those so I could paint the model. The AML camouflage pattern masks are the wrong pattern, they are the 'B' pattern' so I photo copied them and reversed them on to the model giving the 'A' scheme. I was not overly impressed with the lack of map for the various masks as some of them were quite hard to work out where they go. I have used Humbrol Hu29 for the Dark Earth and Hu 116 for the Dark Green. The Hu116 airbrushes much lighter than it looks in the tin.
  8. The base wash of thinned black paint has been applied and the matt coat sprayed on once the wash dried. Once it is all dry the detail painting is to commence and then the final weathering and attachment of all the small parts.
  9. I'm contemplating sending off for the Barracuda cowling and a few other things.
  10. The first coats of the Tamiya white is on the underside of the Anson. The model is going to be Anson Mk 1 W1530, No 2 AAU, 1945 in the scheme of white undersides, Dark Green/Dark Earth uppers with Red cross under wings and on the fuselage. The engine cowl also has the lower half in red for something different.
  11. The decals on the aircraft are finally done and once set properly they will be sealed with some varnish then weathering will commence. I have not glued the landing gear on yet as I want that separate for ease of weathering.
  12. Are you talking the E.M / M.F No 1 Universal Bomb Carrier as per the link below: http://www.aussiemodeller.com.au/pages/Reviews/Conversions/RRR7217 Red Roo Universla Bomb Carrier.html
  13. It is really starting to have that Blenheim Mk 1 look now with the canopy on. You need to be careful with the top part of the canopy as it is wide and may not match up with the lower sections. I ended up have to hold the canopy top wide for a while to allow the glue to dry with the top part on and fitting correctly.
  14. I have done a bit more work on the Blenheim and have got to the stage of installing the canopy and working on the engines. Both the cockpit and the engines could do with some extra detail eg PE and scratch building but I am doing this OOB. The canopy goes on ok but you do need to test fit it with the arrow looking thing at the front of the cockpit in location.
  15. The wings and tail planes are now on. The tail planes go on easily as Airfix have recessed the hole to allow for a solid fitting of the tail plane which puts it at the right angle. The wings are a pain. One went on perfectly with minimal filler on the edge but the other needs a fair amount of work. The training wing fillets also need some fitting to ensure they merge in to the wing nicely. Due to the tips of the wings in the fillet region being short shot on one side and deformed on the other, a bit of extra work needs to be done to fix the resulting hole/deformation. I also found that the bomb bay door is not wide enough to fit properly as it is too narrow. The doors will need to be widened a fraction or the fuselage narrowed but the cockpit needs to be widened to allow the canopy to fit properly so it is a bit of a problem.
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