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  1. So it took a lot of swearing at my tweezers and nearly losing it in the carpet twice but the compass bracket is finally into place. I don't know if I'm going to fully detail it since it might not be visible on the finished model, but it's a start.
  2. So looks like they went with 30" codes and 36" roundels. Back to square one for me.
  3. ...In that case the LE code in the Xtradecal set is wrong since it works out to 30 inches. Which is how I got to ordering that raw codes sheet. Bleh.
  4. OK, finger has been pulled out and assembly has started. Need to get some more Loctite gel to put the etched bits in since my normal superglue's just a bit too thin and imprecise.
  5. OK, so I let the build sit fallow for a while to get the stress back down. A process that apparently involved feeding costume helmets to the 3D printer but I guess that's what I get for juggling multiple creative hobbies. Either way, got a new cockpit fret ordered along with a set of B-scheme masks and the sheets I need to make my own squadron codes (30" MSG) and serial numbers. So I guess P2884 LE+V is on now at least until the replacement parts fall victim to my fists of ham and fingers of butter.
  6. So I dropped one of the etched rudder pedals and can't find it and broke the compass housing. I may end up dropping this from the GB for the sake of my sanity as time gets tighter.
  7. OK, so fitting the photo etch has started. Building the seat proved a bit more challenging as the flaps seemed more willing to stick to my fingers than to each other. So that's been put to one side before I end up launching it across the room and ragequitting.
  8. Yeah, I brought a tiny razor saw for doing the modifications but the teeth were coarse enough to just get stuck. Oh well.
  9. So the surgery to remove the compass and rudder pedals was... less than successful. Some minor repair work was needed on the A-frame, but thankfully they're not going to be seen all that much. Need to cut the adjustment lever off the seat and not sure I'm going to do the gunsight surgery and just use the kit part as-is instead.
  10. ...Then again no-one is really going to notice if I put the GR4 pods on without changing the instrument panels. Hrm.
  11. And flicking around there's an instrument panel mod needed. So sticking to a GR.1 build then.
  12. OK, update. Put an order in for the PE frets (Eduard exterior + cockpit set and seatbelts). Not ordered the alternative masks and decals yet since still um-ing and ah-ing over which one to build. I've also started the prep work, removing the cast details from the instrument panel and radiators per the instructions. I'm a little bit unsure about removing stuff like the compass, rudder pedals and gunsight right now because I'm not sure I have the tools to do the job without breaking the parts (only got a hobby knife and side cutters when it feels like I
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