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  1. Hm. Still not tempted to buy anything from EE. Do hope though that Authentic Airliners will re-release their 188. Nowadays it will probably be the less expensive alternative!
  2. My thoughts exactly Jon! The release policy of some model manufacturers has an astonishing similarity to my style of modelling: I start a new kit almost every week but most of them still have to be finished... Gertjan
  3. Shoot! I pre ordered one at Aviation Megastore and just noticed that they expect the kit mid october...
  4. Exactly. One can also find a TopGun 1:48 Bell Long Ranger on Scalemates that never saw the light of day.
  5. Sorry for the late reply, but Braz also did a 1/144 ATL conversion for the Minicraft DC-4.
  6. Nice!!! I see some alterations compared to the earlier Attack Squadron version. I don't think we will ever see the release of a Bell 407, so this is as close as it will get. I experimented on the Attack Squadron kit; sprayed it red, brush painted the window surfaces (beautifully scribed on the kit!) black and when I look at it from some distance with squinted eyes, it's a civil 407 to me!
  7. Magnificent build! Especially on this kit, which imho is a pain to build. Mine didn't turn out half as nice. Congratulations!
  8. ...And a Robinson 22 to top it all off... Man I am already too shortsighted to spot a 1/72 Piper Cub!
  9. Sweet memories!! The sketchy art work on that Heller series really was something. I guess the new KP version still has the tiny moulded lines that helped the young modeller paint the scheme as pictured on the Heller kit!
  10. GeejeeZ

    'Civil' Mi-17

    That would be a nice subject 621Andy! There are square window conversions in 1:72 but I have not heard of conversion kits in 1:35...
  11. Apologies for the late reply, but had some catching up to do on the forum. Absolutely fantastic news, this Dreammodel kit!! The S61N (and -L) has always been one of my favorite helicopters. I have built two of the Whirlybird kits, the early ones that went together with Revell parts, and also their Norwegian Sea King. I had just planned to buy a new Whirlybird S-61- kit (via AMS in the Netherlands) but am still not good at modelling resin, so very happy with -at last- an injection kit. I have built more than a handful of the Dreammodel Dauphins, and they went together nice and fast.
  12. Interesting Jan! I for one would welcome 1/200 airliner kits! I have always built Hasegawa 1/200 airliners, and Hasegawa appears to be losing interest (or money?) in this subject. Gertjan
  13. I have built quite a few of the good old Revell JetRangers, and replaced the low skid landing gear by a high skid gear made and sold by Heli-scale-quality, a German business specialised in RC helicopters but that also print seperate parts. I have no connection with them besides being a satisfied customer btw. Could it be you mean the 1/48 OH-58A/ 206 kit, re released by Italeri as OH-58A, originally by ESCI? This one is to be re released by Italeri as JetRanger, but has been on the Italeri to-be-released-list for several years by now...
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