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  1. Telford announcements

    Thanks Mike, when I saw the twin pin I couldn't believe it was ever a Magna kit, amazing what casting in grey resin and adding neat panel lines can do to a model! Colin
  2. AZ Models SR.53 in stock now

    For those in the UK who didn't get a chance to buy an SR.53 at Telford, I have a few in stock and on my website now, it will be a couple of weeks before any other UK outlets get them. Ones sold from my website will include a free set of decals left over from my resin kit which are after market quality by Boa Agency. Stocks are limited though, my own boxing will only come out next year. Colin http://www.freightdogmodels.co.uk
  3. Telford announcements

    Dave Little of Combat Kits has taken over the Magna range, and will be revising the re-issuing items that have not been superseded by better injection kits over the coming months. First ones that were on sale at the show were the Lancastrian and Halton conversions, and the Twin Pioneer complete kit. This has been completely reworked with greatly improved surface detail and clear resin replacing the vacform canopies. Resin used for the main parts is to a much higher standard and appropriate metal parts are now being professionally cast. Next up will be the single engine Pioneer, master rework is being done by three respected UK pattern makers, the reworked range will be available through the Freightdog website soon. Colin
  4. Telford announcements

    I had a couple of announcements but no room on the table to display them. Had samples of a new What-If kit of the Supermarine 327 twin engine Spitfire replacement in 1/72 arrive from CMR, along with re-issue of the ex-Heritage Westland Merlin HC.3/3A improvement set that I got from Alley Cat for my Rotor Craft range. Both due out as soon as instructions are ready. Colin
  5. Telford announcements

    £20 for Hunter is steep although I was told it will have new decal options, but £17.50 for the re-issued 1/72 Italeri F-21A Lion aggressor/Kfir C.1 made me look twice, makes the Hunter look like a lot better kit for your money! Colin
  6. Good quality RAF Merlin photo needed

    Hi, In need of some help. I took over some of the ex-Heritage masters from Alley Cat earlier this year, I'm looking for a good photo of an RAF Merlin to promote the re-issue of the 1/72 Merlin upgrade set in my Rotor Craft range, can anyone help? Credit will be given and there is a free set in it for you to. Picture will only be used for facebook, appreciate asap as I'm getting some sets delivered at Telford this weekend so I'd like to start plugging it. Thanks! Colin
  7. Combat Kits 1/72 BAe 146-100/200 resin kits - released - new boxings at Telford 2017

    Thanks for the update V.P. For info the RAF and ETPS boxing have screen printed decals, the STA and Royal Flight are laser. Colin
  8. SMW 2017 Telford 11th & 12th November

    Very happy to be back in Hall 2, Hall 3 felt it a bit lonely last year! Colin
  9. The end of my sea career

    The scheduled air service is due to launch on 15th October by SA Airlink on their Embraer 190. Colin
  10. Freightdog website is now back up! 

    Hi Chris, Yes my apologies, all accounts were deleted when my hosts closed the old website, so you will need to open a new account. Alternatively you can order using the PayPal Check Out option which is quicker but does not let you opt in to newsletters etc. Thanks. Colin
  11. Freightdog website is now back up! 

    Thanks Dave, I thought everyone knew my website address! Colin
  12. Freightdog website is now back up! 

    Hi everyone. Just a quick note to say the new Freightdog website is now live. I've loaded most of the sets I currently hold in stock, and will be adding more over the coming weeks as I build up for Telford. As before payment method is via PayPal, with PayPal Check Out now available so you don't need to create an account. Please take a look and see if anything takes your fancy! Thank you. Colin
  13. Is anyone home at Whirlybird Models?

    I have been in contact with Roger Evans two weeks ago, he is working flat out to get stock ready for Telford, and if all goes to plan you won't be disappointed (but I'm not saying as its not my place!). Whirlybird is always my first stop at SMW (when I can get away from my own stand). Its been a tough year for Roger but things are improving now. Colin
  14. Avro 720

    Hi Gary, I'm in the process of getting another batch cast up, hopefully for Telford but if not soon after. I'll post on BM once I have a firm delivery date. New website is now expected live on the 29th.... Thanks. Colin
  15. Freightdog website going down  

    Thanks Mike, its basically done (I commissioned a company to do it), all I have to do is finish adding stock. The server the old site is on is being taken down tomorrow. I've been putting it off for well, years actually but the new website will be more modern and easier to use. I keep my fingers crossed.... Colin