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  1. Freightdog website going down  

    Thanks Mike, its basically done (I commissioned a company to do it), all I have to do is finish adding stock. The server the old site is on is being taken down tomorrow. I've been putting it off for well, years actually but the new website will be more modern and easier to use. I keep my fingers crossed.... Colin
  2. Freightdog website going down  

    Hi everyone, just a heads up that my website will be closing tomorrow, but fear not as the new website will replace it soon. A bit of miscommunication with my hosts has left me without a website for a few weeks but I'm quite looking forward to the break! I'll let everyone know when the new website is up and running. Colin
  3. Combat Kits 1/72 BAe 146-100 resin kit for SMW 2016

    If anyone is interested in a Combat Kits BAe 146 resin kit in 1/72, I have just got two in stock now. Price is £135, post free to UK addresses, or at cost to overseas. Not on website, email via facebook if you want one. Thanks. Colin
  4. High Planes 1/72 Mirage III/V clearance

    Sorry, older tool kits all gone now, only have the new tool ones in stock now. Colin
  5. The 1000 kit production is down to tooling life, moulds are not produced in steel like a conventional 'Airfix' kit and ware quickly, are cheaper to make but this pushes up the unit cost. The Sycamore and Piston Provosts were 1000 of each, so the Provost is actually +/-300 of each boxing (S&M did three), and he STILL has stock left two+ years after its release, its not that easy to sell a thousand kits these days for a price you need to make enough profit to re-invest in the next project. Mel sells to a proportion of his stock at trade to Hannants so they can handle export orders, but he needs to sell the majority as direct sales to get the better margin, or charge a lot more if selling mainly to trade. Hope that helps! Colin
  6. Not controversial at all. I don't think I'm giving anything away in saying the kits are tooled by Micro-Mir and the short run mould life is limited to around 1000 kits, if Mel wants to make more he has to pay for a new mould and order another 1000 kits. The point is if you want some get them when they come out and don't wait, in the unlikely event that Mel sells out quickly you won't be able to get one further down the line, and don't wait for them to be discounted, the initial sales cover the cost of production, the profit is in the sale of the last few hundred, so don't hold out waiting for a bargain! Colin
  7. Looking forward to these, but if you think you are going to get one for £30 then disappointment is quite likely! The Sycamore is £23.40 from Hannants (£19.99 direct from Mel), more likely start at £40 and work upwards, but it will be the best kit going I'm sure. Colin
  8. Airfix F-111E "Somewhere in England"

    Great build Adrian, found one of these in the loft this morning (actually the original F-111A boxing, even less detail!), can't see me building it soon though. Look forward to seeing more progress. Colin
  9. High Planes 1/72 Mirage III/V clearance

    I still have a couple left to clear at £10 each, PM if any interest. Once gone the improved tooling ones will be in stock in around 3 weeks at £27.00 each. Thanks Colin
  10. AMW Issue 79 - Jun 2017 Freebie B-17G Monograph

    They were giving the same B-17 book away a couple of weeks ago with Flypast in my local Sainbury's, so I grabbed one quick (never turn down a free book, even if you didn't really want one!). Colin
  11. High Planes 1/72 Mirage III/V clearance

    Hi, I have about 20 older tool single seat Mirage III kits (the one tooled in China but with heavier surface detail then updated tool just released, not old short run version) to clear before I get the new kits in stock. They are being sold without boxes, but include instructions and decals etc. I'm selling them for £10 each plus UK postage at cost (RRP was £26), kits available include the Dagger or Nesher decals, but kits also include parts to make a IIIE or V. The surface detail on the newer kits is not that much different, a light rub down sharpens it up, and brush painting will also give a nice finish without loosing detail. PM me if of interest. Thanks Colin
  12. AZ Fulmar

    I bought a Smer boxing recently, it looks like a nice sound kit. SH one is more detailed but I think the Vista kit can still hold its own especially if they add a few goodies. Colin
  13. Ju88 to ju388 conversion

    The Aardvark/Heritage conversion masters are now with Alec of Alley Cat, so if you hang on for a bit it will be re-released to a better standard if you want to convert the Dragon kits rather than the new ICM one. Colin
  14. Combat Kits 1/72 BAe 146-100 resin kit

    Hi, please pm me your email address and I will forward to Dave Little at Combat Kits to contact you directly. I'm sure he has some and can ship to Germany. Thanks, Colin
  15. Thank you Sir, I won't tell Paul though as it will give him as big head.... Colin