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  1. I still have a couple left to clear at £10 each, PM if any interest. Once gone the improved tooling ones will be in stock in around 3 weeks at £27.00 each. Thanks Colin
  2. They were giving the same B-17 book away a couple of weeks ago with Flypast in my local Sainbury's, so I grabbed one quick (never turn down a free book, even if you didn't really want one!). Colin
  3. Hi, I have about 20 older tool single seat Mirage III kits (the one tooled in China but with heavier surface detail then updated tool just released, not old short run version) to clear before I get the new kits in stock. They are being sold without boxes, but include instructions and decals etc. I'm selling them for £10 each plus UK postage at cost (RRP was £26), kits available include the Dagger or Nesher decals, but kits also include parts to make a IIIE or V. The surface detail on the newer kits is not that much different, a light rub down sharpens it up, and brush painting will also give a nice finish without loosing detail. PM me if of interest. Thanks Colin
  4. I bought a Smer boxing recently, it looks like a nice sound kit. SH one is more detailed but I think the Vista kit can still hold its own especially if they add a few goodies. Colin
  5. The Aardvark/Heritage conversion masters are now with Alec of Alley Cat, so if you hang on for a bit it will be re-released to a better standard if you want to convert the Dragon kits rather than the new ICM one. Colin
  6. Hi, please pm me your email address and I will forward to Dave Little at Combat Kits to contact you directly. I'm sure he has some and can ship to Germany. Thanks, Colin
  7. Thank you Sir, I won't tell Paul though as it will give him as big head.... Colin
  8. Just to update you, JamesP is quite correct, our complete kit is still crawling to the finish line, but I suspect it will get there before the conversion does! I'm hoping to have the final masters in my hand next month, had a look at them at Cosford and they are looking very smart indeed, we are 90% there now. Colin
  9. Nice job Ali, did you airbrush or brush paint, or a mix of both? Either way I'm sure he liked it. Colin
  10. Hi Simon, Sorry for late reply. yes I have some in stock now. The set has been amended slightly, for a brief period I included a clear resin canopy, this is no longer included but instead I say to amend the Airfix kit part (which is how set was originally released, the resin part was just a modified kit part anyway). Colin
  11. Hi everyone, A quick note to anyone interested in this kit, Dave will have some on sale at Cosford this weekend end from our joint stand, and if anyone wants one mail order drop me a message and I will get some off Dave that I can post out. I understand show price is £120. Thanks. Colin
  12. Hi Tony, Will you be at the Cosford show on Sunday? I will be sharing a stand with Dave Little of Combat Decals and can get you a set of 72003 if your not at the show. Let me know. Thanks. Colin
  13. Lovely finish, I remember waiting at the end of the runways for hours until it departed, and when it lined up the sun went in! Managed to get a passable Kodachrome 64 slide of it. Can't believe it was 1996, 21 years ago, seems like less than ten! Colin
  14. Hi Radleigh, thanks for the link, great pics. Yes I will be at Cosford and so will Dave Little. I think he has a few 146 kits left to. Colin
  15. This is a great thread. I'm really getting into these kind of kits. In my childhood I only built Airfix and Matchbox kits, I remember seeing the bagged Novo kits (the Bleriot?) hanging above a display cabinet at South Eastern Models at Felbridge, West Sussex, but only started buying Frog kits long after they had stopped production. I picked up a Orange boxed Frog Lightning at Peterborough two weeks ago for £7 (parts still sealed in the bag), tried building the kit twice, one Frog and one Hasegawa box but never finished either, third time lucky? Colin