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  1. KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    Hi Jan, good choice of subject. I'd imagine as your masters are finished and Mikro-Mir is still in CAD then you must have started before them. I wish you luck with this one! Colin
  2. Hunter conversion kits

    Alec Smith at AlleyCat bought all the remaining masters, I think some had been disposed off by Ian before the deal was done but I don't know. Certainly the two seat Hunters were in the ones Alec got. However he got a lot, and almost everything needs re-working/repairing to bring up to current standards, or modified to fit different kits in the case of the T.7/8 sets. Alec does AlleyCat part time while managing a disability, and outsources pattern making and casting, so he is at the mercy of others (I know the feeling!). Good pattern makers and casters are always busy so you have to wait your turn. I took the helicopter sets from the Heritage range from Alec as he had no interest in them, in return he took a few of mine (like the 1/32 Seafire FFR47 conversion). The helicopter sets for the Merlin, Apache, Wessex and Chinook will eventually get re-issued under my Rotor Craft brand. The issue of clear resin for canopies mentioned by homebee is more complicated. Changes in the formulation of the clear resin used has meant that a number of casters are having to change type, compounded by the fact that very few casters can do clear in a timely manner due to demand (I have been waiting for some for over 4 months, Alec waited almost a year for a batch from the Czech Republic) make the future of clear casting uncertain for people like me who have to outsource. It also costs a lot more and has a very high failure rate. My future kits will revert to vacform canopies which are done by Rob Taurus, in PETG which does not yellow and produces clearer mouldings than most can in resin without risk of bubbles, and be will provided in pairs to avoid mishaps cutting out. Thanks! Colin
  3. Hunter conversion kits

    The Heritage 1/48 Hunter (two seat) conversion masters are now with AlleyCat, they will be revised to fit the Airfix kit in due course, at least that is what Alec told me. Thanks, Colin
  4. 1/144 - new DH Mosquito kit shown at Nurenburg 2018?

    Hi everyone, just looking at the pictures from IPMS Germany there is what appears to be a 1/144 Mosquito sprue shown. It mentions RS Models, but does anyone know who is releasing it? http://ipmsdeutschland.de/Ausstellungen/Nuernberg2018/Bilder_VH/Nuernberg_VH_RSmodels_01.htm http://ipmsdeutschland.de/Ausstellungen/Nuernberg2018/Bilder_VH/Nuernberg_VH_RSmodels_02.htm Thanks! Colin
  5. Heller 2018 online

    Hi Chris, I got the RC-135U masters (and the other KC-135 derived sets in the Maintrack range) from Whirlybird last year to be reworked, just hoping that Italeri re-issue a suitable C-135 base kit soon. Colin
  6. Heller 2018 online

    I wonder if the 4e trimester items on the bottom will be announced at Nuremburg, maybe they are the new tool items? Colin
  7. Heller 2018 online

    Hi everyone, just noticed the Heller 2018 catalogue is available to view on their website now; https://www.heller.fr/img/cms/catalogue/catalogue_heller_2018.pdf Can't see anything new aircraft wise, but some nice re-issues like the Warning Star (probably at a decent price) , Safir, Lansen and Fennec. Does seem to be a few cars but might be re-issues to? Thanks, Colin
  8. Novo Gloster Javelin FAW.9

    Very true, but I asked Airfix a couple of years ago, and was told the 1/72 Javelin tool is not in their inventory, so I reckon Heller did the dastardly deed. On the up side, you never know they might re-issue the FAW.9 at Nuremburg next week in a Heller box (wishful thinking I know!) Colin
  9. Novo Gloster Javelin FAW.9

    Hi Duncan, I did the nose correction for myself and cast a few up to cover the pattern making costs, but demand for its was very surprising. I've sold a few hundred so far which outstrips sales for most of my correction sets for newer kits. I put this down to the thirty five thousand Frog kits produced back in the day (according to Richard Lines Frog history book) when modelling was more popular, the number of Javelin kits still in stashes probably exceeds the number of new Phantoms kits Airfix will sell this year! I've also done the same for the Frog Sea Vixen, need to put that on my website. The old Maintrack conversions for the Heller/Airfix Javelin are still available through Whirlybird. High Planes were working on a CAD tail section correction for the Airfix FAW.9, this like my Frog nose for me was a personal project for Christopher Brown at HPM, to date he hasn't finished it but I'm sure it will be popular when he does. Thanks, Colin
  10. Novo Gloster Javelin FAW.9

    Nice work so far. I make a replacement resin nose for this kit (slightly longer and better shape), and Model Alliance did a nice sheet that is still available from Hannants. Colin
  11. RIP Julian - Gremlin56

    Very sad, sorry to hear. My condolences to his family. Colin
  12. Very rare bird

    I'd love to see some walk around pictures of it, especially those bulged side windows. What sort of job is it doing? Colin
  13. Airfix 2018 range announcement due 10.00 09/01/2018

    I think Airfix are to be applauded for some really nice decal options on the re-issues (French and Irish Walrus, RAF Post-War Dakota, Big Hairy Bird Marauder). Not much new? What do you expect, times are tough you know! Interest to note that all the re-issues (bar the Marauder, Camel and Typhoon) are from kits tooled in the last ten years or so. Colin
  14. Telford announcements

    Thanks Mike, when I saw the twin pin I couldn't believe it was ever a Magna kit, amazing what casting in grey resin and adding neat panel lines can do to a model! Colin
  15. AZ Models SR.53 in stock now

    For those in the UK who didn't get a chance to buy an SR.53 at Telford, I have a few in stock and on my website now, it will be a couple of weeks before any other UK outlets get them. Ones sold from my website will include a free set of decals left over from my resin kit which are after market quality by Boa Agency. Stocks are limited though, my own boxing will only come out next year. Colin http://www.freightdogmodels.co.uk