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  1. Colin @ Freightdog Models

    Chinook composite blades question (1/48)

    In search of RAF Chinook experts! I noticed Heritage used to make a 1/48 set of 'Boeing Chinook Rotor blades RAF spec' , are these needed if building the current Italeri 1/48 kit issued last year (2779), or were the blades in the Italeri 1/48 kit retooled to represent RAF ones? I don't have the kit yet but the picture of the blades on scalemates and the plastic parts on the italeri website look very similar? I know the original Chinook release had different blades, just wondered if the Heritage ones were still necessary, even if just better than the kit one? Any guidance appreciated, thanks! Colin
  2. Colin @ Freightdog Models

    Freightdog Models and Combat Kits new items for Telford 2018

    After selling out at Telford on release I finally have more stock due next week, so the Lancaster ASR set is now listed on my website, price £17.50 plus postage. Colin
  3. Colin @ Freightdog Models

    Freightdog Models and Combat Kits new items for Telford 2018

    Hi Alain, Sorry for late reply, Yes we have a few left from Telford pre-production batch but these are without decals, so ideally for what-if Modellers, if you prefer to wait for one with the prototype decals these should hopefully be available in February. Colin
  4. Colin @ Freightdog Models

    C Scale - have they been and gone?

    They also made 1/43 metal cars and small scale waterline boats (sold in the same white boxes), probably accounted for larger turnover. I've seen the cars going for a bit on ebay before. Colin
  5. Colin @ Freightdog Models

    Hannants using my Sage 2 model is this normal for them?

    When I send items in my range to Hannants, I send them images to, if I don't they list the product without an image and its not as likely to sell, and get restocked when it sells out. So its in my interest to supply images, I would agree Spin Models probably supplied Hannants with the image, and they used it in good faith. Colin
  6. Colin @ Freightdog Models

    Freightdog Models and Combat Kits new items for Telford 2018

    Hi Mike, sorry for late reply. I don't have any current stockist in the US but I am more than happy to post items there. Postage charge for one SR.177 kit is £8.50. Colin
  7. Colin @ Freightdog Models

    Question PR.34 (late)conversion kit by Freightdog

    If anyone wants the later set without the decals I'm happy to sell it that way, just have not got around to updating the website. Colin
  8. Colin @ Freightdog Models

    AMP& MikroMir News, questions, wishes, and more ...

    Is that in 1/72 or 1/48? Both would be great.
  9. Colin @ Freightdog Models

    Freightdog Models and Combat Kits new items for Telford 2018

    Hi Thommo, Price on the Twin Pioneer is £45.00 plus postage, pm me your email and I will put you in touch with Dave Little of Combat Kits and he can arrange for you. Colin
  10. Colin @ Freightdog Models

    Freightdog Models and Combat Kits new items for Telford 2018

    Hi Jeff, I think can speak for Dave from Combat Kits as he is not on the forum. There will probably be three versions, Nene, airline and military transport. Decals are not included in this set (as its just roundels and codes that can easily be found) but the other versions will have decals, or Combat may do a stand alone Lancastrian sheet will follow that will apply to all three versions. It really depends how well the Nene set sells. Its as great conversion, researched and mastered by Paul Lucas, same as my ASR.III set. Colin
  11. Firstly thanks to Mike for giving me access to the Manufacturers News section. New and re-issued items for Telford, mostly packed up and ready to go, all 1/72 unless otherwise stated; Complete kits; Supermarine Seafire Mk.Ib (cooperation with Kovozavody Prostejov - HQT plastic and resin parts) Saro SR.177 RAF boxing (complete resin kit, revised parts and new RAF decals) Supermarine 327 'Shrew' (complete resin kit, re-stocked) Avro 720 (complete resin kit, re-issue) Conversions; Avro Lancaster ASR.III/GR.3 with Airborne Lifeboat Mk.IIA (resin with clear vacform) Phantom FGR.2 Redtop missiles and pylons (proposed fit instead of Sidewinders) Canberra B.(I)8 weapons set (accurate gun pack, wing pylons and training bombs, for FROG kit also applicable to B.6 kits) Sharing my stand, Combat Kits (all resin) new releases will be; Blackburn Firebrand TF.II 1/48 Blackburn Firebrand TF/5 1/48 Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer CC.1/2 1/72 Scottish Aviation Pioneer CC.1 1/72 BAe Mantis UAV 1/72 (complete kit sample batch, no decals) Avro Lancastrian Nene testbed 1/72 (conversion set) Rushton Target set 1/72 (conversion set) I'm happy to take pre-orders, but also not very organised, so pick them up Saturday morning if you can! Any questions please let me now. I will have lots of restocked Freightdog resin sets to. Thanks, Colin
  12. Colin @ Freightdog Models

    Scout & Wasp in multi scales from S&M

    The Curse of the Wasp strikes again.....Air-Graphics and Kiwi Models don't have one either.
  13. From what Mel told me a while back its just panel line changes, no change to wing shape but I might be wrong. Colin
  14. Colin @ Freightdog Models

    Armstrong Whitworth Meteor NF Mk.12, Matchbox 1/72

    Hi Dimiter, Welcome to BM, that is one of the best built Matchbox Meteors I've seen. The re-scribing really makes a difference, and you have managed to hide all the bad joints which is something I haven't achieved! That kit brings back happy memories for me to. Colin
  15. Colin @ Freightdog Models

    Magna Jetstream T.2 1/72nd scale

    Don't worry, Magna haven't gone! Dave Little of Combat Kits bought all the masters last year, he is slowing working to re-release them with re-worked masters and MUCH better casting (commercially done, not in a shed, no disrespect to those who cast in sheds!). The Twin Pin is the first to get the treatment, a very small sample batch were available at Telford last year, only a dozen without decals as that was how many clear resin canopies were cast up in time, no more vacform). Decals are still in progress so expect the production kit to go on sale by next Telford, along with the single engine Pioneer. Sorry to hijack the thread, the Jetstream looks a lot better than I though it would from the rough castings, great work. Colin