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  1. That turret is tiny! Good to see another Airfix classic getting the Adrian treatment, I think its one of the few Airfix 1/76 kits I didn't build as a kid. Colin
  2. Just seen this thread. Whilst going through a box of decals I've found a few original Pegasus RFC roundel sheets in good condition (not yellowed or crazed), these pre-date the reprint I did in around 2009. I'll sell these for £5.00 for two A5 sheets plus large letter postage if anyone is interested. Colin
  3. A small update, had an unexpected phone chat with Chris Fooks today. He is still recuperating but was in good spirits and said he was on the mend, getting mobile and walking a bit. It was great to hear from him, a bit of good news makes a change at least! Colin
  4. The shots of the parts on Revell's website show the Monogram kit, so I'd accept that what you get in the box. The Monogram kit was very nice when released, raised panel lines but better detail than the ESCI/Italeri tool, and it makes sense to use a tool you own rather than buy in plastic parts from Italeri. Colin
  5. I have no doubt some traders do extremely well, they wouldn't travel from across Europe paying several thousand pounds for their stands if it wasn't. For myself, selling my own range, some of which are not available except direct from me I cover my costs most years, and actually make more money from my website sales the week after the show as not everyone gets to Telford. It's definitely good PR and great to talk to customers, many of whom are also good friends. If your just selling mainstream kits there is a lot of competition and the margins are not great with everyone racing to the bottom to shift their stock. Colin
  6. As a trader earlier in the year I had hoped the show would happen as it is a real highlight in my modelling calendar. However over the last few months or so I've changed my mind and should the show go ahead, I have asked to defer my trade stand booking to 2021. I cannot justify the costs with the risk of the show not being well supported, its not a big money spinner for me, more a social event that breaks even on a good year. I also really have my doubts about how to address the health risks over the weekend. As others have mentioned, in all the years of trading at SMW I think I've often come back from the show with some kind of airborne lurgy! Colin
  7. Afternoon all, A quick note to say the Combat Kits resin Short Belfast C.1 in 1/72 is now available, only through Ebay initially but I will be taking orders soon. This is very loosely based on the old Magna kit masters which Combat Kits own, but in all honestly has only a passing resemblance having been completely reworked. I'm added the link to the Ebay page to show the parts images, if anyone wants to post the pics here or the the Rumourmonger section please do, I don't have any photo hosting at the moment; https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Combat-Kits-Shorts-Belfast-C-1-Complete-resin-kit-1-72-scale/283962985004?hash=item421d834a2c:g:1IgAAOSwjTBfEfqA The hold up with release has been decals, with the lock down and the limited production nature of the kit (only a dozen made so far), Dave at Combat kits hasn't printed the decals yet, and has instead included the old decals from the Magna kits which he still has stock of. He does hope to screen print the decals sometime later this year (the artwork is ready), and will sell them separately to those who want to use the new decals (so they are not included in the sale price, just in case they for some reason don't get printed for a while). Any questions please let me know and I'll try to answer. Starting at £165 this is not a kit for the faint hearted, but is is very much more buildable than the old Magna kit, which often goes for more than £165 when second hand ones turn up on Ebay. Thanks, Colin
  8. Good afternoon, Replacement bulldog propeller available now; https://www.freightdogmodels.co.uk/featured/freightdog-1-72-bristol-bulldog-corrected-propeller-for-airfix-vintage-classics-series.html Thanks, Colin
  9. You will have to get the tools out on the kitchen table till the new shed comes, if SWMBO will allow it, you can always claim these are exceptional times, good luck.... Colin
  10. Agree on the insurance point, my son was due to go on a school trip in July, the trip was only just officially cancelled by the operator, although no one was going anyway, but school had to wait for operator to cancel before they could get a partial refund from them and then claim the remainder from their own insurance policy. As a regular trader at SMW its not looking good, wait and see but can't see it going ahead this year. Also seem to come home with a cold after the show almost every year thanks to getting coughed on all weekend! Colin
  11. Have you seen the episode of Netflix's Space Force where she designs the uniforms? Its a classic..
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