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  1. Nice build, I did a similar Matchbox one many years back (but the FR.9 conversion) for an ex Meteor pilot on a stand, all the sanding needed made a nice clean desktop model, if only he knew how much Green Stuff I had to use! Excellent decals to... Colin
  2. Looks great, the Heller kit has aged well, very impressed the Airfix decals went on so nicely. A superb build! Colin
  3. Agree, if the windows are straight I might be tempted! Colin
  4. I still produce an F.3/1 conversion for this kit, unfortunately it costs more than your ebay bargain! https://www.freightdogmodels.co.uk/featured/freightdog-1-72-bac-lightning-f-3-conversion-for-hasegawa-frog.html Colin
  5. I have a few of my Halifax upgrade sets left (but does not cover the 4 blade props), pm if of interest. Thanks, Colin
  6. Looking really good, I have a couple of these T.2 sets and the canopy is pretty distorted due to thickness. Well done getting this far. Colin
  7. Sorry for the website woes, initial problem with certificate has been resolved but Mike has kindly pointed out another one that I'm trying to get fixed tomorrow. The website is only 4 years old but the software has apparently reached 'end of life', so a new site is coming in early November. I just hope I can nurse the old one for another month. Colin
  8. Yes, UK postage (large letter in a flat box) is £2,00 so total £7.00 posted for two A5 sheets. PM to follow. Colin
  9. That turret is tiny! Good to see another Airfix classic getting the Adrian treatment, I think its one of the few Airfix 1/76 kits I didn't build as a kid. Colin
  10. Just seen this thread. Whilst going through a box of decals I've found a few original Pegasus RFC roundel sheets in good condition (not yellowed or crazed), these pre-date the reprint I did in around 2009. I'll sell these for £5.00 for two A5 sheets plus large letter postage if anyone is interested. Colin
  11. A small update, had an unexpected phone chat with Chris Fooks today. He is still recuperating but was in good spirits and said he was on the mend, getting mobile and walking a bit. It was great to hear from him, a bit of good news makes a change at least! Colin
  12. The shots of the parts on Revell's website show the Monogram kit, so I'd accept that what you get in the box. The Monogram kit was very nice when released, raised panel lines but better detail than the ESCI/Italeri tool, and it makes sense to use a tool you own rather than buy in plastic parts from Italeri. Colin
  13. I have no doubt some traders do extremely well, they wouldn't travel from across Europe paying several thousand pounds for their stands if it wasn't. For myself, selling my own range, some of which are not available except direct from me I cover my costs most years, and actually make more money from my website sales the week after the show as not everyone gets to Telford. It's definitely good PR and great to talk to customers, many of whom are also good friends. If your just selling mainstream kits there is a lot of competition and the margins are not great with everyone racing to the bottom
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