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  1. Looking forward to trading at the show this weekend, my first since 2019. Colin
  2. Look forward to it, I saw this boxing on King Kit the other day, but it was a bit more than a bargain! I have the F-106 but the 102 has the nicest shape for me. Colin
  3. I've been trading at shows for eighteen years now and personally I love under tables sales, where I can pick up a bargain or something I've not seen in ages. I buy these for my (ever expanding) stash, not for future stock. I can understand why second hand kit traders don't like them, incidentally as a trader I've had other traders buy items from me at the beginning of a show and mark them up on their own stands, its not just under table bargains that some traders go for. I have not traded since Covid, but have a couple of smaller shows coming up in June and July. These will effectively be social events for me, I expect to break even at best. Not the best business model I know, but Freightdog is only part time for me now and I want to attend those shows anyway so I might as well bring some stock along. I briefly attended the Southdowns show and caught up with a few trader friends, I decided the day before not to go to MK as a visitor partly when I heard there were no under table sales, but more so that with the four hour round trip I couldn't justify the fuel expense, so I did a 45 min drive to Worthing the day before instead. I had previously decided not to trade at MK as the tables were quite pricey and my one previous attendance in the same venue had not made me any profit. I didn't trade at Telford last November, I planned to visit and enjoy the show, just as well I didn't plan to trade as two days before my son came down with Covid and I had to cancel just in case I had it, I didn't get it in the end. This November I will be trading again at Scale Modelworld, with a pitch twice as big as usual, and hopefully lots of new stuff to promote. I suspect it will be more PR than profit, but I live in hope! Thanks, Colin
  4. Assume that is the Fujimi plastic, as it mentions two pilot figures included, and the Italeri kits don't have figures? Also KA-Models logo on box is tied up with Fujimi. If so its good the kit is available again. Colin
  5. Glenn is also selling on ebay, maybe contact via there? He is quite vocal on facebook, so alive and well. Colin
  6. Hi Colin,


    I wonder if you can help me.


    I am looking buy the Freightdog "Halifax B.II Series IA Improvement Set Two" found here:



    Will you have it in stock any time soon or is it a custom order? Is there anywhere else I may purchase the set?


    Please can you let me know. I finally got my hands on the Revell Halifax kit and wish to do it justice.


    Many thanks,



  7. They were sold to David Little at Combat Kits, he is slowing working his way on upgrading them, and casting is nicer resin, decals and metal parts. So far he has done the Belfast, Pioneers, Marathon and a few others. Colin
  8. Came in this afternoon with two of my son's, who normally show no interest in my hobby, but did show an interest in the tombola, and an ability to win at it to! A nice show and only half an hour from home, look forward to next year. Well done North Surrey. Colin
  9. To be honest I had forgotten about it, but a quick google found a picture of one. I had a few of the other Esoteric resin conversion sets when they came out, by today's standards they are pretty pants but fun all the same! I look forward to your build in regular section hopefully starting soon. Colin
  10. It would be a shame not to include it. The Esoteric set consists of a one piece solid resin fuselage (definitely modified Matchbox parts retaining trench panel lines) and a pair of metal seats. Everything else (wings, u/c, tail planes and Canopy) is Matchbox. Matchbox kits were quite often the basis of conversions (M&E Spitfire T.9, Maintrack Siskins, Aeroclub Meteors etc). I'm really like to see it make the group built. Thanks, Colin (slightly biased manufacturer of conversions!)
  11. Actually it might be three! Got them in the local Woolworths probably 20 years ago. They were on offer at £15 each, so I got rather carried away and bought five, at least a couple have moved on, the others are right at the back of the loft with one of the Sea Harriers. The stash is definitely too big, its full of vintage classics already!
  12. I really like the Vintage Classics range, but its only 2022 releases that include some items I'd really like to get. I'm looking forward to the Beaver and Basset, and the return of HMS Devonshire is tempting to, although I haven't built a 1/600 ship since I was twelve. The large scale Harrier is nice to be back in the range, but I think I have two in the stash already. I surprised they have not done more on the Falklands theme, and re-issued the 1/24 Sea Harrier instead. I have two of those in the stash to, I think I need to thin the stash somewhat! Colin
  13. I have a pile of old RotorCraft Whirlwind HAS.22 decals left, glad I didn't bin them when I was tidying the other day. They might be in demand again. I'm pleased about the Basset, the company I work for had a fleet of them back in the day, for use for training and as air taxis. Colin
  14. I normally get an advertiser electronic copy, it hasn't turned up in my mailbox yet so your probably right. Thanks, Colin
  15. The nightfighter Meteors didn't have ejection seats fitted, so best to save that for another project and use the kit bucket seats. Paint it all black and not much is seen anyway. Also if your making an NF.14, use the shorter nose for the NF.12 in the box, as the -14 nose is the wrong length. The NF.12 & NF.14 had the same length nose. Good luck with the build, its a nice kit. Colin
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