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  1. Combat Kits will be releasing a resin Shorts Belfast in 1/72 scale in Spring 2020. Based on the Magna kit, for which Combat Kits own the original masters, this has been significantly reworked and will be commercially cast, including white metal undercarriage, clear resin and screen printed decals. This will be followed by the Blackburn Beverley in Summer 2020. Thanks. Colin
  2. The Magna Beverley is being remastered by Combat Kits for release in Summer of 2020, the Belfast was due at Telford next month but has slipped to Spring 2020. Both have clear resin canopies, metal undercarriage and screen printed decals.
  3. Hi Allan, but sorry I don't agree, If you compare the images on these reviews of the main parts, the components are from the same mould, Heller didn't tool their own KC-135 kits, they are AMT mouldings; https://www.super-hobby.com/products/Boeing-C135-FR.html https://www.super-hobby.com/products/Boeing-KC135-Stratotanker.html https://www.super-hobby.com/products/KC-135A-STRATOTANKER.html http://www.ipmsdeutschland.de/FirstLook/Italeri/Italeri_KC-135/Ita_Boeing_KC-135.html You can also make out just that the Italeri KC-135A re-issue of 2014 has the wrong extended span tail planes for a J-57 version, which are correct for re-engined the Rivett Joint. Thanks, Colin
  4. Hi Neill, Apologies, my mail box was full, sent me a pm now and I'll sort out after the show. Thanks, Colin
  5. Hi Jim, Apologies, there is a glitch on the website blocking messages. Yes I'll add you to the list for Telford. Thanks. Colin
  6. Yes, you wouldn't have to use the resin nose, but all other parts are applicable (the cheeks in the RC-135 kit are much bigger than the current ones on the Airseeker). Colin
  7. Yes, although the KC-135A has shorter span tail planes, these were extended on reengined aircraft. That said the in last Italeri (2014) issue of the KC-135A, they included the wrong longer span tail planes, so this can also be used and is a better quality plastic with less warping than the AMT/Amtech boxings. The modification to the tail planes if needed is not difficult, its around a 5mm extension on each tip. Colin
  8. I should have the extended ferry wing tips and early drop tank fins on sale at Telford as an update set for the Italeri kit. Colin
  9. For Telford release next month, Combat Kits 1/72 RC-135W Airseeker (Rivet Joint) comprehensive resin conversion for AMT/Italeri KC-135A base kit. Including commercially cast replacement nose, cheeks, radomes, engines and aerial fit. Price should be in the region of £45.00, message me show for pre-orders as stocks at the event will be limited. Decals not included, these can be found on recently reprinted Xtradecal sheet X72216. Combat Kits are available exclusively from Freightdog Models. Thanks, Colin
  10. Hi James, I do the Mk.20 in my Freightdog range for the old kit, it has been re-worked and will be released at Telford along with a few other Buccaneer sets that don't clash with Air-Graphics ones so far announced. Thanks, Colin
  11. Great looking blast from the past! The Ozmods kit seems to capture the shape better than the A Model kits. Colin
  12. Hi Colin,


    I am after the A-4C resin nose sets that you used to do.  I have a stash of Airfix A-4B kits that are begging for an upgrade!  Any chance that you will be producing more of them?





  13. Great news, I used to enjoy day trips to Manston dispatching Das Air Cargo B707's from there in the early 90's, so much better than my normal base at Gatwick. Colin
  14. Brilliant collection Chris. Is the 56 Sqn F.1A also a Frog/Hasegawa kit converted with an Airfix belly tank and fin? Colin
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