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  1. Had my first on Thursday, got text out of the blue and booked appointment 5 mins later, didn't hesitate. I am 50 but have lung condition so assume that bumped me up the list, I didn't need to be asked twice! Had the AZ jab, sore arm and a bit flu like the next day but gone with some paracetamol. Colin
  2. I spoke to Jan last week, said he is recovering well and is back to work soon. Colin
  3. It looks like a nice smooth finish, look forward to seeing you progress, i have one of these to build do. Colin
  4. Great result from a pretty horrid kit, I had have one under construction now for a few years (and the rest) on the shelf of doom, all I've managed is some cleaning up and removing the wing pylons. Hope one day I can build it as nicely as you have. Colin
  5. Sorry no Jerry, I stopped making the Z nose when Revell included one in their new tool B.III kit. Sorry. Colin
  6. Colin are you still making the RC-135W conversion?

    1. Colin @ Freightdog Models

      Colin @ Freightdog Models

      Hello, the RC-135W is still available, but not from me. You can only buy it via Combat Kits on ebay, just search for Airseeker 1/72. Its listed as an auction starting at £65, but when it sells another gets listed so you should be able to get one with only one or two bits if you hold out for a bit.


      Best regards Colin

  7. Hello, I will be stocking this Pegasus/Grand Models joint venture in January, available on my new Freightdog website for UK and non-EU orders. EU orders should be directed to Christos at Grand Models. This will be a very limited release, probably less than 50 kits in total. Thanks, Colin
  8. I doubt they would do a 2 seater, its a tarnished subject. When the 48th Hunter was announced Airfix told me I could do a T.7 conversion if I wanted as they wouldn't be doing one, along the lines of 'if we do a two seat Hunter the Daily Mail will say 'Airfix make Shoreham death jet' or something along those lines. Colin
  9. I've been informed this week by High Planes in Singapore that they have been told to register but the process is not clear, so from 1st January if they can't register they will stop sending orders to the UK. Colin
  10. Really great job, I also built one in around 1980 as a child but didn't finish it. Managed to pick up one on ebay (actually 2) plus the Toad Resins He 277 conversion recently. Colin
  11. Yes its the Silver Cloud (Freightdog) kit, masters passed to Combat Kits. Price tag is what you pay to manufacture in the UK unfortunately. Colin
  12. Nice build, I did a similar Matchbox one many years back (but the FR.9 conversion) for an ex Meteor pilot on a stand, all the sanding needed made a nice clean desktop model, if only he knew how much Green Stuff I had to use! Excellent decals to... Colin
  13. Looks great, the Heller kit has aged well, very impressed the Airfix decals went on so nicely. A superb build! Colin
  14. Agree, if the windows are straight I might be tempted! Colin
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