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  1. Hi Dave, Really sorry but I can't remember which book I saw the picture, your mention of taken from below starboard side does ring a bell, just not sure where! Don't read too much into the aerial fit in the four views, they were all pretty much the same basic drawing but with different marking options (except the Blue Steel was correct for XL390). Colin
  2. I think I will wait to see what Special Hobby do, might be quite a complex conversion. First two sets will be a B.XVI / B.35 improvement set and B,XVI with ventral H2S conversion. Available in around two weeks. Colin
  3. Don't worry Dave, I've done corrections as well as conversions. I have a one piece B.XVI bulged bomb bay without the TT.35 door detail, which does includes the rear section, and missing scribed detail. Also a flat B.IX and enlarged PR.34 fuel/camera bay to. Also Anti-shimmy tail wheel to correct kit part will be in each set. Colin
  4. With the imminent release of the new Airfix 1/72 DH Mosquito B.XVI kit, I am pleased to announce that Freightdog have six resin sets due for release very soon, with more to follow. Masters are finished, with thanks to Airfix for early access to test shots. Sets under preparation include conversions for the B.IX, PR.IX, PR.XVI, PR.32, PR.34 and B.35. Images of test castings to follow soon.
  5. I can still cast up the set if of interest. Colin
  6. Really great result. I have three of these in the stash, its still a nice kit. Colin
  7. When Boeing's were built to last! Quite a few seem to be active as freighters in Canada, fitted with the rough field kit (the stone guard in front of nose wheel bay gives it away). Seem to have found a niche for them. Maybe the lower slung CFM versions that followed are not suitable, and of course -200s are cheap. Colin
  8. Can you give me a link to the new part sprue shots? Thanks, Colin
  9. I have a corrected bomb door set already being mastered, plus other items for the Airfix kit. Colin
  10. Freightdog 1/72 Lancaster ASR.III/GR.3 conversion set with Mk.IIa Lifeboat now relisted on my website, if of interest. Thanks! Colin
  11. Afraid I don't do any decals but I did a Lancaster ASR.III/MR.3 conversion with the Mk.IIa lifeboat for the Airfix kit, it has been out of production for a while. I recently got a small batch cast up so it should be re-issued later this month. S&M did a post-war Lancaster sheet, and Xtradecal X72256 does have one MR.3 option on it. Its not too difficult to cobble decals together from generic code and roundel sheets although some post-war a/c had very large upper wing roundels (102 Inch?) which are not so easy to find. PM me if the conversion is of interest. There is a picture of the masters on my Freightdog Models facebook page. Thanks, Colin
  12. What another great build, love the figures to! Colin
  13. Amazing job, I am glad to have offered some small inspiration towards this project! Colin @ Freightdog
  14. I now have the masters for this set from Paul Lucas, but have not re-issued it yet, as I need to write up the instructions. It includes the Harley light, F.4 fuselage plug with 100 series vents , F.4 exhaust, tail hook and replacement main wheels and nose leg/wheel to correct under scale Revell parts. It should get re-issued in the Freightdog range soon, although the market is rather crowded. My set is the only one to improve the u/c. Colin
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