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  1. Actually it might be three! Got them in the local Woolworths probably 20 years ago. They were on offer at £15 each, so I got rather carried away and bought five, at least a couple have moved on, the others are right at the back of the loft with one of the Sea Harriers. The stash is definitely too big, its full of vintage classics already!
  2. I really like the Vintage Classics range, but its only 2022 releases that include some items I'd really like to get. I'm looking forward to the Beaver and Basset, and the return of HMS Devonshire is tempting to, although I haven't built a 1/600 ship since I was twelve. The large scale Harrier is nice to be back in the range, but I think I have two in the stash already. I surprised they have not done more on the Falklands theme, and re-issued the 1/24 Sea Harrier instead. I have two of those in the stash to, I think I need to thin the stash somewhat! Colin
  3. I have a pile of old RotorCraft Whirlwind HAS.22 decals left, glad I didn't bin them when I was tidying the other day. They might be in demand again. I'm pleased about the Basset, the company I work for had a fleet of them back in the day, for use for training and as air taxis. Colin
  4. I normally get an advertiser electronic copy, it hasn't turned up in my mailbox yet so your probably right. Thanks, Colin
  5. The nightfighter Meteors didn't have ejection seats fitted, so best to save that for another project and use the kit bucket seats. Paint it all black and not much is seen anyway. Also if your making an NF.14, use the shorter nose for the NF.12 in the box, as the -14 nose is the wrong length. The NF.12 & NF.14 had the same length nose. Good luck with the build, its a nice kit. Colin
  6. Hi Richard, Hopefully about 6 weeks time, still waiting for some canopy masters. Thanks, Colin
  7. Can anyone point me in the direction of a picture of the parts in the Dolphin kit? Thanks Colin
  8. The Broussard is now available to buy from the Freightdog website. Also available direct from Combat Kits via ebay, no other stockists are planned. Colin
  9. Yes I think that is the replacement (Protector, or Certifiable Predator B that can fly in civilian airspace), but I just wondered what the original Reapers fly from (not where the pilots are based) now they don't have a role in Afghanistan, are they somewhere else in the Middle East, or East Africa? Colin
  10. Hi chaps, Do the RAF still operate the MQ-9, and if so where from? I'm building the Kinetic 1/72 kit, just wondered if they are still in use, as they were previously Afghanistan based? Thanks, Colin
  11. Hi Steve, looks like the Broussard will be ebay or via the Freightdog website (orders will then be processed by Combat Kits, I won't hold actual stock). Decals have arrived today so they gone up on ebay now.
  12. To be honest it would be quite easy to cut the rear of my closed bomb bay off, and use the kit bomb doors with the detail sanded off. The B.XVI/B.35 is back in stock again on the Freightdog website. Thanks, Colin
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