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  1. Colin @ Freightdog Models

    Armstrong Whitworth Meteor NF Mk.12, Matchbox 1/72

    Hi Dimiter, Welcome to BM, that is one of the best built Matchbox Meteors I've seen. The re-scribing really makes a difference, and you have managed to hide all the bad joints which is something I haven't achieved! That kit brings back happy memories for me to. Colin
  2. Colin @ Freightdog Models

    Magna Jetstream T.2 1/72nd scale

    Don't worry, Magna haven't gone! Dave Little of Combat Kits bought all the masters last year, he is slowing working to re-release them with re-worked masters and MUCH better casting (commercially done, not in a shed, no disrespect to those who cast in sheds!). The Twin Pin is the first to get the treatment, a very small sample batch were available at Telford last year, only a dozen without decals as that was how many clear resin canopies were cast up in time, no more vacform). Decals are still in progress so expect the production kit to go on sale by next Telford, along with the single engine Pioneer. Sorry to hijack the thread, the Jetstream looks a lot better than I though it would from the rough castings, great work. Colin
  3. My pleasure John, I'm getting the first batch tomorrow to have some on sale at Coventry show on Sunday, then will start posting out orders on Monday hopefully. Colin
  4. Freightdog tip tanks are on my website now. Tanks are based on the drawings earlier in this thread, so credit is due to John/Canberra kid, pm me your address John and I'll send you some free samples, thanks! Colin
  5. Colin @ Freightdog Models

    FROG Resurrected ???

    This is Academy plastic parts, according to Christopher Brown at HPM Hobbies, Singapore. Colin
  6. Colin @ Freightdog Models

    Avro 720

    Hi Gary, Don't worry, your not bleating on! I've been waiting since last October to get clear canopies for the Avro 720 and SR.177 kits re-cast, new formulation has caused casting without bubbles to become an issue, and the Avro 720 canopy was a problem even before that. So as a back up I've converted a resin sub-master to a vacform and am now waiting for them to come from Rob Taurus, hopefully next month. Once I have one of the canopies in hand I'll cast up the kits and get it back on sale. Personally the quality of the Rob Taurus vacformed PETG is better than the resin (sharp, scale thickness, extremely clear without dipping in Clear etc), so what will probably happen is the kit will come with vacform canopies (two copies) as standard, with the resin ones (if I ever get them) being sold separately for those who can't face the vac. I'll promote the 720 as soon as I have made some progress either way. Colin
  7. Facebook post doesn't seem to mention a scale (if indeed its for a kit), only someone hoping for 1/48 kit? More likely in 1/72 maybe? Scrub that, just noticed '48' in one of the posts.... Colin
  8. Colin @ Freightdog Models

    KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    Hi Jan, Proportions of roundels not quite right (blue is thicker) and underwing serials are not in correct position. I will send you separate email. Colin
  9. Colin @ Freightdog Models

    Echelon 1/32 Lightning....time for a change

    Look forward to seeing you progress late 80's style! I had both the Hunters in the stash but sold the two seater regrettably. Still have the single seat Hunter but never had the Lightning. I suspect it will be less work than getting an accurate Lightning out of the Trumpy one. Colin
  10. I believe AlleyCat will be doing a T.17 conversion with decals based on the S & M/MikroMir kits. Colin
  11. Colin @ Freightdog Models

    1/72 Canberra wheels

    Well thanks for thinking of me! Unfortunately you will have to rule me out, the Air-Graphics ones are done by my pattern maker, so I've missed the boat on that. I will suggest it to Christopher at High Planes, he is doing some CAD bits for the S & M kit so it might be on his to do list already. Colin
  12. Colin @ Freightdog Models

    KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    Hi Jan, good choice of subject. I'd imagine as your masters are finished and Mikro-Mir is still in CAD then you must have started before them. I wish you luck with this one! Colin
  13. Colin @ Freightdog Models

    Hunter conversion kits

    Alec Smith at AlleyCat bought all the remaining masters, I think some had been disposed off by Ian before the deal was done but I don't know. Certainly the two seat Hunters were in the ones Alec got. However he got a lot, and almost everything needs re-working/repairing to bring up to current standards, or modified to fit different kits in the case of the T.7/8 sets. Alec does AlleyCat part time while managing a disability, and outsources pattern making and casting, so he is at the mercy of others (I know the feeling!). Good pattern makers and casters are always busy so you have to wait your turn. I took the helicopter sets from the Heritage range from Alec as he had no interest in them, in return he took a few of mine (like the 1/32 Seafire FFR47 conversion). The helicopter sets for the Merlin, Apache, Wessex and Chinook will eventually get re-issued under my Rotor Craft brand. The issue of clear resin for canopies mentioned by homebee is more complicated. Changes in the formulation of the clear resin used has meant that a number of casters are having to change type, compounded by the fact that very few casters can do clear in a timely manner due to demand (I have been waiting for some for over 4 months, Alec waited almost a year for a batch from the Czech Republic) make the future of clear casting uncertain for people like me who have to outsource. It also costs a lot more and has a very high failure rate. My future kits will revert to vacform canopies which are done by Rob Taurus, in PETG which does not yellow and produces clearer mouldings than most can in resin without risk of bubbles, and be will provided in pairs to avoid mishaps cutting out. Thanks! Colin
  14. Colin @ Freightdog Models

    Hunter conversion kits

    The Heritage 1/48 Hunter (two seat) conversion masters are now with AlleyCat, they will be revised to fit the Airfix kit in due course, at least that is what Alec told me. Thanks, Colin