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  1. Colin, I sent a message using the online form in Freightdog website but got no reply. I want to buy a Lancastrian Avon testbed conversion set. Need it shipped to Brazil. Can you contact me off line? Thanks! Lucio
  2. Hello Freightdog!! Anybody home? I sent an enquiry about Lancastrian Avon testbed availability. No reply... Lucio
  3. Bringing back to life an old thread! Thanks for the informations. I even found an Airmodel kit in eBay! But wait: Classic Plane have a new Kestrel-powered He-70 listed, this time using the ICM kit as basis. I think I will have a go at this one. In the meantime, another picture. From Flight magazine.
  4. I understand you. There´s a lot of kits that i'm sure I have but can´t find in the stacks!
  5. Edit. Just did a Google search. The conversion set was made by Classic Plane and includes painting instructions!
  6. Hi, Jure! I didn´t know about this Airmodel engine set. Let´s start the hunt! Do you remember if the conversion included painting instructions? Cheers, Lúcio
  7. Hi! I have been researching this airplane for some time with no success. Just some small pictures in the internet. Do you know of a good drawing of the plane? I´d like to convert one of my old Matchbox Blitzes. Cheers, Lúcio
  8. Gekko, Toryu and Ginga were made in Brazil, also, by Revell´s local partner, A. Kikkoler. I have three Toryus, two brazilians and one japanese. The Hasegawa Ki-45 is far superior. My Gekko (from Kikkoler) was assembled wen I was a teenager and still are in great shape, but I already got the Fujimi superior version. My Ginga (Kikkoler) are waiting assembly. I never saw Fujimi´s Ginga but I have been told it´s better. Cheers, Lúcio
  9. Thanks for the info. Now that the radial-engined Hurricane question was settled down, that Yugoslavian Daimler-Benz engined one looks tempting... At least this one was built (flown?). Cheers, Lúcio
  10. I have seen comments here and there about a radial engined Hurricane but...there was such plane or was it just a project that didn´t came out of the drawing board? http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v131/Man...ne_Hercules.jpg Cheers, Lúcio
  11. Lúcio

    Wellington test bed

    Ross and Walrus, MANY THANKS for the excellent material you both sent to me. Now I have a solid starting point for Battle, Lancaster, Lancastrian and (I can dream...) Lincoln test beds. If you need something, please drop me a line. Best regards, Lúcio
  12. Lúcio

    Wellington test bed

    Ross, Wonderful scans of the Wellington. I´d like to have the Battle, too. Will build it first, just because it´s smaller. Best regards, Lúcio
  13. Lúcio

    Wellington test bed

    Walrus and Rossm, I gladly accept your offers. I really love engien test beds and other experimental aircrafts but there´s very little info and pictures of most of them. The Lancasters are the ones with more pictures and details published. In the other hand, the french Marauders with ATAR and Jumo engines in the rear fuselages are very elusive critters. I just reveived a small lot of old Airfix Magazines. There´s a small feature in converting the Airfix Fairey Battle to a test bed (Bristol Centaurus, Merlin and other engines) but pictures are very dark and low res and drawings very sketchy. It´s a start, however... Now that the new ICM He-70 are out I will probably convert my old Matchbox Blitz to the Kestrel engined example owned by Rolls Royce. Cheers, Lúcio
  14. Lúcio

    Wellington test bed

    Hi! I´m looking for pictures/drawings/information on Wellington jet engine test beds. Also, same for B-17, Lancaster, french B-26 used to test ATAR engines, Battle, etc... test beds. Cheers, Lucio
  15. Blimp, Thanks for the tips. I will start my J-1 as soon as I finnish my Vultee V-1A with floats. Regards, Lucio
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