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  1. Can anyone point me in the direction of a picture of the parts in the Dolphin kit? Thanks Colin
  2. The Broussard is now available to buy from the Freightdog website. Also available direct from Combat Kits via ebay, no other stockists are planned. Colin
  3. Yes I think that is the replacement (Protector, or Certifiable Predator B that can fly in civilian airspace), but I just wondered what the original Reapers fly from (not where the pilots are based) now they don't have a role in Afghanistan, are they somewhere else in the Middle East, or East Africa? Colin
  4. Hi chaps, Do the RAF still operate the MQ-9, and if so where from? I'm building the Kinetic 1/72 kit, just wondered if they are still in use, as they were previously Afghanistan based? Thanks, Colin
  5. Hi Steve, looks like the Broussard will be ebay or via the Freightdog website (orders will then be processed by Combat Kits, I won't hold actual stock). Decals have arrived today so they gone up on ebay now.
  6. To be honest it would be quite easy to cut the rear of my closed bomb bay off, and use the kit bomb doors with the detail sanded off. The B.XVI/B.35 is back in stock again on the Freightdog website. Thanks, Colin
  7. Struggling a bit here, any good?; https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipN_9PWQOwlLv-I9rZXukm69ngJ0pyZX5oDO7NLj
  8. Hello, Due to be released later this month, complete kit in grey & clear resin with white metal parts of the Max Holste MH.1521 Broussard in 1/72 scale. With decals printed by Begemot. Image of parts here; This kit will be available from Combat Kits via ebay very soon, price will be £35.00 plus postage. Thanks, Colin
  9. B.XVI/B.35 due back in stock on the freightdog website beginning of next week. Thanks, Colin
  10. Glad to see adoption of masks, albeit only if you were a Star Wars villain Glad it went well. Colin
  11. Which foreign nation might be interested in them, Saudi Arabia maybe? It would be nice if they could keep going. Colin
  12. You bought it Tony, build it at your leisure, or rob parts from it, I don't mind. If I'm honest I didn't think there would be so much interest in the H2S version, having only seen three pictures of the real things, but most of my orders so far were for one of each. It is the B.35 I'm looking forward to seeing built. I should point out that Tony was involved in the decal sheet, not the resin sets, these where researched and mastered by Paul Lucas, so Tony isn't marking his own homework on this one! Colin
  13. Thanks for the kind words, and glad the castings get Tony's seal of approval. The first batch of 25 sets of each have sold out in less than 24 hours, which is very nice, lets hope the next batch sell so well. This has left me with a slight logistical issue, in that Freightdog is very much part time now, and I need to finish the instructions around working shifts in the day (and sometimes night) job. So I hope to get all the orders out by the end of next week, when the second batch should arrive to start all over again. There are a total of eight sets planned, the next two releases are likely to be the early PR.34 and probably PR.XVI/PR.32. All the other sets need vacform canopy parts which will be done by Rob Taurus and may take a bit longer. Enough high jacking of this thread, Tony has supported me right from the beginning, and kindly offered his research services to. I know he will be honest about the sets, and look forward to seeing the results of his rapid assembly technique! Colin
  14. Tony's quick off the mark as usual! Posted them today without instructions as I can see your raring to go, and I'm still writing them! Rest of orders going out next week. Nice to see my decal sheet being used. Sadly long out of production, and not viable to reprint due to cost. Colin
  15. Yes, although the Xtradecal sheet instructions show it with a bulged bomb bay, it should be flat. There are some notes in my sets instructions about the scheme on the sheet. Colin Search 'Mosquito' at top of website and it should show them both. Colin
  16. Hi Dave, Really sorry but I can't remember which book I saw the picture, your mention of taken from below starboard side does ring a bell, just not sure where! Don't read too much into the aerial fit in the four views, they were all pretty much the same basic drawing but with different marking options (except the Blue Steel was correct for XL390). Colin
  17. I think I will wait to see what Special Hobby do, might be quite a complex conversion. First two sets will be a B.XVI / B.35 improvement set and B,XVI with ventral H2S conversion. Available in around two weeks. Colin
  18. Don't worry Dave, I've done corrections as well as conversions. I have a one piece B.XVI bulged bomb bay without the TT.35 door detail, which does includes the rear section, and missing scribed detail. Also a flat B.IX and enlarged PR.34 fuel/camera bay to. Also Anti-shimmy tail wheel to correct kit part will be in each set. Colin
  19. With the imminent release of the new Airfix 1/72 DH Mosquito B.XVI kit, I am pleased to announce that Freightdog have six resin sets due for release very soon, with more to follow. Masters are finished, with thanks to Airfix for early access to test shots. Sets under preparation include conversions for the B.IX, PR.IX, PR.XVI, PR.32, PR.34 and B.35. Images of test castings to follow soon.
  20. I can still cast up the set if of interest. Colin
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