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  1. - Chellengers CL-601, 604, 605 by BPK, - Chellenger CL 600, Falcon F50, Learjets, Beechcrafts, Pilatus PS-12, Yakovlev Yak-42 by Amodel, - Antonov An-148 by Kubanmodel, - Tupolev Tu-204/214, Tu-154M, Tu-134, Sukhoy Super Jet, 100, Ilushin Il-96-300, Yakovlev Yak-42 by Aviakosmo, - Mc Donnel Douglas MD-80, Fokkers -28/100 by replicas by JC, - Embraers 135/145 by RVHP, - Yak-40 by MarsModel, - DC-11, Boeing 747 by Anigrand. - ATR 42/72.... (....sorry, do not remember Brasilian manufacturer). - Avroliner BAE-146 100/200/300 by Combat kits, - Antonov An-74 by TOKO
  2. The development and growth of 1/72 scale is amazing! There are news from the new brand NEMO 72. 1.72 scale Airbus A320Neo! Casting material - high pressure plastic. You can compare the dimensions of the engine in 1.72 scale from NEMO72 and scale 1.144 from Revell. What do you think, colleagues?
  3. Tere is only one impotant question will the kit be equipped whith panting masks and foto etch plate? Past kits U-125 not allways were equipped whith these besties of modeller. The launch of retails awated on the end of October. THe kit are C-29A/BAe-125/800 number is SW72141.
  4. Without of foto etch? 45 euro? Who is manufacturer? Rez kit or Mil Mod? If Rez Kit it possible to buy via their e-shop. I think the price of the tug will be lower.
  5. Gess what we can see next .... Beechcraft 350. Cat No. 7226!!!
  6. ... and it is necessary to say that resin has retained it shape since it was manufactured in 2016. Tere is no one millimeter deformation. Decals are the best. But i want to get rubber wheels by Equipage instead of resin inbox wheels.
  7. I have CC1/CC2 kit only. Quality is good. And... exellent for the resin! I intent to buy 200 and 300 versions. It is clear enough that we will not get Avro-146 in the nearest future. Vacuum is not in account. Of cource the kit needs it money. I collect such a nasty money for getting thise kits:) Ha-ha-ha
  8. Hi guys, i think we will see P8 Poseidon soon. May be not in 2022 year. It will be two types of decals.
  9. Hi again! My new topic is about building Boeing 737-800 1/72. Topic оf building is "British Commonwealth of Nations". It means model of every jet based in Commonwealth country. Decal by Up Rise will be rescaled to 1/72 scale. My first problem - is interior. It's difficult to imagine such a kind of model without interrior. https://www.flickr.com/photos/186367854@N06/51263258665/in/album-72157712547517211/ Of course it is nessesary to prepare sprues for building and firstly to attach clamps on fuselage halves. https://www.flickr.com/photos/186367854@N06/51262413023/in/album-72157712547517211/ The floor of the cabin consists of two types of ZIP plastic. Difference is conclude in thickness of the plastic. More havier plastic 4 mm thikness - before central plane section. And after central plane section lighter plastic - 1,5 mm thikness. It will help whith weight distribution of the model to prevent tail strike of the model. https://www.flickr.com/photos/186367854@N06/51261484567/in/album-72157712547517211/
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