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  1. Has just released for retail CRJ-900... Super puper exellent model... i love her very match! With Zorro mask in the box... In 1.72 scale! And, by the way,... if we will buy CRJ-700|900 series by BPK we will help them to overcome sudden difficulties with Boeing 738 1.72 project.
  2. The box of the kit contains sprues only. Painting masks and decals are there at the print shop now. Box measurements are 39,5X 21,5X 8 centimeters. The box is the same as CRJ-700 1.72, but cover more stronger.
  3. Well... draft only.. but we need it! We will no get rubber wheels, but i suppose we will get resin wheels from ResKit:).
  4. There are very ghostly chances that a third kit will be released in future in connection of manufacturer engagement to ambitious scale projects of Airbus A319, Boeing 738 and even 777! Moreover, I suppose life of press forms will be short because of use them for CRJ-900 scale model production.
  5. There is a small lack of the wheel bay. It obvious if wheel’s outline round the wheel’s bays round too. However outline of the wheel-wells has an almond-shape. Forward and aft edges is bit flatten. No more than 1,5 mm. But enough to be visible. Scrupulous modeler should grind forward and aft edges of the wheel-well to sculpture ideal circle. and ... The wing of a prototype has super critical airfoil. Rumors says - to make correct scale wing airfoil press forms were remade twice by BPKmodels. More over, upper and lower flatnesses of the wing fasten each other with cramp o
  6. Main fiche of the new kit is redesigned glass windshield «cap» instead of the earlier two simplest variants of windshields. We can see famous Bombardier’s windshield frame with rivets, metallic covers. Oblonged angular from windshield to evacuation hatch is on the top of the cabin. It unattainable effect gives your model sharpen profile of the prototype.
  7. As i know, they prints boxes. I'm trying to find inaccuracies and errors.
  8. One more photo have been successfully got and I am glad to show
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