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  1. Very impressive and neat alternative markings. Regards, Steve
  2. Well done. Everything looks aligned and the rigging is tight. I like this kit and have built it OOB twice. It also has conversion potential. Regards, Steve
  3. A splendid build. I prefer 1/72 myself and Dolphins are rather rare. I vaguely recall a suggestion that a Spad and Camel could become a Dolphin. Your build is the encouragement I need. Regards, Steve
  4. I use Humbrol or Revell paints but usually the same mix, light grey and metallic silver. I have used Revell 91 metallic with white and it was ok. There will never be agreement where WW1 colours are concerned and it's reckoned that batches made to the same spec often varied.
  5. You can add me too. Probably Polish or Ukraine.
  6. Smashing job. You've really cracked the fuselage. I've got the Eduard as well. So far I've built two Airfix DV's and two Revell DIII's. Strange, very strange as the Eduard is far superior. Regards, Steve
  7. Having twice improved the Revell kit I think I understand your frustration. But I agree with Phoenix. It's a challenge but it's looking good. Got to admit I wouldn't have bothered with the guns as they can be hidden but I like the perforated effect on the barrels. Regards, Steve
  8. Interesting. First time I've seen the difference the Beardmore and Renault set ups make to the DH1 /1A nacelles. Steve
  9. There is a thread in the RFI section by AdrianMF of the Airfix 1/72 Roland CII. The photos show a good example of the improvised mounting the Germans used with captured Lewis guns. I believe one early practioner may have been MvR. Regards, Steve
  10. Me too. Like Adrian I've got plenty of choice. Regards, Steve
  11. I'm game too. I've got a Caudron R.11 vac form from Sierrascale. This will give me the incentive to get it done. Regards, Steve
  12. Thank you Gentlemen for the encouragement. Been a rush but finally got her together. Pictures are in the Gallery but to sum up I scratched the struts from Contrail and used rod for the outer supports. The wings are three quarters rigged as the rear wires were too difficult to get at after the dropping incident and rebuilding. Managed to squeeze some metallic painted masking tape above the exhaust as the heat shield and made a trestle for the front end. Hasn’t come out too bad so can live with it but may try to add some additional rigging later. I’m sure I’ve got some copper wire somewhere. Regards, Steve
  13. Just made it after dropping her. It's the Pegasus 1/72 Macchi M5 seaplane fighter circa 1918. Typical short run that required replacing the main wing struts as they appeared too short but worth the effort. Regards, Steve
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