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  1. stevehed

    1/72 B.E.12b

    That is excellent. I kit bashed the 12b before the BE2c arrived on the scene. I modified Airfix RE8 wings and used a Revell Se5a fuselage. The engine compartment had to be stretched and the fuselage lengthened at the rear with plastic card. I enjoyed the build but using the Airfix Quirk is so much better. Well done.
  2. Very nice builds. I only have two in the collection at the moment with another still in the stash. I've also avoided the all red one but I feel almost honour bound to have a MvR on the shelf. Out of curiosity what Jasta has the purple/mauve cowling and which has the blue fuselage with green cowling.
  3. Just wondering which version of the Albatros W4 had the flash issue. I built the late model with the lozenge transfers and thought it was all right as a kit. The transfers behaved as Roden does. The upper and lower wing lozenge proved usable as did the tail planes. The rear upper decking fell to pieces and I'm pretty sure one of the floatplane decals disintegrated so I abandoned the other. If memory serves I think they would have proved to be too thick to adhere to the details on the float uppers even with solutions had they had proved usable. The numerals and iron crosses were usable although
  4. Very nice. You're right about the decals. I used some last year of the same vintage.
  5. That's one hell of a job, particularly the engine. I did one a while back with an Aeroclub Jupiter but left the fuselage length as I wasn't sure which bit needed to be removed.
  6. Got to agree with Stuart. A very impressive boom set up. If you fancy a test run I use 151 Super Glue Gel and get it from anybody on the net. Not expensive and often in a three pack. Allows a little wriggle time. Regards, Steve
  7. Excellent build Ian. I'm impressed.
  8. There isn't a standard set of dimensions. Off the top of my head the span can vary between 33 feet and 36 feet. The L was manufactured in France, Germany and Russia and no doubt others. If you Google Morane, Pfalz and probably DUX you should get a variety of L types. HTH
  9. You could search on The Aerodrome web site. It's a WW1 aviation site and there's definitely threads concerning the Bulgarian air service. I'm sure they used some captured Nieuport fighters in 1918.
  10. Splendid work, Ian. Pulleys and control horns, or in my case the lack of, are the reason I enforce a strict six foot rule.
  11. The only book I know of is Battlebags, British Airships of WW1 by Ces Mowthorpe. Excellent history of the airship with side plans and bow plans of many types. Not what I would call proper plans but might be helpful.
  12. Definitely up for this one. You've finally done it and found one I'm going to have to look up. Regards, Steve
  13. The last sentence is so true. I find working to my own "plans" so much easier.
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