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  1. Just about finished and it is small. It's the same size as the single seat Camel. Here it is next to the Airfix 504K basic trainer. Apart from the upper decking which was a simple fix it went together very well. Regards, Steve
  2. Starting to come together. Couple of scratch windscreens and painted the tricolour stripes on the rudder. Top wing fitted the old fashioned way with MK 1 eyeball. Regards, Steve
  3. I've been busy with other things but have managed to get the remedial work done. Filing and superglue seem to have sorted the upper decking and I've got the lower wing to fit in the cut out slot. Again just patient filing to get the wing level. No photos as I haven't re-painted yet. Regards, Steve
  4. The fuselage is the typical Roden multi part affair designed to facilitate multiple versions. Good idea except this time the forward cockpit decking is narrower than the lower fuselage. You can just see the grey line in the photos. I’m going to try and file the lower to match and run some CA into the joint. The lower wing cut and the leading edge will also need a bit of attention. Not a big problem but the upper decking is disappointing. Regards, Steve
  5. Lovely job Steve. Let take a moment to thank the modelling gods for the creation of lozenge decals. My lozenge crisis was hand painting an Airfix Hannover. Once was enough. BTW I think von Hippel survived both the crash and two world wars. Regards, Steve
  6. A little spurt of progress. Been painting the main parts and then assembled the engine. Will be OOB so I’m happy enough with the kit part. The fuselage is composed of four parts which means the cockpit innards are located from the top before the upper deckings are added. I’m going to add a crew from spares so I’ll keep the instruments panels, rudder bars and columns for something that has a more open cockpit. Regards, Steve
  7. Hi, Got this kit by accident. I ordered a Comic night fighter but when I opened the box there was a trainer inside. Decided to keep it so there's no box art just the parts etc. Regards, Steve
  8. Brought this up in the WW1 section when I questioned the colours suggested. I will never attain the high standards frequently posted on BM but here is my interpretation of Black 7 as a taster. The kit is fine as far as dimensions go and has enough vents, foot rests and hatchs to satisfy my curiousity. The suggested colours are wrong as it appears all operational aircraft sported either five or four colour lozenge on the wings. Varnished ply seems to be the norm for the fuselage. Very glad to have finished this one as it got dropped just as I had finished rigging the wings. Instinctively caught it between my knees and you can imagine the result. Luckily most of the wire remained attached to something which made reassembly a little easier. One wire had to be cut out and replaced with another replaced with heat stretched sprue. Used Almark four colour lozenge which went on without any bother and will leave the experts to argue which brand is best. Apart from the colours advice my only criticism would be that the rear cockpit is a little sparse. I added a seat, mg mags and a scratch camera and then hid everything by adding crew from the spares. Regards, Steve
  9. Lovely job, very impressive. Although much later than the Germans the A-H did start to convert to the Balkan cross. Regards, Steve
  10. stevehed


    That sounds very plausible. Thanks Gentlemen.
  11. stevehed


    Started this kit but the instructions state do not use CA glue. Have tested on the sprue without noticable effect, that is it did not melt, so assuming CA will not stick parts together. Have used Contacta polystyrene so far and intend to use the liquid form when joining the fuselage halves. Does anyone know what is the problem with CA as I like to use it to secure invisible thread rigging wires. Regards, Steve
  12. I've built the Pfalz Dr1 and it was ok. I've also seen a photo of the Merlin AEG GIV twin engined bomber. Matching parts such as the fuselage and nacelles just did not. I'm sure one side was shorter than the other. The other Merlin I have is the Junkers JI armoured recce type with the huge top wing. In the box it looks ok but I think I'll tackle the Eduard version first. I believe it will be a case of pot luck regarding the quality. Regards, Steve
  13. stevehed


    Thanks. I didn't know about the four colour but I was thinking along similar lines re the five colour. Pity about 7 but with black and white photos I can see how it came about. Regards, Steve
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