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  1. Usually a good modus operandi, the best of both worlds can be had. Sometimes a compromise is necessary - leave alone and approach with a fresh pair of eyes. The seat looks great, you've got back to enjoying the build.
  2. Okay so a little more work on the struts. As I’ve mentioned numerous times above there are no locator pins or anything locatorish on the struts, and nothing remotely like on the real aircraft below: This is a Spanish variant, but the undercarriage assembly and fixing points are pretty much the same no matter what version. The horizontal struts are welded to the inside of the upper strut, which in turn is connected to the vertical leg via a pin through a u-shaped yoke. I needed to extend and shape the upper struts and provide said yoke. This was done care of gloop and t
  3. Brilliant Bill. Great tip too. No logarithms, Pi, cosines, hyperbola or loci, plus less spokes to make too ...
  4. Bloomin eck glad to see you back mate. I missed Saturday's return post. Also looks like Steve will be returning his Hawks to the fold too hint hint (although I'm a fond one to talk). Maybe 2021 will be a better year after all...
  5. Yeh I got one of those and use it with my iphone. They're pretty good actually, and you can still zoom in and out. Only problem it shows up all my flaws and dodgy work...
  6. Looking good. The internal framing for the wings is quite a tight fit (but fits well), so try a few dry runs first before letting rip with the poly cement. You might have to sand off some of the paint.
  7. Brilliant work Bill. Especially the mini wheelwrightery . Particularly like this shot as it shows it coming together. Looking lovely, can't wait to see it in the corporation colours.
  8. Like the style mate Never mind the three sided coin. Switch it for a loaded dice and go for this one:
  9. Love these two piccies in particular hence copying them here. Got to agree with Bill, stencils are a pain but they do add some depth and interest to this bird's long fuselage.
  10. Those look superb mate. I was mad enough to print off reduced sized copies of the actual maps and slotted them in place. Of course know one will ever see them, or care, but I know they are there...
  11. Happy Christmas all. I have managed to get a little bench time in. I am beginning to get to grips with the undercarriage which is a sort of Gordian knot. I decided to clean up all the struts and would dry fit assemble them. I can’t really glue them all in place until I’ve got the BMF on the engine housing. Plus due to their intricacy I’m bound to bust them off. The plan is to rig up a jig and insert little bits of nickel rod in the ends so they will snap fit together. There are no locater pins and I can only predict an unholy mess of glue all over the place without any pin holes. What could po
  12. Good things take time Bill. Plus it's kind of you to build a carriage especially for the headless horseman who appears to have lost his horse as well as his head ... he's definitely having a bad day.
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