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  1. Becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate this from the real aircraft. I mean this is looking more like a Hawker Fury than a Hawker Fury...
  2. Looking good. It's a lovely kit, although as you and others have noted the dog tooths require some attention.
  3. You can check out how I dealt with the hatches in my thread (link posted a few pages ago). However, I feel this gentleman used a better technique by enlarging the holes for the glazed sections and gluing a piece of masked acetate in their place. A combination of mine and Simon's modus operandi would be to file the hatch area so it is flatter and less pronounced - which is what I did, then as per Simon's method below, drill out the hole for the glazed sections (slightly) wider, then stick on the acetate: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235028024-airfix-lancaster
  4. Quick catch up missed the previous updates. Greenhouse canopies are a real pain as we all know, but when masked up well they look the business. Yours is looking good. I didn't use masks took me blinkin' days. Do like the milliput cushions.
  5. Thanks for your comments gents, a blast from the past. It won gold in its class at Telford, so I was duly rewarded for my efforts. It was a pleasure to meet you Cookie, and Procopius and Navy Bird too. Victor. Give it a go mate. Hopefully if Telford goes ahead this year in November, it will be on display at the Birmingham IPMS stand Check us out and you get the added pleasure or displeasure depending on your point of view of chatting to me and Bill (Perdu)
  6. Excellent Bill. Good news on the paint. Front wheel looks a bit iffy though, best check your references again...
  7. That is heresy Bill and absolutely unforgiveable. Please have a strong, but polite word. I shall convey my discuss to my father - former bus driver for over twenty years. No.10 route mostly. Good news on the cream though.
  8. I will add that despite how fiddly and pita they are, the IP looks much better with them so it is worth the effort. That's a nice shot of them below.
  9. Lovely work on those wheels Bill. It occurred to me that post-lockdown you could start a side line in hand crafted artisan cocktail parasolletjes...
  10. Usually a good modus operandi, the best of both worlds can be had. Sometimes a compromise is necessary - leave alone and approach with a fresh pair of eyes. The seat looks great, you've got back to enjoying the build.
  11. Okay so a little more work on the struts. As I’ve mentioned numerous times above there are no locator pins or anything locatorish on the struts, and nothing remotely like on the real aircraft below: This is a Spanish variant, but the undercarriage assembly and fixing points are pretty much the same no matter what version. The horizontal struts are welded to the inside of the upper strut, which in turn is connected to the vertical leg via a pin through a u-shaped yoke. I needed to extend and shape the upper struts and provide said yoke. This was done care of gloop and t
  12. Brilliant Bill. Great tip too. No logarithms, Pi, cosines, hyperbola or loci, plus less spokes to make too ...
  13. Bloomin eck glad to see you back mate. I missed Saturday's return post. Also looks like Steve will be returning his Hawks to the fold too hint hint (although I'm a fond one to talk). Maybe 2021 will be a better year after all...
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