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  1. Just catching up Bill. Gosh quite a traumatic course of action, but it's looking really neat. Also lovely reflection of blue sky and a cloud in the glazing. Nice and artistic loike.
  2. Heh heh. Put like that who can argue. They even took it a step further and put it on floats too:
  3. Ditto Roger's comments Bill. And I think you should replicate as much as possible...just saying...
  4. Very nice work sir. Lovely detailing. Nice set of ear rings you have there.
  5. Thanks Anil. I haven't shelved this by the way. I've been busy on my allotment which soaks up a lot of work this time of year. Have been doing bits n bobs and will update when have a little more substantial to post. Glad you're taking one for the team Adrian...
  6. Nice to have a Martian translation (or should that be transliteration?) of magnum opus. Brilliant work.
  7. Well technically mate - putting my tinfoil hat on with you being an experienced pilot - mine is an autogyro. That said I take your point. My build needs to fit on a beer mat, so it's convenient and quirky enough. I must admit I am doing research as I intend to do a proper detailed kit bash of the Airfix Belvedere. As is Bill. So watch this space there may be a buddy build. However, I will be retuning to wingy things for my next build so natural order will be restored. As an aside I don't suspect you would be partaking in any of this malarkey:
  8. ...and the Lego base plate is not aligned with the cutting mat grid lines. Shocking work Anil - too much distilled ethanol and feasting with Mr Heath I suspect. Lovely start though. The pilot looks great. Like you I'm averse to using pilots as a rule. Engine looks good too.
  9. Don't get the etch and choccie egg mixed up Bill - wouldn't want you to come down with tummy ache.
  10. Well we have to raise extra cash to fund our stash and tool purchases somehow. But don't get any ideas or all excited you lot, we will be wearing our Brum IPMS attire at Telford! This is looking brilliant Bill (hope you like my alliteration). That canopy looks fantastic, and interior is coming on a treat too.
  11. Needs a coat of semi-matte varnish Bill to tone down the sheen a bit.
  12. Tony I know you are excited with your new toy erm I mean precision tool (are you watching Ced) but if I see any piccies of vac-formed kittens on here I'm going straight to Mike and the RSPCA (or Irish equivalent). Don't do it mate, I know you're tempted but it's wrong!
  13. No probs Bill. Got a nice little avocado green number lined up. PS at the time of posting this is my 2000th post. Not that it means we are engaged or anything...
  14. Welcome back Bill. I'd forgotten all about this. Erm I'll have a drive around Brum, bound to be plenty of fly-tipped settees and seats about. Upholstery might be a bit iffy though.
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