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  1. Tomoshenko

    An old Hunter

    Nice job on knocking this curmudgeonly kit into shape. Particularly like how your masking has come out. Definitely second that. As per a few posters' comments above in view of the Revell kit, it is the best 1/72 kit around by a county mile. Although to be fair it does have the advantage of being several generations newer tooling than what your working with, so one would expect higher quality. That said it is not without it's glitches, the wing roots being one of them. And yes as per your comment, the upper wings and middle fuselage section would work better as one piece like some Harrier kits and F16 etc.
  2. Glad you're back Bill. Been away myself too if you count my allotment and the Isle of Wight as being away, although the latter is technically oversea. Anyroad sorry to hear about your battery battles.
  3. Tomoshenko

    An old Hunter

    Nice bit of kit bashing on a classic aircraft. Like the style.
  4. Tomoshenko

    Catching Pictures in the Air

    Those lights are the absolute dog's Tony.
  5. Just caught up. In brief, the cockpits look superb. Love the little compasses. Hope your young uns are well again. Sorry to hear about your ailments. Phew, knee injury was not serious. I recommend Alclad primer (nice and fine) but suspect someone else has already said so.
  6. Tomoshenko


    Bring it on. I remember building this kit myself (from 72 boxing below). Brilliant box art (worth quoting again I feel) and my favourite livery for the Sunderland. Oh and nice start.
  7. Tomoshenko

    Catching Pictures in the Air

    Fab stuff Tony. Can't help but noticing a similarity: Are you going to scratch build a little Thunderbird 4...working submersible of course. I expect nothing less.
  8. Riveting stuff Johnny. 1:1 kitchen looking good too. Reckon the windows would benefit from a dip in Klear though...
  9. Tomoshenko

    Catching Pictures in the Air

    Blimey Tony this is looking scarily brilliant. As for them primered resembling something rude in cuneiform, well I'm sure your erudite self knows that a certain naughty word beginning with the sixth letter of the alphabet is firmly Anglo-Saxon in origin, but given them Babylonians invented quite a lot of stuff, being a bit clever like, I'm sure they had an equivalent. And I really do think your work is Blue Peter badge gold standard.
  10. Tomoshenko

    1:72 Special Hobby Avro Anson Mk.I

    Coming along nicely Bill. Of course you and Mr P would be more than welcome over here, Telford meet up and all that. As for Perdu's comment about needing a few more Bills, well I think he has a point. We've got quite a few Bobs already..
  11. Roight up. Just catching up after a brief absence. Sublime stuff I've been missing. Blimey Bill... Here's a suggestion for your next build...
  12. Tomoshenko

    A very British experiment, Marshall MA4.

    Lovely work. Please permit me to add a few relevant piccies of the Auster at Cosford. Apologies in advance for imposing myself on your thread. Hope these help:
  13. Tomoshenko

    D.H. 83 Fox Moth, half scratch

  14. Lovely work. As per Adrian's comment, those stringers look great, and convincing. "convince" - I like that terminology in respect of moving and gluing things in place I visited Duxford museum on Saturday and went for a brief flight in one of their Rapides, so I am gushing with admiration and appreciation for the Rapide at the moment - more than usual. Glad to see your doing a wonderful job of recreating such a wonderful aircraft.
  15. Tomoshenko

    Spitfire Mk.22 x 2 - Airfix 1/72

    Oops sorry a few days late...aah micro chisels and silver Spitfires. Very nice.