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  1. Tis coming along nicely Bill. Yes I have been gone awhile but venturing back now. Saw this at the Moseley Exchange and thought of you. Note they ran to the Fighting Cocks "very frequently throughout the day". Obviously much demand for a service to said watering hole
  2. Just caught up Bill. Proper bostin' workmanship. Seats look superb, even if they are a tad monotonous to build. I don't think 22nd century cybernetic organisms would be particularly interested in assimilating 19th century Brummie bus seats (19th century Brummies perhaps) - fortunately we never found out. Reference the interior colours, I know the Airfix colour for the B Type omnibus is cream for some of the interior (Humbrol 103) which is circa 1910. Yep I know it is for the London transport livery but I don't think it is too much of a leap of faith to assume that cream colour shades could have been adopted by many transport companies up and down the country for parts of the interior (ceilings) and exteriors? They wouldn't have had the vast range of colours the PTEs had obviously. I think Brum Cream is certainly plausible. Perhaps a call to Farrow & Ball and recommend it as an addition to their heritage range.
  3. Lovely seat Bill. I think you deserve a sit down after all that hard work. PS yes the paint does look the correct hue. As I remarked earlier it was always the blackish side of midnight blue, almost black.
  4. Agree Bill. I was going to suggest adding a dab of green to the black, but didn't want to complicate things, but complicated it is so add a dab of green.
  5. And a few more, original late 60s onwards this time, so colour is a little washed out. The number 5 to Perry Common (oop your way I believe Bill) is sporting the bland WMPTE logo, incomparable to the original city transport crest in my view. Dinner party fact, the crest is based on the original with the male figure on the dexter side and the female on the sinister side. I believe they swapped sides after we "annexed" [Royal] Sutton Coldfield. https://thetransportlibrary.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=7726&category_id=206&page=3 https://thetransportlibrary.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=76&product_id=19171 https://www.xangisan.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=629827
  6. To emphasise my point, and aware of the fact that you are from the claret and blue side of the city, I think you'll appreciate this: As you can see the blue is very dark and pretty much how I remember them. Permit me to add a personal anecdote, but sometimes when I met my dad at the bus garage and after he'd parked up the bus, on occasion he'd let me sit in the cab. Absolutely fantastic...
  7. Sorry for the radio silence Bill. If memory serves (1970s meeting my dad at Quinton bus garage and having a cup of coffee and a KitKat in the canteen, not the late 19th century) they were quite dark. The blue on the later buses was much lighter, but the earlier ones were almost a midnight, blackish blue. So don't hold back on the darker shades (add black). The swatch on the far left with added black looks better.
  8. Becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate this from the real aircraft. I mean this is looking more like a Hawker Fury than a Hawker Fury...
  9. Looking good. It's a lovely kit, although as you and others have noted the dog tooths require some attention.
  10. You can check out how I dealt with the hatches in my thread (link posted a few pages ago). However, I feel this gentleman used a better technique by enlarging the holes for the glazed sections and gluing a piece of masked acetate in their place. A combination of mine and Simon's modus operandi would be to file the hatch area so it is flatter and less pronounced - which is what I did, then as per Simon's method below, drill out the hole for the glazed sections (slightly) wider, then stick on the acetate: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235028024-airfix-lancaster-iii-ee136-ws-r-spirit-of-russia-9-sqn-1943/&tab=comments#comment-2845802
  11. Quick catch up missed the previous updates. Greenhouse canopies are a real pain as we all know, but when masked up well they look the business. Yours is looking good. I didn't use masks took me blinkin' days. Do like the milliput cushions.
  12. Thanks for your comments gents, a blast from the past. It won gold in its class at Telford, so I was duly rewarded for my efforts. It was a pleasure to meet you Cookie, and Procopius and Navy Bird too. Victor. Give it a go mate. Hopefully if Telford goes ahead this year in November, it will be on display at the Birmingham IPMS stand Check us out and you get the added pleasure or displeasure depending on your point of view of chatting to me and Bill (Perdu)
  13. Excellent Bill. Good news on the paint. Front wheel looks a bit iffy though, best check your references again...
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