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  1. Glorious Tony. Thoroughly enjoyable, cultural and educational thread too.
  2. What Tony said Bill. But I also like the upshot of the rear (no double entendre or rude euphemisms intended...fnnar fnnar)
  3. That is scarily neat Steve, very scarily neat. Isn't it called "Durex" in Australia....snigger snigger…
  4. I know I know....I've got them in my head too now. Revenge of the Crisp...
  5. I was tempted Ced, in the words of Nietzsche “I gazed into the abyss”, but sanity prevailed... just..
  6. Ced. The painted side was on the rear facing side not the side we see so as to give a semblance of a lens in front of the dial when the light catches it at a certain angle. Well it seemed like a good idea at the time...
  7. As per Adrian’s advice I applied a wash and gave it a coat of Alclad matt varnish. It perhaps looks a tad grubbier than I would prefer, but given the moulding quality and the fact that much of it will be hidden, yet glimpsed I’m okay with it. It certainly gives it more definition. The forward bulkhead received the same treatment. Here is a better view of the cockpit floor after having a dry wash and some black gloss and blobs of klear in the compass. gave the IPs a dry brush then picked out a few details. I glued small pieces of clear acetate to the backs of the IPs and applied a coat of black. The macro close-up is pretty unforgiving and they look a bit grubby. Okay they’re not Eduard jobs but they do look better than the close-up suggests – but I would say that wouldn’t I Anyroad better than the original kit offerings. Finally I can start assembling the pit and get the fuselage joined up. More next time.
  8. Tony this is looking fantastic. Those prints are almost good enough to eat. Interesting fact Hendie. Reminds me of a far off time a long time ago in a distant galaxy when I was a coach building apprentice. At college we used to have to work out the tilt angle of buses (different types etc) via height and centre of gravity and weight etc. They are surprisingly stable. Never thought I'd come across it again. The wonders of Britmodeller and Tony's build threads eh.
  9. Steve that looks the dog’s mate, but as for throwing the cream egg away, it almost warrants the need for a visit to the gun room with a large brandy, loaded revolver and a suicide note. I say almost cos clearly I wouldn’t want this to happen because they’d be no more Fritag builds, but please next time send it to Ced...
  10. Nice work Ced, like your posh airbrush. Trench warfare is certainly turning into a war of attrition, though Adrian's suggestion looks to be the most effective. While we're talking airbrushes, ditto Martian's advice. I always give mine a deep clean, only way to be sure. Plus you can't go wrong with the advice of a Martian given they have "minds immeasurably superior to ours"
  11. Canopy looks good Ced. You should be able to blend that in quite nicely.
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