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  1. Nice work on the grill thingies Bill. Nice motor too, reckon it'd look even better with a vac-formed canopy tho... Oh by the way... c'mon you know you want to:
  2. Nothing so dramatic I'm afraid Terry. Merely the results of the Brum IPMS August comp. Fair result all round Bill. As discussed with Bill today, and for the benefit of all viewers, the interior really does look so much better in real life. Depth of field and camera technicalities really do understate how good it looks.
  3. That looks excellent Bill. Those seats look the business. VIP preview on Sunday perhaps? PS I reckon you need to get silly with the canopy...
  4. No. Nope. Shan’t Ah well worth a punt. That said the MDC and framing really looks the business. Seriously it looks 1/32.
  5. Just catching up after a brief alien abduction absence. I know it's been alluded to previously Steve, but why not try a 2d etch version? You've got the kit and expertise, so no harm giving it a go - everything to gain, nothing to lose. I mean what could possibly go wrong....
  6. Brilliant neat and tidy work. Stick to the Absinth instead mate, although long term use rather has the same effect.
  7. And also you can hold it in your hand and run around the room making airplane/jet noises, which let's face it is the real reason for using a detachable base/stand.
  8. Fate mate. Fate. The Universe and the modelling gods have sent a sign. Plus aunt Polly Gray from Peaky Blinders saw it in my tea leaves too.You know what to do...
  9. Lanc looking good PC, and by order of me, Bill, Ced, Crisp and all the other Britmodellers, no dying before Telford!
  10. Stunning work Anil, thoroughly professional job. I'll have a word with the senior party members and wing a few party privileges your way - jump to the front of the food queue and extra paint rations. Can't do much about the power cuts though...
  11. Resistance is futile bill. You know it makes sense. I mean just look at it: What's not to like? Plus... Plenty of extra detail to add
  12. I'm just catching up on Britmodeller after a brief absence and a few ups and downs over the past couple of weeks. The allotment is well thanks, not much problem with six legged things, my main grief is caused by weeds and those damned gastropods - why don't they ever touch the weeds is what I'd like to know. Heh heh, reminds me of a certain Avro Rota build... it will be finished though... honest...
  13. Mmm reminds me of the George Bernard Shaw quote: "The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man." In spite of that, you are actually making good progress...
  14. Just catching up on BM stuff while on hols and in a wifi dead zone. I likes it Bill and the interior detailing is looking fab.
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