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  1. RD.57D-C 1/48 CA B.57 kit bash

    Thanks friend, it's looking busey enough 😊 John
  2. RD.57D-C 1/48 CA B.57 kit bash

    That's the office fitted out John
  3. RD.57D-C 1/48 CA B.57 kit bash

    The second coat of black went on early AM I've added the nose radome, when all is dried out tomorrow I can fit out the cockpit, then it's on the home straight I think John
  4. RD.57D-C 1/48 CA B.57 kit bash

    It's odd but I think this build has been easier than the 1/72 HP kit, but you should go for it Radleigh John
  5. RD.57D-C 1/48 CA B.57 kit bash

    The first coat of gloss black is on, it's a big area to paint with a brush! John
  6. RD.57D-C 1/48 CA B.57 kit bash

    Thanks Guy, she has got a big span, you can't really appreciate just how big on the photos. John
  7. RD.57D-C 1/48 CA B.57 kit bash

    Thanks Paul, Thanks mate John
  8. desertic camo Dc-3 rhodesia 60/70's further pics?

    I've had A word with a friend of mine who was in the Rhodesian AF at the time and although his memory is a wee bit hazy he remembers the colours being darker (dark earth dark green) they were a locally produced I.R. suppressant paint so perhaps the quality my not have been as good as it could have been? The Aircraft were parked outside and only hangerd for major servicing,so would have weathered very quickly you only have to look at the Canberra's and Hunters. John
  9. White Lightning

    It must be James, I'm sure I have or seen a photo of the air to air refueling tests with fuel squirting out on to the nose. John
  10. White Lightning

    A bit of topic but I thought you may find it interesting? Two photos of XG313. In the first one you can make out the missile bay just behind the black painted area, the second specks for itself. John
  11. RD.57D-C 1/48 CA B.57 kit bash

    Thanks, so am I now Thanks Thom Thank you, I agree, it is such a simple scheme, yet it looks very attractive. Thanks Roger, I can't wait to get the markings on now. John
  12. White Lightning

    It is indeed, but it look aesthetically better that way round John
  13. RD.57D-C 1/48 CA B.57 kit bash

    The clouds are gathering. John
  14. White Lightning

    Nice choice pinback, I thought I had more photos of her than I have so far I've only found this one. As James rightly pointed out the early Lightnings and export versions had changeable packs under the nose the following drawing shows some of the options Another Lightning with a splash of white is this one used for over wing tank jettison trials John
  15. RD.57D-C 1/48 CA B.57 kit bash

    Thanks Gary size matters Thanks Paul, it's kind of you to say regarding the rosette, don't know about that, I've used up my flook quota for this decade. Too right Graham, I'd be well and truly stuffed! Thanks Roger, she'll look even better with the stickers on Go on Bill you know you want to, the hard thing is which one! John