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  1. RAF Harvard Post War Colours and Markings

    This is one my dad flew in Japan the photo was taken December 20th 1947 (almost exactly 70 years ago) I suspect it is over all yellow perhaps an ex RCAF machine? given the unusual roundle. John
  2. TSR Weapons Testing

    That's looking good @tc2324 The camera under the fuselage would work but it would only have a limited view of the drop, you could consider a pod mounted system like in the attached photo this would give a better cover of the drop. John
  3. TSR Weapons Testing

    You have every reason to be doubtful, if you're building a combat aircraft I would guess the weapons would be quite high on the list of things to at least start planning early on, I'm sure things change and evolve during the process though. John
  4. TSR Weapons Testing

    I was thinking on the same line's Graham John
  5. TSR Weapons Testing

    Another that may help? John
  6. TSR Weapons Testing

    Are these of use? John
  7. TSR Weapons Testing

    Is this the photo @stever219? I have no idea which airframes these are but the one I've circled has the same camera fit as XR220. John
  8. TSR Weapons Testing

  9. TSR Weapons Testing

    XR220 at Cosford has the cameras fitted to film weapons release testing John
  10. RB-57F Wheel Wells

    Can't ague with that Mike, there were some very nice Sqn. markings around on the jets in the 50's, I like the Ark ANG A's too John
  11. RB-57F Wheel Wells

    Thanks Mike, I can never have too many photos of Canberra's, even if they are the wrong colour, it was a strange decision on the part of the Boss to have here repainted in SEA camo, even though it's very nicely done. It's hard coming up with interesting schemes for the A you have basically Black or Silver, although the EB.57A did look nice with the splash of day-glow John
  12. RB-57F Wheel Wells

    Hi Howard Yes they are the links. Any questions just ask. John
  13. RB-57F Wheel Wells

    Hi Howard It depends what time frame you are building it as. White is the colure in use now Zink chromate for early ones take a look at the RB/WB.57F albums on my site IPMS UK Canberra SIG. I will post a link when I get home. John
  14. Me too, although I'll be at a disadvantage as I won't be getting my mits on one so I can only observe from afar, although I did get to look over the test shots at Telford how representative they are of the production kit I don't know, all I can say from I have seen is, oh, so close! John
  15. RB.57D Canberra 1/48

    Thanks very much chaps!, I must get on and do an Indian AF PR.57 John