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  1. fernandocouto

    Hobby Boss's 1:48 Me 262A-1a noseweight, is it enough weight?

    Several years ago I built Me262A-1 V355 and A-1a/U3, both used weight provided in kit. Won't be a tail sitter, but I did not attach assist rockets under mid fuselage. However, if you choose plastic part, fit is perfect, while metal part needs a little pressing when glue halves.
  2. fernandocouto

    Building the old Super Model 1/72 kits

    CR.32 is tooooo hard to build cause no pin for struts. Italeri "upgrade" mold adds pins, but still not an easy task according to my friend....
  3. fernandocouto

    Consolidated XB-41 gunship

    How could the cross section get together........
  4. fernandocouto

    New Eduard FW190 kits and the Quickboost Trop cowling 1/48

    Want a tropical version? How about using DML 5506 Fw190A-5"special"? A small sprue including tropical filter and high-altitude version supercharger intake(the latter ones are totally wrong). I'll try to fit DML part to Eduard cowling sometime. By the way, 5506 cannot be built as A-5 unless much effort on outer wing gun bulges....Cowling part is A-8's, cause MG17 gun chutes differ from MG131, it's hard to fix...Only spare part available from Eduard new mold A-8.
  5. fernandocouto

    Landing gear stance on Dragon's Fw 190D-9

    When I kitbashed DML D-9 and D-12 to a D-13, I found there may be 2 kinds center lower wing part on Dora. Initial D-9s were converted from A-8 on production line, so remained the lower wing with a small "opening" just front of centerline rack. This pic clearly shows it. In fact the "opening" corresponds lower exhaust on radial engine 190s. On Dora there's no exhausts here. So here turned more streamlined later: This is a D-13 but shares same lower wing part as D-9 exclude shell chute. However I do not know when, or which, this part changed. We get the latter scheme on most Dora kits, as 1/72 Hasegawa, Academy, 1/48 Tamiya, Eduard(HS review image below)... The depression front of MG131 shell chutes fits centerline rack (shape of rack accords to early lower wing part). Trimaster/DML Dora used same sprue of Fw190A series, as actually early D-9 did. Just my inference for Fw190D...Hope some more accurate references...
  6. fernandocouto

    Old Airfix Do17E

    Built a Bilek rebox over 10 years ago. Fit should be OK but my copy heavily wrapped. RS is quite expensive and harder to build.
  7. fernandocouto

    Cross-kitting for a 1/48 scale Spirfire PR XI?

    Palva has a vacu set of 6 spitfire canopies, including one for PR.ID, another one for PR.IG. Is PR.XI's windscreen same as PR.ID, or another series code, PR.IV? Quickboost also released conversion set with clear resin "cameras" and a PE panel scribing template. This set even includes rarely seen wing cameras. Here: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/212070-quickboost-qb-48-146-spitfire-pr-xi-cameras
  8. fernandocouto

    Question about Academy/AM b-25 G

    Academy rebox B-25G has a huge sprue of clear parts. Even a tail gun port, I'll try to build a PBJ-1D
  9. fernandocouto

    Swiss Bf109-E3 markings in 1/72?

    If you want a kit, Hasegawa released a Swiss 'Emil', both in 72 and 48 scale, with a photo boxart. However I'm afraid the kit does not reveal Swiss difference on cowlng MGs.
  10. fernandocouto

    Swastikas on model aircraft....what's behind that story..??

    Finnish ones are also banned, so we see 2 types of roundels in decals provided in kits. For example, HAS B-239 has complete blue swastika on white disk, and blue cross on white disk while "arms" on clear sheet separately. Some kits print Finnish roundel or Nazi swastikas in pieces, 2 or 4, see ICM new Do17Z Finland service. Some symbols have been banned for weird, ridiculous reasons. Or just someone's dislike. Once I read on Taiwan forum, in 70-80s, KP MiG-15/17 kits' USSR and PLAAF decals would be cut off, even red star on boxart all painted with black. For China mainland, a pirated edition of Italeri Mirage 2000D deleted ROCAF version on decal sheet. You'll never know what will be banned here, neither do I....So lucky few modellers here... Gov. don't mention so little influence... even soJapanese plane and warship kits had been regarded as "something not right" on media, FUMAN(a coopeation of Bandai in China) was penalized for producing "Fascism toys" in the 90s, just WWII German armour.
  11. fernandocouto

    Tamiya Spitfire Mk.I here now!

  12. Very neat work.
  13. fernandocouto

    1:48 P-38 Droop Snoot decals

    I read some P-38 Droop snoots attached extra bomb racks. Also standard fighter version accepted this conversion. The racks "borrow" from other planes ? Or just field work.
  14. Good kit, not easy fit, you've done a great work!