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  1. fernandocouto

    Spitfire PR XI windscreen: all frameless?

    Thank you! Great info.
  2. fernandocouto

    Opinions on Dragon´s 1:48 Ta 152H

    Ta152H hardly has extra parts. The diagram painted with blue(unused parts)are all original Tri-master parts that fits metal parts. DML replaced all metal parts and most PE with their own plastic sprue. Unlike Fw190 and Me262 series, Tri-master only released one Ta152. Edit: Later they released a Ta152C with resin wing, cowling and propeller. I have no idea whether DML's 5548# Ta152C-0 refered these resin parts.
  3. fernandocouto

    Spitfire PR XI windscreen: all frameless?

    Sorry cannot paste photos' origin url. One is post-war Dannish : http://spitfiresite.com/2007/10/spitfire-pr-mk-xi-in-royal-danish-air-force.html the other one: https://www.worldwarphotos.info/gallery/uk/raf/spitfire2/spitfire-pr-ix-pl965/
  4. fernandocouto

    Spitfire PR XI windscreen: all frameless?

    Oh cause birdstrike........but another example, PL794 also had a fighter windscreen, why? http://spitfiresite.com/2007/10/spitfire-pr-mk-xi-in-royal-danish-air-force.html
  5. fernandocouto

    Spitfire PR XI windscreen: all frameless?

    Several years ago I bought a Quickboost Spitfire PR camera set, since HAS's Spitfire IX is long OOP, the resin set was kept on stash...until eduard released their Spitfires. I'd like to build a PR XI of USAAF 7th Recon Sqn, firstly I thought I need to build a new chin for oil tank, and fill some wing panel lines. However some sources show PR XI use frameless windscreen: But these have framed part same as a fighter(such as PL965). According to Aero Details vol.27, is it a PR X instead? found photos with framed windscreen only with serial No. "PL", "PA" series have frameless ones, so it means early batch hadn't received this modification? Then, any vacuum parts for PR XI? I mean 48th scale...
  6. fernandocouto

    Opinions on Dragon´s 1:48 Ta 152H

    Maybe best fitting of DML's "master series".
  7. fernandocouto

    Italeri new Reggiane Re.2000?

    Thanks for all replies.
  8. fernandocouto

    Italeri new Reggiane Re.2000?

    On catalogue No.2771, but scalemates says it's a "new parts", not "new tool". Is it a Smer or Classic Airframes rebixing?
  9. fernandocouto

    Italeri 1/72 Sunderlands: which is more accurate?

    Whaaaaaaat........a big file...... I built about 20 ITA kits but never come with such a horrible fitting...However ITA's kits quality are descending in recent years, IMO. Several old kits, even with raised panel lines, are a pleasure to build. But when I opened my Reggiane Re.2002........and Ju87........... Macchi 200 is much better comparing the former two, so I bought a 48th scale UH-34. I should chose the MRC though it's moulded by trumpeter.... So what happened to Italeri? After all I'll take another ITA kit...Re.2000 announced on catalog...hope it won't be same quality as 2002...
  10. fernandocouto

    Question about Hasegawa´s 1:48 Fw 190s

    Tri-master rebox and earlier A-3/4 were released around early 90s', there was also a Ta152H. Series code 091xx/02xx/JXxx kits. One interesting matter is HAS released 2 JG1's Fw190A-4 with same box art, one with DML wing(DML also released it on their brand) the other is all HAS. So this may why the latter kit's fuselage sprue is X, not A,B,C... That time, DML's mould did not like they looked today. Quite few flash. Hardly wrapped fuselage, I mean DML's C sprue
  11. fernandocouto

    Question about Hasegawa´s 1:48 Fw 190s

    These variants all based on JT94 Fw190A-8. A-5 kits have different cowl gun cover/chute parts and MLG bay doors, outer wing gun panels.
  12. fernandocouto

    Question about Hasegawa´s 1:48 Fw 190s

    Which mould? HAS Fw190 has several editions. *rebox Tri-master/DML Fw190A-8 *co-operation of DML Fw190A-3/4(wings from DML, fuselage from HAS) *another Fw190A-3/4 with all HAS mould *brand new Fw190A-5/6/7/8 If you build reboxing A-8, it does need some adjust. I never build the "kit-bash" edition, so have no idea. All HAS mould kits fit well on the MLG bay door.
  13. not a rebox one but a mould "referring" to TAM. It's truly cheap but lacks TAM's fit. Also horribly fragile decals....
  14. how about Italeri kit with canopy replaced?
  15. fernandocouto

    Chengdu J-7 color

    Not FS colour, but PLAN's J-7H(naval version of new wing J-7IV) is light grey looks like FS36320(or another FS36XXX, cannot remember). There are some more accurate drawing by Chinese authors on the site. For J-7A(in PLAAF serial code J-7I), it's overall white except initial prototypes.