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  1. Do you mean the cowling length is for R2000 "postwar" version, with R-1830 fitted?
  2. So rare....I got one in 2008 for about $20, then my friend took a $9 bargain last year...However it usually costs over $40. Build it or not? IMHO we can expect ICM scale down it, ITA kit overall is OK, but cockpit and gear bay seems crude now. Several years ago I tried to convert it to an N-2......I wonder I finish it before ICM release one.
  3. I checked my Valiant Wings Bf109 late series, it said FISK 199 was converted from G-1/R1, referring to this photo, I think VW is right: http://me109.airwar1946.nl/family/Images/kffisk199-2.jpg We cannot see antenna, but comparing with main wheels, the tail wheel should be the smaller(290mm in diameter?) one, different from larger and not retractable tail wheel on G-3/4 and so on...
  4. A TAM F4U-1 with Quickboost -2 radome maybe cheaper than HAS?
  5. Academy had some kit tooled with Heller kits" reference", such as P-39Q/N, Fi156, so I wonder whether they copied T-6G
  6. Sorry for my careless....I was at work that time, searched "G-4/R3", saw a photo showed 2 drop tanks, then post it here.....
  7. Yes, like Gunze Mr. color, RAF camo set replaced "dark tan" "ochre" or "dark green"
  8. This difference also caused engine nacelles moved outside.
  9. Is it a G-10/U2 or G-6/AS? It's hard to distinguish these versions. By the way, quite a lot sources have said Bf109 recons had their weapons removed, however not all....such as the famous (at least famous colour schemeļ¼‰ G-8 "white 14"in Albania. So, there maybe not ALL recon 109s had cowl guns removed. For this G-4/R3, the port gun chute indicated cowl MG17 removed, but without fairing; https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/Bf-109G/Aufkl/pages/Messerschmitt-Bf-109G4R3-2.(F)123-4U+YK-unknown-pilot-Greece-1943-01.html On this Bf 1
  10. I built a Hobbyboss kit in 2011/12 with decals provided in the kit:
  11. Thanks a lot, J-W. The "white B" looks same to Italei second marking scheme, however windows painted over are different, also something wrong with decal: mission marks on rudder with different dimensions.
  12. For Ju88, once I read somewhere, they painted zestroyers (C-6 of V/KG40) 70/71, torpedo bombers (A-17?) 72/73. But no more evidence...
  13. When I build Italeri Ju52 minesweeper, I confused with the colours on upper side. Did they remain RLM 70/71 common with transports, or take RLM 72/73 as maritime aircraft? Italeri instruction said FS34079\FS34092, seemed alike 72/73, but how could we trust Italeri instruction...it referred RLM65 as "Light ghost gray", with incorrect splinter schemes... Here is a floatplane version, should this one use RLM 72/73 as other floats?
  14. Here is my Fw190A-5/U14, converted from a DML G-3 version. I replaced gun chute and panel from eduard, but as you see, cross section is not 100% same. Sorry I don't know why it's so small.....https://i.postimg.cc/5ysdSJtQ/20200721090934.jpg
  15. I built severval DML Fw190..cause it was the cheapest WW2 aircraft kit...when released by Shanghai Dragon in China, it cost 42RMB( 5-6 USD). There ARE some issues at main gear, as Crimea River's work, we usually attach the strut as his starboard one. It truly leans forward and to centerline, so I ignored this, only found it quite hard to link properly. Another common mistake is attaching the leg "vertical" to ground, maybe there should be a front view in instruction. On original Tri-master kit, all landing gear parts were white metal. I haven't built Tri-master kit yet, so no commen
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