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  1. Thank you very much, but it may be too far... and I don't know whether the mail remains, at such a severe situation. I'll contact local friends to a solution.. Thank you for your reference. I compared my kit, found windscreen are also different, so I'll cut that one left
  2. I got a CA Re 2001 at a such low price...with TAN canopies. Today I attempted to cut it, I don't no whether I have not deal with vacu canopies for so long time, or the kit stored so long time.... It cracked under my scissors. although I keep a spare one without fault, it got tan. There is an Re 2005 on my stash, two canopy sets included. But I don't know are they identical? I searched my reference and internet, found nothing about this part.. Thank you for your advice. Edit: Re2000/2002 used same fuselage, but Re 2005 is a new design, so would there any parts(around canopy and cockpit) in common between 2001/2005?
  3. Post it at afv field or move your thread to there....you'll get more answers...
  4. Sorry I am not familiar with Wellington.... However on same plane, two sides are different:
  5. My friend is building an Italeri (MPM rebox) Wellington MK.Ic. Confused with different exhaust types of left and right. On left engine is this: However there was a "Porcupine" or Hedgehog exhaust. When referring to resin conversion parts, two types both provided. The long exhaust already had flame damper effect, so what's for Porcupine one? Apparently it's hard to produce.... Further more, when I search photos, I find on MK.IV with R-1830 engine, the left outer exhaust is still a long tube, but the others...different. Perhaps some special reasons? The info says this is a MK.X. Cannot tell which type of left exhausts.... Also, after searching "Wellington", I found an old topic of exhaust positions: wellington-exhausts-inboard outboard It makes me more confused for same engines on Beaufighter with same exhausts and same position on left and right engine nacelles.
  6. You may get a hasegawa Ju188A/E or Ju88S(the box says "KG66", can be built as S-1 and S-3). Both radial and in-line nacelles are provided. Cannot remember whether hase Ju88T includes 2 types of nacelles, probably same as S version.
  7. Recently I "recovered" my DML Ju88C bought over 15 years. It's kit No. 5540#, based on Shanghai Dragon 5536# C-6 version, with a new nose and radar antenna added. Another difference is the dorsal (is it a proper name?) gun position, or B-stand. 5536 has 2 MG17s same as A-4 version: 5540 has a single gun replicated this photo: It seems that the latter one only appeared on Nacht Jagers, so can we speculate that C "Zerstroyer" usually converted from bomber version, so remained the gun layout...... although not so crisp, we can see "bulge" on canopy. .......while Nachtjager might be new built or modified at factory? So all modifications applied? Earlier C-2/4 also had single gun fitted. However, twin guns also seen on Nachtjagers....so how to figure out them...
  8. According to Osprey "Me262 bomber and recon units" (such a title?), Me262 in KG51 usually carried 2 250kg bombs(SC,SD,AB), or one AB500. It's uncommon to see a Me262 with 2 SC500 cause it would be overload. Also never found RATO in service. I've built Hobbyboss 1/48 Me262 twice, but I did not attach RATOs, filled location holes instead.
  9. Did some over-sized roundels get revised later? I got a monogram 1/48th SBD which decal has some roundels repainted outer rim with lighter blue. Or this was painted after Operation Torch to cover yellow ring?
  10. Once I planned to convert a TR.33. So I bought a TAM FB.VI. What's difference bwtween these two variants at horizonal fin and supercharger intake?
  11. With new H-20 we may get an H-22. Only Italeri released these versions with a new dorsal turret, and a V-1 from DML mould. Can I convert a turret from Do217? Cannot remember whether they were same. HDL131 maybe.
  12. A copy of tamiya origin outer wing with some folding mechanism details. So Wolfpack claims it fits very good....
  13. Several years ago I built Me262A-1 V355 and A-1a/U3, both used weight provided in kit. Won't be a tail sitter, but I did not attach assist rockets under mid fuselage. However, if you choose plastic part, fit is perfect, while metal part needs a little pressing when glue halves.
  14. CR.32 is tooooo hard to build cause no pin for struts. Italeri "upgrade" mold adds pins, but still not an easy task according to my friend....
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