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  1. Is the Eduard etch worth getting? I have had the fortune to get a Heller kit at a good price locally and am now doing the google stuff seeing what else can be stuck on!
  2. I'm doing this and a T10... This looks the more complete kit!
  3. My bits have arrived from Oulton! Great service now to figure out to assemble them!
  4. https://www.hpmhobbies.com/high-planes-antennae-and-probes-for-ee-canberra-accessories-1-72/#gallery-2 I like the look of these..
  5. Placed my first order with Hannants! some flaps and a few other after market bits
  6. Trying to add some more pics but struggling to I would like to add some Eduard flaps if a B18 is the same wing... Just to source some..any ideas gratefully received
  7. First post here! This is my take on the MIKR MIR model bought recently from the Ukraine! The body was easy enough to fettle, I am used to railway kits and some of them come registration pip less too.. I am looking at how I can add a bit more detail to the build, I fancy a play with added depth to some of the flaps for one.
  8. I managed to get one of the kits from the Ukraine! TODAY! Left the Ukraine 3500 minutes ago! according to the tracker!! looks a nice set of parts..
  9. I pressed submit too quickly Actually in Rugby! Had one trip to Northampton to buy, well to go to see and ended up getting the Shackleton and Chinook Where else is worth a look in normal times?
  10. Hello all, Its been years since I did any proper models, as a kid 70's and 80's I had a thing for RAF Germany. Moving on a few years ago my late partner bought me several Frog Shackleton to make one good one, to attempt to do a AEW with that "kit" Sadly life got in the way and I did not have the heart to start them proper. Moving on I have a new partner who over Christmas suggested I get myself to a model shop and buy a few kits! Airfix Shackleton AEW2 Revell Chinnok And a few paints! I am thinking of next models. I f
  11. What options do we have (me) in doing some 1/72 nd Canberra's Last service in the RAF. I am a returnee to the hobby and astounded by how many people seem to be doing kits, then add in the after market bits wow. Nice work in this thread by the way!
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