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  1. Thanks Pete Its such a shame that Airfix got it wrong, they are usually quite good on their research. I look forward to seeing Murray cutting up the OIL bowser . . .
  2. Welcome aboard neighbour . . . I dont know of another from our neck of the woods . . . I'm more into aircraft and vehicles but being a former fishing port you have probably got some sea salt blood flowing in your veins . . .. Dont be frighten to post your work, we all started with simple kits before we gain experience. . . Ian
  3. Either my eyes are deceiving me as to the scale or you have a bloody big bottle of Xtra Thin ?? Neat looking model as well . . .
  4. I had a part-time job, almost 3 yrs ago, when the company sourced out the lab I was working for. I was almost 3yrs from official retirement but I took the plunge to give up work for good and I have to say it was the best thing that could have happened to me. Still not at official retirement age, (66 for me now), but the rest and enjoyment that I have had over the previous years has been time that I would not have had, been able to get back, so I am happy that I could take time to build a few kits, continue writing and drawing as well as time to visit my siblings. If you have the opportunity to retire early then grab it with both hands, we men are not expected to live very long after retirement . . . .
  5. It was on Netflix under the title of 'The Bombardment. I enjoyed the fact that it did show the horror of a raid going wrong. The Danish view was more concerned about the actual bombing and the loss of life. The Mosquito aircraft really do come second in the film. Worth viewing in my opinion
  6. The individual concrete slabs for the peri-track measured 25' x 15' when I recorded them at my local former bomber station . . . If you are going to use the OIL bowser from the re-supply set then be aware that the chassis, and body, are too long and would look better and an improvement if you cut out 12mm from each section. Model wheel base measures 48mm (12ft) when actually it should be 36mm (9ft). (Airfix got it wrong ) Just in case you are so inclined . . . I haven't seen anybody else do this mod so it would make a pleasant change and a more accurate depiction on your diorama . . . Good luck with your idea and build Ian PS Having measured an actual OIL bowser, I scratch made one in 35th scale to accompany my HK Lancaster and it looks much better
  7. Thats been well detailed and presented . . . turned out nice !
  8. The power source was a propellant beneath the rails that shot the trolley/slide forward, carrying the aircraft at speed along the track . . .
  9. I always thought there was only one such contraption at Farnborough, I wonder what other hidden gems are buried ??? Photo from the 1964 publication from Harleyford. Lancaster: The Story of a Famous Bomber
  10. I recently had a birthday and had thoughts about my life. Time for a real truth . . . I was once a boy trapped in a young girl’s body. I lived in a different world back then. I couldn’t speak, I had no voice but I heard others. I didn’t know how I would be received in this world Not sure of being a boy or a girl This went on for months, almost a year Until the day I came out My mother gave birth and I was Free.
  11. Thanks for posting this, about an hour away from me so may get the chance to pop over . . .
  12. Most wartime aircraft were still around after the removal of the exhaust shrouds so you could model any if they survived after April 1945 even if they were removed to an M.U. to await being scrapped. I dont know the exact date but a number of wartime aircraft had their fuselage ID codes painted white with the addition of under wing serial placement.
  13. The Phantom had exhaust shrouds in place on all engines as did ALL operational Lancasters until May 1945 when they were removed.
  14. Perfection in the making . . Always loved your level of detailing Eric, especially your vehicles . . . Carry on the good work ! Ian
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