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  1. Beautiful aeroplane and your rendition is reflecting its graceful lines. keep up the good work, its going to turn out wonderfully . . . .
  2. Looking forward to seeing the final colour scheme
  3. I agree entirely, it isnt cheap yet there are so many things that are wrong that one has to put right . . . . .
  4. I wasnt around when this was presented for the first time It looks bloody marvellous and a credit to your patients and skill. Very few pick up the baton and run with this kit, . . . you have my admiration
  5. Robert This might be of interest . . . I couldn't find the build thread, I'm relatively new here Ian
  6. Here are a couple of dispersals build. The full size circular dispersal is 150ft but I also had the chance to measure the alternative dispersal which was introduced as being more cost effective and easier to get aircraft on to . . . I built a single pan dispersal . . . . takes up a lot of space I have also built the other type which can hold at least two aircraft . . . I use the latter type for photographing my models . . . Hope it gives you some ideas Ps: I also built a T2 hangar and 75% through building the technical site near to where I live, a BIG diorama
  7. Splendid effort all round. The aircraft itself is well presented considering its age and its nice to see a plethora of vehicles about the place. It certainly sets a scene . . . .
  8. Corgi 1:50th scale containers, a little more simplified than yours but they fit onto my vehicles a treat Carry on the good work, I look forward to see how you weather it . . . .
  9. This is going to be different . . . I shal watch to see what transpires
  10. I knew it was coming soon . . . I think I shall be building the main aircraft from the film 'Appointment in London' It had very good reviews as being fairly accurate depiction of the events back then . . . .
  11. Excellent The only word needed . . .
  12. I am now curious as to how many compartments the AEC tanker had. I presume an indication may have been the number of hoses in the rear pump compartment that were fed from a certain section of the tank. The recently preserved example that drives around numerous airshows etc has One hose but Two overhead booms. Others wartime photographs show some having Two, Three and even Four hoses in the pump compartment, the four hose photo is beneath a Stirling and presumably speedied up the refuelling process ?? Bob what would be your best estimate as to the function of the 2nd emco hatch ? The small raised item looks similar to that I have seen on small bowsers and I have presumed its a breather ?? It gets more interesting the more I look into it . . . .
  13. Many thanks Graham I know of the photos you mentioned Ian
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