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  1. Hi Pete A nice set of photos that are adding to every bodies understanding of the three crew positions. Could you give a measurement of the Nav table from the partition bulkhead towards the pilots seat please ? This will finally give me(us) a proper size with which to correctly modify the Nav's table in all Lancaster models. Thanks in anticipation Ian
  2. You could always add offices to the sides like the real J type . . .
  3. Neil Out of interest, would the Bedford J crew bus be the long nose of flat fronted type ?? Ian
  4. I look forward to seeing your updates Rich as well as the paint finish . . . Ian
  5. Hope you dont mind Richard but here is my converted 35th scale 4x4 Matador to the 6x6 matador refuelling vehicle . . . (Photo's of the not quite finished model) Its not got the intricate detail yours has Rich but as a basic modeller, I'm happy with it. I look forward to seeing the photos re-appearing and reading through the build again . . . Ian
  6. Rumour from my youth has it that the Australian beer that carried the letter four XXXX had to replace what was on the tin because they werent allow to put the word SHXT . . . .
  7. Kari Wartime rads had three sections, two for water and a third for the oil. Those commonly seen on such as NX611 and PA474 are post-war types. If you check out the video called 'Night Bombers' you will see the wartime rad early on as the ground crew are doing an engine change. I am pleased to see the HK 48th Lancaster rads have been change to the wartime config whereas the 32nd has the post-war types . . . . Ian
  8. Excellent item, thanks for the link Peter
  9. Been informed mine will be delivered tomorrow . . .
  10. I have ordered a copy so will be interested in seeing if I get an email to my home address . . . .
  11. Research is always key on such a subject as this, building an airfield covers a multitude of areas from buildings to bomb storage to dispersals. As mentioned, you have to decide the period, 1943/1944/1945, and just how much of the airfield you want to model ?? I personally have chosen 1943 and selected the technical site as I also have a large collection of vehicles. I have been studying the subject for years so feel free to ask as many questions, there are plenty of people that have local knowledge of many airfields on this site . . . . I would suggest that the railway line would just be a passing line as its highly unlikely to be in close proximity, but as you are applying 'artistic licence its your choice . . .
  12. Only two airfields local to me had a railway service. One was a bomber airfield that had bombs delivered into a siding at the rear of one of the hangars and the other was an airfield handed over to the Americans. Although it didnt directly serve the airfield, the GI's could walk literally 5 mins from their barracks and catch a train, plus it ran right next to the southern end of a runway on the airfield . . .
  13. Yeah it is, not quite finished when the photo was taken as it needed more embossed red brick . . . another photo from the same time but showing the range itself
  14. I chose a period of November 1943 for my set up, each board measures 8' x 4' and at the mo it measures 12' x 16' All the buildings are scratch built but I do have a collection of scenic grasses and fences and other bits to add to still a long way to go . . . The vehicles are a collection of diecast and plastic and the model aircraft I have are from the said period so are in the appropriate markings . . . . I hope you will be posting progress reports as you go Ben so we can admire the work and possibly offer suggestions for additional bits to make it 'complete' Ian
  15. Here are a few vehicles . .. . for use on a USAAF station A mixture of diecast, Airfix and conversions . . . Good luck with your project Ben Ian
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