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  1. Latest update probably for a few days Tonight I shall paint the tyres and look at sub-assembling the rear body before turning to the cab . . . Ian .. .- -.
  2. An example of how close-knit the parts are and the thick sprue fret . . . I have been using a scalpel knife to cut away but its difficult to cut the 'tab' as many parts have raised detail. I understand about cutting parts of the sprue away before detaching the smaller parts but I dont it possible at the start of the build with there being so many parts within the fret. Still, I shall preserve and get there in the end, who doesnt like a challenge ? ( I have the Gecko Bedford MW in the stash aswell) Ian .. .- -.
  3. A few hours later . . . I have to confess to breaking certain small parts as I tried to snip them off so they havent been added in their entirety (not that you can spot them) This being the first Gecko kit attempted I have to say that the sprue gates are quite heavy around the small and delicate parts such as the suspension dampers (Da15) & (C51 + 52) and securing brackets ( G10 +11 & Ka2). Cant imagine that many modellers would remove them without some damage ?? I shall start some painting this evening, particularly the engine, and think about assembling the rear body once I have figured out which option I shall run with .. .- -.
  4. Gecko's recent kit following on from their 'Katy' ambulance . . . I intend to start slowly as its been a while since I did any modelling . . . Starting with the chassis as the norm and I also put the wheels together An issue that a few others have mentioned is that on the same fret (C) there are parts that are numbered the same but it can be obvious which are the parts required for C16 & C51 although the parts numbered Da13 are nothing like the drawing and as such haven't found them yet !! More to come rgds Ian
  5. I have just come across this and I am intrigued by your determination to build three such iconic aircraft in one attempt . . . . I also note that you are going to build some vehicles and even a Watch office; all in the large scale. Converted the Tamiya Austin to a Hillman Bedford QL as a crew transport OIL bowser scratch built Engine trestles scratch built Ground crew Nissen scratch built Compressor trailer scratch built Also converted the AFV Matador 4x4 to the 6x6 refueller Completed and modified the IconicAir David Brown tractor along with scratch built the bomb trolleys The Watch Office that was at Scampton at the time of the Dams attack, (1959/34) was the pre-war design(see photo) whereas the Watch Office at Woodhall Spa (later home to 617) had a design of Watch office similar to the Bomber satellite type ; somebody has attempted the latter model of it at the 'Thorpe Camp' museum at Woodhall Spa. I have a 4mm plan of the 1959/34 which you could easily scale up to 32nd (9.5mm ). No internal detail although I have some photos of the central spiral staircase. Carry on the great work Ian
  6. Goxhill is quite close to me and I am considering getting a P38 Lightning aircraft but I'm not 100% that the model I want is a J type. Lockheeds chief test pilot in April 1944 was Tony Le Vier and he visited the station to demonstrate the handing characteristic of the P38 (morale was real low with the pilots under training). Its his aircraft I want to model. ' Snafuperman' Was it a J type ? Serial unknown, colour scheme not known . . . quite a bit of research required but this is just the start . . . I have seen two kits, Monogram and Academy both in 1/48th scale so they are available Any pointers would be appreciated guys Ian
  7. Many years ago I measured up a former RAF OIL bowser trailer and so when Airfix brought their model out I had to build it. The main issue with the kit is that the wheelbase is around 12ft (scale length) which is to long, it should measure a wheelbase of 9ft. (36mm) The actual bowser was also used to supply fuel to smaller single and twin engined aircraft I even cut the chassis back for a 9ft trailer on which to build the airfield caravan
  8. Progress of the two new Retriever builds and some work on one of the other vehicles . . . . The workshop needs a replacement work platform along the open side. Started on the camouflage as well as some repaints of the Bedfords at the same time . . . All lined up awaitin some small details to be added such as unit markings etc . . . thanks for looking in Ian
  9. Probably the only part similar for the OX- would be the engine bonnet. The other versions had a full cab rather than a canvas roof . . . . Its been a while since I have had any interaction with Kingfisher but you can/could purchase a white metal Bedford OX/OY cab . . . http://www.modelbuszone.co.uk/tmb/images_model_kits/mabex/Kingfisher_Models_2019_Catalogue.pdf Bedford OY Bedford OX rgds Ian
  10. Despite the criticism of the HK Lancaster, you have produced a first class example of the type and a fine tribute to those that served, cracking finish, Well done !!!
  11. That plan you have shows the narrow fronted 4 window arrangement is termed a 'Watch Office for Bomber Satellite airfield' as seen here . . . rgds Ian
  12. Ron What type of WWII Control are you considering ? I have a few plans that might help you with the external dimensions and window placements . . . . Ian
  13. The Airfix Control Tower is nothing like any actual tower but If I get the impression that you are going to scratch build the interior then why not the whole thing ? You can still utilise certain bits from the kit so why not do that ?? My front extended Airfix kit to resemble the Watch Office to drawing No. 13726/41 . . . Alterations at the rear . . . The plan of an actual 13726/41 . . .
  14. As we know the RAF didnt use the K2 ambulance on home soil but the Americans did, sometimes adding their own American 5 point star on many of their vehicles . . . I am very surprised that neither Airfix or Gecko have decals for the airfield 'home' vehicles . . . PS dare I say a brown colour with the canvas sides being faded . . . . Note also the square vent . . . Note also the small Red Cross circle . . . My Airfix models of the 'American K2 vehicle'
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