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  1. I haD this built to house two 1/48th Lancasters and I intend to sit the 32nd scale version on the top .. .- -. It glass to the front AS WELL but it is difficult to photo due to the reflective issue, cost around £300
  2. Love anything BRS, a credit to you for a superb finish on the model . . .
  3. Unusual display and a first I would say . . . cracking job Just spotted the old ASI' on the nose when there is the upgraded version beneath the cockpit, I would suggest you knock the old one OFF !!
  4. I dont know how far you are going to up-grade the kit but the rear entry door really could do with being moved just so the decal placement looks better. I didnt realise about the door until I started applying the decs . . . Good luck with your build . . . Ian
  5. Danny The rear entry door is located in the wrong place so watch ow you place the decals . . . I didnt realise until I came to doing the decals, the door needs to be placed further back and a simple case of filling and resubscribing to the correct position . . .
  6. Nice to see so many options being available within the kit, two sets of props, two main wheels; weighted and normal, additional SBC's for a change in bomb load but what I do find strange although it may well become apparent, is the separate sections for the top deck and bottom section of the fuselage ?? Perhaps this is a future option for different Marks of the Lancaster or even the modified versions Grand Slam etc . . . Very disappointed to see the examples of the decals available, something 'NEW' would have been very welcomed. Overall the detailing is phenomenal and I wonder how many will include all the bit and for that matter ' How long will somebody be prepared to take the time to build such a detailed kit that sadly alot of which will not be seen . . . Its gonna make one hell of a kit when finished and on display . . . . . . .
  7. In the Lanc for take-off all crews were in their nominated usual positions in the aircraft, many bomb-aimers stayed in the nose despite regulations stating that he should move to the cockpit area for take-off. In was probably the same for the Halifax crews . . .
  8. First images of the Border Models Lancaster build . . . https://aerodynamicmedia.com/first-look-border-model-lancaster/
  9. You will note that the walk way lines are not the same length in the b/w photos . . .
  10. I would put my money where my mouth is Neil and even pre-pay for the 48th Manchester conversion !!!
  11. I clicked on the Link and a very small square appeared in the centre of the screen , clicking that small square brought the pictures up . . . .
  12. I think its time I re-submitted my plans for a proper WWII Watch office (Control Tower) to Airfix and perhaps also the couple of building associated with the Watch office . . . Would make a great back drop for any small scale aeroplane plus the numerous vehicles that you might find alongside . . . . Any support out there from you guys ???
  13. What options are you selecting because most are on the 'tree' and basically you end up with an automotive response which ends with 'Hope we have been of help resolvin your issue ' . . . aarghh
  14. Thats right Robert . . . I have considered this option hoping also, hoping that they would reduce my payments as an incentive to stay with them ???
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