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  1. I have determined that the 32nd scale resin seat is far to small . . . . I decided, out of curiosity to fit my Tamiya 48th scale pilot in the seat and it looks more in keeping with HIS scale . . . The kit seat alongside the Resin2 back to back . . . Shot with the 48th Tamiya pilot sat in the seat . . . probably use it in the new 48th HK Lancaster
  2. Being a Lancaster man through and through I'm in the front row . . .
  3. My model drawn from a plan I drew after recording such a Watch office at Bircham Newton Large ground floor windows and Control room at the top I just loved the spiral staircase that ran up the middle of this building . . . Ian
  4. This is a rather old OOP kit but I wanted to obtain this for a while in a bid to increase my fleet of 48th scale RAF vehicles. I am aware that the RAF didn't use the K5 during the war but I am going to use my artistic licence which was recently approved and obtained . . . There are not a lot of parts . . . ] The instructions . . . I have a set of these . . . and I am considering a new body for the rear ?? A Signal type perhaps . . . and finally, a photo of the real thing; resto
  5. TonyOD You cannot see any fuselage lettering The photo, ( IX Association) clearly shows 82 ops. Photo used to illustrate details Note nose blister being the shallow type but with IFF in it
  6. In the new 'FLYPast publication, 'Avro Lancaster - The landmark raids' W4964 is shown as having completed 4 ops short of the photo shown above. (approx. 82 Ops flown). Points of interest are The individual 'J' letter on the nose is just RED. The bomb-aimers blister is SHALLOW but still with IFF in there. The bomb doors DONT appear to be bulged in any way. By the time of its 100thh trip it was tasked with attacking the Tirpitz. It only carried another 6 operational sorties. It may not have been converted to carry the Tallboy but acted as a support airc
  7. Somebody went to a lot trouble to produce the box and artwork . . . real shame
  8. Congratulations to you both, I wish you continued happiness . . . Ian
  9. Always interesting work to watch from a Vulcan connoisseur . . . .
  10. Eric It is indeed a Fordson aircrew bus that I scratched built I also converted the Bedford and Albion 48th vehicles to other type. I recently converted an AEC Matador 4x4 kit to 6x6 AEC refueller vehicle for my large scale Lancaster (WIP) Au revoir for now Ian
  11. This is a 32nd scale resin upgrade seat for the HK 32nd Lancaster. Unfortunately its rather small for their 32nd Lancaster so I popped on the 48th scale pilot figure from the old Tamiya kit . . . Looks like I may have inadvertently got myself a resin upgrade on the 48th scale HK Lancaster
  12. That sounds great Don. Have you approached a supplier and asked to purchased a half dozens ? You should be able to get a good discount for a bulk purchases I would have thought . . . good luck Ian
  13. Bonjour Eric Welcome to the truly International forum of modellers. I like your theme of B17's, I have a thing for the Lancaster so we are part of the brotherhood Like you, I also dabble with a few vehicles to create scenes . . . Enjoy your time with us Ian
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