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  1. I clicked on the Link and a very small square appeared in the centre of the screen , clicking that small square brought the pictures up . . . .
  2. I think its time I re-submitted my plans for a proper WWII Watch office (Control Tower) to Airfix and perhaps also the couple of building associated with the Watch office . . . Would make a great back drop for any small scale aeroplane plus the numerous vehicles that you might find alongside . . . . Any support out there from you guys ???
  3. What options are you selecting because most are on the 'tree' and basically you end up with an automotive response which ends with 'Hope we have been of help resolvin your issue ' . . . aarghh
  4. Thats right Robert . . . I have considered this option hoping also, hoping that they would reduce my payments as an incentive to stay with them ???
  5. Many thanks for you replies gents. Its very frustrating not being able to talk with a proper person, overseas call-centre staff are no the most understanding as they dont understand good English unfortunately. . . . Tried to change my password as suggested but then they state that it will be sent to your email account ?????? I am now seriously considering changing to a new provided but my main concern was that so many have my current email addy but then my son tells me I just need another Provider but as I pointed out I still wont be able to access my mailbox cos its that which is controlled by VM and is still 'Unavailable' rgds to all Ian
  6. I have been without my mailbox for over three weeks. I have received the odd text message stating that work was being carried out on the network . . . When you open up my email account it says 'Mailbox unavailable'. Obviously there is a contact number for those without a Virgin phone line but after trying that its a waste of time. They just keep fobbing you off with links to technical solutions but they dont work as I keep getting the said message 'Mailbox Unavailable' try again in one hour . . . . Even tried for almost two hours talking to an auto 'bot' but no joy. I kept saying I want to speak to a person but no thats not possible it seems. Anybody got any suggestions how to get a real conversation with these people ? I am on the verge of switching but so many people have my email worldwide . . .
  7. I personally thanked Iffie Cousins for making this film for my generation and for those future ones. I had a long chat with him at a squadron reunion at Hemswell about the film and although most of it was filmed at Hemswell, Elsham Wolds and Ludford Magna (FIDO) are also included . . . .
  8. I would like to build Capt. Albert Ball's aircraft, having got the books and having visited him at his place of rest in France . . .
  9. Always loved the BRS parcels lorries. Made a few conversion of the Corgi range (1:50th) myself into parcel types You have done a great job of converting the tractor unit and totally the trailer
  10. Dont get hung up on the intake of the engines, in reality they will not impact on the look of the aircraft. I have a spare H2s blister should you want one . . . Ian
  11. The best things in life are free . . . . Timber aint cheap so you have done well to use recycled stuff and with the added bonus of PVC doors and windows I look forward to seeing your progress
  12. Welcome Eric Your skills are plain to see Those Federal 605 trucks are a marvellous addition, can you post a link to the site please ?? Well done my friend Ian
  13. I also scratched a 48th scale Ford WOT crew-bus Converted a Albion refueller into a RAF Tender
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