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Mancunian airman

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  1. Mancunian airman

    The first HK Lancaster WIP?

    Good luck with that process . . . .
  2. Mancunian airman

    Size of wheels

    I have discovered that the size of wheels/tyres on CMP vehicles are 9.00 x 16 or later models with 10.5 tyres. Can somebody tell me the actual diameter of the tyres in the 35th scale kit(s) please ? What about the wheels on this kit , M151A2 W/tow Missile Launcher? I am after a 10 x 13 wheel/tyre combination but may have to settle for overall dimension unless somebody knows of a product for my wheel size . . . . Thanks in anticipation Ian
  3. Mancunian airman

    RAF Airfield Control Tower

    All these three buildings are externally rendered, plasti-card that has been rubbed down with sandpaper . . . Here is the real thing, again cement rendered . . . I hope this helps Ian
  4. Mancunian airman

    RAF Airfield Control Tower

    Buildings of this kind were externally cement rendered so no need to go down the road of pebble-dash. I have done one or two of these buildings and the best effect you can achieve is simply to sand the external plasti-card with a sand paper. I will post a photo or two when I get home. Ian
  5. Mancunian airman

    What's your day-job?

    Well, I am now semi-retired doing a little postal job in the afternoons at Youngs seafood and I love it. Started out going to Technical college to study Radio and Radar for 3 yrs. primarily for a shipping career. I liked the idea of going round the world and shutting down comms when in port. When I qualified there were no jobs so I applied to join the RAF and having passed the trade test and medical was offer the role of 'Air Electronics Engineer'. The prospects of flying in Shackletons was heaven. However my girlfriend of 4 yrs didnt fancy living all over the world so I declined the RAF career. I joined the GPO as an engineer back in 1978, at the time ' a job for life' but with the privatization into BT it wasnt the same. After almost 20yrs I left for one of the new cable companies as a Field Manager but after 4yrs. the bubble burst and I was offered redundancy. I purchased the franchise for a petrol station but found it was not what I was about so sold it on. I was a taxi driver for ten years and then gave that up as my pension from BT became available. Dream Job: I had, for about 18 months, a job working as the 'restoration man' on a wartime airfield to bring it back as a working museum but the chairman, reportedly, walked away with the funds and put about 30 of us out of work. My role was to draw up the plans for the buildings needing restoration and source items required for the station. That Control Tower is now in Virginia, America and I have been invited to visit it and attend the airshow. Being semi-retired is a great thing because it weans one from work, kinda preps you up for the day when you actually stop and also means you can adjust to the reduced income. I still do my drawing work which helps when it comes to modelling I managed to knock out two substantial books concerning the history of the local airfield and my latest one is currently at a publisher, under serious consideration. The only things in life we regret are those that we didn't do. Fortunately I am in good health so I can look forward to the day I want to retire. Many thanks for reading the ramblings Ian
  6. Mancunian airman

    The first HK Lancaster WIP?

    Thats interesting . . . and I think a great idea, using one half of the clear fuselage, to show the wiring etc As these are going to be part of my HK Lancaster build, can i pop these here to show what I have built ?? The 32nd figure comes from SKP
  7. Mancunian airman

    TID Steam Tug

    My Dad worked on steam tugs on the Manchester Ship Canal back in the days and despite the paintings of his photos. One name comes to mind 'Arrow' and I am lead to believe that one of his tugs is now sectionalized (cut in half) in a Gateshead (?) maritime museum. I always fancied a model so I will watch with great interest
  8. Mancunian airman

    RAF Type D Bomb trolley info requested

    I am just about to embark on the construction of 3 x Type D trolleys for my 32nd scale Lancaster. I have some AP details on a disc and I have scaled up some drawings . . . . Selwyn may have the photos of actual trolleys?? I'm just finishing my 32nd engine trestles as well
  9. Mancunian airman

    Thunderbirds of the sixties.

    What young boys imagination was not fired up by the Thunderbirds series ?? Aircraft vehicles and scenery . . . great sets and realism. Love the models you have presented for us Gerhard, thanks for the memory. Ian
  10. Mancunian airman

    Trumpy Wellington Mk III 1/48

    One can learn so much about aircraft fitments and the internal layout from these builds within such like forums that its a joy to be a member. Thanks for sharing the details, its very much appreciated. Ian
  11. Mancunian airman

    Book recommendations for the 8th Air Force?

    What would the cost be for a book with 521 pages ? Is it hard or a soft back book ? Does it have artwork of B17's etc ? It sounds like the kinda book one SHOULD HAVE I have been looking into one particular B17 that crashed landing at my local wartime airfield . . . .
  12. Probably to early for the MKIII Wellington but I would like to see some more airfield suport vehicles from whatever era. Perhaps they may reduce the Albion Refueller to the 72nd scale ?? Only thinking out loud but I would think they will go for totally new stuff to gain sales
  13. Mancunian airman

    RMS Carpathia, Scratchbuild, 1/500 Scale

    I cannot but admire the work of a craftsman. Working with chisels , a bandsaw, files and sandpaper to create a piece if history, in my eyes, and all credit to you. I look forward to seeing this develop into the tribute it will become. Ian
  14. Mancunian airman

    Austin Tilly.

    Read ~41 . . . . there is a clue
  15. Mancunian airman

    The first HK Lancaster WIP?

    Why has there never been any artwork decals for 'old Fred' ??