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Mancunian airman

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  1. Mancunian airman

    Home Made Filler for Holes and Home Made Lenses

    Some of the best ideas are quite simple . . . I shall keep looking in to see how the results are if you are in the mood to test. My first thought was those old old kits with slots for windows that could be filled
  2. Mancunian airman

    Modelling in wartime.

    One that comes to mind on this day, the models of the three main dams for tonights targets . . . . .
  3. Mancunian airman

    Building a wartime Watch Office

    I recently made a friend in the United States and he has the interest of old RAF stations. I sent to him, my list of drawings of buildings found on such sites and the Watch Office 518/40 took his fancy. With technology, currently beyond my comprehension, he somehow converted my 4mm drawing to a 3D programme and produced this building in kit form. It not commercially available yet but . . . . Along my own build . . . It tells me that there is such potential with 3D printing for modellers that I really ought to get into such technology and perhaps produce more buildings from my own listings. In fact my friend is also going to produce the Night Flying Equipment shed as well as the Floodlight trailer and Crash tender sheds. Oh happy days. Sorry Mr Airfix, you missed the boat. Ian
  4. Mancunian airman

    1/72 Revell Avro Lancaster B.III

    A very acceptable build of the Lancaster, particularly of one of my squadron. I am impressed with the Revell bomb-bay. Shame about the silvering, happens to us all but it still looks good. Ian
  5. Was at a museum yesterday and there was a Bloodhound mounted on a framework of sorts . . . . (Thorpe Camp near Woodhall Spa) It did look complete.
  6. Mancunian airman

    1/32 Avro Lancaster Mk.III

    At least there will be the option to fill the windows IN rather than drill windows OUT, for the earliest aircraft. Best we can hope for is a clear sprue offering a change of B/A's blister and pilots cockpit blister ?? Looks like the H2S blister is optional . . . .
  7. Mancunian airman

    HK Lancaster ?.

    I think on their Facebook page they have stated that they are looking at June /July for completion of the tooling for producing the kit.
  8. Mancunian airman

    HK Lancaster ?.

    I am not on Facebook so I was sent this photo of the fuselage and there is already, it seems, that certain aspects are not correct. One such is the position of the W/ops. window. As I said I'm not on facebook so there may well be more photos of the whole kit . . . Hopefully it getting close to release ?? I did also hear that the price is going to be around £275
  9. Mancunian airman

    Simple tank dio

    Excellent result and I would just like to echo the comments of others . . . Ian
  10. I just wish there were more kits of older lorries. You have done a great job of producing an almost iconic American vehicle or 'Rig' I think they call 'em. Looking forward to seeing more in the future. great work. Ian
  11. Mancunian airman

    Building a wartime Watch Office

    Its been a while so I presume you have been busy with the Razorbacks etc My model shown above is the type of tower you are going to need so when you are ready . . . I have a plan of type 1959/34 tower and associated buildings. Let me know and I will send you my listings . . . Ian
  12. Mancunian airman

    Working Lift Bridge Diorama

    I agree about the level of detail seen from a distance. In the scale I am working, 4mm, if you are only stood 2 feet away that is equivalent to being 150ft. away so just how much detail can you see ?? I have signs on a number of doors/walls and YES you can read close-up but from the 150ft mark, you only know there is a sign on the wall. The only regret I have is that I didn't furnish the main building when I built it because there is so much glass to view inside. Carry on the good work Peter, its coming together fine . . .
  13. Mancunian airman

    Airfix 2019

    Mark PM sent with details of a list Ian
  14. Mancunian airman

    Working Lift Bridge Diorama

    Just like to echo the thoughts of Dennis. I have been building my diorama for at least 10 years and yes, its good to take a break not so much in case I burn out but to ensure I keep interested in the subject and keep the 'bored with it now' at bay. Its the small thing like the inclusion of Muz that keeps the interest around your diorama. Ian
  15. Mancunian airman

    1/48th Bedford OX-D 30cwt

    From the Airfix Bedford MW kit and a White metal cab. Usually like to have photos taken in natural daylight but its been rather windy so in-door photos of which I apologise. Ian