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  1. I confess to never having a resin kit previously but now I have pushed the boat out . . . My first thought was: Might be an obvious question . . . How do you remove the part(s) from the resin sprue without damaging the item ? I dont think my scalpel will do it but is a saw a bit heavy-handed ? Some guidance will be appreciated Thank you
  2. Sorry to clarify . . . I have the paper mask on the cutting mat, I cut out a color then lay it on the model . . . you could do the same then soak it on the model I suppose
  3. I do a similar thing but tape the mask to the kit, usually aircraft, draw the camou lines with a pencil then as I hand brush its a hard edge. Your technique sound like something I could try on smaller aircraft . . . thanks for sharing
  4. Mancunian airman

    Review ?

    I have a new kit to review but when looking the topic for AFV Reviews, I cannot see the 'Start New Topic ' button ?? I shal delete this post when somebody comes to my aid . . .# many thanks Ian
  5. It is to late in the day to mention the W/op window is in the wrong position . . . The front turret glazing bars are wrong. You could polish them off and reline them with paint . . . . It depends on what you are going to do with the bomb bay interior. If you have it open and bare then the stubs need removing . . . The 4000 lb bomb is under size as Tamiya designed the kit with a bomb bay that is to shallow, the bomb was made to fit (compare it to the Airfix 72nd and you will clearly notice the difference ). Other than that I wish you well on your return to the hobby, as at the end you will end up with a decent kit that represents a Lancaster
  6. Two builds together for my GB contribution . . . Trying to show the flaps Two basic standard Lancasters built here:
  7. Just a taster . . . the others are in the RFI DV192 aka P-Popsie . . .
  8. I thought initially that it was in the toaster . . . any methods is acceptable if it works, being practical come high up in my book in many aspects of modelling and life
  9. I have finished my two girls but the weather has changed today . . . As I like to photograph them outside I shall wait another day before posting the results . . . .
  10. The pole along the bottom side on the port side was for the S.B.A. system SBA is the Standard Beam Approach aid to landing where you heard a series of dots and dashes in the earphones. It was probably fitted to the Manchester but I aint looked at operational photos yet . . . .
  11. If you need undercarriage for your old Revell Lancaster, I have spare that you would be most welcome to as well as the original bomb-bay and 'secret bomb' . . . . . . An original G-George . . . just like yours
  12. If you are building 'grog' there shouln't be any windows at all . . . .
  13. Awful music spoils the effect. Why have you a light beneath the starboard wing ? If its to represent the landing lights then they were under the port wing . . ..
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