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Mancunian airman

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  1. Mancunian airman

    Mark's 1/48 Mosquito FB.VI

    Those ladders look a bit nice, what paint/varnish did you use ???
  2. Mancunian airman

    HO/OO Scammell Scarab

    Great effort Heather. Things never quite seem to go to plan and its frustrating to say the least but you have shown great patients with the decals, I hope for you, that a varnish will bring them up to your satisfaction . . Ian
  3. Mancunian airman

    Trainers GB

    It has possibilities . . . . Add my name but wake me when its ready to go . . . .
  4. I 'found' this ad in an old 70's magazine . . . .
  5. Mancunian airman

    Working Lift Bridge Diorama

    Its still great to look at this Peter, I love your attention to detail . . . . .
  6. Mancunian airman

    Volvo 465 1960 1/8 scale

    Beyond question, skills of the highest order. I admire each of your lorries and wish such were available in the commercial market place. I cannot heap enough praise upon you !!
  7. Mancunian airman

    HK Lancaster ?.

    I get the impression from the artwork its going to be S-Sugar ONLY. The proposed 2nd choice of decals is a 460 Squadron aircraft G-George which is preserved in Australia. You are correct of course about the larger scale, things are more noticeable and therefore greater care will be needed to eliminate the windows should there be a need . . . . Of course there are already decals in 1/32nd for Lancasters so research will be required to obtain the correct tech spec. for your choice of aircraft that matches what can be built from the kit. Ian
  8. Mancunian airman

    Bristol Fighter 1956

    Thanks for the Link, its currently out of stock but I have registered with them to let me know when they get some in.
  9. Mancunian airman

    "To Remember The many" The Tamiya Lancaster 1/48

    There is no doubt you have built a fine tribute to those 55,000+ who fought a brave battle across the night skies. I agree with the plaudits BUT its a shame that there are two noticeable errors, the mid-upper and front turret framing. It is still probably the most detailed build of the Tamiya Lancaster seen and also a tribute to your modelling skills. Ian
  10. Mancunian airman

    HK Lancaster ?.

    97th trip before the refurb Paddle blades were fitted well before becoming Gate guardian. photo seen at the end of the war with them . . .
  11. Mancunian airman

    HK Lancaster ?.

    I have a publication entitled ' A very Special Lancaster' A history of Lancaster Mk. I R5868. There is a photo dated June 1945 showing the paddle props. The two colour profiles in the centre show her as Q-Queenie with fuselage windows. As S-Sugar they are not shown. The refurbish photo taken in 1972 as she was being prepped for Hendon shows No fuselage window, just bare metal skins overall. The text reads "This proved to be its last operational trip (18th July) for several months. On recent flights increasing numbers of wing rivets had been popping and as the squadron was now in the process of converting to H2s it was an opportunity for repairs to be carried out.Towards the end of July Sugar was dismantled and on 3rd August 1944 left the squadron to be refurbished at A. V. Roe & Company. The full extent of this work is unknown, but it was not until 17th November that Sugar was ready for collection. It arrived back at Waddington to rejoin 467 on 3rd December looking resplendent in a new paint scheme and complete with four new Merlin 22 engines, H2S and Rebecca." She had completed her 100th trip around the 11/12th May at which point she had pointed propeller tips. ALthough if you look at the following Link you will see she had the paddle type when flying the EXODUS trips . . . https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=s+for+sugar+lancaster&sa=X&rlz=1C1AFAB_enGB456GB538&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&ved=2ahUKEwiX0ci3j7rdAhVCD8AKHcxwCO0QsAR6BAgCEAE&biw=1366&bih=653#imgrc=_ Photo from the net indicating that this official photo was taken prior to her 97th trip. I cannot see any fuselage windows ?? All the above is in the interest of producing an accurate HK model of S-Sugar
  12. Mancunian airman

    HK Lancaster ?.

    The 'Subject to change' relates to the skin surface of the aircraft itself. preview shots are of the test pieces and they appear smooth. In production they will show panels and rivets but as you stated, we wont know how this will appear until we open the box . . . Don You are correct. You can clearly see the fairing collar in the test shot photo and I personally think it looks spot-on when compared to the real thing.
  13. Mancunian airman

    HK Lancaster ?.

    Have you seen the sprues ?? Those that are available of course as previewed on a number of sites Nobody has seen the main wings yet but as mentioned above, one cannot distinguish a RR Merlin from a Packard Merlin externally so the Mk .I -- Mk. III issue wont arise. Ian
  14. Mancunian airman

    HK Lancaster ?.

    Steve you are quite right about the engines but you cannot tell externally which engine(s) was/were fitted be it a RR Merlin or a Packard Merlin. Again you are right with the windows and I would recommend anybody to obtain photographic evidence to support any particular aircraft one would choose to build. Fortunately I have several aircraft in mind . . . .
  15. Mancunian airman

    Vote Grump!

    My other half had a deal with Virgin whereas she paid the years rental up front and saved a packet. Now its up for renewal it appears that this is no longer the deal. call to India was a waste of time because the person the other end had no idea. When she then said she wanted to reduce the package she then when on to ask the India person to confirm what programme she would get with the new package ? She was told to check the web-site ??? But I'm talking to you . . . Having once being a field manager for Ntl/Virgin, anybody wanting to leave the service was offered a much reduced price to keep them on board ! A few of my friends are on such a deal