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  1. I wish to declare with this . . . . Code F336 Airspeed Oxford Mk.II . . . . . will be built as a squadron 'hack' I also have this but it will depend on time ?? I had intended to build the Tallboy Lancaster, F215 with the Rovex instructions but upon opening the box, shock, there is only one half of the fuselage ?? Very strange.
  2. They came from the Airfix 48th Bedford Mw kit. I had purchased the resin upgrade wheels for my actual Bedford build so the kit wheels were 'spare'.
  3. Nick I dont think I am able to move it to the 'ready for Inspection' section but perhaps if a moderator spots it, ? it will be moved . . . .
  4. Tim I believe Millicast do a small range . . .(2 WOT vehicles) http://www.milicast.com/shop/home.php?cat=16&sort=productcode&sort_direction=0&page=7 and I still have 2 of these old TRUX Ford WOT crew buses
  5. It may not be perfect but it at least looks the part. I am not 100% happy with the front wheel arches but I am learning as I attempt these things. Anyhow, I hope you like the end result, it will compliment my 48th scale Lancaster.
  6. Would that Albion be based on an actual vehicle ?? It looks like a probable candidate for such a role . . .
  7. If its any consolation, I cant login on Flickr. (My own account ) I dont know if there is a problem with the site ?? . .
  8. She is indeed a beaut. Such a graceful aircraft from all angles. Strange type wing roundels that I dont recall seeing before, I would like to know your reference for that please ?
  9. I still consider the older Airfix 08002/3/5 to be the best accurate shaped Lancaster ever produced. Needs a little tweak here and there but its hard to beat. The new / latest from Airfix may have more internals but many consider it to be 'over-engineered' . . . . Keep up the good work John Ian
  10. I too am at the stage where I have to decide where I want to go. I am very close to reaching the 1000 pic storage on Flickr (having deleted scores to get below the 1000, I prefer to delete what I didn't need rather than they decide ), and briefly looked into the Flickr Pro. Cost isn't an issue but I still run on Windows XP so I don't know if I will have the same issue as iMac Mark ?? Still, I will have to increase my storage capacity somewhere . . . . Ian
  11. The whole scene looks to be well planned and constructed. I used powder cement as a covering as I find its really fine although I havent tried your type of sand. How heavy, or light, is MDF compared to chipboard ? I'm looking at building a dio but need to know if MDF is a lighter and stronger alternative ? Does it come in differing thicknesses ? Any guide tips would be welcome Ian
  12. A simple conversion, and Yes the fit of the cab is not particularly good but . . . There are some wonderful builds and other conversion in this GB . . . https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/airfixtributeforum/2019-airfix-matador-variants-group-build-f653/
  13. Completed. This vehicle will be used as a crew transport on my 32nd diorama that will be based around the HK Lancaster. many thanks for looking in . . . . No real issues other than one has to be sure of the part(s) fitment(s) by constantly checking the instructions against the actual placement on the kit. I added some small wing mirrors and replaced the clunky grab handles by the cab doors with a thin version, towing shackles at the front and a start handle as well as the Gas tray beneath the drivers window. Just have to get an RAF registration sorted.
  14. Yesterday I went outside to matt spray the cab before inserting the glazing. BIG mistake !! The wind carried the cab away and unfortunately it broke one of the mudguards. If anything, I was fortunate that there was a clean break right behind the step on the mudguard itself. Using reference photos of wartime vehicles I decide to improve the kit parts and replace the grab handles either side of the cab doors and also to put on smaller wing mirrors and their associated arms. Is it me ? The dreaded 'carpet monster' took one of the tiny sidelamps located on the front wheel arch of the mudguard, left me with one but . . . overnight that disappeared as well so I have fabricated two more . . . Its nearly there
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