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  1. Many thanks for the offer bian fuxia, I think the link above should cover most things for the build. I am not going to super detail this ( doing that on another Lancaster) but it will certainly be externally accurate as I can build it . . . . Cheers Ian PS I have left the decals out on the back table to catch some sun rays in the hope that the yellowing will disappear . . .
  2. Its the old classic Airfix kit . . . . 'Binny' is only about 8 miles from me and I have been up there over the years when it was operational. I know the position of where the aircraft was photographed and I might (?) be able to get a photo of the finished model in the same location . . . A great website here which is useful as a reference . . . https://www.awm.gov.au/advanced-search?query=Lancaster G-George&collection=true&facet_type=Photograph And how she is today . . . I shall be starting in a few da
  3. The inside view with the sprue goo applied . . . to be left for a couple of days . . . thanks for looking in cheers Ian
  4. How it appears on the outside after fixing it to the other half fuselage . . . Two friends in to help . . .
  5. So, making a start on the repair of the fuselage . . . I took measurements from the opposite side of the fuselage of the oblong shapes in certain positions, hence the numbers on the tabs. They are just shown in place, fortunate the break is as clean as a flat edge rather than in splinters. I shall initially used Tamiya thin and apply only on the inside face and squeeze together. I shall be taping the two fuselage halves together to ensure that both faces are flush and I dont end up with a slightly bent repaired half . . .. Those oblong shapes where there isnt a t
  6. Just to be accurate, the final photo taken of the squadrons Lancasters was taken at near-by Wickenby airfield. As you rightly pointed out, 101 was secret and the series of photographs appear in Lancaster At war book 1 . . .
  7. John We all build kits differently and I for one like to do sub-assembly building. It suits me and at the end of the day I've always been happy with the results. More power to your elbow, looking forward to seeing the end result rgds Ian
  8. Mark Just PM me your details and I'll get it off in the post Monday Ian
  9. Adey I'm fascinated by this small kit, its looking to be a great build, what with your added details . . . Looking forward to the colour scheme . . . Ian
  10. Welcome Richard Many thanks for sharing those details. I would like to think that we can share details so we can ALL improve the look of the Lancaster. I am surprised that the Control column is so short, I shall start looking at photo again to ascertain the height in comparison to the Instrument flying panel. I know that the throttle box was on the small side but your photo indicates it extend approx. 16mm ?? From the past, did you ever finish the AEC Coles crane along with the Tempest/Typhoon (?) Thanks for looking in best regards I
  11. Mark You are right in that its a clean break . . . I shall consider what the next step will be in a few days Trevor I believe that HK have a non-existent supply store/ customer care system for spare parts Steve I'm not down yet . . . . John I can be hopeful but I shall have to consider what might be the best way forward . . . thanks gents Ian
  12. John I shall have to consider the next step, the clear parts have no detail externally I was a bit surprised that only one half fell off, the other half sat there . . . Ian
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