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  1. The ‘MM’ in your description would suggest ‘Model Master’ paint by Testors TESTORS - 4683 Model Master Chrome Yellow FS13538 I’m guessing that Italeri are using the Testors range of paint and rebranding it? Mart
  2. They’re being advertised by cute anime characters, how could you resist? Dropped off just now (along with some printer ink and a Motörhead mug with a broken handle) For the man who is tired of plastic shot glasses, forged in the finest Japanesium, I give to you… Take heed of the precaution on the back warning you not to swallow them. I know what some of you are like…. Mart
  3. Top Bloke. Our little Lemmy/Motörhead shrine in our front room. And my favourite ‘Wizzö’ hoodie. (Now a rarity, seeing as he’s changed the name of the band) Mart
  4. A pair of these: I’m such a tool tart…… I’ll give the skinny on ‘em when they turn up. Mart
  5. Reminds me of an old Alexei Sayle joke 'My girlfriend's a model. She's an Airfix kit of a Stuka Dive Bomber.' With luck her poor husband enjoyed building it for their son, and is possibly now a member of Britmodeller! Amazon is chock full of plonkers ‘useful reviewers’. There’s the one for a 1/700 HMS Sheffield where the reviewer gave it a low score because the box art had the wrong type of radar. And a 1/700 Tribal class destroyer. Quote: “Do not bye it was a waste of money it was the size of a ship in a small bottle” (I bought it anyway ) Mart
  6. WAAAGH! Ear we go, ear we go, ear we go….. Da Boyz iz proppa lookin good. Once da Painboy sitkz and sews dem back together theyz will show dem ‘umies how Lootin’ and Fightin’ should be dun. I ain't got nuffin but respekt for Boyz wiv lotz a Dakka. Mart
  7. I used to work with artists masking liquid by the barrel load (quite literally). As pigsty said, most of what you can get is just liquid latex + ammonia + colouring. If you are using it to mask over acrylic paints, there may be a chance the ammonia in the masking liquid might affect your paint finish. If your masking fluid smells like pee or fish, it’s probably got ammonia in it! You can get ‘ammonia free’ masking liquid (Schmincke liquid frisket is one of the best), I’ve not tried it, but it may be better suited for using over acrylics. Mart
  8. Not in the short term. I’ve been watching way too much Gundam recently, and want to crack on with a few of those (along with all the 1/700 ships, aircraft, etc. in the ‘to do’ pile). I’ll stick the maus and krote somewhere more accessible, but I will get them done. Found this geezer in my hunt. Complete with realistic dust effect! Mart
  9. Mart
  10. After the Pigmy attack, the Sherpa nearly succumbed to his wounds and was forced to head back to base camp. Stoic in my resolve I headed on alone. After a brief fight with a bloke with a hat and a whip with what looked like a glass skull in his hand, I spied my goal. Blowing the dust off, I opened the cobweb festooned crate….. (Don't even remember owning that PBY?) Wrong box! I shook my fist to the Heavens and cursed the gods….. With a heavy heart I began the long trek back to the small square of light that I knew meant salvation and the possibility of a hot mug of coffee….. It was then that a landslide of cardboard revealed more hidden treasures……… Including a nondescript brown box camouflaged against the others with the immortal words ‘Nitto’ and ‘MA.K’ carved upon it. The gods had heard my anguished cries and rewarded me thusly….. ‘Hold on’ thinks I, I’ve got a Krote knocking about somewhere. I searched in vain, but the allure of caffeinated beverages had taken hold. I marked the area with a buoy fitted with a powerful strobe light, and decided to return at a later date. Upon reaching civilisation once again, I liked my lips, took a deep breath and carefully opened my prize. Well blow me…… SORTED! Mart
  11. Our paint shaker at work. I’m tempted to carefully box up a few bottles of old Vallejos and chuck them in! Mart
  12. Best kept between you and your internet service provider..... Mart
  13. Oopsie!

    Chin up mate! No need to put yourself down like that. Mart
  14. Pillock! Mart