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  1. What have you purchased 9

    Some Vallejo ‘Mecha Color’ paints to try out, and a snazzy nail varnish holder from Poundland. Mart
  2. So that's what a Growler does....

    It’s not a todger, it’s a rare combat manoeuvre as performed by Günther Rall during his time with Jagdgeschwader 11 in 1944…… Mart
  3. U-Boat destruction - 1:350 scale

    Have a look at some of his other stuff. Absolutely outstanding. http://www.modelshipgallery.com/gallery/users/Won-hui-Lee/user-index.html I think there is some sort of soul selling/diabolic pact going on with Mr Lee. Way too much talent for a mere human. Mart
  4. Why are companies opting for stupid names?

    *Points and laughs @Kallisti* NERD! (L0TUS ex-Runescape player for many years) How else are you supposed to pronounce Quiin-tee-queue? Another lifetime ago, I worked for an artist’s paint manufacturer. I still get annoyed when I see someone spell the ‘Winsor’ in Winsor&Newton wrong. Mart
  5. someone give Airfix Workbench a dictionary

    Or.... 'Almost exactly'. That’s almost exactly the very unique and enigmatic way I write myself. Mart
  6. Matchbox Spitfire 1/72.

    Nodding and grinning like a Cheshire cat at that statement. I’ve said before here on Britmodeller, that as a nipper I always preferred Matchbox kits over Airfix. Your first photo brought back happy memories of a childhood filled with smelly tins of ‘Silver fox’ and Britfix77. Oh yes. Plus the fact that they seemed to fit better, and had less flash than their Airfix cousins. Mart
  7. I’ve been a manual driver for thirty years, thinking that autos were only for the more effete drivers. I’ll echo John Laidlaw and say that other than trying to work out what the heck to do with my left leg converting to an auto was not in any way a problem. Regarding Volvo, I had a funky new S40 previously. No problems for a couple of years, then it was one thing after another. Traction control unit, power steering fluid pipe, various sensors, etc. none of which were cheap. So much so, that instead of getting a XC60 as my next car I went Japanese and relegated Volvo to the ‘never again’ pile. Mart
  8. What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    Three Chinooks in a ‘v’ formation, possibly just taken off from RAF Northolt. Westbound following the A40. Off to Benson or Odiham I guess? Noisy blighters, I thought the bleeding Russians had invaded! Mart
  9. Tips on fixing RAF camo 'accident'

    Oi, you lot. Stop being so tight! Blooming skinflints..... http://www.poundland.co.uk/stationery-and-crafts/post-and-pack/tape-and-packaging-essentials/blu-tack-economy-pack Mart
  10. Bf109 G-14 JG 4 "black 15" werk nummer? 46106 or ?30630?

    Could that not just be the oil cooler housing and bottom cowling hanging loose? Mart
  11. Fine panel line pin washes

    Another thing to mind out for is what you’re using to wipe off the wash. If it’s too soft (like a cotton bud) you can end up wiping the wash out of the lines. Best thing I’ve found is an old bit of t-shirt with quite a close weave, wrapped tightly round a finger. You need to watch out for how much thinners/white spirit you’re using as well, too much and you’ll just end up reconstituting the initial wash. Mart
  12. Halo Revell kits are extremely disappointing

    I think y’all missing the point. The box for the Pelican has the words ‘Build & Play’ ‘Snap Tite’ age’8+’ and has ‘Light and sounds’. It’s pretty obvious to me what the market for this kit is, and that it has not been designed or released with 'old nerds' like us in mind. Mart
  13. Enterprise NCC1701 (TOS)

    Cracking job Steve! I love the use of homebrew electronics. I’ve got all manner of projects lined up that I (hopefully) intend to use my limited Arduino skills on. Nice to see someone actually putting in the legwork themselves. Not entirely heretical…. http://ds9.trekcore.com/gallery/albums/5x06/trialstribbleations403.jpg http://ds9.trekcore.com/gallery/albums/5x06/trialstribbleations501.jpg Mart
  14. http://modelshop.co.uk/Shop/Raw-Materials/Metal/ <Great place to pick up stonking big sheets of plasticard too. Amazon and Ebay will also have some. Mart
  15. Aerial line - the best for 1/72?

    Warm conditions! Here in the UK? Photo taken for my Britmodeller yearbook back in 2008. Photo taken just now. Other than the dust, the rigging has survived quite well. I’d suggest that for 1/72 aerial wires, stretched sprue will work and last just fine. Mart