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  1. F-86D Sabre Dog 85th FIS

    Hello all ... ok im still learning so hope this turns out good. This is The Revell 1/48 F-86D Sabre Dog. I chose the kit markings for the 85th Ftr. Squadron circa April of 1955. They were stationed about 200 miles away from me at Scott AFB Illinois. Kit is a pretty much out of box build. This was my first ever attempt at Foiling a kit. Hope everyone likes it.
  2. 1/48 Hasegawa F/A-18C VFA-151 Vigilantes

    Must be a long range ferry with 5 gasbags like that. Great work on the hornetπŸ‘
  3. A Pair of Emil's - I must be mad!!!

    Big x what do you use to mask the canopies ? Im used to the yellow/cream colored vinyl masks ? Never saw black ones before.
  4. Hello all this is my first RFI. Its an F-104G belonging to the Luftwaffe in the late 1970's and early 1980's. It was kept in the US and USAF markings for training purposes. The kit is the 1/48th Hasegawa F-104G. It is foiled for the Natural metal finish with light aircraft grey upper wings and white lowers. I used revell decals that i had spare as well as some of the Hasegawa stencils which sadly dont show up well in the photos. And the travel pod came from my spares box. It has 5 hardpoints but usually only a training bomb rack or travel pod was carried unless training for weapons delivery. I may add further photos of the model but was mainly testing to learn how to use Imgur.
  5. 'Magazine Cover'

    I've always liked the look of the improvised "Technical's." Someday i will build one.
  6. 1/24 Airfix Spitfire query

    Dont know it helps but i rebuilt my Brother in laws airfix 1/24th P-51 a couple of years ago and left the engine out. You just need to make a strong structure in the nose if you want the prop movable ? If you're ok with the prop solid just glue it to the airframe. He had originally built it in 1977 and it sat in a dark damp basement until 2015. I tore it completely down to its parts and built it from scratch.
  7. Revell.1/28 Fokker Triplane.

    Thats the Spirit πŸ‘ !!! Never give in ... Never surrender !
  8. A Pair of Emil's - I must be mad!!!

    Big X he was probably given the position because of losses, or he showed exceptional talent or leadership skills.
  9. Academy's F86E Sabre in foil

    Can i send you photos of the areas Rob ? I cant post here. Ok having gone thru my files i believe the F-86A-E and some F production kept the plane in Natural metals. Photo's from korean war aircraft also show no paint. But aircraft in the States and Europe show it. I'm guessing here but I'd say the change took place in the fall or winter of '54-'55. It seems to show up more on late F's, H's, & D's. My opinion is you'd be safe if doing a korean war E or F.
  10. A Pair of Emil's - I must be mad!!!

    Big X ... i actually did put the little #'s on my last 109E Battle of Britain build. Sad to say that was 15 years ago. I still have the model though I've had to repair a broken landing gear once due to my sausage fingers dropping it. It required loads of patience. And i no longer do the numbers. I was competing at the time and have since walked away from competition. I walked away for two reasons one it lead me to a burnout and stop building for 10 years. Two is sadly the regional IPMS clubs in the Great lakes region of America tend to be somewhat corrupt. I found only members from the local chapter to be the only winners at competitions. This despite having an open invite to all modelers. So it is also why i quit the IPMS. Lawzer ... the numbers are frame references for maintenance purposes. The little oddball thing in front of the Horizontal Stabs is for Angle of attack i believe on the Messerschmitt early 109's these were adjustable. As the 109 got the stronger stabs in the F, G, & K They didnt need the supports and were more rigid. But in the early models the could torque and had to be Readjusted to a specific angle. Thus the little marking.
  11. Wildcat V Colour Conundrum

    Hello Fernando Email Recieved and replied to this AM. Hope the photos help in someway.
  12. My vote goes for #14
  13. M18 Hellcat

    Great build πŸ‘ It took 20 years but great work. 😜 Keep it up !
  14. Academy's F86E Sabre in foil

    Some of the later F-86F's & D's had that panel painted in a paint very similar grey to gull grey. It was an anti-corrosion measure and also for a wing walk area. The early bare metals were usualy done the way you are demonstrating. Two variations of aluminum.
  15. Tamiya Panzer Kampfwagen IV Ausf.D

    When i tested the hairspray technique on an old king tiger i put two very liberal coats of hairspray on before i sprayed my white. Once it was sprayed i waited about 5 minutes. Dipped the brush in a bowl of water a scrubbed away. It worked pretty good as the paint wasnt cured yet. I was happy as i got some streaking in the whitewash that looked pretty realistic.