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  1. Mk. V Panther Single type build

    ACHTÜNG !!! We are looking for Volunteers in the Tank Corps to fight the Eastern hordes ...Join up and share in the Glorious Victory for Der Fatherland !!! ALL RECRUITS ARE WELCOME !
  2. British AFV Group Build we’re @ 20 and 2/3rds there folks.

    Hello Jordan ... You are #20 Thank you for signing up 👍
  3. SLCM Chase

    Just some thoughts but If i were going to model that I’d build a mini wind tunnel. Then i would pump in some form of smoke/misting material through the boom to simulate the fuel. Then just recirculate it using a duct of some kind. In the end its possible not cheap but possible.
  4. Another great build Moa this is a great looking plane.
  5. BAe.Hawk in 1/32

    Yep its the lock. St.george beat me too it.
  6. I-16 Type 10 (Eduard 1:48)

    Ouch ... though you're correct gluing slowly in sections should take care of that. Im surprised that came out of an eduard box ? Usually they're really good.
  7. 1/35 Artillery Hoover Craft

    I like the whole thing it took me a second to see the second frogman swimming under water below the rear hover fan/jet. Especially like “Johnny”.
  8. M1 Abrams camoflage

    Is the Blue color a primer ? Or is it the plastic ? I cant imagine an M1 Abrams in Blue camouflage ?
  9. NAS Glenview Corsairs, Ventura, PBY, Banshee

    Its a great video I’ve seen it before today. Im a native Chicagoan and spent many summer days going to the Glenview air show.
  10. Hello from Essex

    Hello Glenn ... to Britmodeller from Chicago USA. “Where Eagles Dare” is one of my favorites as well. So much so that I plan on building that Ju-52 someday. The Gladiator is a great plane so i look forward to seeing your work. Dennis
  11. ... the Plane and crew Really look good. Though the two guys on the ground should be running shouldn't they ? Looks like they're about to get run over by the taxiing plane. 😉JK
  12. Su -57 in Syria

    I agree its strange to think they're more than showing off. However It was a common practice at one time in the USAF to send prototypes to combat zones to see how the prototype worked under real life conditions. Its entirely possible the Russians are attempting to test these two aircraft. Maybe to see if they can handle a combat environment and see how the West Reacts ? Or is it possible they're just countering the use of F-22’s in theatre ? My honest opinion and personally i think its a test to see how the type handles operating from a forward base in a combat zone ?
  13. 1/72 Italeri AC-47 Gunship - Puff

    .. Great work on your gunship gooney bird.
  14. 1/48 Yakovlev Yak-28P

    Great work on this 👍 Im not a huge fan of soviet aircraft, these are one of the exceptions. The thing looks like its going a mile a minute sitting.
  15. Fw 190 D-9 / Eduard 1:48 / JG 4

    .. Excellent Focke Wulf Dora