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  1. Following with interest, mainly to see how you model the sea surface - looking great so far!
  2. A bit more progress on the 75mm gun, although some surgery was needed on the mechanism that controls the gun's trajectory. As it stood, and if one were to follow the instructions, the wheel was almost where the driver's head would be - not a very comfortable situation to be in. So I took a look at some reference photos, and some You-Tube clips, wherein it looked as though that wheel was much closer to the gun barrel. So I cut the mechanism down to the bare minimum before glueing it: The only other thing I managed today was to attempt to prime the PE section of the right sponson/track guard. Being as it is quite an expanse of very shiny brass, I was concerned about the possibility of paint flaking off once painted. I recently obtained some etch primer and some appropriate thinner, so I gave that a go. Hopefully paint will have something decent to cling on to when I get around to it: I've also had a thought about the tracks. In the kit, there are 9 'I-section' track links. I am thinking in terms of making a flexible rubber mould, comprising as many impressions of one link as I can fit on the mould surface. Then hopefully I can make enough of my own to negate the need to buy whole replacement tracks. I will share the results when I finally get to trying it. Thanks for watching
  3. That's looking rather fantastic! It never even occurred to me to consider pre-shading an AFV
  4. Nice work. I have a mental image of you hurriedly sticking that label on the tin in response to a rather unfortunate 'error'
  5. Thanks all for your encouraging comments, they are much appreciated. The filler cap chains are part of the Eduard Grant Exterior kit, you just have to twist the ends in opposite directions to get the chain link look. I live in constant peril of losing them, though! The replacement grille, also part of the Eduard PE set, is indeed diamond pattern. I have a feeling, however, that in doing this I will have made more work for myself, as it will look very empty when one peers into the void beneath the grille! We shall see. Thanks for watching, and of course your comments
  6. Following this now. I just watched a review on Y-T and the guy was raving about it, so I'm going to watch one get built now!
  7. Very nice work, excellent detailing
  8. Nice Shermans I very nearly succumbed to buying a Tamiya Sherman ('early version'?) today, but managed to resist - for the time being. I was wondering if you knew how it compares to other kit makers' versions?
  9. Well, it's happened to me often enough in the past for me to not worry too much about it. I've managed to remove the radio operator's seat without any real damage - I guess that was a 'plus' for using Tamiya Extra-Thin to secure it in place To be fair most of the 'inaccuracies' (for want of a better word) are inside the hull and would be difficult to view anyway, so I won't lose much sleep over it. No worries, Kris, it will all work out fine I am sure. As you say, it's a hobby That was good of him, I'd be interested to hear your opinion of them when you get them. So, some more modest progress today, on two fronts - the tank, and (as recorded in the other thread) the first of the figures. The tank progress was a bit 'two steps forward, one back' - a bit of a recurring theme with me, it seems. I made a start on the 75mm gun: The other thing I decided to do was to remove the moulded grille at the rear of the hull (engine air intake? Heat vent? Not sure!), thus emulating the efforts of Mr @sunray as most ably demonstrated in his Lee WIP thread here I was fortunately able to remove the PE grille without damaging it (having only 'spot-welded' it at the corners with a small dab of CA). I then commenced to drilling out the moulded grille: A small amount of cleaning up and it's looking good, and ready to receive the PE grille back in place:
  10. Thanks Murdo, much appreciated. Some more progress today. The addition of a side-arm from the MiniArt set, and a tank-man's beret made from Grey Stuff: I then re-sprayed it in preparation for painting, however as an afterthought I felt the man needed a decent moustache. This was made from a tiny amount of Milliput: Thanks for watching
  11. Thanks, yes I had a feeling something wasn't right when it showed the radio equipment in the hull, by which time I had already fitted the RT operator's seat. Looks like I definitely need to remove that, but at least I have something to refer to by way of an alternative. Thanks again for sharing.
  12. Hi Kris, not sure if links to other forums are officially allowed, but personally I don't have a problem with that one! That's a superb model you have built there, puts my efforts to shame! I am very interested in how your interior detailing differs to the standard kit. I shall be studying the pictures and diagrams closely, even if I am unable to follow the text Thanks again for the link!
  13. Scott, Hopefully this thread in the FAQs forum will also help to explain how to post pics:
  14. Thanks Sarge Thanks too, Peter @Das Abteilung for the superbly detailed reply to my plea for info about the ammunition - greatly appreciated.