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  1. Wow, that's a lot of detail there, nice work!
  2. A bit more progress this evening. One of the beneficial effects of starting work early is I get home early, without too much in the way of traffic hold-ups, so I snuck an hour of bench time in: So, fiiinally... I can get the bogies fitted, and at the same time I am able to dry-fit the sprockets and idler wheels: There appears to be a slight tracking misalignment between the idler wheels and the bogie wheels on both sides, but shouldn't be noticeable once the tracks are on. A bit of paring away of the shoulder on the axle should do for it, if I should get all precious about it later on Next up, appears to be the internals - specifically, the driver's station. Hopefully I will get to make some progress there in the not too distant future. Thanks for watching, and of course your comments!
  3. Hi Cromwell and FrancisGL, thanks for your comments. A little more progress over the weekend, but not much - I had a go at dry-brushing the bogie with something approximating to 'dust/sand', which to my hopelessly untrained eye looked fairly OK: So flushed with that success I applied the same approach to the other 5 bogies: Prior to fitting the bogies, I took the chance to applying the same wash to the lower hull this evening: Obviously it still needs some dust/sand to be dry-brushed on yet. I found a reference pic on the PPMS site that showed the underside of the sponson has some rivet detail on the real thing that the model does not provide. After some time spent experimenting with how to reproduce this detail myself, I decided not to bother. My theory on it is that once the tracks and the side skirts are fitted, you'd be hard-pressed to see this detail anyway. Thanks for watching
  4. Cheers Jack, in fact I have already found them to be most helpful in the past. I had believed I already received the sum total of my father's service record from the Historical Disclosures Unit in Glasgow, however someone on there pointed out that I was missing his B-103. I reapplied for that and got it. I also found out through another forum member that his journey from Greenock to Egypt must have been on board no less a vessel than the Queen Mary, which sailed via the southern tip of Africa, without any escort. I might chance my arm and see if anyone on there can shed any light on my current query. Thanks.
  5. Thanks very much for that - obviously nothing is certain, and as you say with a rapidly evolving situation the painting of 'correct' markings was probably fairly low on the to-do list, given that there were more pressing matters about to unfold! In truth, this whole project of mine is a whole collection of '50:50' things - I know my late father was in 3RTR at Alam Halfa, and I know - according to his service record - he was wounded in action on 1st September 1942. Beyond that, however, details are hard to come by. According to 3RTR regimental diary for that day, they suffered casualties (one officer, 5 other ranks), as well as 'collateral damage' - 1 Grant tank and 1 Crusader destroyed, 3 Grants and 3 Crusaders suffered damage. I have found nothing to indicate for certain which of these he would have been driving when he was wounded - assuming he was even in a tank when it happened. Family 'legend' (according to my elder brother anyway) has it that he suffered a bayonet wound - something I am struggling to reconcile with my notion that this was a predominantly defensive 'tank-v-tank' action. Simple fact is, I will never know for sure. Sadly the man himself is not around to talk to about this - not that I imagine he would have wanted to anyway - so in many ways my project is not so much a 'What If', as an 'I Wonder If'. Really appreciate your input though, thanks again
  6. Hi all, I've tried searching this forum, and the internet generally for this info - with not a great deal of success, it must be said. For a bit of background, I am in the process of building a diorama for a 3RTR Grant tank at rest during the Battle of Alam Halfa, 1942. The tank is the Academy 'El Alemein' kit, however the supplied decals are not what I want for my purposes. The problem I have is, what Arm of Service markings etc would I need to identify it as a 3RTR unit at this time? I have established that from the 8th Armoured Brigade order of battle, the force comprised: 3 Royal Tank Regiment Nottinghamshire Yeomanry The Staffordshire Yeomanry 1 The Buffs Any experts out there who can shed some light on this please? Thanks in advance!
  7. Some modest progress since my last update: All 6 bogie sets are now built. Fortunately, after the first one I noticed something from a reference photo (a close-up of one of the bogies) which required that I take a small chunk out of the braces at the top - as pointed to by my beautiful assistant (OK, it's a pencil): Also, in that same reference photo I noticed that there were holes at the bottom of the main housing, and in the axle nuts, where on the model they were filled in. So, I drilled these out: A damned site easier doing all this before assembly, let me tell you A quick dry-fit on one side of the hull - not too shabby: Meanwhile, the postie very kindly left these for me one morning - for the princely sum of £10 + postage: They are the Eduard Photo-etch Grant Exterior details and Fender details sets. I must direct at least some of the blame for getting these at the feet of Mr @sunray, having witnessed what he managed to achieve by applying PE sets to his Tamiya Panzer II F/G (check out his awesome WIP thread here). I didn't bother with the Interior details set as I wasn't planning on having the thing totally open to view. My plan (such as it is at this time) is to show the model in a small diorama, at rest and with all available hatches open but with all the figures outside taking some air, having a bite, getting wounds dressed etc. However, from what I have seen of the sets I did buy, the quality is likely to be very high. Purchased as a single 'Big Ed' set (all 3 sets for about £22), it would probably represent reasonable value for money. I was about to crack on with assembling the hull complete with all the bogies etc, when another old photo yielded the revelation that the wheels were not very long in pristine condition, having solid rubber tyres they seem to be consistently in a bit of a dishevelled state, with bits chewed out of them presumably due to the rough, stony terrain of North Africa. I decided to hold off fixing the bogies to the hull, and instead experimented with making one of the wheel sets a bit more 'lived in', by carving random sized chunks out of the edges and in the middle of the tyres: I then painted what was left of the tyres with the recommended 'black' - purely as a base colour for my next stage - and finally for now a wash of some dark mud colour: All I need to do now is to apply some dry-brushed pale sand/dust colour, then 'rinse and repeat' x6. Then maybe I can return to getting things fixed to the hull! It occurs to me that pretty soon I will probably have 3 WIP threads on the go: this one, a thread for the diorama base, and (now that we have a Figures WIP forum ) a thread for the figures too. Hopefully these others will start soon as my ideas start to take shape. Thanks for watching!
  8. Looks pretty damned good to me!
  9. Like that a lot! Wonderful modelling, and painting of the translucent wings is stunning
  10. Great build and photos, and one hell of a back-story to go with it. Respect to your dad.
  11. Wonderful modelling, great pics too
  12. Great work, I will have to remember that trick of scribing with a ball point pen, works a treat! Out of interest, where do you get the scale drawings from for these models?
  13. Excellent modelling, that PE really makes a difference!