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  1. Thanks John, at least that confirms my suspicion. Ah well, never mind!
  2. Thanks John, very kind of you. Thanks also for all your advice and guidance, not to mention the tons of inspiration I got from following your own builds! I now have a Tamiya Sherman 'Easy-8' nestling nicely into my pile of kits, so it's entirely feasible! I also have every intention of cornering a Takom M31 when they finally reach our shores
  3. Thanks John, I don't suppose you have an email address for the man do you? The shame of it is that I have a 'fixture clash' that weekend so won't be able to get to Telford, but it's possible that he does other shows. Thanks very much also for your kind offer, but if they're that difficult to get hold of it might be best if you hung on to them
  4. Stowage done. Front: And at the back: I think this is about as far as it goes for the tank. Next stop: incorporation into the dio. Thanks for your company on this journey; very much a departure from my normal field, but a greatly enjoyable one nonetheless. Thanks too for all your expertise and advice etc, it was very much appreciated, and I think a better result was achieved than had I attempted it in isolation.
  5. John, do you know if this guy is still producing PE cap badges? The web site doesn't seem to show very much at all, and the only stockist I could find (HLJ in Japan) lists it as 'Discontinued'.
  6. I can see the pics, very nice too. I also use Flickr for what it's worth, mainly for the 1TB allowance and the opportunity to select from a range of resolutions to post to the forum, depending on requirements.
  7. A bit more progress on the kneeling figure, apologies for the poor photo it's a mobile, under some very white LED lighting: Also the arms-folded commander: ... followed by a liberal dusting with the Sahara's finest: I also selected the head for the commander, from a set of Hornet 'older' heads - again ordered via the Historex Agents' site. I added a tanker's beret and a 'tache from Milliput: Thanks again for watching!
  8. More progress over the past couple of evenings, with the stowage items. I managed to get some Tamiya 'Jerrycans', two of which I visualise as being lashed to the rear fenders. Not sure if that's actual practice, but I think it will look ok to me: You can also make out another of the Brodie helmets and a coil of rope - which is actually a length of synthetic thread, wound round a paint brush handle and coated with PVA to help it retain its coiled appearance. I also painted up the 'flimsies' - the majority of which are actually biscuit tins, with a few petrol cans thrown in. Two of these are for the tank's stowage basket on the front fender, and a couple are ear-marked for the dio: I also made up some tarp bundles from some terra-cotta flavoured Milliput (brown when fully mixed) after watching a demo on You-Tube. The securing ropes are yet more thread as used to make the rope coil: A quick air-brushing with some Tamiya khaki, and they don't look too bad: I just need to add some securing straps, which I will make from strips of masking tape, and I think it will start to look suitably 'busy' on the tank. Thanks as ever for watching
  9. Thanks, yes I've been searching for the Academy kit online with not a great deal of success. Unless you want to pay £100+ on Amazon! Crazy money! Actually, I've just found a site called 1001modelkits.co.uk doing it for £47.99 - still a bit on the expensive side. Or £38.99 if you forego the MiniArt crew set. I can't vouch for the site as I've never even heard of it until about 30 minutes ago!
  10. Thanks Mr Clogged, very kind of you. At your request I got out my patent 'mini RFI studio' (aka a plastic storage box with one side cut out and some black card for a background) and took a couple of shots. Still not all that great as it was still my phone in lieu of a proper grown-up's camera, but hopefully they will be what you were looking for: I've been working on more stowage this evening, partly for the tank, but some also for the dio. No pics of that yet! Thanks for watching
  11. M4A3E8 Sherman - Dragon 1/35

    Superb result again
  12. Great modelling again John. I dread to think what damage that round did on its way through the interior to finally hit the rear of the hull Looking forward to the next installment
  13. Marder III Ausf M

    Great weathering, well up to your usual standard
  14. Takom M3 Lee (early)

    I have my eye on the Takom M31 recovery vehicle, so watching this with interest A quick question if I may - the engine compartment grille in the first pic, is that PE? If so, was it included with the kit or is it the Eduard add-on? Ok that's 2 questions Nice work so far