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  1. Tamiya Tyrannosaurus Rex

    Nice work, watching with interest!
  2. JU87G-2 Stuka

    Nicely done!
  3. Comet - Celerity.

    Great model, John, as ever. Wishing you a continued speedy recovery
  4. Tamiya Panzer IV Ausf D

    I too have this kit, I think I bought it about 35 years ago! I made a start on it, but then shelved it whilst real life took its inevitable toll. I will be watching with interest
  5. D-Day Double build.

    That is a cracking result!
  6. Hello from Hampshire, England

    Long story, but I'm not from here originally. I guess much like yourself, I cut my modelling teeth on aircraft, but with the plentiful encouragement and advice on here, I have found myself tackling subjects that I've never been near before. Enjoy your time on BM, and whatever you're building, share the progress with the rest of us!
  7. Hello from Hampshire, England

    Welcome, Stewart, from the south eastern corner of Hampshire! If you enjoy the build, you've done it justice
  8. Quite phenomenal! I would be hopelessly lost with having to do work of that intricacy. Even before paint has been applied, it's already a work of art!
  9. Thanks thorfinn, I was tempted to get the ski version myself, however that particular model was out of stock at the time I was looking, whereas the wheeled version was available. Thanks! And happy to oblige... Firstly, though, I am happy to report the safe arrival of my decal order from Messrs Blue Rider: Not exactly sure which stars I am going to use, but I don't have to worry about that just yet. You may also have spotted an extra set, for a potential future project (a BE2e night fighter). OK, more progress. The filler was sanded away at the tail: Yet another blob of plastic masquerading as a part of the kit reared its misshapen head - the bar that goes between the two 'legs' on the pulpit was completely unusable, so I resorted to the time-honoured method of 'sprue stretching'. Easier said than done, it took me several attempts, with sprues from a variety of different kits/manufacturers before I managed to get something usable. This, courtesy of a sprue from a MisterCraft D3A 'Val' kit I built a little while back: I also made a start on painting the propeller - first a quick slosh with some Tamiya Desert Yellow: Followed by some oil paint, Chrome Yellow flavour, which was then knocked back a little with a dry cotton bud: I need to let that dry for a few days before progressing further. I then turned my attention back to the PE bits. I have been pondering how to do the pilot's windscreen, given that the PE instructions call for it to be bent to the right shape, then to have a clear piece of acetate glued on. I didn't fancy that much, so instead I used Mod Podge to make my own glass for the windscreen frame: After an hour, it had dried clear: I still need to bend it to the right shape, but with a bit of luck it should work. Fingers crossed and all that! Thanks for looking in!
  10. Afternoon all, it's been a while since I've managed to progress this. Well, the ship is as it was, but currently I am working on a small sea-scape for it. I've been perusing various you-tube clips, and I think I have found a method that looks not too bad and, more importantly, one I can follow with a reasonable chance of not messing it up completely! Having said that... nothing is beyond me in that respect! I've decided to post progress on it as I go, so even if it ends up a colossal failure, at least everyone will see it and not make the same mistakes I did Anyway, here's the base - no expense spared, obviously : I used the bottom of the hull, the bit I cut off, to mark the boundary of where the ship will end up sitting. Next, I marked out some rough 'bow wave' type ripples, and on those I bent some cocktail sticks and stuck those down: Next I got a small piece of foil, and proceeded to 'clap' it repeatedly between my hands until it looked like this: I then glued the foil to the base, and carefully smoothed it to remove any large air bubbles: Just by way of a test, I put the ship in the place where it will eventually be fixed, to see how it looked: Not perfect, but by the same token it's my first attempt at a sea-scape, so not too shabby so far!
  11. Steve, Martin, thanks very much for your comments, most kind.
  12. M3 Grant (Academy 1:35)

    Thanks SA80A2AR, very kind