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  1. In general I'm not much in a modelling mood tonight, but I decided after posting the photograph above that the cowling around the exhausts looked a bit too chunky, so I've thinned that down too.
  2. There's a new 1/48 Claude just out - or to be released imminently:
  3. I fell to this too I had written that a particular aircraft's sound always "made me <blank> my ears up", a phrase often used and I think refers to how a dog raises its ears when something catches its attention. The filter substituted the word for "gentleman's parts" which made the phrase meaningless, yet comical and probably more suggestive than it ever could have been. I struggle to get upset about things like that though! I used to moderate a car club forum and the filter susbstituted in something suggesting female parts when a user said he lived in a particular English town which happened to have 4 letters embedded in a sequence which is potentially quite offensive if the other 6 letters around them were removed!
  4. Somewhere there's a balance between turnover and profit. I don't know what Hornby is intending to do, so it's pure speculation on my part, but it may be the case that their direct sales channels are far more profitable than trade-selling to high street retailers. Well there's no "maybe" about it really. Direct sales nets them RRP on their own balance sheet, whereas selling to retailers is at a substantially discounted price so that the retailers can have a slice plus their own costs covered up to the same RRP. If direct sales is going well in the UK, it probably makes good sense to slim down the 3rd party retailing and franchise type stuff if it's marginal financially. From an outsider's point of view, it looks like they're trying to cut loose some peripheral stuff that isn't part of their core business. If that's the case, then it's probably the right thing for them to do.
  5. Duncan B had some thoughts on Dark Sea Grey too. Where are you Duncan?
  6. They certainly had Nells in the area. It was those which sank HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse. The Navy had A5M Claudes, whilst the Army had Ki27 Nates and Ki43 Oscars. Have a look here - it lists the units too which might help if you need decals etc
  7. I can't seem to help but interfere with this model. Tonight I complicated matters by thinning down the cowl flaps (in US lingo) to offer a more scale-like appearance, and razor sawed them out so they could be cracked open a touch. Here's the before and after:
  8. Hi Jeffrey. I've never been to the airshow, but know Sola and Stavanger quite well. There are hotels close to the airport, but there's not a lot to do at Sola otherwise. Stavanger though is lovely but a taxi is the equivalent of around £40 each way. Still, if you want to make a weekend of it, I think you'd find the place very pleasant. I've stayed in most of the hotels in Stavanger itself and my favourite is the Clarion at Skagen Brygge by the water front - it's nice, but the location is brilliant. The Radisson Blues are both good and not too far a walk from the best areas of Stavanger. If you like steak, then next door is an excellent steak house called Bullock (but be prepared to pay 780NOK for a 300g Indrefillet (but it's gorgeous)) and there are many very Norwegian laid back bars with big outdoor seating areas under infrared heaters - the Norwegians will sit outside under furry blankets on a cold, wet, December night - but there's something good about that IMO. I've never had a bad visit to Stavanger actually, so I'd recommend you make a little trip of it and see the Starfighter whilst there.
  9. We share the same bugbears - but I've taken to painting propeller tips first before painting the rest of the blades and it makes it much quicker and easier
  10. Lovely! I do now regret not taking you up on the offer of a pair of engines back when you were looking to get these cast. What are your plans there long term? I think these would sell for a good while to come FWIW.
  11. Nice I always thought the 727 was Boeing's most beautiful jet airliner
  12. Yes the barrels do look rather good. Hmm I shall sleep on it! As for markings and following on from those photos Troy posted on Duncan's questions thread, I think I will use those #21 markings from the Montex mask set - a completely ubiquitous looking F6F-3 from USS Yorktown (CV-10, the Essex class) which as I said on Duncan's thread is so generic that it conjures up almost every mental image I have of a Hellcat (the exception being the all blue F6F-5 "Minsi III" which I built in 1/72 as a youngster.
  13. The dilemma now is that to close the wings up, there are 2 wedges with moulded gun barrels to fit inside. I think I want better guns: I kinda need to decide now though.
  14. I am running a thread on another forum too and I was tipped off there that the cowling on this particular kit doesn't fit very well, so I was looking out for it. Mine doesn't seem to have been quite the headache it proved for the person who warned me, but that's probably because I was looking out for it. The cowling is moulded in 3 pieces; 1 ring for the front then 2 halves split vertically. They just don't go together to the same dimensions as each other basically. Using his advice I bonded the top seam of the two halves first, then added the ring and glued it 1/4 at a time. The diameter of the cowl halves at was slightly bigger than that of the ring on mine, but slightly small than that needed to fit the fuselage. I sanded a slight taper on to it, but will still have a small gap to fill at the bottom. Next up the tailplanes (or horizontal stablizers, being American). The port side is fine but the starboard needs remedial work before glue. There's a spacer moulded at the root. I'm not quite sure why Eduard tooled it this way. On the starboard side it's too tall, meaning a lot of force is needed to mate the leading and trailing edges and if you do persist, the aerofoil section you get is too fat to slot in to the fuselage. On my kit the spacer on the starboard side was around 0.7mm taller than on the port side which was correct. This is it corrected The cowling and tailplanes are only placed on (there's Blutac holding the latter). One good thing about Eduard's tooling here is that I think I will be able to spray the camouflage with only canopy masking if I leave the wings and tailplanes off until afterwards. The plug-in fit means there will be no visible seam to deal with.
  15. Huh. I thought they were the same person. Sorry Alan, I thought you were Brendan!