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  1. Thanks Tom, The rear support wheel was employed when the plane was parked. It prevented the aircraft from tilting backwards because of the heavy tail. Cheers, Einar
  2. Thanks! It' a little miracle I managed to set them there Grazie mille Giampiero Einar
  3. Ilyushin IL-62 is probably one of the most successful Soviet built intercontinental airliners. The plane carried max. 186 passengers to a max. distance of 10.000 km. Its maiden flight took place in January 1963 and a total of 292 planes were built during the years. Its main operator were Aeroflot and it was also the biggest plane used by Interflug, the East German state airline. The company operated a total of 24 planes. IL-62 was also widely used by many other Soviet block airlines. Ilyushin IL-62's were in use until the early 2000 but because of stricter noise regulations and new and more economical plane types they went almost totally out of commercial traffic. The only airline still using the plane for domestic tourist flights are Air Koryo of North Korea. I built the Interflug IL-62M from a Zvezda 1/144 kit with BOA decals I ordered from the web. I also used a photoetch set from Extratech. The Zvezda kit was of very high quality, very detailed and its fit was excellent. I primed the fuselage with white Tamiya Fine Surface primer which I then sprayed with Tamiya rattle can gloss varnish. The lower part of the fuselage, the wings and stabs were painted with Xtracolor X137 light gull grey. For the smaller details, wheels, lights, etc. I used Humbrol enamels and Vallejo acrylics.
  4. If my memory serves me right there were only the pilot and the co-pilot on the cockpit.
  5. Thank you! The intakes are really oval and elongated in comparison to the round ones of earlier Caravelle engines. Cheers, Einar
  6. Thank you Alex, It was nice to hear your memories from Kloten. My last flight in a Super Caravelle was with Finnair in 1978. I flew from Helsinki to Madrid. Enclosed there are two dusty slides of that trip. Those days one could still have a peek in the cockpit
  7. Thanks Joachim. My last flight in a Super Caravelle was with Finnair Helsinki-Madrid in 1978. Here are two, unfortunately dusty slides of the embarcation to the plane and a picture of the cockpit (in those days they still allowed interested people to come and see the pilot and the cockpit) Cheers Einar
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