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  1. Thank you very much Daniel Einar
  2. Thank you very much for the info Cheers Einar
  3. Hi, I´m in the last stages of finishing my Amodel Tu-104A in 1/144 scale. I have tried to find the position of the beacon lights of the airliner in many pictures but without success. Could somebody tell me where the lights are located. Thanks. Einar
  4. Thank you very much for your comments Matthew. I'll be looking forward to your answer! Cheers, Einar
  5. Hi, I have just bought me the 1/24 scale Revell Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 coupé. The kit includes an engine cover without the famous whale tail that I would actually like to have in my model. I found out that Scale production make an aftermarket whale tail engine cover (nr. SP 24277) but it's for the Tamiya Porsche 911 kit. My question is whether that part could be applicable to the Revell kit. The measures of the Revell engine cover part are: longer upper side width 4,1 cm, shorter lower side 3,6 cm, vertical sides 2,6 cm. I'm looking forward to any comments on my question Cheers, Einar
  6. The Curtiss Hawk 75A, was an important fighter the during the WWII when a total of 44 planes were used in the Finnish Air Force from 1941 onwards. During the so called Continuation War against the USSR the Finnish pilots achieved a total of 190 victories with these planes. I built the model from an Academy kit in 1/48 scale and used the excellent “In-Scale” decals for the plane registered CU-580.The kit was ok to build and the amount of puttying and sanding was anyway reasonable. However, I made several corrections to the kit. The antenna was incorrectly shaped and too long, the pitot tube was too long, the rudder antenna spike was missing and the landing gear covers were incorrectly shaped. I also replaced the crosshairs and the pilot seat with photoetched parts. The machine guns in the nose were made of a thin brass tube. I used Xtracolor paints for the camo and sealed the decals with Humbrol matt varnish . I weathered the model with Mig’s powders. I decided to keep the plane relatively clean, because my model depicts the CU-580 in a very good photo when the plane had only been in use for a month.
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