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  1. Thanks Steve very much for your positive comments and memories! Einar
  2. Thank you Noel, The Revell Jaguar E-type Roadster and Coupé, both have the right and left hand drive options (see my last picture). I had a quick look at the Aoshima Pagani Huayra..and yes it really looks fantastic but very complex. Einar
  3. Hi RaulNanu Thank you! There were no fit issues. The kit is excellent! Einar
  4. Hi Neddy, Thank you very much for your positive comments and for telling us of your 1/8 Jaguar fastback. It would be very interesting to get a picture of your model. Cheers, Einar
  5. Thanks/kiitos Vesa!...jee, jee Jerry Cotton Einar
  6. IMHO The Jaguar E-type is the most beautiful car ever made and I suppose I can't be very wrong in saying that because the very Enzo Ferrari commented the same way after having seen the E-type when she was introduced at the Geneva car exhibition in March 1961. Similar was also the overwhelming result in 2008 of the Daily Telegraph's popular voting "the most beautiful car of all times" . That said, I decided to build my second Revell Jaguar E-type kit, this time from their newly launched roadster one. I must say that I prefer the looks of the roadster to the coupé version even if they both look fabulous. In choosing the colour of the body I went against Revell's instructions. They had planned the coupé to be red (those parts were molded in red) and the roadster to be green. But I did it my way This kit was as detailed and as well molded with excellent fit as the coupé one but, this time also the interior of the car was now totally seen with its detailed dashboard and the other whistles and bells. I know that the seasoned car modellers erase the chrome parts of the color and repaint them with something less shiny but for me the parts were ok. I painted the body and other red parts with Tamiya's rattle can Italian red TS-8 and for the interior I used Revell's enamels Nr. 9 and 88. For the other details I used Revell's, Tamiya's and Vallejo's colours.
  7. Hi David, I chose to use window decals instead of the kit's clear parts. The window panes of the Concorde are very thin and for me it would have been very difficult to reach a satisfactory result by masking and painting the clear parts of the kit. In my opinion, the same would apply if the nose is in a drooped position. Thanks Meatbox! Einar
  8. Thanks for the question, but I don't know where you could find such a decal. Sorry Einar
  9. Thank you Bertie! Here she is on my hand Einar
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