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  1. I built the model of the Tupolev Tu-114 a couple of years ago. The history behind this turboprop airliner is truly unique. The plane was designed in the late 1950’s on the basis of the Soviet strategic bomber Tu-95 "Bear" . The specifications of the plane were massive: hight 15,5 m. length 53 m. and wing span 51 m. The four 14.800 hp turboprops drove eight counter rotating propellers and the diameter of these ”widmills” was 5,6 m. The max. speed was 870 km/h. The noise level inside the cabin could reach up to 110 db. The plane was operated by Aeroflot (and in co-operation with Japan airlines i
  2. Your model is absolutely amazing. So many details and the diorama! Congratulations! Cheers Einar
  3. Thank you for the explanation. The 747SP really looks odd, just like the egg planes. But there are still some SP's flying around
  4. Thank you very much. I used white glue to attach the photoetch data probes. As far as the "offness" of the model is concerned, I really can't say anything.
  5. Well, I've tried to build the model as accurately as I could so I really cannot say why it doesn't look ok. The AA kits are normally spot-on in proportions so it really beats me!
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