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  1. So normally I use revell 99 but it's running low. I also have some tamiya chrome silver. Is there a better paint worth trying for aluminium airframes? Thanks
  2. Doggy

    FW190d colours please?

    Thanks all. I'm happy to go with a grey green combination or a 2 green combination. Rlm 02 looks good but it doesn't look anything like hu78. I have a lot of problems with these older starter kits, I bought them at least 8 years ago. I think with starter kits airfix use any old colour schemes. I've recently bought a few aircraft books but the don't show a lot of top camouflage. I have most rlm colours in model air and I have most tamiya colours too. I've only got a few humbrol and maybe 15 revell aqua.
  3. Doggy

    FW190d colours please?

    Thanks Vlad. Do you think the scheme should be grey and green?
  4. Once again, sorry for the paint question. I have an old airfix starter kit, a fw190d 1945. Airfix suggest Hu27 and Hu 78 for the camo and mottling. I have got Hu27 as RLM 74. Some websites say RLM 75. And Hu78 as RLM02. As its late war I think RLM 78 on the underside. This kit https://www.amazon.co.uk/Fw190D-A50082-Airplane-Airfix-Hornby/dp/B00M9Z5LB2 Thank you all.
  5. Doggy

    Zvezda paint question

    It's ok I found it. Cheers Cracking site, thanks for that.
  6. Doggy

    Zvezda paint question

    What does the AMT mean ? Thanks
  7. Doggy

    Zvezda paint question

    Thanks. To muddy the waters further I've just realised I have a Revell Yak, an Arma Yak too, all giving different paint options.
  8. Doggy

    Zvezda paint question

    Hi all. I just got my first 2 zvedza models, an la5 and a mig 3. Zvedza suggest using humbrol paint but is there another acrylic paint that might be a more accurate colour? Thanks
  9. Doggy

    Zvedza paint question

    Posted in wrong section. sorry
  10. Doggy

    Bf110 prop colours

    I've just realised why it's grey. It's a starter kit with a spitfire and the spitfire has two Grey's in it, so it must be just to save paint. I done it in rlm 71 and 02 and it looks fantastic. Thanks everyone.
  11. Doggy

    Bf110 prop colours

    I'm just looking at the paints today and model air rlm 74,75 is very close to each other. 71 and 02 could look good. On the box art it's a light and dark grey and the contrast looks good. Decision decision.
  12. I just think there's a lack of variety in kits. I like more obscure one off odd ball things.
  13. Another thing that puzzles me. Tamiya make loads of zeros but other kit makers might only make one hurricane or one spitfire or one 109. It's odd.
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