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  1. It's funny how some folk hate Vallejo and others swear by it. I've bought quite a few sets of ma for the ease of use. The do spray straight from my sparmax. I just struggle with the HS, I think it's too good for me.
  2. I just can't get on with it. I think I'm just used to the sparmax, it's my go to airbrush. The money the HS I expected a lot more. Obviously it's the Indian and not the arrow and this Indian needs a bit more practice. I use tamiya, Vallejo ma and some revell. Tamiya thinners, Vallejo thinners and water with the revell. I prime with Vallejo or something times Halfords plastic primer. The HS was bought for fine work, German camouflage etc. I found the paint would dry on the tip a lot. I've tried Vallejo flow improver and another flow improver, can't remember
  3. I was thinking similar. Buying either airbrush gives me spares for both current airbrushes.
  4. Hi all. Just got a he111 and I want to do my best with it. I've never used a masking kit before, I normally make my own. So can anyone recommend a masking kit? Many thanks.
  5. Doggy

    Horton go229 ideas?

    That's a really good point. I'll just go with the box art. Thanks Thanks for that.
  6. I already have a hs silver line evolution and I'm not really loving it. I also have a sparmax dh2, this was my first ever brush and it's generally the first one I pick up. I'm now looking to get a cheap third and my options are another sparmax or the HS ultra. What would you do? Thanks
  7. Doggy

    Horton go229 ideas?

    Lol just something from ww2.
  8. The guys brilliant, one of the best I've used.
  9. Doggy

    Horton go229 ideas?

    Hi all. I don't fancy following the revell camo scheme and seeing as this isn't a real aircraft as such I don't feel too guilty about it. So I'm looking for ideas or suggestions for a fantasy build, any ideas? Thanks.
  10. Hi all. I bought the revell 1/72 p47 today. Getting it home I realized it was an airforce plane, for some reason I assumed it was navy. Anyway revell want me to mix blue and white twice in different ratios for the top camouflage. There's a third unmixed blue on the tail fin. I don't fancy mixing paint and I'm happy to buy a paint close to the original colour, but I don't know the original colour. Can you help? I'm more than happy to buy a Vallejo model air set, 71182 I think. Does that cover the blues? On the Vallejo set they are called Grey's. Thank
  11. Thanks everyone.
  12. Hi all. I've just got an Emhar a7v and I'm struggling to convert the FS numbers. FS10219 and FS16118, it's just a brown and grey as far as I can tell. I have most Tamiya paints and loads of MA, some revell and humbrol, I'm just looking for something close enough. Can anyone help me? Thanks.
  13. Doggy

    IJN and IJAAF paints.

    Thanks Graham.
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