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  1. Next time maybe. I'll run with 81/82, thanks again everyone.
  2. looking at the instructions again I think it might be a printing error. They show a paint "J" but don't show it applied to the aircraft, it's as if they forgot to add it to the camo?
  3. Thanks Jamie. the galling thing is the paint instructions are showing only one colour on top, with some mottled green on the sides. I'm wondering if Revell invented that camo to keep it simple, it is only a skill level 3.
  4. I'm getting a bit fed up painting the same colours all the time, i was kind off hoping the paint and camo would be a little bit different from the norm, a little bit more exotic.
  5. On the scalemates page they mention RAL 6013 and RAL 7003. Both are close to RLM02 I think. On one of my apps both RAL colours cross to RLM02. Nightmare stuff.
  6. On the kit instructions it's telling me to paint the top side revell 45, light olive. When I cross reference that it's close to RLM02. I'm trying to think if I've ever painted a top side rlm02?
  7. Thanks guys. I've previously built this one https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-04119-messerschmitt-me-262-a-1a--123487 What I couldn't understand was the paint mixes. In this kit it says RLM 81 and 82 but to mix them using revell paints it's different paint mix instructions from the first kit.
  8. Apologies for another paint question. I'm doing this kit and the instructions are lacking some detail. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-03711-combat-set-me262-and-p-51b--1260336 My first issue is the RLM designation for the top side. I worked out RLM 76 is the underside, the wheel bays are bare metal and the front wheel bay is RLM02. It's the top side I am unsure off. For some reason Revell haven't stated an RLM number, only a paint mix ratio. Also the camo pattern in the instructions is solid on the top of the wings
  9. Plenty of good tips in this thread.
  10. I suppose sanding also keys the paint.
  11. Dangle the props upside down dunking into the paint? Good idea.
  12. I was thinking of wiping away the black with thinners then spraying the yellow into white primer. I find that I need to apply a gizzilion coats of to make it look decent.
  13. That's disappointing news, I've already painted them black.
  14. Thanks everyone, some good reading there. vallejo is out of stock everywhere, I wonder if it's a brexit thing? One other small thing, on my kit the props are all black, no yellow tips, is that correct?
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