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  1. Sword FJ's Anyone?

    I want to do a natural metal Marine FJ2 in the worst way, but it's been almost 30 years since I finished something, and I don't think I'm up to doing a metal finish airplane as my coming out of retirement build. Now, a Hurricane, Spitfire, or P-47D...I'm also with RR wanting to see what the Caracal sheet will have as choices. I also need to figure out how to post photos so I can share some of my oldies...do NOT want to be one of those who talks a good game but doesn't share their work. All the work I have seen on BM inspires me to get with the program. Besides, I'm running out of storage space for my unbuilt inventory. Sabre Jet has not only showed us the way, he's also raised the doggone bar for the rest of us! Mike
  2. Spitfire PR.IG in camo- underwing markings?

    Looking in Spitfire, The History, and Aviation Workshop On Target No. 8 PR Spitfires in Worldwide Service, I could not find any of the color profiles or photos that showed a PR IG in that scheme with underwing roundels. There was one PR IF, X4492, that showed underwing roundels in a photograph on page 24 of the On Target monograph. Maybe Graham B will be able to provide more information. (Where is our beloved Edgar when we need him?) Mike
  3. Aussie P-51D AIRFIX 1/48

    Jonners is correct- P-51D's used the cuffed and uncuffed Hamilton Standard prop, with the very late production D's, I think D-30's and beyond, using the square-tipped, cuffless prop; K's used the Aeroproducts prop, but its blades had a curved profile and curved tips. Almost all of the K's were lend-lease. Due to the vibration issues associated with the Aeroproducts prop, which was only used due to a shortage of the HS props, it was replaced with one of the other two HS props. Australian CAC-built P-51D's had a mixture of HS cuffed and cuffless props. Data from the P-51 SIG and Stuart Wilson's RAAF Mustang monographs. Mike I found a photo taken at the CAC factory showing assembly of P-51D's- note that one has the HS cuffless square-tipped prop and the other has a cuffed prop. The first batch of Mustangs, 100, IIRC, were delivered to CAC unassembled, along with 80 Packard Merlin engines. The RAAF also received a couple hundred P-51D's and K's via lend-lease, in addition to the CAC-built Mustangs. I think the K's were used by RAAF squadrons overseas, as I haven't found a photo yet of a K model in Australia.
  4. That's the Matchbox kit? No way! Well done! Mike
  5. A+V Models 1/72 Bachem Ba349

    I couldn't find, nor can I remember anything regarding the AV resin kit. There were three other Ba-349 kits released in 1/72: a vacform by Airmodel, and injected kits by Heller and Brengun, with the Brengun kit being the most recent. The Heller kit has been OOP for quite a while, and I have one, which looks pretty nice, but I have no idea how accurate it is. There are some reviews of the Brengun kit, which seem to be very positive, and I have attached links to them below. IIRC the AV resin kit was not highly regarded, but that's a vague recollection- it would be the most expensive of the kits, I would think. Hope what little I can offer will at least give you a starting point. Mike http://www.hyperscale.com/2012/reviews/kits/brengunbrp72001reviewmd_1.htm http://www.internetmodeler.com/scalemodels/flaviation/Brengun-1-72-Bachem-Ba-349a-Natter.php http://www.hyperscale.com/2013/reviews/kits/brp72005reviewmd_1.htm https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/airfixtributeforum/encore-1-72-bachem-ba-349-natter-fi-103-reichenber-t42831.html https://www.victorymodels.com/products/av-models-1-72-resin-kit-bachem-ba-349v-av146?variant=3365403000872
  6. Pfalz D.IIIa wing covering

    Gareth, Not my genre, but from examination of the Wylam plans, photos, and description in a couple of WW1 websites, I think the center sections of both wings were skinned with plywood, but the wings were fabric covered and wire-braced internally. One of the resident Great War authorities I'm sure can be more forthcoming. It appears the ailerons were wood-covered, as well. Best I can do, I'm afraid. Maybe somebody with a Windsock Datafile on the DIII/ DIIIa can help you. Mike
  7. PBM-3 Mariner

    Ed, Your conversion was very highly regarded, and I think corrects the major flaws that I discovered, especially when compared to my Rareplanes Mariner. The biggest mistake that I saw was that the rear fuselage of the Minicraft kit was pretty shallow in profile- the Rareplanes fuselage fit the plans I had almost exactly. I was going to make a longitudinal cut in the Minicraft kit and splice in a rectangular plasticard section, which would also raise the horizontal tailplane at the same time....your conversion was sold out at that time, so that was the plan I was going to use. Steve Ginter had one of the first test shots, which I think he included in his Mariner monograph, and IIRC we both saw the rear fuselage and propeller issues. It would be a real shame that Minicraft will most likely not include the engines, props, and cowlings for a PBM-3, but that will certainly help you when you re-release your conversion sets. Mike Thanks for reminding me that I should have snagged the dash three conversion when it first came out! (But I did get a couple of your F-86F and Boomerang correction sets!)
  8. PBM-3 Mariner

    The existing Minicraft PBM-5A kit includes cover plates for the main landing gear bays, so a flying boat version can be done. For the nose gear, just glue the supplied doors shut and fill and sand them to eliminate the panel lines. I have read, but can't confirm that the next release will have blanking plates for the turrets and a different radome type, as well as beaching gear- I'm just guessing, but think that suggests it will be a PBM-5 and PBM-5R transport version, not a PBM-3. Mike I just saw an illustration/description for a new Minicraft PBM-5, kit number 11684: the kit is described as having beaching gear, depth bombs for the nacelle armament bays, and a choice of three and four blade props, which doesn't make sense, as all PBY-5/5A's had four blade props. Not sure what that is all about. The plot thickens!
  9. PBM-3 Mariner

    PBM-5's were flying boats; PBM-5A's were amphibians. All versions previous to the -5A's were flying boats. The wheel assemblies shown in the drawings were for the beaching gear which could be attached to all of the flying boat variants so they could be moved onto shore from a seaplane ramp. Mike
  10. All the B-25B/C/D questions you wanted to ask

    Chris, Yes- all of the choices illustrated can be used on the Airfix kit, but be sure to check the armament and window fit with a photo, if possible, to confirm what is shown on the profiles for the one you want to model. Mike
  11. PBM-3 Mariner

    Tony, I went through my copy of Steve Ginter's PBM Mariner monograph, Naval Fighters 97, and found that the PBM'3-s were all powered by CW R-2600 engines with three blade 15' diameter Curtiss Electric props initially; beginning with the PBM-3R transport and later PBM-3c/d variants, that prop was replaced with CE 4 blade units of the same 15' diameter. The intakes, oil cooler location, exhausts, and cowlings are different from the later R-2800-powered versions. Other than antenna fit, I think just swapping out the powerplant/prop/cowling swap will get you there from the Minicraft PBM-5/5A kit. From the photos, it looks to me like the cowlings are very similar in appearance to the ones fitted to early A-20's and B-25s- they both used the same R-2600. The carb and oil cooler intakes look very similar to the ones fitted to the 167 Maryland, also a Martin design, whose CE prop hubs could also be used, but the blades would have to be taken form another source or scratchbuilt, as I'm not aware of any 15' 3 or 4 blade props- maybe Aeroclub, but they would be hard to find, methinks. Another possibility might be a set of CE props from an Academy B-29, but they are 17' diameter, IIRC, so would need to be cut down and reshaped to fit either a 3 or 4 blade hub, depending upon the version you want to model. There are a ton of P-47 kits that could serve as donors for the 4 blade hub- the Tamiya and Revell kits offer 2-3 versions of the CE prop, so maybe you could get a pair from a modeling mate. Hope this helps getting you started- if there's anything else I can pull out of the book, let me know. BTW Warpaint 108 on the Mariner has 1/72 scale drawings, as does the Rareplanes Mariner, if that helps. Tailspin Turtle can probably provide much more modeling info on your project than me- if he sees this post, he might offer his expertise. Mike
  12. 1/48 Tamiya F-16c "Misawa"

    That's no lie! Had to look at it twice. Looks like a photo from that well-known aviation photo site! That one's going to the paint shop as soon as the C.O. sees it! We like our Vipers clean and fancy here in Texas, as you can see! Photo is of the C.O.'s Viper of our ANG squadron here in San Antonio. IIRC Caracal Models did decals for this one. Mike https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/6e/182d_Fighter_Squadron_General_Dynamics_F-16C_Block_30F_Fighting_Falcon_87-255.jpg And in case any of you Viper fans are interested, here are some more great pics and some history...Y'all come back, now- y'hear? https://kochstour.com/2016/07/01/this-is-why-you-dont-mess-with-texas-happy-anniversary-to-the-usafs-149th-fighter-wing-2/
  13. TBM3-E Avenger 1/48 Academy

    What the others have said! Nice to see one in a different scheme, and I really like what you've done with the weathering. The Turkey is a BIG bird in 1/48! Mike
  14. Somewhere up above, I have a feeling that Sir Sydney is smiling! Great photos and thanks for sharing! Mike
  15. Special Hobby new-tool P-40's

    Those were earlier molds, IIRC, and not up to the standards of these more recent releases; I'm with you in hoping they do the F's, but if not, I still have my long and short tail MPM and SH P-40F kits as well as my Airwaves resin short and long tail resin P-40F conversions to use the cowlings from to graft onto one of the suitable new-tool kits. Mike