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  1. Sten, I found some photos of your B-47E; hopefully they are new to you and will be helpful. Looks like she had just the two windows at the navigator's station. BTW Warbirds does the decals for 52-609 in 1/72 scale- it's WB72007! Happy modeling, Sten! Mike
  2. Whoa, you sure know how to have fun! From what I have read, there are a lot of corrections needed to make the Italeri kit into a T-45! Good luck! Mike
  3. From what I have read, B-47E's underwent four modification stages during their service lifetime, with removal of all the windows in the nose excepting one on each side being a part of the 4th change block. Each time a B-47 went through a change block, all of the modifications pertaining to that block were to be incorporated. I am guessing that if that is indeed correct, it would depend upon what stage an individual B-47E was in as to how it looked externally, so depending upon the date, a photo could show all of the windows or only two if the airplane had been through the 4th change block. Soooo, do whatever you see in the photos of the Stratojet you plan to model, would be my suggestion. Any Stratojet experts out there? IMHO, it and the Canberra were the prettiest of the Cold War jet bombers. Mike
  4. Goodness! Wonder where they find 55-gallon drums of Contacta? Mike
  5. Mama Mia! Atsa one-a nice-a model-a, paisano! Seriously, you did a fantastic job- both the workmanship and the paint! I am impressed! Mike
  6. Greetings from Texas, y'all! Just stumbled upon this very neat photo collection that shows the 5th Emergency Rescue Squadron and its P-47's. They flew war-weary, time-expired Jugs that were fitted with dinghy packs and smoke float markers either under the rear fuselage or under one inner wing section. All carried the red-white-blue cowling bands, yellow ID bands on the fin, stabilizers and on the inner wings and wingtips, and many had' WW' painted above the serial on the fin; no two were identical, it seems- some had 4, 6, or 8 guns; some had the standard or asymmetrical paddle-blade prop; some had Malcolm hoods; some had an ADF mount behind the canopy, and at least one was stripped of paint to bare metal. Right before D-Day, they received their invasion stripes, which covered all or a portion of the inner yellow band. Lots of variety possible here for modeling subjects, and if you were lucky, you were able to get the 1/48 resin set of smoke markers and dinghy packs from Loon Models. I have also included the link to 5th ERS Jugs from the 8th AF Little Friends website. Hoping you haven't seen these before or will enjoy looking at them. Cheers! Mike
  7. I actually got to see them fly at an Armed Forces Day airshow! Awesome, awesome, awesome! The Herk will definitely retire the trophy for the longest continuous production military aircraft. I hope you all enjoy this one. Mike
  8. I agree! Long overdue. Soooo, when is your three-volume treatise on U.S. Olive Drab coming out? Just kidding! Mike
  9. Hughes, You nailed it! Beautiful build of a beautiful jet! Yours is the best 1/72 FGA9 I have seen so far- I hope mine will turn out half as good as yours...soooo, when will we see an F6? Mike
  10. After going to the Martin-Baker website and looking at the photos of their seats, it does look like a Mk2 Canberra bang seat, as Wez commented. Don't quote me, though! See the link for excellent references on past and present MB seats. Mike
  11. I don't know if this is the best place for this post- if so, system administrators; please feel free to move to a more appropriate location, but I thought it would be very useful for model builders and historians alike. If it has already been submitted before, I am sorry and it can be deleted. Enjoy! Mike
  12. Nick, After rechecking my paint bottles, shaking the bejeezus out of them, re-examining my FS595 chips and all of my Luftwaffe reference library paint chips, I discovered I had my bottle of hand-mixed RLM79 (yellow) mislabeled as 30219. It does match FS33434 pretty closely. I had another bottle of handmixed Floquil that I had labeled 30100 for some reason, but which matched the FS30219 chip almost exactly- just needs to be a little darker. Thanks for your input on this. When/if I get around to my Bf-109F-4z and Fw-190A/trop, I will know what the color is supposed to look like. Muchas gracias, amigo! Mike
  13. Nick, You undoubtedly already knew this, but CMR has had a revised tooling resin M1C announced for quite a while, with decals and etched parts; while I never got the original release when it was available, I have seen one and it was a pretty nice kit. The stick and canvas guys are sure long overdue for a state of the art kitr of this very nasty-looking little spud! Mike P.S. I'm sure I join many others in the fraternity-brotherhood-pack, etc. in saying how much we appreciate your expertise and hard work concerning all things paint-related, an d sharing it so freely with the masses. BTW, thanks for the invite to the RAF-US Aircraft site- it is an outstanding reference!
  14. I don't know if this photo helps or muddles the topic, but I just found it and offer it for your consideration- scroll down to see the A6M photo supposedly taken on the Akagi. It appears to show two distinct colors and the rearmost demarcation seems to be aligned with the transport joint. I seem to recall some discussion regarding this in an article by James Lansdale some years back. Being pretty much a neophyte when it comes to IJA/IJN colors and markings, and not even being knee-high to Nick Millman, my thoughts are that a tarp or cover would have to be in place for quite a period of time to cause surrounding unprotected paint to fade that much compared to the surfaces covered. Also, I would think the carrier-based A6M's would be below deck a great portion of time, so would not be subject to fading like a land-based example; has anybody got any evidence of the covers being attached to carrier-based A6M's, as the one in the photo certainly shows what looks like two different greys. As some of you say on this forum, I'm pulling up a chair and enjoying this discussion! Mike
  15. You might try the links below A PR Hurricane .would make a very interesting and colorful model! Best I could do- hopefully one of our resident experts can help- sorry! Mike