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  1. RAF Harvard Post War Colours and Markings

    Wez, I think this is the one I remembered reading about- is this a version that would interest UK modelers? No release date, though....I'm still waiting for the revised Bristol M1C they have announced ages ago! Does this help? Mike https://www.modelhobbies.co.uk/shop/images/images020312/CMR-CS68.jpg
  2. More Douglas A-26 Invader questions! Now a JD-1 question!

    Martin, After reading Pigsty's post, I was going crazy trying to wrap my poor little brain around how nine groups of an even number of exhaust stacks would be routed around the cowling, so I did some searching and found a review of the Quickboost cowlings/engines that Pigsty described, on the IPMS/USA website. which I have listed below as a link. Click on the middle photo of the three to enlarge it and voila, (That's French for Hot Damn!) it all makes sense, now! IIRC, the reason for siamesed or doubled exhaust stacks from a single cylinder is to reduce the size of the exhaust outlet and therefore reduce the flaring or flame visible from the rear. Thanks, Pigsty! Guess I need to get the Quickboost engines/cowlings for my A-26/B-26 builds after seeing them. Mike http://www.ipmsusa.org/reviews/Details/Aircraft/quickboost_48/sbd_a26_engines.htm
  3. RAF Harvard Post War Colours and Markings

    Maybe when CMR does the versions they have had listed as future releases for quite a while....will probably be very good but pricey! Mike
  4. We laughingly refer to I-16's as Gee Beeski's here in Texas! Very nice R2- the kit and the build. IIRC they are also planning one in 1/72? Madness! Sheer Madness! Mike
  5. RAF Harvard Post War Colours and Markings

    I think these Harvards might be from RAF Cranwell; if so, I think their aircraft had blue cowl rings. The cowl ring looks much closer to the blue of the fin flash and roundel in the photos than the red of the same...just an uneducated and probably incorrect guess! Mighty purty, though! Mike
  6. Bearcat Controls

    The only thing I could find regarding your query was mention of a control surface lock in the cockpit, but nothing about any self-centering spring arrangement. TT would know, I would think! You can't really get to the correct angle in the virtual cockpit tour link to the US Museum of Naval Aviation F8F-2 to see the control surface lock that I believe could be engaged when the stick was pulled back slightly so a pin could lock them, but I thought you might like looking at it. Mike http://www.navalaviationmuseum.org/nnam/virtualtour/?s=pano13556
  7. OK, Martin- now you're just showing off! Outstanding T-bird! Mike
  8. A Spitfire that went to sea

    Is there anything prettier than a Seafire in TSS? Outstanding build, Justin, I am soooo jealous! Mike
  9. Eduard 1/32 P-40N 80 Sqn RAAF

    Not my scale, either, but you get 10 out of 10 for this build. Best P-40N I have seen in any scale! It's so hard to make the larger scale kits look like the real thing rather than painted plastic, but you have pulled it off. My very favorite N scheme, too! Well done, sir! Mike
  10. Ki-61 and Ki-100 Aces

    Yep, me too! I echo what Mike has said! The whole series is very well researched where colors and markings are concerned- they are great modeling references, especially for IJA/IJN aircraft. the other Mike
  11. ToT, Another superb build! She's a LOT bigger twin than your Hampden, right mate? Keep 'em coming! You are a master with the hairy stick, as you UK types are fond of saying. Mike
  12. Sword FJ-2 Fury

    Just found this while doing my regular week end photo reconnaissance and thought you and the rest of the gang would enjoy it! Mike http://www.airliners.net/photo/USA-Marines/North-American-FJ-3-Fury/4725615/L?qsp=eJwljEEKwkAMRe/y191YQWF21QPowguEmdAWqhmSLCyld28cd4/34G3I8nH%2B%2BmutjARj0jyhQyWltyFtqJO43Ml5FF2R%2BmsHE/VbMEroIWeuzgV//9DC%2BktsuX3G%2BJ4CWJ%2BNcb6EL7PVhdqDneYF%2B34AMzUusA%3D%3D
  13. Sword FJ-2 Fury

    SJ- You be jammin'! Quite a journey from your first posts with the parts fresh out of the box. I would never have the cojones or skill to do the wing fold/hinges; you are da man! Can't wait to see her finished. Mike Yowzah- we got 3" of snow here in San Antonio; first significant snowfall since 1985!
  14. Academey 1/48 B25B Doliitle Raid

    Colin, Pretty much as Spitfire Addict has stated; from the 'Deadly Duo' by Charles Mendenhall, here are some other features that differ from the B-25B: .30cal flexible nose gun upgraded to a .50cal and an additional fixed .50cal gun added on the RH side of the nose, fired by the pilot astrodome replaced the flat window on the upper fuselage; the flat side windows at the navigator and radio operator positions were changed to bulged windows at some point in production individual Clayton 'S' exhaust stacks added at the B-25C-15 block tail bumper now fixed and covered by a bulged fairing carburetor intakes were wider on the C/D models compared to the B-25B due to Holley carburetors and dust filters being fitted Additional scanning windows were fitted to the C and D models, two elongated ones were fitted on the LH side, with the forward one ending under the trailing edge of the wing with another behind it; on the RH side there was an elongated window fitted above and below the wing at the trailing edge, with another larger 'D' shaped window being fitted behind and slightly above the one under the trailing edge of the wing. Some of these could be painted or skinned over, IIRC, so it would be best if you had a photo of the one you want to do. I hope this will help you! Mike
  15. Beavers galore!!!!

    Wish I had known that- I just got through selling the two I had, one still in shrink wrap, on that infamous e-site! Mike